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Alyson at 2800 feet

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by alyson thiessen, May 19, 2015.

  1. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    Actually, I should have written, "MS. SLEEPS IN A BARN IN NORTHERN GERMANY IN THE FUCKING WINTER". :)
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  2. Rubicon

    Rubicon Avoiding Equilibrium

    Hi Alyson, good to hear you've made some progress with your tooth. I was wondering, did you have your tooth extracted by a biological dentist that would have removed the periodontal ligament and cleaned out the socket after the extraction? Lately I've been researching the topic of cavitations....apparently removing that ligament can be very helpful to allow for proper healing and minimize the chance of developing a cavitation.
  3. thomas

    thomas Sun Worshipper

    Funny people think you're cold because the thermometer says so... when you're naked in the high sun with no wind and feel very warm actually, most people have no idea... it's no about temperature, it's about heat exchange.. thermodynamics!
  4. nicld

    nicld Gold

    100% agree but cold, wind and sun...that is bit more of a challenge.....just say'n ;)
  5. Inger

    Inger Silver

    yep.. I totally agree.. ;)
    I try to find the less windy spots when I tan in the cold or I cant relax...lol

    It is funny, but if it is not windy, but cold, and you take off the clothes it feels warmer, as the sun hits your skin!
    The clothes prevents the rays from the sun to warm the skin and so they actually make you feel colder.....
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  6. I am seeing the dentist tomorrow and will ask. I chose him because he uses ozone for cleaning the socket....I will ask although, the infection in my jaw is almost gone and all my symptoms from my right side INCLUDING my hip ache are over. I have a bad boy on the left to deal with tomorrow and the goal is no extraction...we will see! My options are limited here as I live very north with a pop. of barely 100000 ...
  7. I agree!!! I do like the wind...negative ions after all...however too much is very cold. The sun here has almost made it high enough that my private backyard spot will be the clothing optional nude tanning place...with the lake 2 minutes away on foot we will get hot...and then get cold...one of the things I have been doing while tanning is putting an ice pack behind my neck...feels so good!!!
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  8. It is spring here in Alberta and probably for most of you as well. The trees are considering letting their buds out and the sun is getting stronger and stronger. UV of 3 most days here....super exciting.

    I did my first CT in the lake on Saturday which also was my birthday. At 48 I wanted to make a statement. I spent the day reflecting on the past year. I came across Jack and Quantum just over a year ago and started the protocols in May 2015. When I reflect back I am so glad I have come so far. Yes...some days are better than others....yes...some months are better than others....lately though I have gotten back to BAB....MORE water and of course, Lake CT....I feel better. I am convinced that all disease comes from lack of the three legged stool. I think this also can include all psych. disorders.

    I am still longing to live somewhere even more remote. My location and environment i.e.: postal code is not optimal. I can feel it. My biggest indicator is my anxiety. I can't seem to get on top of it. And from my experience anxiety generally creates more anxiety. The general sense of well being can be fleeting for me. I am a bit of a storm.

    The other longing in me is just to live. Simply. Heavy motivation is quite lost on me at this time. I love my work and spend about 40 hours/week doing it. I love my routine...and I loathe being 'busy'....busy work, errands, running around....grind me down. I minimize it for sure.

    I haven't even wanted to write lately. Even writing this blog post is taking an effort. Lackluster? Depressed? Maybe? Or maybe just the bud is still not blooming yet. The winter took a lot out of me....lack of UV, lack of lake CT, 2 rounds of anti biotics. Oh and lack of dollars. I hate being broke. It really grinds me down. This recession in Alberta is deep and long. It effects EVERYONE....and there is little I can do but wait it out. The collective anxiety must be playing a role here.

    OHHHH and I had a thought the other day....about the butterfly effect. If this effect is true then.....if there are physical changes in one person on a biochemical level or perhaps quantum level....then wouldn't that effect everyone? I was thinking in relation to my fiancee. If I shift does it effect him. I know it can...but what if it always does. Then .... and my mind is thinking and I am not a scientist so hard to continue on that level....

    It's a beautiful day here and I better probably fix the three things that are causing me extreme anxiety.
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  9. Rubicon

    Rubicon Avoiding Equilibrium

    Nice. Good luck with the left side! I saw Dr Evans in Calgary for my cavitation procedure in Dec 2014. He's big on ozone as well.

    According to a few sources online, use of near infrared may help heal minor cavitations over time and near infared sauna use is recommended. Lately I've been using a small RubyLux LED IR bulb on my jaw a few times a day and it's been feeling pretty good.
  10. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    I would like to think that the butterfly effect is true! ;) If moods/emotions can transfer through to other people; then why not biochemical or quantum changes?
  11. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Fiancee...? You too...? ;)

    I sure think it affects.... that is why I am so keen about taking good care of me... because my mood sure affect others......I know this

    Could you move to your fiancee, like i did? That would be financially way easier, you could get a small job there? My fiancee wanted me to move in with him almost asap... and after making sure I could heal here with little EMF and much sun and earthing I moved.. it was super scary but everything is going better than I could have ever thought :)
    and it is nice to not having to work a lot....... just working for hours scantily clad in his garden now :) :)
    makes for great dopamine levels and he is happy too :) :)

    Our energy always effect the ones around us.....
  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Sex webinar told us that is how couples sample one another.
  13. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Another thought. I used to be very close to someone that developed a psychiatric condition during the course of our time together. There were non-verbal cues like change in body odor and muscle twitches, along with changes in speech pattern and how he interacted with his family. I became very attuned to it and would know in advance before a cycle was starting.
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  14. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    we seem to acutely sense each others moods and thoughts. Now I am much more aware aware of how much what I say and do affects the one I love the most.

    Before .... It was a "me" game.

    I have learned so much!
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  15. Something I haven't talked about much on here is my mind. I am not an advanced student here. Not at all however something I am utmostly attuned to and vigilant about is....what I let into my mind.

    My day starts with my body outside witnessing nature....sounds of birds....the beautiful sun.....frost on the grass...the lake breaking. This has been true now every day for 9 months. Prior to this I didn't "do" the outdoors.
    This is what my mind begins it's day with.

    Throughout the day I stop in on Facebook a few times. I pay attention to the posts that resonate. Those that are full of hate and bullshit...well these folks get deleted. Most of my feed are quantum folks ;)

    I don't read magazines...I don't watch network TV....I don't read newspapers.....I don't play stupid games on Facebook...I don't game (period). I don't read self help books. I haven't had cable for many years. I don't read flyers....

    I have learned to quell the beast of 'want'. Everything I don't do...all the bullshit wants me to be something I am not and never will be. Nor want to be.

    Today as I drove my guy to his 8 day retreat he commented on the sky and how it reflected his life. He talked about the various strains of clouds....the blue, grey and black...the rising sun......and the sky was completely beautiful and almost stormy. I told him "I'm not a blue sky girl"..... and he's not a blue sky boy because if we were we would live in the burbs with 3 tv's and all the devices and tons of debt and a very busy life getting little johnny too and from all his various activities and playdates....barf.

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  16. ..... and..... the blue sky days with full Sun.....


    We have had UV of 4!!!!!!!! I have never appreciated the beauty of the sun until the past 6 months. Healing....
    I have spent more time outside than ever. I love it. Grounding. Feeling the cool blades of grass on my feet. Connecting with first rays before 8am. I also notice how no one else is outside!!!! WTF!!! Oh right....the lie of the blue lit world. Which brings me to this:

    I am noticing how disconnected I get with those that are blue lit and have a circadian mismatch. I noticed it first with a houseguest. She has a rhythm that sleeps until 9 or 10....is tired until noon...gets a wind of energy from noon until 3 and then sleeps until 5. Wakes for supper and then wants to go until 2am. We kept missing each other. The moment she wanted to 'do something' the ship had sailed. I had either already done it or was doing something else. When I was ready to receive her, she would be sleeping. This got me thinking....can circadian mismatch be tantamount to putting a potato and an onion together in a pantry? They both rot fast???

    I am becoming very aware of those I resonate with. I believe we share the same rhythm. For example. My daughter and I live together. Our rhythms are similar. Connecting with here is easy. She's ready when I'm ready and vice versa. It's easy. Same with my fiancee. Our rhythm is identical. He gets up, I get up. He gets tired and I'm tired. No one is whining..."I just wanna go to bed" or...."just stay up another hour!".... we eat the same, sleep the same.....energy lifts and lulls in concert. A beautiful resonant symphony.

    Went to bed at sundown last night around 920. Slept sound until 520. Got up, opened the drapes and stayed in bed and watched the sun come up while snoozing and let the little birdies sing to me until 7.

    Oh...had another thought yesterday driving home from Calgary. Isn't quantum like a bank account? The blue lit world sees their bank account out by 1 dollar. So, they put a dollar in via exercise, diet and sups or drugs. Balanced right? Until the next day when they are out 100 dollars.... I see it like this. Oh....I'm out a dollar....I need to truly balance this account....and I go through everything and find the true error which was actually 10,000 and I fix that error. BOOM... balanced.

    Beautiful warm day again here today. Hoping for a half day so I can have more UV later today. The lake is unfrozen however, I can't go in yet....I ended up with an acute UTI which hit my kidneys and a fever of 104 for 4 days. I have been using ice packs this week on my neck on on my bladder and kidneys. My body says...NO fucking way for the water....so...I am listening. HOWEVER....I will be out there next week for sure.
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  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Youre still here Alysson!
  18. YAY!!!! Thanks Jack :)
  19. I put on my blue linen pants today...it was a no go. I was about to fall into a sea of self loathing when I realized that this would just compound the matter...

    I am asking...why.

    Clearly I have entered a new phase of menopause or perimenopause. The hormone fluctuation has been apparent now for years....missing periods....accelerated periods...two in one month...then none for 2 months. I am 48 ... I get it. My tubes were tied when I was 44 after an unintended pregnancy which ended up as a miscarriage. I have breakouts on my face and chest. My skin is dry (amongst other things)....I am not so much bitchy as neutral...

    I have been swimming twice a day now for well over a month....drinking 3-4 litres of water a day. 2 hours morning UV....2-3 hours afternoon/evening UV. And yet ....I am plumping...again.

    I do want to approach this with some self compassion though. Self hatred will not solve this problem.

    Leptin reset? Water Fast? Intermittent fasting?

    I lost about 25 lbs last summer by eating a salad with sardines at lunch and then fish or oysters at supper. My budget won't allow oysters and sardines ... well lets just say I eat them for the effect and nothing else.

    Food isn't everything...but it is something?

    Oh...and the fatigue.

    MY bp is 111/70. Blood sugar normal....thyroid normal. although...my voice is raspier

    Sometimes I felt that the cold water is sending me backwards???? I would fucking hate that...but here is what happens after every swim....

    Unless I get scorching UV post swim my drop is almost intolerable. Within 1-2 hours of swimming I get so incredible cold...like can't sleep cold. The lake isn't that cold...ranges from 60-70 right now depending on time of day. My fiancee who is much leaner than I gets cold/shivery right away and then is fine. I know this has to do with my high fat percentage.

    And my legs....continue to swell...almost intolerably sometimes. Even with the many swims.

    ENVIRONMENT???? Could I have actually moved to a worse environment???????? Fuck.

    The mantra is self compassion...self compassion ... self compassion.....

    I have no ability to move right now....

    Ever since that damn cruise in November I went downhill....the acceleration came around March....

    Comments...questions...I am open...
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  20. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Alyson, have you tested your environment well? How well? What have you tested and how?

    I think food is important... especially if environment is not optimal. I do loads of raw wild oysters picked by me.. that is why I moved here because I know I am broke and cant afford to buy them so I need to live somewhere where I can get as many as I want for free... I need them!
    I also get raw grassfed lambs balls for free from my boss... I make ball smoothie every so often.... and I get great grassfed lambs heart and liver and herring and mackerel.. all local... to tune my body into my local environment so it can make order out of chaos..... and the food is very cheap. I eat most of it raw to get as much viruses and bacteria as possible... because I feel it helps so much!
    I am eating a great diet and I know it helps me. Because I still do not have a perfect environment even it is better than many have.

    How is your diet now? Do you work, and how much? How is your work environment? Stress? Stress is real bad for women. I know... it affects me no good.. so I really try to limits stress in any form. Life has enough stressors anyways ;)

    If we have a not so optimal environment we need to do even more of the other things right! I also tan nude a lot. I live with and around the sun. Because here is not too much sun and it is not that strong, so I use every bit I possibly can!

    Are you having wine? I realize alcohol is not good for me. I know now, if I am in strong sun like at the mediterranean, wine does not affect me bad as it does here.

    I do nicotine gums too. I like it a lot! Have you tried it?

    Maybe 30 minutes of swimming would be enough - maybe sometimes it can be too much too soon? Maybe go slower?Maybe sit on the wet sand with your feet in the water instead.. or walk along the water edge... Everything is tied together.... You can figure out this :)
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