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Announcing intention to lose 25 lbs!!!!

Discussion in 'Optimal Reset 2013' started by janagram, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Charlotte

    Charlotte New Member

    Hey Paulalynn and Priscilla, and anybody else who wants to join. If I can be of any help. The chart is finished and just needs some individual adjustments.

    I only measure blood ketons once a week. Since I am in ketosis since 4 months already I can feel it even without measuring. And you KNOW anyway. If you are good with your diet and do not cheat, you KNOW. In the beginning, maybe a little more often is good, until you are where you want to be and then its just cruising.

    My blood ketones are usually between, 2,8 and 3,9.
  2. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    Charlotte, I thought I could tell when I was in ketosis, because I've been low carb for years. I finally got my meter a few weeks ago and did test a few times but my readings haven't been above .7 and I'm wondering if this could be part of my problem. I kinda like the idea of testing and would do it daily if it wasn't so expensive. My little n=1 will be to see if my weight budges if I can increase my blood ketones. Combined with proper adherence to light cycles and proper sleep.
  3. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    Oh, and Charlotte, thanks for the offer to help. I might take you up on that chart, it sounds like a nice way to track. Thanks.
  4. diane

    diane Gold

    I'm definitely on board for 25+ pounds.

    I have mixed feelings about tracking. I think that in many ways it can help, but then sometimes the tracking itself feels overwhelming. And then sometimes I just get obsessed about the tracking [​IMG] . But I'm willing to give it a try. I also don't believe in weighing everyday, and I see that some diets (like HCG) does that.

    I don't have a blood meter - guess I should get one? 
  5. Charlotte

    Charlotte New Member

    Well, yes I agree. There are many different approaches and we must know, what suits us best. And getting obsessed is definitely not the best way. Although I must confess that I am a little obsessed these days. My first trip in the morning is to the scales,then to my computer to fill into the chart, measure my blood glucose level and put that in as well. However, to reach my goals, for me this is the best way for now. Its almost like a scientific project where I can monitor my success by checking what I have eaten, when and how that has an impact on weight loss and also compare with first hCG round. But this is not everybodies approach.

    In the end, what counts is, if we are successful with what we are doing.

    The fact, that my book ketones are so low, is not just due to low carb, but I think also, because I do not eat much at all. Often I only have one meal a day with some fish or meat and a salad. Sometimes some berries. So the fasting of course contributes. In 10 days I am coming off hCG and then I will see how that effects blood ketones.

    And for all I know the body adjusts to low carb diet and then ketones also adjust. I am reading a lot, but there is not so much out there to really know what is going on. But all in all I am happy with the way it goes, as it definitely moves in the right direction.

    So this is simply an offer on my part, if it can be of any help. What you decide, how you do it, is entirely your decision. In case you want the chart here again is my e-mail. c.adler@colostrum.de

    And Diane, my goal is also, to throw the scale away one day, knowning that I can do without. But being 61 and never having been slim ever, I just don't know yet, where my comfortable weight actually is. I admit, that maybe the scale is not the last frontier for establishing that either, but I have to get there yet.
  6. diane

    diane Gold

    Thanks Charlotte! I really appreciate your perspective!
  7. Claudia

    Claudia New Member

    This is an inspiring group. I am looking for that. I am starting a new round of hcg tomorrow to lose 10 lbs that I have been fighting with for years now, up and down. This is my third round of hcg and it is the only way I have been able to lose weight. I tried so many things before that. I have b een in deep ketosis, measured with sticks, for months, and lost nothing. I lose the weight successfully, though very slowly, on hcg, and then, about 4-6 months later start to gain it back slowly. I am up again this time. I am very short at 5' and the 10 lbs shows up on me a lot. I used to be 20 lbs lower than this but I have figured that now that I am 44, my goal weight needs to be higher than it was when I was younger.

    I was diagnosed hypothyroid this year and started medicine for that but it didn't help me to lose anything. I did maintain my hcg loss throughout the summer on Paleo eating. I don't eat any grains at all and no fruit, except when I'm doing hcg and then, when I stop I lose my desire for fruit again. I do eat dark chocolate, 90% and higher or make it myself with coconut oil and stevia.

    I did the leptin reset also and didn't lose anything on that either but did feel better. 

    I think they hypothyroid is what causes me to gain weight again. But I am also a little low in progesterone and DHEA. My doc just told me on Friday to start taking 7-KETO DHEA and to supplement  iron, I am very low in that, and he said to get iodine, too, and Betaine HCI and Pepsin HCI. I will pick up all of these and start all of it with my round tomorrow. 

    I have spent many months with very high stress and lots of fatigue, depression, irritability, very hard while taking care of two children. My H, unlike yours Caroline, is not very supportive and is already being not very nice to me with the extra 10 lbs. I only dream of unconditional love, which I had from my parents who passed away and whom I miss terribly all the time. I have no family at all to help with the kids. It is very challenging at times, esp. when I dont' feel well. Hcg gives me energy so I'm looking forward to that a bit and to losing this 10 lbs. 

    Happy New Year everyone! We can do it!
  8. janagram

    janagram New Member

    welcome cd!! Yes, we can do this! I hear ya about the frustration of raising two kids without a lot of support! Well, there's a lot of support here, so keep posting! I dunno how I'm gonna do it, but I have set my intention.....2013: Right weight, here I come!
  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi cd  ........I wish so much for you this coming year.  I am sure it is going to be an amazing year for all of us.  With JK and his flashlight we can do whatever we can imagine.  If I can help with anything ... pm me.   Happy New Year!!!
  10. janagram

    janagram New Member

    To all who posted here: Happy new year....2013 is upon us!
    I am liking Charlotte's chart! I just put daily weight in for the past 5 days and a graph shows up! Thank you , Charlotte! I have lost 2 lbs since the 29th, when I first recorded in my chart. Oh it spiked up and down a couple times in 5 da. which is fun to watch, esp. the downs...[​IMG]
    Who else is using Charlotte's chart?
  11. PaulaRichards

    PaulaRichards New Member

    That chart sounds good. I just emailed Charlotte. Poor girl; she'll probably be bombarded with requests from those of us in tracking mode!
  12. diane

    diane Gold

    I have Charlotte's chart! Although I keep wavering back and forth as to whether I want to pay that much attention to the scale and weigh every day. If I could just use it as an indicator along with blood sugar that tells me what's going on, I may be fine. But I do worry that I'll obsess and get discouraged. [​IMG]
  13. Charlotte

    Charlotte New Member

    Well, girls, don't worry. Its just a few clicks and the chart is adapted to whoever. The only work was setting it up and that was done 4 months ago. So, please do ask me if you want one.
    I know how you feel, Diane, for a long time it was almost terror, to go on the scale every morning, my heart was pumping and I was almost praying (well, sort of) and then after a while or rather after quite a while I got relaxed. Now, I get on the scale just to see, if my actual feeling of whether I have lost or not is true. Sometimes I get surprised and sometimes not. Over the New Year I was visiting a very dear friend. She is heavy on carbs, a vegetarian, and made a cake for my arrival. Thank God she burnt it right when I arrived. I would have passed anyway, but so much less of a temptation. However, she kept hitting her cupboard with all the good chocolate and pralines, and guess who felt guilty? She did, because she was eating it all in front of me.
    I told her not to worry, but after a while it got to me. And finally as the evening and then the night wore on, I felt a craving I haven't had for many months now. I realized it was just an old memory, but I had to really fight my urge. So in the end I grabbed some raspberries I had brought and held on for the life of me. Finally I could go to bed and I was so glad to be lying in the dark and reflecting what just had happened. I knew, that it had been way too late to eat anything, especially not raspberries, even though the carb content is low. And I just knew. I never ate anything I wasn't allowed to, but the temptation alone was devastating. And I knew that getting on the scale this morning would not be a pleasant surprice and it wasn't. Nothing had changed since I had left for the trip and again I felt there is so much more to losing weight than just eating right. IT IS THE MENTAL ATTITUDE that comes into play bigtime.
    When my mindset is optimal and I do the things I need to be doing with confidence and enthusiasm KNOWING that what I do is good, then I get the reward. Maybe it has something to do with dopamine or serotonin, which I think is also released when your thoughtpattern is optimal. It may even influence hormone levels (just a theory of mine). But something happens in my brain and the body responds equally. I have been able to observe this on me on occasions. And the same happened when visiting my friend, the temptations and the change of thought pattern did something to cause me drop from high to low and it showed in the lack of weight loss.
    So, now I am back and glad. I can understand, Inger, that you do not want to get into that space and it is good that you do not until you are strong enough. Usually I am but the last few days I was not. But it was really good for the experience and it strengthened my resolve to do even better. Now I am temptation free again and stronger for it. So Happy New Year.
  14. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Very interesting thoughts Charlotte. I am really interested in your thoughts and ideas on hormones. I have started on BHRT but it is disconcerting to think of doing this long term. Our mental attitude is so important - really - I think that it is everything. Over New Year's I have missed 2 nite's sleep because of parties in my building and I have really lost my edge and am making poor decisions. And then there are all the old memories ..... I realized the other day that I think of ice cream cones because my husband loved them and he would always give me a bite of his - so it is a very fond memory.
    It is very hard to be in the company of others though - I feel like what I am eating is always under assault. When I got sick on oysters at Christmas - my dear friend is convinced I absolutely have to eat more carbs! and she in general thinks I don't eat enough.........
  15. Charlotte

    Charlotte New Member

    I know what you mean, it seems stupid to have to defend yourself for something you just know is good for you.
    I do not know anything about hormones, Caroline. If you have questions there, Dr. Kruse is definitely the better choice. Basically all I know is that hormones are messengers. But that gives a clue to their importance. Good news - bad news.
    What I mean is this: I know that thought influences the way we feel. Very simply put. If I think about something sad, I get sad, if I think about something good it makes me happy. So thought influences the way we feel. When I am having feelings, no matter which, something happens in my body. So there is some chemical reaction to a thought. Whereever in the brain that thought happens, I do not know, but it seems to set off a whole cascade of emotions. So there must be a connection between thought and biochemistry. Most often we cannot control what we think, thoughts come and go but I think we can control what we do with that thought. We can observe it, kind of like an outsider: aha, now I am thinking this and then letting it go rather than diving deeper and following that threat of thought. Or we have an emotion and then trying to remember: what was I just thinking? What thought triggered that emotion?
    So you think of your husband, and that triggers some emotions. If they are good memories - very good.
    I was really interested in getting rid of my bad memories as they made me feel really bad, so I started to ask myself this question. What makes me feel bad? And I realized that it was the memory and the thoughts that came with it. At first it was already really bad before I realized but with more attention I caught it earlier and now, I can almost catch every thought right when it first comes up and let it go. When this does not happen, I find myself all of a sudden in an either sad, angry, desparate or other desolate state and I have to tediously straighten myself out.
    What I also found out lately is that with eating epi-paleo or even on the little food with hCG my thinking pattern is so much clearer and I am in a much calmer state.
    So when you find that your friend is getting on your nerves, just think that you are so much better off than she, because you know what is good for YOU and that what she thinks has no impact on how you feel.
    So guess what,
  16. janagram

    janagram New Member

    Yeah, they are trying to offer help...my best friend just told me yestereday that she was worried about my weight and that to lose, I should eat more carbs. It's coming from a good place...but...what do ya do with it in the moment? I just said...I think I probably need less carbs.
  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Honestly - Jan and Charlotte - I think you are so right - what do you do with it in the moment. My friend is very dear to me and I know she only has my best interests at heart. She absolutely believes that you need carbs to be healthy. She does very well - a long time weight watcher - but she is always hungry!! Everything in moderation is her motto and you will do just fine. I find people are kind of suspicious of you - my friend knows that - generally - I don't eat lunch. I have told her that I eat a huge breakfast and am just not hungry. If I am at at her place around lunch time I will just grab an apple and be good- but somehow - she looks at me ...and she thinks I am too thin so I am fibbing about eating a huge breakfast! I am not too thin by a long shot - in fact now I am feeling I need to go down a few kilos because I am feeling too heavy within myself - I think to be optimum we should be lean and I have too much body fat right now and definitely don't feel optimum - kind of sluggish actually.
    I do get overwhelmed by bad/sad thoughts. I used to not be able to remember the good stuff - but I am getting better at that. I have to improve my thought processes to help my biochemistry! Thanks for all the positive thinking and actions Charlotte.
  18. Aussie Nana

    Aussie Nana New Member

    I would like to join this group as I probably have 25 lbs to lose, well 10 kilos any way and that is close enough. I'm not sure what I should weigh and I'm not particularly bothered at the moment as my focus is on improving my health. I really, really want to sleep better, not to mention the benefits which come from that.

    I know though about the friends. One group I'm a part of is becoming worried about my weight loss. They think I'm overdoing it. I used to be the fattest of the group. Now after losing some I'm the smallest and they say enough is enough. But I'm still well overweight. I think its a comparison thing. They used to act a bit superior to me when they were thinner than I was. Now they think I've lost enough and should now give up.

    Another friend thinks I'm the perfect size now, certainly not overweight. But I think that is because we've become used to the majority of people in my age group becoming obese so they think thats now normal and anyone who is "only" overweight, rather than obese, shouldn't lose any more.
  19. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    sad to say - I think people are a little jealous that you are achieving something that they can't or won't give the extra effort to make happen. Good luck to all of us on our journey - no matter what it is.
  20. diane

    diane Gold

    People have funny reactions don't they? I'm working pretty hard on not caring what other people think. A work in progress - but progress has been made! [​IMG]

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