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Am I Leptin Sensitive yet (sorry can't post in leptin rx)?

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by razzy, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. razzy

    razzy New Member


    Firstly, I apologise for posting in here, the forum is not letting me post in Leptin Rx for some reason.

    I am trying to work out if I am leptin sensitive for the purpose of starting heavy lifting.

    I Began reset:
    21 Dec 12, Female,
    5'4, 115.5lbs- small but not lean for the training I did and strength I had, body fat about 22-23% (not dexa)
    Cortisol at this time: normal am, day, afternoon BUT HIGH AT NIGHT.
    Already grain free 2 years (80% of time), already dairy free-strict 10months.
    Sugar free since 1 Dec 2012
    Cut exercise 8 Jan 2013

    Total reset time: 3 months
    Total reset without exercise: 2 months, Adrenal Rx: 2 months, Leaky Gut rx 1-2months.

    CURRENT:Symptoms/ changes:
    Weight 117lb (increased), body fat 21% (decreased about 1-2%), lost a lot of muscle with no training but weight gone up.
    Increased sweating
    Increased thirst
    Sleep well, wake refreshed (sleeping-in for adrenal rx), still sometimes 1hr to fall asleep
    Sleeping with light covers (but always have and have bad eczema so hot/itchy anyway)

    Generally feel good (meditating also)
    Already had new hair growth and changes in nail strength for 3 months prior to reset
    Vit D is 142
    CRP <1 (hs-crp not avail)

    Still need three meals, if don't eat enough at breakfast still get hungry.
    No crazy carbs cravings, but still 'really want' macadamias (have not cut yet)

    I'm really not sure. I keep re-reading the blog and comments over and over to work it out!!!
    Because of Adrenals and cortisol, and eczema hard to know if leptin fixed.

    Any thoughts would help a lot. Really missing lifting!
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2013

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