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Amber's Sunny Daze Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Amber Ament, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. Amber Ament

    Amber Ament New Member

    I just joined and it was suggested I start a journal. Feeling a wee bit lost, not sure about the science jargon and don't understand things in depth like many others do.
    Not really sure where to start, I have so many questions just relating to my everyday life....so I will start with a few pics to show you what I am doing at the moment.
    I have just moved to 5 acres, restoring a fruit farm that has been let go, only 120 trees to revive and a vege patch to start....after reading about Australia and the donut hole, I am really not sure if I am wasting my time doing all of this now. Anyway, here goes....

    IMG_1696.JPG IMG_1728.JPG IMG_1706.JPG IMG_1721.JPG
    Building a compost system using the earth - mud retaining wall created with grass & heavy barks. Mulch has arrived ready to mix with soil and sawdust for a vege garden base.
    Banana leaves for composting and mulching around the fruit trees with forest mulch combined. And the view from the top of the street - without the powerlines.
    I struggle to be in front of the computer now and I am finding getting through all the readings hard and also overwhelming because I don't really understand physics. I don't yet have any protection yet and my eyes are already affected by my usage. Bringing this farm to life and hopefully sell the fruits so I can start to get the things i need to protect myself online while I still need to work here to make ends meet.
    Doing everything I can to get away from the computer, but I need to eat fish and fish costs money. I can barter with someone once I get this fruit going. :)
    I have lots of things going on in my body and do wonder what the hell is going on with me at times but things are starting to make more sense.
    I hope to learn more and hopefully get what everything means a bit more so I can figure things out better and share knowledge confidently. Cheers
  2. drezy

    drezy Gold

    I look forward to reading your journal.

    What device are you regularly reading on?
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  3. Kathy Spears

    Kathy Spears New Member

    Welcome Amber. It is very overwhelming at first! I am still there! But all the members really help! Dr K advised buying the Uvex blue light blocking glasses from Amazon that are really cheap. I think $8 or something. Start there! Order a pair and give your eyes some help. Also, download the Iris app for your computer. Just google it. There is a free version (maybe just a trial period??) It takes the blue light out of the screen (totally not scientifically explained, there!!)

    Your land is beautiful! That is something to feel great about! You can be out in the glorious sun throughout the day!! I imagine you will be with your business!

    I wish there was a newbie "list of things to begin with" before you understand the why or the science!! Just a list of the first, easy things, to immediately set into motion. So far, this is what I know:

    *see the sunrise every day
    *see the sun throughout the day, even if just short moments
    *see the sunset
    *eat lots of fish
    *if not familiar with EpiPaleo diet, then at least stop eating grains and all processed foods
    *turn off all indoor lights after dark (fires and candles are great)
    *wear blue light blocking glasses indoors after dark (when lights must be on or working on computer)
    *figure out how to lower the nnEMF around you, especially where you sleep
    *use a radiation protecting case on your cell phone
    *begin exposing yourself to freezing cold water (C/T) every day You can start by dunking your face in ice water or even just turning your shower to cold at the end and stay as long as you can

    So this list is my rather lame attempt to simplify for myself. I would love help/additions by the more senior members who really know this stuff. This is only meant to be a starting list. As we become more knowledgeable we can fine tune and improve what we do.
  4. Amber Ament

    Amber Ament New Member

    I only have a laptop at the moment, gifted to me when my computer died. I need to do certain things to make it safer as it isn't at this moment. I do turn off the wifi at the wall and the laptop before I sleep, and only have it on when I am actually using it. :) Thanks for reading my journal.
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2019
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  5. Amber Ament

    Amber Ament New Member

    Thank you so so much!! I will let you know what I have started so far.....
    *see the sunrise every day - this almost happens everyday
    *see the sun throughout the day, even if just short moments - this always happens as long as there is sun about
    *see the sunset - this almost happens everyday
    *eat lots of fish - I have started doing this recently, still not sure how much DHA we need each day, something more to find out on here but I keep forgetting to search it, thanks for the reminder
    *if not familiar with EpiPaleo diet, then at least stop eating grains and all processed foods - haven't eaten processed foods for some years now, but I still eat brown rice and quinoa.....I didn't realise this was not acceptable....my list just got smaller again, ugh
    *turn off all indoor lights after dark (fires and candles are great) - yeah this never happens unfortunately, living with others has its downfalls and I need to do stuff after dark still at this stage
    *wear blue light blocking glasses indoors after dark (when lights must be on or working on computer) - still don't have any, I don't see much point in buying cheap ones...I don't see much point in buying anything that is not necessary, just the way I live. I rarely buy anythiung new at all so this is challenging to me - waste not want not
    *figure out how to lower the nnEMF around you, especially where you sleep - I turn off the internet connection before going to bed and my phone too
    *use a radiation protecting case on your cell phone - I don't have one yet, but I don't have my phone on often, I have never been connected to the internet in anyway on a mobile device and I always put on loudspeaker when talking
    *begin exposing yourself to freezing cold water (C/T) every day You can start by dunking your face in ice water or even just turning your shower to cold at the end and stay as long as you can - I read something about this somewhere but havent started yet, I don't like water much, I don't like showering if I don't have to even, it's always been a weird thing for me. I lived on the east coast for 15 years and barely ever went down there except to walk the dog and I made myself do that.....not sure why I have an aversion to water, I have never drunk enough either, I've always been like a camel and struggle to ingest water, it's weird.

    Thanks for reading my journal, I honestly thought no one would bother. x
  6. Kathy Spears

    Kathy Spears New Member

    Actually, everyone here "bothers"!! It's what makes this place so special and empowering.

    You are already off to a good start. Don't knock the cheap glasses for inside after dark. They work as well as the expensive ones, just aren't as stylish. You have a better start than most because you don't live a high tech existence. Keep up the great strides!
  7. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    I agree about the glasses. Getting started with the cheap ugly UVEX safety glasses is what got me on track—I’m sure of it.

    Also, it’s still valuable to get outside even when cloudy. Dr. Kruse calls them “red light days” because along with some UV, a good percentage of infrared light also comes through.

    Great start—keep going!
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  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    This list is definitely NOT LAME!

    I definitely don't get the science ....I really struggle. Jack has always told us we don't need to speak Chinese to eat Chinese food! In fact he has often said I am really lucky because I don't have all the preconceived notions about the science. Please remember - Jack had to go back and re learn everything he was taught.

    We are like a clean slate!

    What is important is the three legged stool ....you both are getting that!

    Keep going ....freakin baby steps everyone!!!

    Make one little change everyday .....and Jack has just said ...in a year's time you will have 365 little changes in your life.

    That is HUGE.

    Please don't use the excuse of not getting the science to sit on the sidelines .....I didn't. I followed all Jack's protocols, read the blogs, did the best I could with those ......and incredible things have happened to me.

    The best Doctor is the one in your head. Trust your instincts. You both have made a huge start on your very own masterpiece.

    Always remember ......when you know better - you do way better!

    Dream it! live it!
  9. Amber Ament

    Amber Ament New Member

    I wasn't worried about the look, I thought they were no good when I saw readings that people had done on some kind of machine and urging people to only buy certain brands. I will get some cheap ones now for sure knowing this. Thanks so much...does anyone have a link to Uvex on ebay or the like that I can actually trust? There is so many options and I don't know who to trust as a seller.
  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    you may be overthinking this a little.... I think most of us just bought the cheap UVEX ones and they are absolutely okay - in fact they are better than some higher priced ones.
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  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    sardines are great .....inexpensive and highly recommended by Jack.
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  12. Amber Ament

    Amber Ament New Member

    Oh sorry...I thought ALPS water filtration systems were ok too, but apparently they are not....reason I asked for a direct link as I am finding things I have trusted are not to be trusted. So anyone selling UVEX on ebay would be ok?...I just know there are cheap knock off versions for everything, even cheap things, haha
    Can anyone please confirm if any seller selling these on ebay is ok please.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2019
  13. Kathy Spears

    Kathy Spears New Member

    This is the 3 pack I just received in. Not cute but who cares! You can buy 1 I just had the link for the 3.
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  14. Amber Ament

    Amber Ament New Member

    They were 3 x the price on ebay, much appreciated that you took the time. Cheers!:thumbsup:

    It seems they won't post to Australia, oh well, back to ebay for double the price....on another note, it also looks like I've just been banned on facebook...is anyone else having issues there, I'm in too many 'unacceptable' groups that they are taking down, so it looks like I am out...what a bother, but also kinda good. Have a lovely day :)
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2019
  15. _J_

    _J_ New Member

    Thats a great list to start there! I will just add another to keep the list going -

    *if you are in blue/artificial light, then try and cover up your skin as much as possible as it also reacts with blue light. Especially around the throat area because this is where your thyroid is, ie., sitting in front of computer monitors/TVs/phones etc.

    In australia, you can also get uvex glasses here too - although unless your order is >$99 you have to pay postage

    I'm new too, and here are some of my tips on trying to absorb the material (from a newbie perspective). I'm not sure whether you have access to the old webinars ? (they go back to 2012!!)

    - Take a look at the public JK podcasts. They give a really good broad info, and I think JK is keeping it at a "higher level" so its a good base for starting
    - Pick a series/Rx of interest, and start working your way through it. I try and find ones that inspire me, and if I find it difficult to follow, I switch to different content and come back again later.
    - It appears that the webinars tend to follow the blogs/Rx/series, so for instance if you listen to the webinars created around the time that the series are being written, it tends to help complement your understanding
    - Some great conversations to have in the forum, and some great nuggets of information too, but don't spend all your time in them. You never know the context of what is being discussed, and it jumps a bit all over the map (with different perspectives). Most of the material to absorb is either written up by JK or in the webinar/Q&A's
    - Q&A sessions are really interesting, and you get a variety of good questions/answers from all sorts of perspectives. I quite like to watch the webinar, then follow with the Q&A. I tend to jump a little backward and forward through the years, depending on what interests me
    - Use facebook to keep up to date with JK's findings, and comments from science/current affairs (as well as some inspirational thoughts)

    But overall, I just take a little bit at a time. I'm more than happy to pick up any more pointers from anyone else too ;)

    And hello
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  16. Amber Ament

    Amber Ament New Member

    Thanks J, I just covered up (hijab style), we're having a heat wave here so it will keep me away from computer more so if I have to cover up too! I stand at the computer so its making more sense to me why I have some of the problems I have now....ugh...
    UVEX - I just bought some off ebay before I saw your post for $35 with postage, so hopefully that wasn't too much above what you suggested...good to know if I need to get more of them.
    I have watched many podcasts and just starting to work my way through the list on here for ones I may have missed. This way I can sit a distance away from laptop to view and look away if able. Thanks for your tips, they are very helpful and I am feeling a little less overwhelmed with all the assistance I am getting from everyone who has commented so far.
    I better get back to mulching banana trees and others now....here is one of my friends from next door, Millie!.....have a good one! IMG_1674.JPG
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  17. Amber Ament

    Amber Ament New Member

    I noticed something a few days ago that I should have noticed already...this is the kettle that the people use that I live with. IMG_1741.JPG IMG_1742.JPG My first concern was how much of the inside of the kettle was not glass and a silicon type substance...then I noticed the light. I am wondering what kind of effect this is having on the water as it boils?
    The light stays on the whole time the kettle is boiling. I use the kettle to boil the washing up water and I'm also wondering if this is a bad idea to have my hands submersed in it...or am I just being too cautious now?
    I have so many questions in my everyday life about so many things so I will start posting them in my journey and attempt to deal with them one at a time.
    I have deiced to use the gas top stove instead to boil any water I want boiled, not sure if this is warranted, but it feels better.
    If anyone has any thoughts about this please comment. Cheers
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  18. drezy

    drezy Gold

    The kettle looks like it's blue led light. I' with you. It's not something I'd be using in the morning or evening.
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  19. Michael CULLEN

    Michael CULLEN New Member

    5 acres nice!
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  20. Katie Durham

    Katie Durham New Member

    You already have Uvex, so that's good. What sold me on them was a quick video Jack recently posted, I believe from the December gathering in Mexico, where he checked numerous glasses his tribe was using with a handheld meter. I couldn't understand all the comments, but he clearly said Uvex was ok (along with RaOptics, of course). I use something even more blocking in the last hour or two, but I wear the Uvex glasses almost any other time indoors. And they are in my car in case I'm driving at night and dealing with headlights from oncoming cars.

    Love the farm! Looking forward to your adventures there.
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