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Ammon's horn

Discussion in 'Heal Your Hormones' started by Billybats, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    Hi Dr. Kruse or anyone who can answer. I was reading a thread on here about tinnitus and came across you mentioning Ammon's horn and I thank you doctor Kruse for mentioning this because back about 3 years ago I had the worst pain in this area of my head that I was labled as anxiety/tension in my neck muscles and sent me home. This may be a dumb question but can this Ammon's horn swell. I could swear it does because I feel my spine in that area pop and it feels like a band. I realizing now I need to act sooner with my actions. It is a hundred times better then 3 years ago but its lingering now. If you want to know what if feels like when that area is f'd up. Its like your body is has a short circuit. Can' keep your eyes open because they hurt by light and flashing lights. Heart races then slow down. Hot then cold. So on. Today since I found this site I made major improvements but before this site I used progesterone to heal me to some degree but something else was missing and my instincts to keep looking for the cure. So I need to heal this Ammon horn before it becomes too damaged. I totally feel it is a inflammation. FYI, it comes and goes but some days bad some I don't feel it. I feel it mostly in front of blue light, just like you said Dr. K. Well getting off here now.
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Tinnitus is a warning shot in our children from their cochlea/endolymphatic that your redox level in Ammon's horn is not good at all. Sound waves (phonons) are the pulse of the ocean in our cells, in our cochlea, or endolymphic sac and gives the spark of life to our ears that only nature is capable of giving children. Hearing is a sense built around the air in our atmosphere immediately around us. The atmopshere is a sphere within a sphere and it can create and electrical tension within the magnetosphere and the surface of earth where the gases we breathe and exhale is located. The Earth is a sphere surrounded by the sphere of ionosphere. That tension becomes an "acoustic pulse wave" for things that live within both spheres. When the tension changes in the environment the pattern of signaling in the hearing mechanisms changes things in these sensory cells. Blue light and nnEMF change the tension in that sphere to increase ubiquitination rates on all things.
  4. Billybats

    Billybats New Member

    Thank you Dr.Kruse. I did read all of them in the past. When I read the one in the tinnitus thread today I finally got the connection. I just read them quickly again and if I understand correctly it is swelling from blue light and nnEMF. So I am going to figure out what other things to do while I still am trying to fix my job (new job) and home ( soon new location) but for now I am waiting on my leather moccasins (grounding) and go gun ho into ct and even my food focus on inflammatory reduction. I am going to follow another member MonteD I think, that used turmeric, epsom salt, and some other things. This modern world makes me want to cry/scream and I feel like I don't belong in this era, never did feel like I belonged in this era. That is why I loved that movies I posted "man in the wilderness". Thank you Dr. Kruse. I will give updates.

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