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AMPK Activators

Discussion in 'Mitochondrial Rx' started by NADme, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    I use to have those two problems but not anymore. I have used it as toothpaste in the past.

    Maybe I will do a teaspoon with the 8 oz in the morning way before food for the 2 weeks just for kidneys unless I don't need to because my inflammation is pretty much gone. If that's the case would there be any other benefit. Would be good as a maintenance thing for kidneys health. I know just drinking a lot of water is good for kidneys and of course the whole body.
  2. Sun Disciple

    Sun Disciple AKA Paul...That Call Drop'n Canadian

    been doin Baking soda and Celtic sea salt 80/20 mix. Hal Huggins style.
  3. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    When do you take it. How does it make you feel. How long have you been taking it.
  4. NADme

    NADme New Member

    seems to sidestep the entire breaking down of proteins into aminos by taking stomach acids to neutral
  5. Sun Disciple

    Sun Disciple AKA Paul...That Call Drop'n Canadian

    Are you referring to my post? I just load up my tooth brush and go to town. Does the trick for me, my teeth are squeeky clean afterwards.
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  6. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    I was asking about this.
  7. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Nice, apparently I've had a Hal Huggins house for 4 years without knowing it.

    I just got tired of every product being so strongly scented and flavored. Who needs a flavor extravaganza when brushing?

    Also what is "mountain fresh" scent supposed to be anyway? I've been on mountains and nothing described as "mountain fresh" smells anything like a mountain smells.

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  8. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Actually, I've been doing a lot of camping and entertaining guests this summer, so not reading as much as I used to - but I have a really great tan... :)
  9. JanSz

    JanSz Gold


    Just located HAN's picture
    his GF?

    Fatty acids, metabolism, Patricia Kane, I started learning from this guy.
    Dr John C was not able to control this guy, so he let him go, my loss.
    Also at that time all research was open for reading at Genova Diagnostics.
    Sometime I still see him posting at anabolicminds


    Last edited: Jul 22, 2018
  10. Allin

    Allin New Member

    Mountain fresh is a scent of pine trees with an overture of bear droppings....ah nice....
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  11. Christina Gagnon

    Christina Gagnon New Member

  12. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    In my local Indian Supermarket there are two types of turmeric roots (lighter and darker), ( and bags with turmeric powder).
    Wonder which roots are used to make powder.

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  13. Penny

    Penny New Member

    any health food store will have the roots and you can just grate them - but I just buy it pre grated at the indian food store - the problem is the amount of curcuminoids - however that's spelled - varies - I'd love to try some straight curcumin powder and compare it -
  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I love going back and looking at threads that made me smile when they occurred but really make me chuckle now.

    When you read the paper below and you do not know the real deal you're libel to believe the researchers bullshit and buy a supplement of NAD+. DO NOT DO IT. A black swan would call BS on this 100 out of 100 times. Every AM you need to see the sunrise rain or shine or clouds. This is how the central retinal pathways reset the system. Use of technology ruins the optical signals. On Earth, its physics at surfaces dictate the quantum yield of resonant energy transfers to living things. Photosynthetic quantum yields are linked to how oxygen and nitrogen interact with the solar spectrum in out atmosphere. Moreover, the SPECIFIC frequency of the sun’s interaction always controls how carbon from food is handled under ALL circumstances. What happened 65 million years ago in the KT event selected for animals with high mitochondria capacities capable or making triplet state free radicals when the quantum yield of the sun was reduced by an asteroid. Focus on your light environment to use food properly. Food cannot accomplish what the experts think it can when it is uncoupled from natural light frequencies that come from the sun and drive the varying photosynthetic yields in food NAD+ is built to respond too.
    Incident EMF determines the free radical signal made Angela by varying the calcium release into a cell that alters the carburetors proteins of the mitochondrial matrix that vary couple rates and the resting metabolic rate.

    The UV light of the sun is assimilated by a surface in our systems like our skin, eye and aerodigestive system and is in turn stored in the nucleus in DNA and RNA. Fluorophore proteins like melanin and eumelanin do it in our skin, dopamine and melatonin do it in our eye and brain, and NAD+/NADH do it at cytochrome 1. Chromatin and histone proteins condense light there for release from nucleic acids when light is needed for photonic signaling in a cell. the amount released is highly quantized. We lose light in disease states from cells in the extreme low-frequency range of UV. This was proven from Fritz Popp and the data is contained in Roeland van Wijk's excellent textbook. None of this is addressed in this paper. The real meat of the biology is lost in this take, I am sad to say. If we lose this ELF-UV longevity drops. NAD+ is a player in this dance, but not the lead. This implies cells must have the means of obtaining light to refill our stores. They do. Almost every protein absorbs some part of the visible spectrum and biology just ignores it. This occurs on our surfaces, skin, retina, and aerodigestive tract. The light energy is transferred to cell membranes loaded with another quantum lipid in the lipid rafts (DHA) deep in our cells to change physiology and biochemistry. DHA turns sunlight into a DC electric current. Keeping UV light corralled in the nucleus where the DNA is highly coiled keeps energy and information storage separate from growth and metabolism in a cell. The cell is actually topologically organized by sunlight. The purple UV light is stored centrally in nucleic acids and longer wave red light is based in the periphery where mitochondria are present. Mitochondria use infrared light to signal via the Q cycle, and oxygen levels prescribed by the passage of electrons through the cytochromes are used to make different types of free radicals as speeds of electrons vary by redox and by the distance between the cytochromes. NAD+ is just a player in this game. NAD+ couple makes superoxide and melanin quench it. The type of radicals mitochondria make is directly proportional to the redox state of the cell and the calcium effect present. nnEMF or EMF from the sun varies the free radical response. The redox state is a function of control of UV light centrally and IR light peripherally in a cell. When these things are off oxygen tensions lower distally as the terminal electron acceptor that pulls electrons from foods toward it via its electronegativity.
    DAVID SINCLAIR Dec 2013 paper alert: This all implies that pseudohypoxia = low O2 = Low NAD+/NADH ratio = singlet state of ROS/RNS = NAD+ drops in people with chronic blue light or nnEMF exposure = with a lack of solar UV and IR assimilation via cell membranes = elevated ubiquitin rates = low levels of electrons = electron density in tissues is a function of the DHA concentrations = low EZ size in cell water = dehydration from the matrix at cytochrome c oxidase = higher positive charges (protons) in proteins making them less hydrophilic = low intracellular pH = low redox potential = low melatonin levels = cell and mitochondrial swelling (cytochrome c release) = altered autophagy and apoptsis = lowered magnetic and electric fields in mitochondria from ATPase spin rate = low ATP levels (low IR light) = a lot of carbs and protein electrons on ECT = altered tryptophan/serotonin/melatonin/NAD+ and dopamine levels in the retina and eventually the frontal lobes = Neurotransmitter/catecholamine release is tied to calcium efflux in cell membranes via the calcium uniporter = controls oscillation of cell membranes to environmental EMF waves = calcium flux controls voltage gated channels, NMDA, and glutamate excitotoxicity = when glutamate is released in neurons glial cells release their Vitamin C in the brain adrenal, and RBC's = LOSS OF THE ABILITY TO DEMETHYLATE DNA AND RNA = EPIGENETIC CHANGE = oxidized glucocorticoid receptors = ruined and lowered catecholamine creation body wide = mimics chronic mitochondrial colony failure clinically = low DC electric current system wide = low regenerative potential in the cell soma due to loss of negative charge = low tissue and RBC's DHA levels = Lowered conversion of light to electric redox in the cell = altered central and peripheral melatonin levels = direct evidence of mitochondrial damage = cytochromes destroyed by melanopsin dusfunction = altered eicansoids/docansanoids = altered pain perceptions = altered perceptions of reality = altered perceptions due to low dopamine levels = can lead to depression/anxiety = can lead to obesity = why we see these two epidemics today manifesting = can lead to other neurologic disorders AD/PD/ALS = are tied to anterior eye diseases like macular degeneration and myopia = damage of the eye clock mechanism which controls circadian signaling.
    Everything comes back to retaining the ability to increase the net negative charge in cell water made by the matrix and stored electrically in the lipid rafts of cell membranes at surfaces and inside cells by assimilation UV/IR light. This assimilation is done photoelectrically and not biochemically. This is why the myopic focus on NAD+ is badly misplaced in the paper below.
    Light can only interact with matter via electrons. DHA has massive arrays of pi- electron clouds in its structural lattice. This is where DHA becomes the "foreman" of light movement and control in a eukaryotic cell. The more electrons on collects the fewer protons dominate in hydrogen bonding in networks that surround all proteins INCLUDING DNA. High proton concentrations = inflammation = low EZ = low pH. Warburg’s idea about pH is totally wrapped in this redox mechanism in this series for epi-oncogenesis progression. That is a lesson to learn this Friday........it is the way of the Black Swan understanding. Join my tribe at Kruse Longevity Farm opening in 3 weeks. https://www.buckinstitute.org/blog/a-perennial-molecule-that-treats-pellagra-and-pauses-aging/
  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Looks like Kanye West even retweeted this one..........^^^

    Don't bother buying NAD+.

    I stopped Kanye from doing it. Saved him $$$$
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  16. Christina Gagnon

    Christina Gagnon New Member

  17. NADme

    NADme New Member

    Jack most of your peers think you are a crackpot. You seem to find the need to hide behind pontificating the socratic method as some high minded means of getting recognition. Plain speak for the simple man is what wins the day. Most everything you provide is not digestible by the common person.

    As for me, I think there is some value in what you pontificate. Most will never get traction on any real noteworthy number of people because you enjoy being more on center stage for ego purposes than humanitarian.

    Since you rant about UV, and since some of what you base your asertions rests with occular receipt, then as simple as you can, in plain speak, address lense deviation and varaince caused by genetics, defects and other variables such as cataracts, etc... The wavelet is obviously altered.


    Proof is in the telmar, which the gold standard is offered out of Spain. Give me to the end of the year (2019) and lets both take the test and post our results. Game on? Remember Jack that I am a big, fat man, out of shape and obviously doing everything wrong by your standard. Combined with gentic defects like hemochromatosis, I suspect your measured age is much better than mine. Afterall you are a doctor and I am just a nobody survivor. Age minus calculated telmar state, who ever has the greater difference wins. Don't puss out.

    We also taper people off suboxone with NAD. Want to ask them how a 3 day half life that causes terrible suffering when trying to get off a pharma drug that is part of your convention Jack, is all of a sudden quelled and alliviated? Next time I will tell them to go stand in the sun and shake off the cravings and withdrawls.

    Proof is in watching multiple stage 3 and 4 kidney failure patients have eGFR's as low as 18 reinstated on 30 days of NAD to 45 with rises in eGFR stabilization of BUN and creatinine, resulting in the avoidance of dialysis.

    Proof is in watching the reinstatement of NAD to NADH ratios deliver long time alcoholics from liver transplant lists and from the hell of addiction. We have a 100% no relapse rate at our treatment center.

    Is NAD overplayed?....Yes. I have publlically called out and have put $20,000 on the table refuting the doofusses that are cited from Harvard and Yale and Time magazine....who pitch NR as NAD. As applied to opioids I personally find it mildly assisting. Benzos not so much and adderal, which I consdier one of the most damaging addictive drugs ever, little to no help.

    HOWEVER, and with emphasis, when notables as the founder of AA, Bill Wilson, want to be known for niacin therapy over being the founder of AA it speaks volumes..

    Incidently, I have incorporated making the time to take in sun, 10 minutes each side a few times a week and it does help....when combined with intermittant fasting, training 6 days a week 2 hours a day, apple cider vinegar to clear the liver and to keep stomach acids right and taking in all of my nutirents through a 64 ounce blender twice a day. BOTTOM LINE: Averaging 3lbs a week reduction and starting to "See the Light."

    You are a brillant mind Jack, but not a great communicator. Plant trees and stop throwing mud. We are hopefully all trying to contribute to the better good of humantiy and not just our bank accounts.

    My renal methods were being courted by an investor deck and were being encouraged to be patented. I have opted to treat barely above cost because my Dad was subject to dialysis and I find it liberating to set the captives free with little to no profit.

    When is the last time you have provided compassionate care pro bono? Does it make you feel good when others in your forums praise you?

    "When you think you have the answers, the questions change."...Rik Emmett

    I am sure you will more than likely ban me from your Temple of Jack and if you do I wish you well. However, I will leave you with the idea that love and compassion and manners should have a place at all tables.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2018
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  18. NADme

    NADme New Member

    @Jack Kruse . when you assert UV whether skin or occular, besides the physical personal variances of lense and lense degradation, please address the FACT that we are being assaulted constantly with arial chem spraying, in addition to my region that has new heavy lift rocket engines full of iron oxides and other nasties and how tachion and other particle beams are being altered.

    Much of your UV premise rests on a 100% unaltered source, transmission and receiption by the individual that is lots more than just latitude/longitude. The sun has a polar shift ever 6 years, chemtrails, eye lenses whether the degradaded human lense or contact lenses or glasses, etc. Your perfect UV world only exists in your perfect UV min, but it sure does sell to the 50 or 100 faithful followers.
  19. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Do not put too much water into blender.
    Incidently, I have incorporated making the time to take in sun, 10 minutes each side a few times a week and it does help....when combined with intermittant fasting, training 6 days a week 2 hours a day, apple cider vinegar to clear the liver and to keep stomach acids right and taking in all of my nutirents through a 64 ounce blender twice a day. BOTTOM LINE: Averaging 3lbs a week reduction and starting to "See the Light."



    The Buck Institute for Research on Aging is an independent biomedical research institute that researches aging and age-related disease.

    Last edited: Dec 8, 2018
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  20. JanSz

    JanSz Gold


    How to increase life span
    when starting with:


    Allow mitochondria to work.
    Encourage mitochondria to work.
    Emphasizing as a bio-chemist, as professor of UCLA
    basic most important function of mitochondria is to
    produce matrix water<<=====

    Last edited: Dec 8, 2018

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