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Alyson at 2800 feet

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by alyson thiessen, May 19, 2015.

  1. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I love snowflakes too.......
    I so get what you mean when you say, you felt like on mushrooms......... :love:
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Falling snow makes the music of the magnetic field. This is how you can sense magnetic precession in hydrogen atoms. Nuclear precession is a long-term, spontaneous phenomenon, unaccompanied by energy exchange. Static gravitational and magnetic fields create a torque or "twisting force" on subatomic particles with magnetic moments and they act perpendicular to both the field and the direction of the angular momentum.
    Falling snow has a sound because the act of precession makes air move. The resultant circular motion is called precession. As the earth's magnetic field is "always on", nearly every magnetically receptive nucleus on earth, including hydrogen in every drop of water in the ocean of in the clouds, is at this moment quietly precessing away! It actually makes noise we can hear if our detectors are strong enough. Our ears are not but our machines can pick it up.
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  3. Michele Lee

    Michele Lee New Member

    Just started reading your blog Alyson, loved it - inspirational and you certainly have a way with words, I was laughing and crying with you. I'm new to the blog / forum and looking forward to increasing my understanding bit by bit, this sure is a goldmine with nuggets as far and wide as the eye can see. Thanks for sharing your story!
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  4. Thanks Michele and welcome to the forum and optimal journal. I appreciate the feedback. This journey is unfolding for me and everyone else in a beautiful chaotic way mirroring the world around us....I'm just grateful to be getting the correct spectrum of truth because the blue light truth is false, ugly and fearful. The purple and red truth speaks to me in volumes every day...a little snowflake of truth coming forward every day. I hope you start blogging...I'll be sure to read it. ;)
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  5. I went to a trade show this weekend in Edmonton. It was the secret gift show...you know the one where you see everything that is on sale at your local gift store (or whatever)....I have never been before and it was interesting in a way especially the REVERSE sticker shock I got....not to mention how differently I viewed the 'wares' for sale. All I could see in this show was excess and a trap. I wasn't salivating at the stuff I could buy at cost...no...I was saddened that our world gets so excited for buying. Not me!

    I wore my darkest blue blockers and set out on the floor....What we thought would take us all day took me ONE HOUR....we found all the right stuff at the right time. What a relief...when I left I said goodbye to my two business partners...their eyes were TOTALLY red and bloodshot. They looked like hell.....I on the other hand looked like a spring day. Eyes were clear...energy stable. Electrons in hand.

    One of the exhibitors started talking to me ...she was a dark haired girl from New York. She was wearing a huge down parka and shivering. She told me how cold she was....I ventured a guess...."your body is cooling down to deal with the excessive blue light in here"....she looked at me curiously and then said, "I thought the lights would warm me up?"....Oh...they are warming you baby....cooking you to be exact as is all the nnEMF in the place....Her eyes at the point glossed over ever so engrossed in her freezing cold body and I swear I heard her utter, "crazy canadians"....

    I never considered how stores and lighting were draining me until the last 6 months. I now opt to pay slightly more for groceries so that I can get in and out in 15 minutes. I also use my dark blue blockers in every store I have to go into now...I used them at the dentist....Costco etc. I become far less drained since I've adopted a strict practice of this.

    I also find I am waking up earlier and earlier which I think is a good sign. The sun is now rising at 7:31 instead of 8:45....sunset is 6:05pm. I take comfort in my circadian rhythms working. So...6:30 I now start to stir. I look forward to early mornings pre 6am grounding and looking to the sun....which leads me to another observation.....

    Anything in nature that is so big that it demands your attention can not be ignored. The sun is the biggest brightest thing happening...why do people fear it? It really is a light story.

    It's 8:19am and -19C....going outside to gaze and CT a bit....
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  6. In former posts I talked a lot about what I do everyday....CT, Blue light blocking etc....that has become a way of life now. While it made the winter a very docile one I have come to appreciate the beauty of unframed time. I used to fill time with bars and restaurants......endless conversations about very little....and these conversations would just go on and on ... I would also fill time by diligently going to the office every day for 6-8 hours/day whether I had work to do or not.

    What a shift from a year ago......2016 will be my first full 12 months on the optimal journey. I have learned so much and yet, I still know very little....but here is what I do know. My body knows. My mind knows....my heart knows. The sun gazing in the morning and watching nature unfold is far more important to me than my phone or computer. This ritual is meditative...it is still....unframed.....

    As the UV increases here in the north I have never been so excited about summer before. The rituals that I have now will shift...how? Well every night at about 530pm right now (this time of course changes ) I have the 'lighting of the candles' ritual. I walk around my home and light about 20 candles, turn on the fireplace and fall into a red light stupor of beauty. I can do this because the housework and meal making is always done prior to sunset and yes, that meant in deep winter I was home by 3pm at the latest to get things done because "I was burning daylight". Once daylight savings hits us in a couple weeks I will be able to increase my days...however, I am not filling those hours with busy. This has been such a huge shift for me in the past few months....busy is dead for me. My nights are filled with regenerative time and space .... my days are also filled this way. I refuse to rush around.....refuse to 'errand' my self to death. I am living unframed.
    Back to rituals....

    Spring is around the corner.....and the ritual will be still home by 3pm ... suntan outside for a couple hours....make supper and clean and then head to the lake for a walk and hopefully a swim by May. In the summer I will go to the lake at 3pm and sun and CT for a couple hours...home for a couple hours ....then back to the lake to CT some more. This is how I plan to spend end of May-September....up to 6 hours/day on the beach. Add to that getting up probably around 6am and heading directly to the lake to swim and sun gaze....

    Sometimes I feel so indulgent because my rituals are so gratifying....I know this is blue light thinking. I KNOW....breaking away from that thinking takes discipline in thought. The less blue light I have the less of societies bullshit I want. Unframed.

    So even though my rituals appear to 'frame' my life it is actually the unframing that is creating the rituals. The dismantling of half truths......the expansion of unframed thinking. Seeing nature as the reflection it is...rather than a rogue to be destroyed and controlled.
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  8. I've been missing out on grounding. Yesterday I decided to get outside and put my feet on the ground WHILE getting morning UV....what more can I say.
    I've been missing out on grounding.
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  9. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Amazing how good one feels when grounding. Need to get out and do more too. Time to reconnect with mother earth.
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  10. The bad boy tooth is gone....FINALLY. Dentist said it was years and maybe decades of infection...here is the cool part.

    A few days prior to the extraction I started talking to my body and letting it know what would happen. I told the tooth..."it's time to let go".... the tooth was my last molar on the bottom, right side. The dentist had forewarned me that he would break it first as it is almost impossible to remove in one piece with that big a filling and that much infection. So....

    I sat down in the chair with my blue blockers on..... BP taken...111/70 (fuck ya).....got my needles.....and within 10 minutes he starts tugging. I closed my eyes and breathed slowly and steadily....I then told the tooth to 'release'....and boom...it just all came out. The dentist looks at me amazed and said, "that never happens".....He cleaned me up and I was up and out in 40 minutes flat. The healing has been easy. And...my right side actually feels like it is draining!!! My ear and jaw feel relaxed....Not that I am touting extraction however....chronic long term inflammation sucks and this could be a major event for me and my body....

    I got to take the tooth home.....can't even see two of the roots from all the infection...I know...GROSS.

    PS: I had a dream last week that all my hair was cut off and it was it was brown (uncoloured) .....I don't look good in the butchy lesbian look....
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  11. nicld

    nicld Gold

    The mind is a VERY powerful thing........
  12. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    A whole new chapter is beginning for you Alyson ..... That bad boy tooth has held you back long enough!
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  13. It's true!!! In fact some of the QSB's can tell you I messaged them all on Facebook and asked about 2 months ago why everything happens to the right side of my body.....well NOW I know...that bad boy was on the right side.....I am so excited to have the infection clear and reduce my inflammation ....I realize it is not the panacea ... but it is HUGE .... and I don't miss that tooth....don't need teeth to eat oysters!!! ..... ever notice how you don't need a lot of bite action for seafood??? maybe octopus?? Has me thinking....
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  14. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    So simple when you know......we have to learn to turn over rocks better, faster, even ones that don't seem like the answer or significant in any way.
    Now we know everything is connected .....everything is tangled in one way or another!

    We are learning to think outside the square ...... Our life depends on it!
  15. Now that I have UV of 3 almost every day I feel life returning back to my body. I have been thinking a lot about the sun....when I was a kid I would always get hives when I was in the sun as well as a red rash. It led me to avoid the sun....like I never went out b/c of this effect. When I would be outside I would be slathered in sunscreen. I was also allergic to this. LOL. Needless to say the sun wasn't my friend...until NOW.

    Now I lay out for 3-4 hours per day with zero negative effects. I always have a nice glow and I never burn. It also feels SO good. :)
    I have never spent so much time outside. YAY

    Also, my birthday is Saturday. April 9th...and I will have my first swim in the lake on that day. There is 20 feet of open water on the shore....I will be in twice. I am guessing the temp is about 36F. I will measure this week. Can't wait.

    Also...I changed my mattress on my bed. I had a fairly thick mattress and was wondering if this dulled the effect of the magnetico. I put a mattress on that is 5 inches less thick and holy crap! I feel that magnetico now!

    Also....fucking antibiotics. I gained 10lbs and wasn't sure why.....nothing changed for me except I had two rounds of stiff antibiotics b/c of my tooth. I read an article that said antibiotics really mess with mitochondria functioning...so I kind of feel like I went back about 6 mnths in my journey however....I had to take them...the infection went into my jaw. So....I do know the cure. More sun. More grounding. More CT....

    Not the best written update here by me...sorry. Just wanted to get this out.
  16. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Alyson.... last fall after have huge stress... and drinking too much coffee with pasteurized cream for long and other stuff......:rolleyes: I had an infection in my tooth root last fall.... I got a real boil! ugh. I did not have opportunity to go to the doc... so I just got super strict and avoided all dairy, even butter, ate super clean only the best food and mainly raw... like raw herring and fish heads and raw heart, raw grassfed beef fat and stuff. I could not even eat nuts, not even organic raw macadamias, without it getting worse. And after a week of getting better and better it totally healed! No issues after that! Way later I have even cheated a bit with cheese and cooked stuff and it did not come back! Yay! A infection like that goes away for me when I go real hard core. Maybe you can try that next time to avoid antibiotics! Sure it is a risk but I am willing to take it....I avoid antibiotics to any cost... almost. At least I do everything in my power before I take them... so have not done it for many many years. I do know how far to go and no further.. and my body seems to get unreal healing powers when I do everything optimal!
  17. Thanks Inger!!! This is great and I will do this in the future. Yup....I can do better for sure. :)
  18. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    Inger had to go "hard core". That's funny. "MS. FISHHEAD SMOOTHIE"/MS. SLEEPS IN A BARN" HAD TO GO HARD CORE. HILARIOUS! What an inspiration. Begginers, take note. :)
  19. Inger

    Inger Silver

    hahaha...... yeah.... true :) :) :) I choose my way of discomfort "consciously" and I do know how to steer it :D
    but that is.... freedom :) :)

    Hard core gives me wings :) :) :)

    BTW I do not sleep in a barn anymore... but in the bed in the house of my fiancee.. which was totally hard for the beginning... and i demanded window wide open and a new latex mattress without metal..:rolleyes: which I got... I am not an easy chick :oops: I kinda thought I cant live in a relationship at all but here I am...lol living in his house!
    When I drink my fish head smoothies here I tell him, please stay out from the kitchen for the next minutes, I have a secret thing to do...lol and he obeys but he says.. are you drinking fish heads??? I say sure :D and he has to laugh...lol
    He thinks I am so crazy but I told him everything as soon as we met so he knows ;) he still wanted this crazy wild lady to move in :ninja:
    we just repair all our differences with... oxy.... i guess... lol
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  20. Inger

    Inger Silver

    we met his girls for Easter brunch and one of them told their moms (his ex wife that lives an hour away) friend had seen me in our garden as she walked by (I had no clue anyone was observing me :oops:), I was in my tan through bikini... and it was so cold...she had thought about using a scarf that day.. and there was I... almost nude outside.. she was pretty shocked.. and now his ex wife knows that too....lol
    the world is small ;)
    I think in this tiny town everyone knows everything about everyone...lol
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2016

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