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Announcing Mitochondriac Week, 2019

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by ObstreperousPolarBear, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. Announcing Mitochondriac Week, 2019
    So many people at the Jack Kruse Optimal Resolution Event (New Years, Playa del Carmen) expressed an interest in moving to Northwest Florida that I decided to throw together an event for the end of June, and invite people to come and check it out.

    The purpose of Mitochondriac Week is three-fold. First, for people to check out Northwest Florida and see if they want to move there, or buy a second home there. Second, to do mitochondriac things with fellow mitochondriacs. Third, to raise awareness about the importance of the environment to health.

    How are we going to do this? What will Mitochondriac Week look like?

    The week will kick off on June 21 (which happens to be my birthday), with an all-day cold-thermogenesis live-stream. We will discuss all thing cold thermogenesis and hopefully reach people with the message that the cold can cure what ails them. Regardless of whether or not you choose to attend Mitochondriac Week, please make an effort to join in on the social media bonanza to help us raise awareness about this. Who knows, you might finally convince a few friends and family to embrace the cold!
    June 21 or 22, people should plan on flying into either Fort Walton Beach Airport or Panama City Beach (Northwest Florida Beaches) Airports.

    Where will we spend the week? I puzzled over this for a long time. There are plenty of hotels, resorts, and beach houses for rent, but I am hoping that at least a dozen people show up. Then, parking becomes an issue and I want to keep this event accessible to everyone. I also wanted a venue that would be comfortable (or as comfortable as possible what with all the "progress" we're making as a society) for people with EHS. Last, I wanted to have a large enough space to accommodate everyone, with an outdoor fire/grill for cooking out. For these reasons, I figured the best option was to have daily events at Topsail State Park.

    Why? It's more than a thousand acres of pine trees and saw palmetto, with one wifry hotspot at the ranger's office - and that's basically it for nnEMF. I will have a campground reserved for the week that we can all hang out at during the day. There is a fire pit with a huge grill over it for cooking out. The park has more than two miles of absolutely pristine beach where there will be relatively few people. Day passes are under $20, but it depends on the number of axles on your vehicle and how many people you're brining into the park. So while we can't stay there, we can 1) come in for the entire day, 2) enjoy a low to zero nnEMF environment, 3) park easily at the park entrance, 4) grill out at our convenience, and 5) have as much beach to ourselves as we want.

    This gives you all the option of staying wherever you want. I recommend Air BnBs in the area, since you can split an entire house between individuals or groups and shut off the wifry and circuit breakers at your discretion, which of course is not an option at a hotel. I strongly recommend AGAINST camping, as it is over 90 degrees every night here in late June. The bugs will eat you alive (trust me, I've been there).

    June 22 (Saturday) we will have a welcome cook-out at Topsail State Park until the park closes at sunset (around 8 pm). Bring your own food to cook - I will have a massive fire going in one of their fire pits. I will have cooking implements and so on, so no need to worry about that.
    June 23, 24, and 25, we will have an event scheduled between 9 AM and 1 PM (or thereabouts). Current ideas include:
    Offshore fishing
    Paddleboarding and/or kayaking
    A trip to a local spring (a nice, cool 65 degrees even in June)
    We can of course always just hang out at the beach. What we do will depend on who is coming, how many of us there are, and what people want to do. The beaches here are absolutely amazing, so we will definitely not get bored with them.

    I have no set end-day for this event. I'm planning on organizing at least four days-worth of activities (through the 25th), but we can go over that or under that. If you're interested in relocating here, definitely budget a few days to see the area and test it with whatever equipment you have. The coast from Gulf Shores, Florida, to Port Saint Joe, takes about five hours to drive, without traffic, and there are a lot of areas worth exploring within the region.

    For those of you who are interested, my 'hood is just about as good as it gets. You can look up my old address to see why.
    148 Summer Breeze Lane, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida 32459.
    I still live in that neighborhood, but around the corner. The area is as good as it gets thanks to the bay on one side and the state forest on the other three sides. You can see what the home prices are for yourselves.

    Additional ideas I am considering for events include:
    Organ-meat eating competition
    Oyster-eating competition
    Breath-holding/free-diving competition
    Beach volleyball tournament
    Underwater kettleball tournament (I invented this. Take two five gallon buckets. Sink them with bricks or weights in water that is just over your head. Place a kettlebell in between them. Two contestants wearing swim goggles then see who can get the kettlebell into the opponent's bucket. You can't take a breath while you're holding the kettlebell - you have to drop it if you come up for air. Full contact is permitted as in football.)

    Who will be there and who is invited?
    This depends upon you, dear reader. I will be there (isn't that enough?!). Dylan and Molly are planning on coming. Matt Marruca and Brian Lorenz are hoping to be able to make it (Matt is going to try to fit us in between important business meetings on the beaches of Croatia and in 5G Chernobyl of London, England). The local mitochondriacs of Santa Rosa Beach will be there (there are more of us than you would think). If you want to relocate, you should come and meet the people who have already relocated for the sake of their mitochondria.

    This is NOT a Jack Kruse.com event. There is therefore no limitation on attendance - if you like mitochondria, you're invited.

    If you are interested in attending, please weigh in with your opinions, ideas, and questions. I need your feedback and ideas if we are going to make this event as awesome as I know it can be.

    I am by no means wedded to holding this shindig at Topsail State Park as I have outline above. We could do it at a place like the Hilton, Sandestin, but a lot of people who I know want to come would rather split an Air BnB a bit further away from the beach than spend +$400 a night on a hotel. Especially when you can't turn off the breaker or the wifry. If people would rather try to find a few beach houses to rent or would just rather pick a hotel, I can do that. If anyone has any bright ideas about how else to organize this (that don't include me shouldering some kind of administrative or financial burden, obviously), I'm listening.

    Mitochondriac Week will hopefully become a yearly event.

    I hope to see you all in June!
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    The sun rises here over Choctawhatchee Bay/the land during the summer. So beach-front real estate isn't actually your best bet for sunrises - only sunsets.

    Mitochondriac Week 2019... Tell your friends.
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  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Not only will there be a lot of bugs there will be a lot of humans there this time. So people should be aware the place is packed in summer and plan accordingly.
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  4. It's true. Fortunately, the area between Destin and Panama City is still pretty sparsely populated, thanks to the massive state parks on that stretch of land. Even in the summer, conditions here are as good as it gets.
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  5. Gina R

    Gina R New Member

    This sounds great Leland! Glad to have met you in Playa and I'll hopefully be able to make this!
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  6. DLO

    DLO StarFish

    Love that your setting this up Leland. Just a suggestion if possible for us northerners.
    Would April or October be possible with your schedule?
    Those would be times with less pop density and also allows us that still arn't getting sun to load up.
  7. Joe Fang

    Joe Fang Farm Members

    Linda and I will be looking forward to your event Leland! We are expecting to sleep in the bed of our truck. What are some good areas to "camp out?" Really would prefer not to be in the parking lot of a Walmart. Cheers!

    I am in for the oyster eating contest!
  8. Dylan Petkus

    Dylan Petkus Quantum Clinician in Training

    Might need to see a place at it's worst in terms of population density to see if it works...

    I think Leland might be in Jackson as of October for his fellowship.

    (I'm going to be in the Tallahassee area, near the Farm, and the Florida Keys from September to December this year. I'll provide an update in March if we want to coordinate another mito gathering. BUT LETS FOCUS ON THE SUMMER SOLSTICE EVENT)
  9. Mitchell97

    Mitchell97 New Member

    I'm coming from Australia just for this :) sounds awesome.
  10. Sounds awesome and also just in time for my birthday!
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  11. Seriously? That would be epic.
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  12. Hey man, the weather at night is going to be very hot and the bugs show up at dusk... you're going to want a hotel or airbnb. Talk to other people who are coming and split the costs.
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  13. I thought about doing it in the Spring or Fall, but this timing made more sense for this year.
    I like the idea of doing it at the Spring or Autumn Equinox though... we'll see what people want next year.
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  14. Hey everyone.
    Facebook event page is now live @


    Check out the event page for more details, scheduling, and lodging information.

    Even if you do not plan on traveling to Florida for the event, keep in mind that this is about raising awareness about mitochondria no matter where you are! Organize your own events, take time to share what you do for your mitochondria, and remind everyone in your life (no matter how tired they are of hearing you talk about it) about how important mitochondria are!
  15. Joe Fang

    Joe Fang Farm Members

    Leland thanks for bringing SRB, FL to members' attention. We are going to look at real estate hard over there during Mito-week.
    June 21 is the day that I will be on social media ALL DAY raising awareness about how cold thermogenesis can help people.
    I am hoping to interview a few of you lovely folks for success stories, so the world can hear how the cold can help them.
    Shoot me a message here or via social media if you would be willing to do a live interview.
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  17. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Awesome. I will do what I can to participate!
  18. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    Not sure I have you on social media, but I'd be more than happy to share my story. It's quite the eye-opener when it comes to hormone levels and CT, and how we can reverse a problem just by altering the environment (in this case, temperature).
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  19. Summer

    Summer New Member

    I'm wondering on drive time to get to the park as coming from the west. Have they finished the road construction through Destin yet ? I was at the Sandestin for a conference few months ago and took an hour to get through Destin on the weekend. I'm guessing after Memorial day now and full on season traffic gets backed up even at 9am. Thank you for any how to avoid the traffic tips.
  20. Drive times down here are insane from late May to early September.

    I've actually revised my opinion of where to live in Florida, in part because of this. I think I'd rather live near one of the exceptional freshwater springs around here. They are limestone and in the mid-60's for temperature, which is perfectly refreshing with our weather from about May to September. They're not touristy like the beach, and the amount of RF you're exposed to is much, much lower.

    Ponce de Leon and Morrisson Spring are the two I have been two and really liked. Loads of other springs all over the state. I think if I were to live here long-term (I'm moving in July for work), I would live as close to a spring as possible.
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