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Am I a wimp or is L Rx not for me - Adrenal crash

Discussion in 'The Leptin Rx' started by TrishRan, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. TrishRan

    TrishRan Gold

    First post struggling doing this myself as an already established Epi Paleo eater .
    Apart from the BAB which I find hard to digest as I get a full feeling right til Dinner time . Trying 38 -40 g of protein ( eggs sardines EVOO coconut oil coconut yoghurt mainly) . It is summer in Australia so am I needing more carbs in this mix ? I have added a small amount of fruit . I cannot digest this without HCl + digestive enzymes and felt sick/full all day into evening and did not eat any dinner yesterday .
    Secondly I have been distressed , overwhelmed and more constipated since staring Leptin Rx.
    Prior to this I was doing really well coping with a greater workload and sleeping well . Been getting a.m sun for 16 months diligently with grounding . I have been on /off with some CT - only cold showers and face dunks but inconsistenty .
    I felt like crying and had some increased road rage for the last 2 days . Something has changed sharply .
    I am a Hashimoto's ( no thyroid meds ) and reversed my leaky gut and Adrenal fatigue with what I have learnt here. Thyroid antibodies down 90% from first diagnosis March 2016. Will the Reverse T3 tell all & should I quit til I get this lab done ?
  2. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Look around you. Has anything changed?
    My quiet backwater of just two latent Wi-Fi's is now 15 because of a special offer. Changes at work?

    Do you get sunrises not just am light?
  3. TrishRan

    TrishRan Gold

    I do get sunrises and yesterday , my day off , I was out at the beach til 11 am and by afternoon I could feel something shift , for the worse .
  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    where do you live? Has 5G rolled out where you are? As Lah has said ....what has changed in your area????

    Jack has said in the leptin RX ....that if you are too full and aren't hungry all day - cut back the BAB a little.

    You say that you are an established Epi Paleo eater .....what do you mean exactly?

    I am not too sure about the coconut yogurt ........ and what about the sardines in EVOO - where do you buy those?

    Have you always been okay with eggs?
  5. TrishRan

    TrishRan Gold

    Caroline yes I have been eating EpiPaleo for over a year. I have been fine with eggs but if course the number have increased doing the Leptin Rx. I did donate blood yesterday and not sure if this is a factor.
    I am in Sydney .
  6. TrishRan

    TrishRan Gold

    Ok so I have listened to the Podcast within the latest Patreon (Just getting real about 5G) post by Jack on the topic of Adrenal fatigue . I knew it was a problem with the PVN of the brain via light to eyes and skin and I resolved (I thought) this myself with sunrises and grounding plus Blue Blocking my world some 12 - 16 months ago . At that time I definately had too much ALAN and poor circadian biology along with Leaky gut .
    Could my poor digestion of the BAB protein have , via the vagus ( of which tone would be poor) retriggered the Cortisol response .... in reverse if that makes sense? Could facedunk CT help ? Can anyone else comment on why with my continued sun and ALAN strategy this has recurred.
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    This post shows you how an environmental change can alter biology in a 5G area via jump conduction. If you cannot get a diagnosis from the doctor you know the environment is being altered and you have one recourse.

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