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Android OS Vs iOS In Terms Of Ethernet

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by Nintendo 1889, May 16, 2022.


What phone is better for EMF

  1. ios

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  2. android

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  3. an alternate software/root/ROM or a carrier that generally supports non-cellular calls and text

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Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Nintendo 1889

    Nintendo 1889 New Member

    As a techy and IT guy, I've always used android devices, but I'm not married to them.

    Are iphones in general better than Android in terms of USB-to-ethernet adaptors, and/or making calls and texts over ethernet?*

    In my research among androids, you have 2 options:
    • USB-OTG adapters (more generally found in tablets, since they largely don't have a cellular network)
    • USB-C to ethernet adaptors
    With my android (LG k51 with android 10), I plug in a usb-c to ethernet adaptor and it says "detecting ethernet connection" but it never gets an IP address.

    * With Android, I can make google voice calls over wifi, so it would probably be safe to assume ethernet would work.

    I am thinking about going to a store with a router and the adaptor, and testing to see if any phones can get an IP address (it would not be a working internet/WAN connection, I will only checking to see if they can get an IP address).

    Another option is Windows phones. They seem to be more open to ethernet adaptors and 3rd party hardware type of stuff.

    I'm sure there's lots of other ways to limit emf, I want to start the journey here.
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  2. EWO

    EWO Eyes Wide Open

    if you are using internet connection (vs cellular network) to make and receive calls, why not use voip through wired desktop/laptop?
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  3. EWO

    EWO Eyes Wide Open


    If you do wire up a mobile phone, I've had better luck with available setups for ios than android. Prefer Belkin or Anker or TP Link adapters. The Belkins have chargers with the Ethernet but my experience with the Android versions of those is that the charging piece of the adapter did not connect reliably. A bonus advantage with ios (IMO) is the easy changes you can make through accessibility settings to the screen color filters and white point reduction. Hope this helps.
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  4. ShellyFM

    ShellyFM Gold + Recovering night owl and blue light addict!

    iOS is doable but still not perfect. Most ethernet adapters we've tried have occasional issues where you have to disconnect and reconnect to get it working again. We've noticed our newer devices handle it better than the older ones. Also, non-Apple adapters sometimes work better. The best we've found is actually using your computer's ethernet connection as a pass through internet connection to the phone with the stock Apple USB to lightning cable. That's been the most reliable. Plus, if you have a Mac, you can get iMessages, some text messages, and phone calls through your Mac with the iPhone on airplane mode. I have a lightning dock by my workstation where I dock the iPhone on airplane mode so the phone still gets internet while I work. MacBook is completely hardwired with ethernet and passes that connection through to the iPhone on the lightning dock. Makes it easy to put the iPhone on the dock and take it off. The only hiccup I've found is you can't send regular text messages (green messages) through the phone or even the Mac when the iPhone is on airplane mode and docked and some text messages (green ones) do not come through when it is on airplane mode. I'm not sure why some work and others don't. iMessages (the blue messages) work just fine sending and receiving, though.
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  5. ShellyFM

    ShellyFM Gold + Recovering night owl and blue light addict!

    Also, the text message (green message) limitations I mention above are also the same when connecting the iPhone directly to ethernet using an adapter instead of the method I described above.
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  6. Nintendo 1889

    Nintendo 1889 New Member

    Thanks for all of the replies.

    I thought about this, the reason to use a mobile phone is for the Apps which aren't on the web, etc..., it's nice to use a phone for the mobility. I would like to limit EMF exposure, even though I am would not be limiting it 100%.

    One nice thing is that with a Chromebook you can run android apps on it using the mouse as the touchscreen input. I was able to use clubhouse with mic and audio on it.

    Twilight for android doesn't have the automatic time of day switching that f.lux does, but it works well. And as of Android 7 or 8, the OS has a blue light filter, if your android oem implemented that feature.
    Last edited: May 25, 2022
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  7. pfedorow

    pfedorow Silver

    anyone do testing on Calyx os or Graphene? Curious how much of a difference the cleaned up OS does compared to the spyware on the installed Operating systems.

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