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Amber's Sunny Daze Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Amber Ament, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I do not know if
    you have calcified arteries
    Calcium score (Agatston score)

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  2. Amber Ament

    Amber Ament New Member

    I love what my friends are doing! They mixed up the names, haha - my friend Chris is on the left. :)

    53597395_1105016866337628_9084723002116931584_n (1).jpg
  3. Amber Ament

    Amber Ament New Member

    I've always had too much energy if there is such a thing and now I have more! I have edited my post about myself and I'm going to whack it here.
    No feedback necessary, although very welcome. Cheers

    If there is any Aussies in the Gympie - Sunshine Coast- Brisbane region that want to do bulk orders in future for certain things please get in touch.

    1. Lugol's https://www.jcrowsmarketplace.com/2ozlugolssolution24packincludesshipping.aspx
    .CROW'S® Lugol's Solution of Iodine 2% Pro Pack-As low as $7.99 ea. bottle + Free US & Canada Shipping!
    Professional Packs: 24-2 oz.($8.49 ea.) $203.76 -----
    2. Bronze membership
    3. BORON
    4. S.Pelllergrino Water and/or Purea Water - ONTO IT
    5. Testing of myself
    6. Thermometer
    7. Epi-paleo RX book
    8. Triodine 7 (instead of lugols for now? - research)
    9. Books - Going Somewhere, The 4th Phase of Water, Light Sculpting Light, Health and Light
    10. sel de Guerande SALT
    11. Quantlet
    12. Magnetico

    1. Am I getting to much sun? - I DON'T THINK SO NOW
    2. I need new teeth, what negative effects are dentures going to have and what do I need to do to offset these. - ALL THINGS TEETH thread
    3. Should I invest in a RO system, running tank water through it, and add back the things that I need? Can this even be done? - THIS HAS BEEN ANSWERED, NOT NECESSARY AT THIS STAGE...pureau, use tank water, get SP when on special
    4. What do I need to get tested? Where do I go in Oz to do this or do I send things overseas?
    5. Is the tattoo I have on my back the cause of my back pain? What can I do to offset this? Does the sun on tattoos make it worse or better?
    6. Am I taking too much turmeric paste? (turmeric, ginger, coconut oil, pepper) - MAYBE?

    1. After 3 days of wearing the UVEX glasses & covering up I feel I am already sleeping better and feel slightly less cloudy and overwhelmed. 31/3/19 - SLEEPING HAS IMPROVED EVEN MORE
    2. I am learning and retaining some of this information! 11/4/19 - Head becoming clearer.
    3. I am more aware of my computer usage, covering up and using it less and less...I come here more than facebook now......11/4/19 - off computer every night now, unless emergency
    4. I have started blasting myself with cold water in the shower.....11/4/19 - and now walking barefoot in the dew every morning before sunrise
    5. Seeing every sunrise and sunset lately! Because I am farming I spend many hours outdoors, I farm barefoot and wear next to nothing whenever possible.
    6. I feel stronger and I seem to be in less pain overall.
    7. 11/4/19 - I haven't felt suicidal in quite some time and now I am wondering how I ever got to that stage. I still feel down about the entire universe and what we are doing to this beautiful planet, but I can just keep going and not dwell on this too much, we're still fucked but it's not affecting me on a deep level as much.
    8. 13/4/19 I am not eating as much the last couple of days, not craving as much food as usual, which is good because I feel I ate too much, really trying hard not to snack on things....if I do snack it is a tin of sardines.

    1. Need new teeth - apparently I have a heredity condition. My Nanna had false teeth by the age of 20, she would have been around 100years now. Not sure what the condition is called but the enamel did not form/grow properly.
    I had a mercury filling at the age of about 8 I think, it eventually fell apart and was removed - not safely! I think this happened after I had my first baby - I cannot recall exactly when.
    My daughter has the same condition and I want to give her the best possible treatment, which is probably going to eat up most of my inheritance.

    2. Constant lower back pain, neck pain everyday, I thought due to a ankle injury from Roller Derby. My body is out of whack, one shoulder sits lower than the other...my daughter is a masseuse and fixes me when able. It makes a lot of difference. My daughter did lymphatic drainage massage on me for 1.5hours (usually 3, but I cant stay still) and for the first time in years I had almost no pain for a half day.

    3. Swelling/water retention when I eat certain foods. I can't sit for long, or stand for long in the one spot. - THIS IS NOW LESS THAN USUAL - 31/3/19

    4. My grandmother (mothers side) died last September from Breast cancer and lung cancer, the cancers were unrelated. She took endone and oxy for years from a broken hip...also anti-depressants (Lovan), blood pressure and about 10 other big pharma drugs.

    5. My mother has a long history of mental illness, has taken almost every anti-depressant on the market and decides when she needs to come of them. Very violent person who lives in her head and dwelling on how hard done by she is, I had a violent childhood. I haven't spoken to her in years, she even claimed I was in a cult (Landmark education) when I could finally have a conversation with her and not get upset, change the topic and redirect to more positive things. I have a history of mental illness myself, took anti-depressants for 6 months when I didn't know any better (years ago)......but I knew they weren't for me so I choose self help and no big pharma.

    6. I was a teachers aide for 7 years, colleagues suggested I have ADHD, or Aspergers...I score well on Aspie tests haha, but I'm not a 'highly intellectual' one, I am a hands on kinda person and learn through doing. I taught Autistic children & foster kids very well...I put my tendencies of this nature down to my weird upbringing.

    7. My Mother, Grandmother and Aunt have all had their gallbladder removed.

    8. My brother is a Muai Thai trainer, after copping a blow to the neck and moving to Sweden he has been diagnosed with MS...but he still trains & gardens - nursery man by trade.

    9. My dad has been fighting esophagus cancer for just over 2 years and winning more than losing it seems, but it's trying to get him again. He was supposed to be dead in 18months.

    10. I reacted to the MMR vaccine as a baby - arm blew up to 3 times the size and apparently I did not receive the other 2 injections as a precaution.

    11. I always had coldsores as a kid (stress of violence?)

    12. My grandad (mothers side) died of Emphysema when I was 18. - I HAVE LEARNT THIS ISN'T REALLY RELEVANT TO THIS FORUM, although not sure if worth a mention.

    13. I seem to be very sensitive to chemicals/frangrance. I react in way that leave my skin feeling like it is crawling - usually only in my face/neck/head area.

    14. After testing, it was discovered I have 50% extra lung capacity than the average person.

    15. I react to alcohol, to the point where I don't even want to have a drink in case it happens again. Not sure if Ross River related? But I have had a negative reaction prior to having the Ross that I put down to stress. I have NEVER been a big drinker. The last time I drank, I had one drink, ended up in hospital - they thought I had ruptured my spleen, did a CT scan - ran bloods and other things - sent me home in pain not knowing what was happening. I came good. I decided to have a sip of someone's drink to try it since - ended up throwing up 1/2 hour later. Never again.

    16. I have many lumps in my left breast, it went weird an developed a 'shelf' underneath (now gone) - got it looked at once and they said they it wasn't cancer yet. I used to put my phone in my bra when I was doing cleaning work.

    17. Bursitis in my right hip - due to ankle injury says the doc - I also think sticking my phone in that location has contributed to this.

    18. Carpel Tunnel - not officially diagnosed - in right hand due to cleaning. I cannot use that hand to wring out a cloth and after 3 hours cleaning it starts playing up a little - I also put this down to mouse usage.

    1. I tan easily - dad is greek, grandad on mothers side was dutch - both very brown.
    2. I too often dwell on things, have can have a negative outlook and need others to help me see the flip side.
    3. I can overreact too quickly, but have learnt skills to help rectify that within moments, a day maximum...it COULD take up to two weeks or NEVER to turn shit around.
    4. I don't drive a car and have no desire to, I have practiced...it's like I am boxed in and can't focus, I can ride a bike with confidence though.
    5. I don't often get sick eg cold, flu, virus....I get more injuries than anything else.
    6. I haven't worn sunscreen in years and years.
    7. I can't swim with my head under the water, can't do the breathing thing, always come up choking and sputtering as a kid. I feel trapped - perhaps a childhood experience did this? Have tried as an adult and it is hard for me to figure out. I have an aversion to being submersed water, even a bath. Prefer not to shower if I don't have to. I've always said I am a land animal.

    1. I don't wear chemical sunscreen, very rare to use natural (Eco Sunscreen - reef safe, OR a blend of olive oil, beeswax, rosemary and cedarwood), only when I had to much sun the day before and skin is borderline burnt.
    2. I haven't eaten processed or canned food...only just started again - sardines.
    3. Have eaten 'organic' food, I know nothing is really organic.
    4. Except for an occasional exception (every 3-6months) I do not eat - sugar, wheat or any flours, processed packet food,tinned food, take-away of any kind, any oils (except olive, coconut, hemp & flax), any sweeteners (except honey), dairy (2years), softdrinks, coffee & tea (almost 1year), red meat, pig products.
    5. I haven't eaten McDonalds, KFC, Hungry Jacks, etc for over 20years (since I fell pregnant).

    I know I have missed things and I can't remember everything as well. I cannot & will not contact my mother to confirm or deny certain things so I can't be sure of anything that has happened for her in the last ten years.

    I don't expect any feedback from this, but if you got this far - thanks for reading! :D:thumbsup:
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2019
  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    wow ....that's all I got for now.......
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  5. Amber Ament

    Amber Ament New Member

    1. Computer off, internet off at wall and all electrical off by 8pm maximum. Aim for 6pm, but haven't made it some days. Wearing UVEX when using phone/computer, and for lights inside at night. Covering up skin esp neck area while using devices.
    2. Getting cold in the shower as much as I can.
    3. Took out my earrings that have been there since I was in year 2.
    4. No more bananas. :(
    5. 2-5 tins of sardines a day :)
    6. SP water, maybe 1/2 litre a day, all I can afford
    7. Seeing every sunrise and sunset, even if cloudy or rain, I hide behind the water tank for 20 minutes and eat breakfast with my boobs out.
    8. Turn off internet at wall after every use - maybe 4 times a day it goes on and off.
    9. Listen to podcasts to go to sleep with all things off, screen goes dark after 5 minutes and battery runs out, Dr Jack has been putting me to sleep, then I have to relisten to the end of podcasts the next day while I work online.
    10. Have cut down on online work even though it means less money, more outside barefoot farming.
    11. RESULTS: better sleep, less cannabis use, less pain, more energy, head clearer.....but I still may have forgotten some things? IMG_1941.JPG IMG_1929.JPG
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2019
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  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    very nice update ......
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  7. Amber Ament

    Amber Ament New Member

    I don't pray, but hearing this loud and clear right now in my own way, thanks for doing what you do Dr Jack Kruse.
    It does suck being around those that don't care to understand and just ridicule and judge.
    I am really glad I found this place. I hope it's ok to share this here, I won't use it anywhere else online, just wanted a reminder in my journal.
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  8. Karen & Glen C.

    Karen & Glen C. New Member

    The book is one hell of read...#1 on the list. ☀️
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  9. OliverGruener2

    OliverGruener2 New Member

    You are on fire with your improvements... It's a great read and encouraging to "see" you grow. keep it up! :)

    But did I catch that right? You listen to podcasts to fall asleep? I think that's something you can optimize further. Don't have tech in yout bedroom.
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  10. Amber Ament

    Amber Ament New Member

    Yes you read right, I thought if I turned it off at the wall, and turned off the wifi (I have downloaded the podcasts), then it wouldn't be so bad because all the electricity is technically off? Or maybe I have got this wrong?
    The only thing that is keeping the laptop going is the battery and it doesn't have much life so I know it dies before I get up again....maybe an hour or two?
    I have no other times to listen to them really and find reading all the information too tedious and time consuming and I don't understand half of it so it keeps me on here longer looking up medical dictionary's to try and figure this stuff out. I was listening with headphones while I worked but I lose too much info when I have to think about the work...and I found out headphones are bad too....is there anything that's good anymore? ;)
    I wish there was an easier way....is this really really bad for me to do it this way....or is the battery to the laptop a problem too? o_O
  11. Amber Ament

    Amber Ament New Member

    Would you put the book above bronze membership? I am really limited with money at the moment and can only do what I can. The book is sooooooo much compared to membership, could only find one used one on ebay for $35 so far, but everywhere else I'm looking at $45+. That's a 1/4 of my wages right now and I need to eat and stuff, haha. I will keep searching, maybe a cheaper one will turn up? I wonder if there is a second hand thread on here anywhere? Or hire and send back? :)
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  12. Karen & Glen C.

    Karen & Glen C. New Member

    Bronze is free I believe. You just cant comment..
    Yeah the book will give you what dreams won't..., "A mental paradigm shift."
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  13. _J_

    _J_ New Member

    Here are a few more thoughts for how water affects us in Australia. This is just my current understanding, based on JK's explanations on physics etc.

    Light in Australia - good
    Water in Australia - bad
    Magnetism in Australia - bad

    Also, a caveat. I may not fully grasp all the nuances here, so hope I dont lead you astray! :)

    Water acts as a capacitor, to store the charge/electrons for the cell. In Australia, the donut hole means that there is an excessive amount of UV/photons which affect the water vapour (in clouds) and decrease the energy potential in the water. When the water falls as rainwater, it is consumed by plants/animals/us etc.

    Water that we drink is absorbed by the intestine and enters our bloodstream. It is able to be structured via infrared light, and is hydrophilic in nature. Effectively, the water in Australia does not have the same charge potential as from northern hemisphere, and that can lead to less energy/efficiency in our cells/bodies. Energy loss is the main contributor to 90-95% of modern disease so it is important to build energy inside our cells.

    Magnetism helps structure water to act as a capacitor. Magnetism also imparts energy to the electrons via the Hall effect. Vortexing also help restructure the water into a crystal/lattice structure (H3O2 instead of H20), and it is this crystal/lattice structure that provides the benefit of EZ water, including energy (zeta) potential.

    So, theoretically, the phion device would impart energy to water via magnetism and vortexing. Again, havent tested this with devices myself yet, so I am not necessarily advising you to buy it.

    Water inside the mitochondria is actually produced by the mitochondria itself. This is based on stripping the Hydrogen atoms from food/water(?) etc., and this is where Deuterium can cause a breakage in the nanomotors of the mitochondria itself. Australia has a high amount of deuterium in its water because it is desert inland/no high mountain range/mostly equatorial/coastal living. This is where deuterium levels are highest. Reverse Osmosis water can help separate the deuterium, which is where Pureau may be of benefit (being RO water).

    Oh, and also Australia injects fluoride into the public water (thanks for that Australia!)

    So, to recap, if you import water which has a good energy potential (such as Icelandic spring water), then that's great. Theoretically, if price is an issue (and yes, its pricey at $4.50 per litre for sure!) then something like Pureau along with vortexing/magnetism could be a benefit, to increase the energy potential of the water ?

    I think that's how it works. I sure wish I could get someone to review my homework though ;)
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  14. Karen & Glen C.

    Karen & Glen C. New Member

    Of course it's our version of good.
    But the book joined the dots extremely well for me because I'd read a solid amount and listened and did..
    The book brought me closer to Jack. Light moments of dots joining together kept appearing..started to see his story and just how well hes put this together, smiling.!
    Its for you..take it girl.
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  15. Amber Ament

    Amber Ament New Member

    Bronze is $5 a month is what I thought, I know its only a 'coffee', but I don't eat out at all - can't afford to and don't want to anyways, you never know what you're bloody buying, meh.
    I will get the book first then, as soon as I can, I am down to my last $125 and lost my lift to my one day of work a week, so I gotta make that last another 6 weeks......and making $100 week, $50 rent a week, $60 internet a month, $60 storage costs a month...doesn't leave much for anything but food....but it WILL happen, maybe not overnight, but it will. ;)
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  16. Amber Ament

    Amber Ament New Member

    I'm already lead astray so you're all good....;)
    On another note thank you so much, that makes more sense to me then most things I have read so far....but I will still need to look up certain things to get it more - science dummy right here....maybe you could post this in the Aussie Donut Hole thread, here is the link, I hope it works and this is the right place.... https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/aussies-and-the-donut-hole.8115/page-21#post-267453.
    Someone will review for sure I reckon, lots of contributors.
  17. Amber Ament

    Amber Ament New Member

    What a rollercoaster it's been lately. I fell off, but I feel like I am getting better again. Torn between staying away from tech and wanting to know more and more....I have given up on researching as much as I have till I get settled in another new place. I have noticed just how much emf's are efecting me since staying away so much....it effects my entire body, I want to run away and live in a cave.
    Health is up and down and perhaps I have thyroid problems going on?
    Having to move closer to the city again, only have 2 more weeks to attempt to turn my situation and find land I can farm where I am....
    I hope everyone else is well, i'll catch up again soon and figure out what is 'wrong' with me when I get financial.
    Have a good one! :)
  18. Amber Ament

    Amber Ament New Member


    1. Lugol's J Crow - ORDERED!
    2. Bronze membership - DONE!
    3. BORON
    4. S.Pelllergrino Water and/or Purea Water - ONTO IT!
    5. Testing of myself
    6. Thermometer
    7. Epi-paleo RX book - ORDERED!
    8. Triodine 7 (instead of lugols for now? - research) - USING IODINE ON FEET
    9. Books - Going Somewhere, The 4th Phase of Water, Light Sculpting Light, Health and Light
    10. sel de Guerande SALT
    11. Quantlet
    12. Magnetico

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