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Am I digging myself into a deeper hole?

Discussion in 'Adrenal Rx and Leaky Gut Rx' started by Haley, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. Haley

    Haley New Member

    I have been biohacking my digestion for at least 5 years now. Without the means of being able to get any tests done I suspect I at least have dysbiosis in my gut. If not some other pathogen. I'm not sure it it's too much bacteria (SIBO) or a lack of. I have been on very strict diets for about 7 years now. And things get better at first but then the bloating, irregular bowel movements return. Right now I feel as if i have adopted every protocol there is and its left my diet extremely limited-and making me fear food more and more. I'm wondering if all of this elimination stuff is back firing on me. This is what my diet looks like:

    BAB: 8oz fish, greens cooked in CO, turmeric, lemon, 1/2 avocado
    lunch: cucumber, greens, CO/duckfat, 1/2 avocado and maybe some coconut butter
    dinner: 4-8oz fish, greens, CO or duck fat, turmeric
    then i will have some more coconut butter or a mixture of CO & coconut flour & carob (just started this about a week or so ago)

    My bloating was gone when i started the Leptin Rx about 5-6 weeks ago and has come back the last couple weeks. I feel more inflamed and my jeans are tighter again:(

    Basically I have implemented an eli-paleo, SIBO, AIP, low FODMAPs, ketogenic diet. And balancing all of these has left me feeling pretty exhausted, especially when I don't feel that much better, am not loosing weight, have diarrhea/constipation and continue to be bloated.

    I am back to thinking elimination is not my friend....I really could use some advice/insight. I feel I need more variety in my diet. And I'm afraid I'm missing vital nutrients. Also, I tried fermented veggies but suspected they were contributing to the bloating so i have stopped them.

    Thank you
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    It is not your friend.........but when I get to Ubiquination 4.........you will realize something big.
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    It has zero to do with food.
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  4. Haley

    Haley New Member

    I always appreciate you taking the time to reply, Jack. You are good at directing others to find answers for themselves. I read Ubiquination 3 where you talk about food not being the end all everyone makes it out to be. Intuitively, I agree. But I suppose my brain isn't connecting some dots here...as diet has greatly impacted my digestion in the past, so could it possibly be the food? Because of a compromised gut and metabolism (from past diets or the continuous diet pattern I've been on for years)? Why was it that I used to be able to attain leanness via diet and now I cannot? Is it because my redox potential continued to go down?

    Your blog had led me to question so much. I have been really been wondering, if it is all determined by environment (light, water, magnetism..) then why are some people lean and healthy while others sick and fat who live a smilier lifestyle? Wouldn't populations in a specific regions resemble each other more? Maybe not, I know I'm missing many dots here..just trying to understand a little more, in layman's terms.:)
  5. sjoshua

    sjoshua New Member

    'smilier' lifestyle, great accidental typo ;)

    But more seriously, you may be underestimating the difference in environments that could be experienced in only a few feet of space. All fields, whether the Earth's native ones, our bodies, all other life forms' native ones, or even the nnEMF created by us and our technology must follow the same rule of squares - i.e. the strength increases exponentially (^2) the closer to the given source.

    Comparing your current experience to similar experiences from your own past is only practical if you environment is exactly identical (or, even very very close would be acceptable I'd imagine). This would mean, not having added any new appliances/electronics, computers, Wifi, phones, to your own house, while also: not allowing the same in your close neighborhood proximity, and preventing additional cell towers, TV antennas, etc in your surroundings as well. Additionally, those (living beings) you surround yourself with would have to be on similar courses, and your stress/outlook on life/frame of mind would also have to be nearly identical. This means that these days, unless you are living in Green Bank, WV or a cabin deep in the woods (and ideally close to or below sea level...), then it is unrealistic to expect.

    You are correct to some extent that 'populations in specific regions resemble each other', even the example of the higher suicide rates in Utah from the UB-1 blog (http://jackkruse.com/ubiquination-1-bio-hacking-altitude-suicide-loss-muscle-mass/) shows this at the macro scale. Consider that even those that appear healthy on the outside, or appear healthy when you are in their presence, may be suffering in quiet on the inside. Basically, at the micro scale different fleshpods/bodies will have different 'weakest links', so disease will express differently - i.e. not necessarily as weight gain/obesity or 'visible' symptoms.
  6. Haley

    Haley New Member

    Joshua, thanks for catching my typo...must be a result of trying to express in words that which i cannot. Ha:rolleyes:

    If i am understanding your first paragraph correctly, you are saying that those who are closer to an effective source (field) have poorer health? Like say, more nnEMF? If so, I think I understand that. Which is why I wonder why someone like me, who lives farther away from the city..uses less wi-fi than most I know, eats very clean, aims to be outdoors, doing what some may say are "all the right things" suffers so much more? Particularly I am talking about digestion and weight loss because those are main symptoms. Maybe I'm looking for an easy explanation when there isn't one at all-that we can understand anyway.

    And concerning my own life, it has radically changed. So I must make room for that. I experienced an almost 180degree turn around when I moved in June this year. Ironically it was when I went from sea level to about 7,000ft. But my depression, in a sense, immediately lifted when i moved here and returns instantly, along with digestive issues, hunger, etc. when I go back to sea level (or in the country outside Houston, anyway). And while there may be a higher incidence of suicide, which I wasn't aware of, in elevation, the people here appear to look and feel much healthier...as well as live a longer more active life. So shouldn't that count for something?

    I believe people's health manifests in different ways. But I suppose it is my long journey of weight that has led me to focus on the mysteries of it the most. Sheesh, after all of the things i have tried, eliminated, sought after.. I am one of the first to believe weight is not determined by diet alone. Figuring out how physics and biology play together in weight loss (and health in general, of course) is obviously essential. But so difficult:eek:
  7. sjoshua

    sjoshua New Member

    It isn't necessarily true in all cases, since some people may be doing enough RIGHT in the WRONG environment to outweigh the detrimental effects. But, that is a fairly safe assumption.

    Your first paragraph seems accurate - i.e. mitigating/being away from those things would be expected to create a healthier environment, all else being equal. BUT, if I am understanding you correctly in the second paragraph, you moved away from these things while gained 7,000 ft of elevation (correct?). This would be a situation in which all else is not 'equal'.

    Although it seems you are indicating that some of your symptoms reduced/reversed when moving up that elevation change, if I'm understanding your note correctly, I'd imagine the elevation difference (vs. the nnEMF density in the 'old environment') is merely having an impact on your body through a different pathway or expression. This could mean different symptoms, but same results in 'appearance' (weight?).

    'Your' fleshpod/body is always striving to maintain energy balance. My interpretation, hopefully accurate and definitely simplified, is that energy and mass are essentially interchangeable (E= MC^2). This means if your fleshpod attempts to maintain a certain threshold of energy/charge, and cannot do so at a given mass, one of the options it has to create this balance is adding more mass (i.e. 'potential energy' in the form of fat) to account for the deficit.

    Consider a fun example:
    Imagine there was a robot that was capable of noticing when its charge level was low, and knew to plug itself in to re-charge its batteries. Over time - as we all know from cell phones - batteries degrade and cannot maintain the same level of charge, so the robot would have to recharge with higher and higher frequency. Well, if that robot was given an additional battery pack to hold charge too, then it would allow the robot to be capable of recharging less often, BUT it would do so at the 'cost' of adding more mass to its system - i.e. the extra batteries.

    The alternative option for the robot would be replacing the original batteries with a fresh set that can again hold a full charge - by doing this, it would restore its ability to go longer periods of time between charges while also maintaining the original ('leaner') mass :)

    To correlate this to humans, in the same way as robot batteries degrade, our cells and mitochondria degrade and cannot hold charge as well over time due to chaos/wear and tear from use and from the information and environments they are required to deal with. Our fleshpod can tack on some extra fat/mass, which would be like adding the extra battery pack to the robot - but can you see how this is merely a bandaid vs. a solution though?

    If instead, we 'replace' or 'restore' the bad cells/mitochondria with ones that can again function like the 'fresh' batteries for the robot, then we are re-creating the ability to hold a higher charge without adding the mass! It is obviously not as simple as switching batteries out of a robot, because we are much more complex than this... but the action is the same on a much deeper level.

    Instead of just focusing on replacing/restoring the cells and mitochondria that have become less efficient, DR Kruse' theme is asking the question of WHY did those cells arrive at that inefficient state to begin with? This entails determining if/what about your entire environment is creating additional chaos, such that your fleshpod cannot keep up with the maintenance and must allow some systems to decline in functionality.

    As 'we' get better at mitigating chaos, our fleshpods (i.e. 'robots') have the innate ability to 'replace' and 'restore' these ill cells/mitochondria on their own. But consider, to arrive at the point that our fleshpods will start to fix what we've messed up, it must first arrive at a state where it can maintain functionality without further detriment. Don't quote me on this, but I recall reading it is estimated to take 8 months for our entire bodies to essentially 'turn over'/'replace'/'restore' their cells anew - this is not a fast process, just as the deterioration is rarely a fast process. Doing enough 'right' for long enough for all of this to work for each individual is so unique based upon the state at which the individual deteriorated to prior to starting the corrections, and the speed at which their system can achieve maintenance and then begin 'restore' and 'replace' phases (determined by their overall environment - i.e. the place they are and what they expose their systems to; whether through external/field stimuli or internal foodstuffs).
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  8. Haley

    Haley New Member

    I may have not stated that clearly: I moved up in elevation to those things (less wifi, in the mountains, no cell service, etc.).

    And when you said
    " I'd imagine the elevation difference (vs. the nnEMF density in the 'old environment') is merely having an impact on your body through a different pathway or expression. This could mean different symptoms, but same results in 'appearance' (weight?)."
    this may be true. I'm still curious why they have generally been positive symptoms. I have lost weight since moving here. I think a lot of it was inflammation. I wasn't on an as strict diet when I first moved and the more strict it becomes the more i seem to plateau or gain some back (after an initial loss, usually). So per your example (which i truly appreciated and enjoyed by the way:)), perhaps my strict diets are one reason my cells are deteriorating?

    "Doing enough 'right' for long enough for all of this to work for each individual is so unique based upon the state at which the individual deteriorated to prior to starting the corrections"

    I have been following the blog closely for many months now and still am unsure if i am doing 'right'. I would hate to be 'patient' in the process and not be doing what is necessary to heal. For instance, there is much emphasis on eliminating nnEMF, but everyone on the forum can relate, this is quite hard to do. How much is too much? Is our time on the forum going to keep us from optimal? Is our only hope packing up and moving outside? I know there are variations, but i can't help but have these questions daily as i pursue such things:p

    thank you for your help joshua:)
  9. sjoshua

    sjoshua New Member

    This was my interpretation of it :)

    I was merely stating that the elevation you GAINED when you moved away from the wifi, cell towers, other nnEMF of the city, will have an impact on how your body functions as well, albeit in different ways. Most mammals don't live on land, so locating a mammal that much further from the center of the earth impacts how the Earth's magnetic force and gravity is felt. This is why sea level or below would be more 'optimal'.... but sea level and below are also where there is more tendency for population increases, cities, nnEMF density etc. It is a fine balance...

    I'm glad to hear you have mainly experienced positive symptoms with the move! The weight loss is a good sign that energy efficiency is increasing (i.e., in the robot example, we were capable of not carrying as many 'spare batteries' since the ones present can function better/hold a better charge).

    As far as the diet goes, this is really where the N=1 experimenting will come into play. From browsing and reading this forum for a while, I recall that many people had difficulty with the more 'strict' dieting during healing. I think it would be important for you to spread your wings a little, and 'test'/experiment with various alterations to your diet while keeping a journal of health, to determine what benefits you NOW at your CURRENT state, vs. what may be more beneficial as you continue to move closer to optimal. This would be an ongoing tracking tool that could change daily, monthly, yearly etc as your body changes. Getting DHA is an important place to start though I imagine you are already on that track :)

    Jack is trying to teach us that light is exponentially more relevant than diet, so I think managing/maintaining a good circadian rhythm would be a good place to start here if you haven't already. You've already moved away from the nnEMF which is good, although the elevation may not be favorable to you. But if you continue to see improvements then I'd imagine it is the 'lesser evil', per se, in your case at this time...

    So, to get your light right, some ideas:
    - this would mean only use artificial light, technology, etc when the sun's out, and ideally when you can be out in the sun. Less use is still better during these times, but mid day when the sun is the most intense would be the time when it would be most acceptable/matching of the spectrum in my understanding. When you cant avoid the artificial stuff after dark, blue blockers may help mitigate some effect.
    - when the sun is NOT out, use candles or fire (i.e. the minimally intense spectrum of light)
    - if possible, shut off the A/C power grid to your bedroom area at night to mitigate nnEMF while sleeping, in order to make it easier for your body to 'hear' the Earth. If not possible, at least get everything unplugged and out of there. Alternative option, would be sleep on the ground in a tent :)
    - if possible, watch the sun rise and set daily.

    I'm unsure where you are in relation to the leptin RX and other protocols, but if you haven't already begun doing anything with CT and believe you are ready, it would be worth considering starting on that journey. The more cold your cells experience, and the more time spent in water, the better their functioning will be. (latest blog discussing the buoyancy, combined with the cold, really makes this a beneficial choice for an overall increase in cellular function)

    You're welcome, I'm glad you consider it help :)
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  10. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold


    I don't agree that weight loss is a sign of energy efficiency per se, just that more energy is readily available.

    ie: You can get 80 units of energy by being 80% efficient with a 100 unit battery, or 40% efficient with two 100 unit batteries

    Altitude and nn-EMF exposure in general lead to a shift to higher carb metabolism that results in more energy with less efficiency

    Agreed! :D

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  11. Haley

    Haley New Member

    Thank you both for you input. Always helpful.

    I have a strong feeling I have SIBO and its flaring up a lot lately, despite my improvements. But I suppose the solution is the same for most. Will work on my patience, ask as needed and continue reading all the new (great) blog posts!
  12. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    You tried digestive enzymes or betaine HCL? Helped me a little.
  13. Haley

    Haley New Member

    Betaine HCL..havent notice much help
  14. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    Yeah for me it only helps a little bit (reduces palpitations) and I have to take it in large doses 6480mg per meal.
    Colloidal Silver also helped in the same way.
  15. Haley

    Haley New Member

    i was wondering though, if taking something like HCL will reduce my body's ability to make it on its own?
  16. Jude

    Jude Gold

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  17. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    From what I've read it doesn't. People tend to need less after a while unless the underling problem isn't dealt with. Either way though it could be used as a test to see if low acidity as the problem I suppose.
  18. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

  19. Jude

    Jude Gold

    Sean, am sure for you it really is all about your environment:eek:
    Gotta get your gut/heart clocks to slow down and your GPS to quicken up. nnemf generally is the culprit and if you haven't really improved since implementing all your strategies, there obviously must be a major source, very close, still affecting you.
    JK uses CT in a big way to mitigate nnemf, has a formula re hrs spent in theatre/hrs CT. He still ended up having to move to save himself:D

    How about try sjoshuas suggestion he made on the other thread.....a good n=1

    ""dimming the screen through such an app may be resulting in MORE nnEMF, albeit reducing blue light. It is worth considering; a good method to 'test' for you and your system would be to turn off your f.lux, but use your blue blockers and see if/how symptoms respond.""
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  20. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    I really could do with a device to measure how much EMFs are where I am. I know of one that is pretty expensive. How reliable is the AM radio trick?

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