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Another in N. CAL

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by kim johnson, Sep 16, 2019.


see ques. below please

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  1. kim johnson

    kim johnson New Member

    Happy to be hoping for progress and grateful for all of you. Lat 38
    DX: B cell deficiency (hypogammaglobulinemia), MG (Myasthenia Gravis), Hashimotos, Hypothyroid (crazy labs),
    ACH (Acrodermatitis continua Hallopeau), Histamine Intolerance, Methylation Pathwys blocked, Mycotoxins, High Lead,
    Osteoporosis, Chronic Maxilla Sinusitis, Osteomyleitis, (Maxilla), COPD, Chronic UTI, MCS, Stenosis (Lumbar, Cervical),
    Methylation pathways blocked, Insomnia, trigeminal neuralgia sometimes, cortisol high 7-9 AM and 10 PM-12AM
    DHEA/Cortisol ration 105;
    Hx of Pleural Effusions (now scars), Hx Afib, Post-concussions, EMFs cause seizure-type movements sometimes; Lyme Hx; high EMFs (smart meters, antennas).

    Surg: appendix out because of the MN law, ruptured ovary repaired, parathyroid tumors removed, uterus removed because of lumbar/sacral stenosis, multiple surg on maxilla for inf., bilat cataract surg.

    Rx: T3, T4 compounded, K iodide 225 mcg, L-tyrosine 500mg, Bacopa, GI Detox, P5P50, MG, B12, Curcumin, SE, Quercitin/Bromelein, Fola Pro, Undecenoic acid, D 6,000 IU, Vit K1,2, DAO, clobetosol topical 6 cm, ZN 15 mg, 3 egg yolks daily for choline, Sun 3 hrs/daily, Grounding, Swiss Fabric Faraday (bed), some CT; mostly less Leptin, ethernet wired, cell phone max= 10 min/week; blue blockers, red light

    Wins: more positive outlook, eating more anchovies, salmon, chicken, reading this website, Jack's You Tube interviews
    Goals: increase CT, less Leptin, try Swiss fabric clothes, hat; increase red light and grounding time, fix Hashi/thyroid,
    find alternative to topical Clobetasol for ACH.
    QUES: When listening to Schumann resonance does that assist grounding?
    Dose of PC and/or PS for MG?
    Take PC, etc. with Bacopa for MG? Dose?
    For heat in winter: Amber color incandescent halogen bulbs?
    For CT: wet towels with small ice blocks on lower half? (Can't physically submerge in tub)
    To cover Thyroid/head: Scarf which has Swiss fabric in middle (like a sandwich)?
    Topical licorice for ACH?
    Are full spectrum bulbs worth the price? (Brand)? ( Knowing that there is no substitute for sun).
    For structured H20: Are 6 hrs of sunlight enough to decrease duterium?
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  2. mrc

    mrc Silver

    Welcome! Thank you for sharing your extensive results! Impressive.
    Great questions (I hope you can post your questions in the next Q/A) & interesting to note in your area that there's a biohacker group in SF.
    Some even wore blueblockers.
    I told them, how can you have a 'biohacker' meet in 1 of the worst 5G cities in the country?
    They either didn't care or had to no clue.
    All the best on your path & keep us updated!
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  3. kim johnson

    kim johnson New Member

    Thanks, I'm N. of SF a bit. Will check out the meetupsf You mentioned Q&A. Where do I find that on the screen?
    Is it every so often, scheduled and do we get alerts?
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  4. mrc

    mrc Silver

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  5. kim johnson

    kim johnson New Member

    Yes, I did get the 9/29 notice. Looking forward to it. Won't be going to SF for the biohackers mtg though.
    Thanks for the warning anyway.
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  6. mrc

    mrc Silver

  7. Marilynn Stebbins

    Marilynn Stebbins New Member

  8. Marilynn Stebbins

    Marilynn Stebbins New Member

    Do you have a link for swiss fabric hat to cover thyroid?

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