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AMPK Activators

Discussion in 'Mitochondrial Rx' started by NADme, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Amazon is ready to sell it.


  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  3. NADme

    NADme New Member

  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The reason the ignorant feel compelled to call the wise crazy is due to their fundamental lack of understanding.


    It is in the pauses, the intervals, the spaces between the words, that the meaning of what you are saying sinks in. To listen to a good talk, whether from a pulpit or a podium, whether off-the-cuff or seared into memory, is to hear a kind of music, not just in the register, the lilt, the cadence and the rhythm, but in those moments when there are no words to be heard, when all you can hear is the enveloping silence. The same is true with cells…..sounds are like sunlight and the silence is found in the darkness of night. The real music of life is found at night when light is absent. This is why ALAN, called artificial light at night is so dangerous to humans. It is also why the lack of UV/IRA light are capable of the same damage too.

    The natural world is deeply, profoundly unpredictable because of the chaos that light introduces to matter. The very same things that make it unpredictable also allow nature to create patterns, cycles, and structure from matter. Sunlight creates an order in cells, while ALAN is wholly destructive to the pattern, cycles, and structure of cells.

    Order and chaos are deeply linked in nature than it appears to linear thinking. Turing, Belusov, Lorenz, and May all showed us the many facets of this idea in their work on the topic. Yet the naysayers and skeptics have no idea the smallest bit of data they are missing is why they are morons and why Jack is branded as crazy.

    Yet still, most do not see the entanglement of their ideas to biology. Order and chaos emerge on their own in circadian biology as long as the system as a simple feedback loop present. If the feedback loop is perturbed at all, even by the smallest stimulus, then the control of order or chaos is lost in a cell. This is why so many linear thinkers (many in this thread) cannot fathom why I am right about how dangerous exogenous supplements like NAD analogs are and some drugs are (glutathione/statins). Theses small stimulus is CAPABLE of ruining the feedback loops that control order and chaos in a cell. Blue light at night and nnEMF all day long have the same effect on how cells self-organize. NAD+ does the same. I rather like that my PEERs think I am nuts because it points out just how far past them my understanding of nature really is..............Evolution relies on the control of order and disorder in energy. The critics here have ZERO concept of how these ideas teether to most fundamental concepts of how cells really work.
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Many have called me crazy.........I really like that. It shows you just how far in front of their understanding I really am.

    When setting out on a journey of understanding you should never rely on advice from those who have not yet left home. Being considered crazy is a complement to a Black swan because it points out just how your critics have remained victims/prisoners of their education and cultural conditioning. This thread is a fine example. It is a profound compliment and a badge I enjoy because it undresses their linear thinking. Here is the proof of my correctness and my critic's myopia. I love displaying ignorance for the audience to learn from. https://www.patreon.com/posts/23221350
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  6. NADme

    NADme New Member

    The word count on your above thesis is 1223 = good mind, bad communicator. Ethnocentrism is hampering you in your thinking that you are the center of the universe with your black swan pigment/hue more a means to articulate mental masturbation.

    Your above rant in sum: Natural Light is Good. Artificial Light is Bad.
    Word Count = 8 or 1115 words less than yours making me more efficient, effective and economical.

    Although I would like to hear your take on Near IR Saunas

    Remember Jack I am German, which places you at a disadvantage. You are dodgy and can't seem to answer any question from anyone in a clear, concise, efficient manner. All the World is the Stage and Jack is the main act as the last of the black swans enters, for the grand finale of wisdom rests with him. lol

    Your Sinclair citation and all of your conditional if P then Q or Else, equal sign progression falls down on the premise of psuedohypoxia and here is why:

    NAD+ is the electron conduit/substrate that transverses at least 80 metabolic cycles and a number of others to include Krebs, GHS and ATP/ADP, Etc. By its very nature and affects on the PARPS and SIRTUIN 1, 3, 6 it acts as an electron conduit/substrate. The problem is when the ratio of oxidant to reductant gets imbalanced, the O2 deprivation is the aftermath not the causation.

    As much, when ETOH (alcohol) is ingested or our poor GI system produces ethanal>ethanol>acetylaldhyde, which seldom converts to Aceytl CoA for mitochondrial consumption, the NAD+ gets converted to NADH. The inflamation cascade caused by our own internal production of the equivalent of 10 times more toxic than grain alcohol, results in the P450scc getting hammered and is at the base cause of LDL not converting into pregenenalone and the perceived elevation of cholesterol. See all the fatties Jack? They have a corn mash still in their guts and it causes NAD+ to convert.

    Again, plain speak for the simple man.
  7. NADme

    NADme New Member


    10 billion eaters by 2050. Huge carbon footprints, arial chemtrails, not to mention a concentrated soupbowl of toxins constantly assulting us under a toxic sky.

    Address the variables of occular lens variation both synthetic (contacts/eye wear), sun polarization every 6 years and particle variation that results.

    You cite chaos theory and then assume constants as you wrap your pontifications in flowery heady rhetoric that most do not get or want to have to choke down.

    I understand it on your level Jack. Yes, I know your mirror cracked and it is a bold statment. Want to talk Newton? Want to talk Reich or Tesla or pick one. I started in on a project 30 years ago entitled: RESONANT SIGNATURE THEORY.

    As a classically trained musician, who has studied with the worlds best, I understand how light and vibration work as well, maybe better than you. Your femur will start resonating at 200 cps (cycles per second = hertz), blood, organ tissue glandular tissue all have differant densities and resonant rate and in total is your resonant signature. Much like a musical note combined with one to form an interval to chord to tetrachord, etc.

    This signature is easliy altered. A body of knowledge evolved entitled whole body vibration, which should in the near term yield target vibration. At vibration of 24 hZ you can make your pituitary secrete growth hormone.

    Ahhhh always nice to metnally masturbate with a friend, but in the end Jack we are doomed to fall if not a servant to all.

    What else do you have besides:

    Take in natural light.
    Stay away from unnatural light.
    Stay away from 5G.


    Also, assuming Janz picked up the seafood fix here. Want to explain to the ducks oh swami of the swans how the arsenic loads in the seafood you advocate not to mention water and apple seeds cause NAD+ metabolic path blockages. So all of the above without a keen understanding of chelation and detox, emphasis on keen, results most of your ideas on metabolics as invalid. In a perfect clean world of 500 million eaters who are mindful, with a CO2 reset, maybe your ideas would apply, but that will take another ice age.

    Crowley was the same, but from a different angle of fear. His maskings and self consumption was packaged in rituals known as magik. He had to be a black swan too and changed magic to magik, in theory and practice. When you peel back his assertions it all came down to vibration, but he so needed to be the authority the center of the universe and to create the mystery and intrigue. He also in part authored the Scottish Rites bylaws for the masons.
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Read this blog: https://medium.com/ucsf-magazine/un...ckness-beneath-the-sweet-surface-f522c8c8b51d
    ^^^^This is how smart people make catastrophic errors of thinking when they are missing key pieces of data that trump their theories.
    1G-5G nnEMF = fructose laden cheesecake and nobody realizes it. Allen Frey and Nora Volkow showed it in the literature and Dr. Lustig does not appear to realize it. Dr. Lustig and LCHF Jimmy Moore are going to feel like morons when they both realize what key data they are missing. This defines their Dunning Kruger moment. Dr. Lustig will shit the bed when he realizes he and all his patients live in a 5G cesspool and it is the environment and not the foods really behind the effect since they swim in it 24/7. Jimmy has created his cesspool with his social media empire. This is why his results have been horrendous on his nutritional ketosis platform. #mitochondriacwisdom. Below is Volkow's study in 2011 showing the Effect Frey found in the 1960s for the Navy. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3184892
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  9. NADme

    NADme New Member

    keto at best is a limtied jump start for the ultra obese with a short cycle. most do not realize the elevation in uric acid caused by keto.
    sun dedicated, 10 min front and back. i also do the elphant with my head and the open handed finger filter when looking directly at the sun. combined with intermittent with a 6 hour eat window of 11am to 5pm, excercise 2 hrs/day x 6 days/wk, blending all things as i select specific organics: vegs, fruit and seeds and have been averaging 3lbs per week reduction. off all else except three scripts and those should go by june. you need to get in the car and go to springfield with me. let me know if you are game.
  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Are you limiting your drinking water volume?
  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  12. Martha Ray

    Martha Ray Martha Ray, New Member

    Thanks JanSz, for all your info on this thread. My husband has had Afib since cataract surgery and the loss of our dog back in 2014- I think the filters in cataract lens and loss of Oxytocin were factors.

    We have both had higher homocysteine lab says levels [0-15] but our metabolic counselor says <7 Not below 6. A small optimal target between 6 and 7. I've been as high as 13 in 2018 and normally and last year around 11 so I appreciate the advice clip from LE.

    Is Boluke aka as Lumbrokinase? If so will ask my husband's functional cardiologist about that. Thanks again for the ideas you shared...greatly appreciated.
    I used to spend time at Afibbers.org but can no longer reach that site.
  13. Martha Ray

    Martha Ray Martha Ray, New Member

    Well not sure if you are still here but we are all always in transition hopefully to keep learning in grace. I've been stuck in the 'synthetic supplement' mire for a very long time...at least now mostly using BuyFoodResearch.com for 100% food supplements... maybe a waste but at least at best doing no harm. I hope and pray you have healed by now, 2021

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