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Announcing intention to lose 25 lbs!!!!

Discussion in 'Optimal Reset 2013' started by janagram, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Charlotte

    Charlotte New Member

    Glad to hear that, Diane.
    And welcome to the group Aussie Nana. I am really fighting right now to keep the weight I am at now. And one more round to go end of february. I am already looking forward to it. Somehow, it felt good to know every day what and how much to eat and not have to think about it, as now, I need to think every day, what I am going to eat the next and prepare. Also to think about the ratio of protein to fat and keep the carbs low. Tomorrow it is my friends 60th birthday and my 61st is next monday. So we are going to have a party. So today I made a pumpkin cake. She is a carb junkie but she doesn't get any at my home. Now she starts eating more fish and she actually liked my low carb almond flour pancake this morning. And, believe it or not, she loves my bone broth and eats it bravely every day and she is VEGETARIAN. But I have to make it for her, as she does not want to do it herself as she has understood that she must make some changes in her diet as she really suffers from an almost now dislocated hip bone and is in tough pain. So yesterday I took her to Switzerland to a clinic which does stem cell therapy. (Its forbidden in Germany which is not understandable). So hopefully that will help with all the changes she is now making. However, she still refuses to eat meat. I think she would rather die. But now she is contemplating CT. So there is progress.
    So how is it going all with the weight loss?
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Charlotte - it seems like you are an amazing and caring friend .....I too felt fantastic on HCG - I wish I could understand it better ...... The small amount of food made me feel so much better and it felt like my body was working properly - I loved that feeling of heightened energy and awareness - it is like your body is in tune...
  3. Charlotte

    Charlotte New Member

    Exactly Caroline, that was my feeling too and I just loved the empty feeling in my stomach. The level of energy is just amazing, considering how little food one eats. You could almost watch it coming off the hips.
    But I realize that maintanance is also important, as the new way of eating has to be incorporated into my life. But the amount of time I have to devote to thinking about food and what to take to work is driving me nuts at times. I also just made me some rolls with psyllium husk, eggs and fat curd. So on the weekend I try my own liverwurst recepe. Mostly I stockpile on sashimi salmon in my freezer and if nothing else this is lunch and dinner. I have to eat dinner at work, since I rarely come out before 8 p.m. Today I cooked some bacon, but the collegues in the office go nuts from the smell. So I try to avoid cooking at the office.
    I will get used to it and I am starting to have a little repertoire of easy dishes.
  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I seem to be extremely happy just eating raw meet and fish - I don't seem to care about food anymore ....and food was my life for 35 years professionally - much more actually - so that is pretty amazing in itself. I loved everything about food - the look, the feel, the taste - what chef in the world was cooking what - what restaurants all over the world were doing ....I have 45 boxes of cookbooks [I have already given a lot away to friends] that I am thinking of getting rid of - so many memories ..and alot of them are signed - but that was then and this is now ....I am moving on ....
  5. We all have to move on ... Charlotte send me her chart too .... Im also aiming to lose 10kg ... thats about 20pounds .... started the Leptin reset on Jan 7th ... lost quite well .. 4 pounds ... but then had a dinner on Sat. evening which bloated me for 4 days straight - gaining all back on water or what the heck! Really frustrating! now it is slowly going away. Oh well - I look at such great fighters like MammaG ... or Darleen ... or ... or ... so many unbelievably strong people. For me a great inspiration. .... moving on ...
  6. Priscilla

    Priscilla Gold

    I had a pretty miserable December, sleep and food wise. CT was off too.

    Getting back on track with food has been easy, sleep has been a moderate challenge but I"m doing some better, and I'm still struggling to get CT back on schedule. I think I'll go do some face dunks soon.

    But I have lost about 4 lbs since new years, though some of that was carb bloat. I don't want to go back there. Onwards and Upwards!

    I don't want to be slave to my scale, but Charlotte, I'm going to email you for your chart.
  7. RWR

    RWR Gold

    I am 71 years old, 6' 1", large frame and weigh 173 to 178 lbs. I also cannot eat grains (terrible stomached). 25 years ago at a weight of 255 lbs, I was on my way to full blown diabetes. I have worked out a low carb diet on the years as I lost weight. I have no issues keeping my weight stable. I have high cholesterol and I am taking niacin to lower. My hands and feet are usually cold, even though I do not feel cold. I have had severe allergies and chemical sensitive's, which are now under control. I am joining this reset to see what changes can be accomplished at my age. I have had psoriasis and ankylosing spondylitis, both of which are no longer issues.

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