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Anne s optimal journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Anne V, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    headache -----> progesterone alert

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  2. Anne V

    Anne V Gold

    @JanSz Dzien dobryi believe that is better!!!
    got my sense of humour back . sorting out inheritance court case. my least favorite :(.
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  3. Anne V

    Anne V Gold

    latest update
    found a really good value 1 br flat when i came back from Cancun
    3 days later iy was mine.
    location not great but only 3 months a year necessary to be a resident here
    24 th april echocardio
    end of april move. have to get rid of 50% of my stuff.
    looking for a pilot to rent 5 days a month
    saving a lot to go in the sun
    probably Cancun for 2 weeks midmay
    1 month Canaries mid June then i ll see
    echo cardio 24 th April
    court case mother inheritance ongoing (2 years on)

    whats not too like???
    got redrush 360
    doing 5 sessions a day
    blue blockers
    starting from next week to work with SA HearthMath guy to be able to start work soon
    oysters and seafood
    more later
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  4. Anne V

    Anne V Gold

    i know it is only facts the ret is hugely variable
  5. Anne V

    Anne V Gold

    feel great this morning
    sunrise , breakfast,redrush, cold shower, going to the green with grounding shoes i would say i felt so normal walking i would not know ithere is a problem. back redrush, then ready to get on with the day.:)
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  6. Anne V

    Anne V Gold

    beginning of the day , very productive and good
    pm cancel clear delete . looking at solutions for mother will (2 years on)
  7. Anne V

    Anne V Gold

    completly drained from sorting the necessity of mother s will all done for now until next time (2 days max blue light)
    got rid of a lot of stuff in the sheds. thats good
    old friend passed away yesterday. lung cancer hidden from everybody
    her dad rang me today to let me know
    he could not get how at 96 years old he could loose his 68 y o daughter
    and how she could be gone in 48 hrs

    Time more Time do not waste it
    we do not know how much we have
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  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    time more Time do not waste it
    we do not know how much we have

  9. Lots going on..... hope your new found energy is holding up for you x
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  10. Anne V

    Anne V Gold

    Hi, yes . i did clear the sheds Friday , so job done . it was ok it was outside,
    the weather is so beautiful , i do not want to be inside, so i did nothing else. will have to get on with it sooner...
    energy : with sunrise , breakfast ,red IR/redlight, 40 mn grounding on the green, i feel amazing.
    outside all day with oysters and ceviche :D:cool:

    not forgetting the cream;) and qlarivia!
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  11. Anne V

    Anne V Gold

    16th of May to Fuerteventura for 2 weeks. chose the place with @Sue-UK advice:)
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  12. Anne V

    Anne V Gold

    BP today @ 15:55 135/75
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  13. drezy

    drezy Gold

    What did it used to be?
  14. Anne V

    Anne V Gold

    160/90 often. keeping track echocardio Wednesday eve.
  15. drezy

    drezy Gold


    Amazing progress!

    Welcome to the BP lowering club, your progress just blew the doors off mine.
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  16. Anne V

    Anne V Gold

    go to the farm !
  17. Anne V

    Anne V Gold

    Results echocardio yesterday:
    Heart in good condition
    monitor aortic valve
    no need of operation for now
    and a big thank you to uncle Jack:D
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  18. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  19. Huck

    Huck Silver

    Anne's echo was for her aortic valve. They want to see how much the aortic valve is closed off (stenosis) and how much leakage happens when the valve is closed (regurgitation).

    Anne, do you know what your Aortic jet velocity (m/s) also called maximum aortic velocity, Mean (pressure) gradient (mmHg), AVA (cm2), and LV ejection Faction (EF) are? Those are measurements you can track from echo to echo to see how you are doing.

    My AVA, according to last 2 echos, got larger which isn't supposed to happen. I think it was probably a misreading on the 1st echo that had my AVA smaller than it actually is. That's one thing to be concerned about - echoes are interpretations and subject to error.
  20. Anne, that is fantastic! I expect your stress levels will decrease now, too. So much to thank Dr K for :thumbsup:
    This holiday you have coming up is great timing for you to really chill out x
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