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Alyson at 2800 feet

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by alyson thiessen, May 19, 2015.

  1. Entry 1. I started listening to Jack in March and attempted to change my diet and failed and I didn't really understand how I needed to make major changes in my environment in order to succeed. The following are the changes I have made in the past month or two and I keep adding more in order to balance my 3 legged stool:

    - Black out bedroom + sleep mask + phone on airport
    - Eating seafood/fish almost every day ---Oysters 4 times/week
    - STOPPED all supplements
    - installed FLUX on my computer
    - blue blockers
    - timing my light exposure
    - sleep at 10pm...up before 7 am and I feel fab
    - CT!!!! I am cold showering/bathing as often as I can.
    - Spring water. I don't drink tap water ever. When out I order Pellegrino
    - I have reduced alcohol and want to go to zero alcohol
    - light walking and hiking... NO WORKING OUT
    - using a nicotine patch. why? I have sleep apnea and when I smoked, I didn't. It was discovered that perhaps the nicotine was helping me via serotonin....so, I am using this and getting great results i.e.: better energy and better sleep.
    - Got my labs done and had some awesome people on here look at it. The biggest takeaways were....VIT D low, and PG/E ratio is messed up...I am super estrogen dominant.


    I am 120 lbs or more overweight. I am 6 feet tall and of germanic descent. Blue eyes, blonde hair....big hips...small waist, Big shoulders.

    I am borderline alcoholic meaning I have a lot of alcoholics in my family and I lean in that direction. It's a big deal. Although I spent 17 years (age 26-43) not drinking.

    I am a divorced mother of two girls (ages 16 and 17)

    I struggle with mood swings, variable energy, wild swinging appetite, and I live at 2800 feet above sea level.

    I have always struggled with weight. I have never been below 185lbs in my adult life. Here is my weight history as it seems to be a cycle:

    birth 8 lbs. Winnipeg MB

    Age 8. put on first diet. Diet Center. Lost weight.

    Age 8-12....up and down weight...parents continually putting me on a diet.

    Age 12. ... puberty...I shot up a foot in height and weight seemed to smooth out....still a large girl but not overweight. Living last 10 years in Alberta at 2800 feet above

    Age 14-17. Weight steady Living in Toronto

    Age 17-19. Weight moving up. Moved back to Winnipeg MB

    I am going to finish this in another post later.....gotta cold shower now
  2. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Good to see you here Alyson. Welcome from another Estrogen dominatrix! We should start a club...
    Last edited: May 19, 2015
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  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Welcome to journal land Alyson! I was born in Toronto.....
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  4. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Welcome Alyson.
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  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Height? Altitude? Ubi 1 read it. Higher you go less O2 you have it. Pseudohypoxia = low O2 = Low NAD+/NADH ratio = NAD+ drops in people with blue light exposure = elevated ubiquitin rates = low levels of electrons = electron density in tissues is a function of the DHA concentrations = low EZ size in cell water = dehydration = higher positive charges (protons) in proteins making them less hydrophilic = low intracellular pH = low redox potential = cell and mitochondrial swelling (cyto c release) = lowered magnetic and electric fields in mitochondria = low ATP levels = a lot of carbs and protein electrons on ECT = altered serotonin and dopamine levels in the frontal lobes = NT release tied to calcium efflux = calcium controls voltage gated channels, NMDA, and glutamate excitotoxicity= low DC electric current = low tissue DHA = altered perceptions of reality and depression/anxiety.

    Light has a universal speed limit at 186,000 miles an hour. Light travels 30 centimeters in one nanosecond. The only way to increase its energy is to increase its frequency. If timing is off, distant signals will also be awry. This very same feature is why GPS clocks orbiting the Earth must run faster than clocks on the ground to navigate properly. Atomic clocks are 38 microseconds faster than clocks on the ground. In 38 microseconds, at the speed of light, if this clock difference did not exist, GPS devices on Earth would be off by a factor over ten kilometers a day. When this mis-timing occurs in our brains’ mitochondria, the inaccurate timing results in things like neuro-degeneration, T2D, and autoimmunity. YOUR HEAD AGES FASTER THAN FEET BECAUSE OF THIS EFFECT. Each foot you go higher alters the speed of your SCN making your head AGE FASTER. This is why low melatonin, low vitamin D levels, and high ubiquination rates are all associated with disease generation. The “mis-timing” leads to massive effects at the quantum scale of protons and electrons in CSF, because the scale of action of the SCN is on subatomic particles, not on GPS devices. The differences are smaller, because unlike orbiting clocks, our SCN’s are only 6 feet above our feet, while not rotating 14,000 kilometer’s an hour like atomic clocks orbiting Earth are. But you better believe, Einstein’s relativity is still functioning in that six foot difference even though we can not measure the precise effects well yet. I know it exists because the laws of physics says I am correct.
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  6. Thanks for the kind welcomes!!! This is great! I will continue the weight loss story....

    Age 19 moved to Ottawa ---estimated weight 225. and a size 14.

    Age 20 had a large trauma in Ottawa....weight dropped dramatically. est. 190lbs

    Age 21 rebounded from trauma or just denial...started to gain

    Age 22 went on a diet and lost again ...size 14 and 190.

    Age 23-26 Moved to Winnipeg for summer and then off to Calgary for the fall. Weight stayed at 190lbs

    Age 26 met future ex husband and weight started to creep back up.

    Age 28 Got married. Size 16 weight 240lbs

    Age 28 1 month later I'm pregnant

    Age 29 at 9 months pregnant I weight 263.

    Age 29 I get pregnant again 9 months after having the first

    Age 30 at 9 months pregnant I weighed....get this.......245lbs .... I got pregnant at 260lbs and at 9 months weighed 245...!!!! I think this is important.

    Age 30-32 hover at 235-240 for a year or two then get put on heavy meds .... I start gaining 10 lbs /week

    Age 32 265lbs

    Age 33 I take myself off all meds realizing how ridiculous the psychiatric industry is. I realize the meds were making me crazy....I start supplementing and start feeling better...topped off at 280lbs size 18

    Age 35. I go on the bernstein diet. VLCD 500/day. no carbs. I go down to 255. solid size 16.

    Age 36-37 weight creeps back up to 290lbs. My diet is this: no breakfast except coffee....possibly a bagel and cream cheese or donut on way to work. Lunch out. Usually fish and chips or a burger and fries...supper...fettucine alfredo...snacks at night...tons of chocolate and 5 pepsi's/day. This type of diet continues until my mid life crisis at 40.

    Age 40. 320lbs. How the fuck do I get rid of this weight....oh, right....get a LAP BAND.

    Age 40....lap band installed...I HATE IT.....I lose 50 lbs quickly and that's it. no more. I start eating through the band by eating cream soups

    Age 41 weight levelling off. I feel slightly better. Increased my fish intake to a couple times/week. Eating totally local and in season ....STILL snacking on copious chocolate and drinking pepsi. I START HOT YOGA PRACTICE....although this seemed to have helped me, I think it was very hard on me.

    ***Stress levels ridiculously high due to financial collapse and housing crisis (I am in financial industry)*****

    Age 42. I leave my husband Weight 290lbs

    Age 42 3 months later. Weight 270lbs Stress induced.

    Age 42-44 Spent 2 years flying transcontinental every 6 weeks with stress levels through the roof! Weight back up to 290lbs. I lose hearing in right ear and keep bursting ear drum every few days...Started drinking alcohol.

    In the middle of this at AGE 43 I moved back to Red Deer in order to make money. HIGHLY STRESSFUL. Weight is at 280 when I get there....starts to go up rapidly...major alcohol consumption.

    Age 44. Weight is approx. 310lbs.
    Age 45. I go on Isagenix and get down to 280lbs. (PS Isagenix sucks)
    Age 46 Back up to 325lbs. size 20
    Age 47 TODAY. 314lbs

    SOOOOOOOOOO.....what does this all mean to me? First of all, it really highlights to me how weight has been a dominant theme for me all my life. I don't want my story to be all about weight!!! It also shows me that in the last 20 years my lowest weight has been post partum at 235lbs. I LOVED THAT WEIGHT....although I loved 190 as well when I was in my early 20's.

    There are weights here that mark time as well. I have scrolled through 260-270-280-290 more times than I even know....300's really were 40+ years.

    Realistically I haven't been really much below 260lbs since my first child was born 18 years ago.

    Let's talk body comp. Bust 46/waist 40/ hips 54 estrogen dominant!!! I have very large bones. My wrist is just over 7 inches around. My legs are very very heavy and full of cellulite TOP TO BOTTOM...my calves are huge...and my ankles swollen all the time. I have always had swollen ankles from the time I was 20. My grandma had them and so did my mom....the mitochondria story/history!

    My blood tests are great. Everything is normal except my pg/E ratio and possibly Vit D oh and Chloride was high??? Now, I truly believe the Edema is from a mineral management issue in my body....hence high chloride...I also have a tic on my right eye that flares up from time to time and if I use magnesium at night, it settles down....

    As for the lap band??? It isn't tightened but when I get to the upper weights, it tightens because there is more mass in that area....I want it removed.
  7. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Welcome, Alyson!
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  8. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Just throwing this out there, but if your lowest weight was post partum, do you think your body's natural spike in the production of HCG had anything to do with it? Well, that and the fact that a fetus is sharing everything with you.
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  9. Penny

    Penny New Member

    I like I3C and DIM for estrogen dominence... eating brocolli sprouts and cruciferous vegetables helps a lot - maybe some progesterone cream?
  10. Thanks guys..and yes, I tried HCG drops and had the same feeling as pregnant. As for I3C and DIM??? Can you tell me please what that is? I need to be careful of cruciferous due to what I think is a low thyroid. :)
  11. Today. May 20. Why is BAB soooooooo hard. Like I mean I want to barf even thinking about it...today I ate 8 sausages for breakfast. Washed down with water....lunch was raw tuna, crab and tuna bellies.....but get this...I was at a sushi place, they said NO MSG...I put NO SAUCE on anything....and my legs swelled up soooo bad....I hate having these chronically swollen legs.

    For supper I made a no flour clam chowder with bacon ...so yummy and grass fed beef. It was awesome.

    I need more grass time and more CT....and more water. Dehydrated tonight. But I end on a high....

    I was listening to the webinar Epi Paleo from a few years ago and Jack said, "if you think you can eat twinkles and donuts and get better, think again"....well tonight I wanted ice cream...I was craving high fat high sugar....and then Jack's voice kept going over and over in my head...I came home and had a glass of water.

    I can only get better by being better. Doing it!
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  12. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    baby steps ..... keep moving forward.......

    I don't think you can eat out very successfully ............ A lot of places don't even know all the names that msg goes under.
    Eat at home for now - where you have complete control ..... and come here for support.

    BTW ....you are gorgeous! sending you a big hug xoxo

    read Mr. Pinkies story ..... failure was not an option.

    You need one of Kate's star fish bracelets to remind yourself of where you have been and where you want to go.

    Are you able to go on the Kruse cruise???? that would be an awesome step forward for you......
  13. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Can you get salmon and have that for breakfast? I have that almost every morning with some canned oysters and it is wonderful. Helps the brain get going right away.
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  14. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Hi Alison, and welcome :) :) :)

    I would not feel good on 8 sausages for BAB for sure.... - way too much processed salt, which makes you swell.. if the sausages were not from pure meat and fat and sea salt? I doubt....
    One day sometime ago as I was on the road and ate cold smoked salmon and raw cheese and quite a bit of it... lol all full of table salt.. and man next day my fingers were like small sausages... uh!
    Thankfully the swelling went away in the afternoon but it was clearly too much..lol A little bit I can do with tho. So funny how I do not swell at all from sea salt!

    I would eat only unprocessed food like pure fish and meat and organs and veggies etc. and season it all myself... :)

    Salmon for breakfast as Nicole suggested is great! Do a pound of it and feel the magic... sashimi is best or chevice :) awesome stuff :) no swelling up :)
  15. Inger

    Inger Silver

    and raw salmon (or lightly cooked fish/seafood too btw) digest in no time and waaay easier on the belly as sausages, I swear! You will feel light and happy and like you have not even eaten a thing :)

    or do a medium/rare steak... that is way easier to digest as sausages too. I infact could never ever digest sausages well..... except raw salami or air dried ham ;)
  16. Thanks for the awesome support!!! And thanks for the compliment. I have a choice between the Kruse Cruise and the Magnetico..I am going to get the magnetico for now especially since timing for cruise is slightly off for me.
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  17. Saturday. May 22. I am doing this for me. I don't have to prove anything to anyone except me. This is my fucking life. :)

    This is not intended as a reaction to anyone else BUT ME!!! I need to keep reminding myself to keep my eye on my ball.

    Yesterday was a GREAT food day or so I thought....woke up to severely swollen legs and feet....so...I need to continue to replace the bad water with the good water and flush it out.

    Remembering to move...stand and move more.....fish fish fish....

    CT...legs up wall....rebounder.

    Vit. D Cream.

    No coffee no booze. (sob)

    If I can't, I must. If I can't, I must.

    I am down in lbs but the real story will be inches. I didn't take my measurements a few weeks ago so let's do it now.....

    neck 16

    Chest 51

    Rib cage 43

    Waist 41.5

    Hips 56

    thigh left 31

    thigh right 31.5

    calf left 23.5

    calf right 23

    ankle left 13.5

    ankle right 13.75

    wrist. 7

    Well, at least I have a pretty face. (and good hair)

    This is a little shocking for me and at the same time, it is ground zero. I have great support from Rub, Gretchen and kate. I am doing exactly what they say and listening to Jack's webinars daily. I clearly have a poor redox. CLEARLY. Apparently my BUN is good...yay!

    Why my chloride is high I don't know. I am getting labs done next week again.

    Also....I listened to Jack's webinar on sex....funny....those with Leptin resistance/sensitivity need more variation to orgasm....sooo I was thinking....do I tend to attract men who have Leptin issues? Do we attract that which we are in this case? I often wondered why I didn't like the normal guy...LOL!!!

    As well....being uncoupled...unconnected. I am also thinking it extends to other areas in my life. Unconnected to earth...unconnected to people...money...etc....just thoughts......Wonder if you can 'tell' someone is leptin resistant by these issues as well.

    More questions than answers....which is awesome.

    Off to do 15 minutes on the rebounder.
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  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    It is great to put thoughts down isn't it ...... no where to hide anymore - awesome stuff!
  19. MrPinkies

    MrPinkies Silver

    Audrey- Alyson and I have daily check ins! :) I'll be posting about it soon!
  20. Really great day....Great night last night with friends as well....My biggest enemy is binary thinking. My greatest strength is curiosity.

    As I sit here 45 mins prior to sunset, wearing my blue blockers I am feeling gratitude. I am grateful that change can happen. I am grateful that Dr. Kruse opened up his mouth..his mind and ultimately his heart...he doesn't have to do this for us. I feel it is a labor or love. Grateful for Ruben, Kate and Gretchen who are helping me get back up. Or ... maybe for the first time ever. I became broken early. I never recovered.

    I went to the lake today again...I went yday. The temp was a balmy 26C (approx 78-80F) and the sun was blazing. I went at about 4pm. and laid in the sun and baked for 20 mins then headed into the lake...the temp in the lake is about 6 C or (44F).....I laid in the lake for over 10 minutes fully submerged. How invigorating. Then back on the beach. I really feel like my battery is charging. Then I came home and made the MOST amazing seafood chowder...BAcon and onions....added spring water....then scallops, shrimp with tails, salmon and clams from the can. Cooked that up with some dill and himalaynan salt...added heavy cream and voila....HOLY CRAP!!!! I could live off that.

    Tomorrow morning I am attempting to eat a can of sardines for breakfast. My strategy??? Hold my nose and wash them down.

    See you all tomorrow!

    PS: I am super super white...and no burning AT ALL from being in the sun 3 evenings in a row....usually I would've burned....I see this as a good sign b/c I refuse to wear sunscreen.
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