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Alyce's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Alyce Miles OD, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. On a personal note my second and third toes go numb from time to time. Went to Florida for a week in October. Numbness went away after 2 days. Came back when back in Memphis. Magnetism and grounding help but living in darkness for so long my feet lost magnetic sense. Moving in next few months to higher Quantum Yield environment with low population density is the plan. Looking at a opportunity in Brewton, Alabama pop--5000.
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  2. Numb toes

    Last night my feet were so cold October house temp 62 degrees no heat on yet. I put my head under the covers and rebreathed the recycled air. After a few minutes my hands and feet warmed up nicely. I kept thinking is it the recycled CO2????? Could I be over breathing????

    Today two days later my feet are so cold, numb and hurting and blue at the tips. It is so uncomfortable and it actually stresses me out. So I started researching CO2 and lung and Raynaud's. Came up with studies with increasing CO2 helped 90% of the small study group. So I started focusing on my breathing and Volia my feet started to feel better and not be as cold. It is like the cold weather mentally stresses me and when I breathe I over do it via my autonomic system and cannot hold on to that precious greenhouse gas CO2!!!!!!!

    I also know it causes me stress and thinking problems and stress. I need to focus on not over breathing. Going to work on this this winter. I have a small miracle in cold adapted to cold water can spend easily 40 minutes in 50-55 degree water. It makes me feel better.
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  3. Got in cold tub outside and practiced breathing techniques and water was 57degrees and I didn't feel as cold as I usually do. Sometimes I get scared of cold but now it seems as I may be crossing to a newer level.....
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  4. Stress:

    It causes vasoconstriction in my hands and feet. Red light from the sun eliminates it. When I am in the sun I feel no stress. It is like the sun is massaging the stress away and I cannot worry about anything. I mentioned that Red light makes us forget and blue light makes us remember. I still believe this. Sitting around a fire at night and you watch the crackle and pop of the flames and the Infrared heat radiating towards you it is then you can forget the crap that happens all day to you that stresses you out. It is all in the mind.

    Controlling my breathing has helped me with warming my hands. I am sure the colony of mitochondria are warming slowly. They are adapting to the new environment I am trying to mindfully create for them.
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I love reading your journal Alyce ......and your fantastic journey of discovery!

    AND .....you are paying all this forward!!!
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  6. drezy

    drezy New Member

    I like the visuals in this post!

    Along with solar session I'm trying to also master my general "Give a sh*t" knob. What I've been told by most bosses that I'm on the low end anyway, but I still push for lower every day.

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  7. Thanks Drezy! and Caroline!

    I have been practicing Butekyo Breathing and some days I can see the veins in my wrists vasodilate. Is that a word???? Any way they (the veins) get bigger and my hands warm up nicely. I think I have been breathing through my chest for years and have to retrain myself to breath through stomach. I sigh more than I should and it is not something that this method says is helpful.

    I just went to get VIT D, HS CRP and DHEA tested. I have been scared because I am afraid of what I may find. I decided to throw fear out the window find out and see what the heck I am up against..
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  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Yep ...fear isn't going to help us - but knowledge will!
  9. Couple of things I wanted to document about grandmother.

    She grew up in Kansas and Colorado
    she: Sat on screened in porch all the time
    Slept in very cold room
    Had a pot belly stove to heat house
    Ate lots of eggs bacon and grease and fried chicken made her own bread and noodles
    Never saw her sick
    She had arthritic hands never complained (ate lots of potatoes)
    Had a garden yearly and canned veggies
    Never saw her eat fruit
    She would say that is out of season I'm not buying that it won't taste good
    Had un homogenized milk delivered in glass jars
    Hung her own clothes on line, mowed lawn till 70's, chopped own wood
    Was married to smoker who died of lung cancer in his 70's second hand smoke......

    One time when I was 16 she came to stay with our mom her daughter who was dying with cancer. She went to grocery store and asked if we needed anything. I said yes Grandma would you buy those little chocolate doughnuts (little debbie)? She said You want those chocolate GLUE doughnuts? You know that isn't food right? I said yes. She bought them anyway but that memory sticks with me.

    They are not food.
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  10. My mom lived in Nebraska, Colorado and for a short while Seattle (NOT GOOD FOR HER)

    wasn't sick until later in 30's.

    Always had sinus infection
    Constipation and diarrhea
    Chronic pain
    Extreme light sensitivity and wore sunglasses as often as I remember (Squinted outside with light)
    Anxiety and paranoia
    Finally Inflammatory breast cancer she put off diagnosis because she was scared...........New husband new town with two teenagers and no insurance yet....
    Possible physical abuse as a youth

    Although as a child I was always outside and I was a rebel. I would do anything she told me not to do. I was rarely sick and did not miss school. I had a night light which I think contributed to my Myopia plus being inside during winter..... I had no real health problems until my 20's when I was inside all the time when I started work. Got depression and sleep problems fatigue. Got out of it in Georgia when I started bike riding outside. I always thought it was the exercise but it was mostly light.
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  11. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    This is awesome Alyce! I also no longer have a problem being in cold water. I like observing the sensations. Last time I was in a very cold creek a few weeks ago I noticed how it actually felt prickly hot at first, in a weirdly good way. It’s getting out and the warmup that puts me off.

    You know what? You’ve inspired me to get in my tub right now and try out my new heat lamp if needed for the warmup!
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  12. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    Did it—45 minutes in mostly submerged in 50F well water! (Hands, feet and upper chest out.) The simple one bulb heat lamp was on a few feet away and I just pretended it was the sun. Shivering a bit now but not too bad. This is definitely getting easier.

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  13. Thanks Phosphene!!!

    Haven't seen the sun in 5 days rain.....Lower back and spine hurting. Delaying cold not wanting to go but today did it again and in 10 min PAIN IS GONE. I don't know why the initial go outside and get in cold tub scares me.

    I think it is the cold hands and feet that psychologically are a block for me. Interestingly (most nights) when lights go out I breath under one light cover and VOLIA! hands and feet warm up. Now how to do it in daytime more......
  14. Felt like a damn "scratch off ticket" when opening up the email.

    DHEA 1.9 ng/ml Reference range 0.7-5.5 ng/ml
    Vitamin D 54 ng/ml Reference range 30-100ng/ml
    HS CRP 0.2 Reference range <0.5 mg/Dl "within range"

    No supplementation of outside vitamin D. Candles at night and haven't missed a sunrise in 15 months. Turned off Wifi last year hard wired house, and called power company to remove smart meter months ago. They removed it.

    So my DHEA is low and vitamin D is low also. I have a bad environment. I currently am homeschooling my kid so we spend a lot of time outside especially this summer and we did school outside. Although I have no idea what the "D" status was ever before in my life.

    Attached Files:

  15. Well maybe the D is not all bad I read a post (from Dr Kruse that his n=1 vitamin D tanks when sun changes) that said it can vary seasonally. I will retest quarterly or at least more often.
  16. Another book I have read:

    The Telomere Effect Elizabeth Blackburn PhD.

    I also noticed that when I am stressed my sleep is off. It is the yin and yang of Cortisol and Melatonin fighting. I need to put the Cortisol Lion to bed and let the Melatonin Owl do its thing.

    Despite being outside many hours....
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  17. I have noticed at night that I am much warmer than another time of day. I am actually "Hot" at night. Temp in room is 59 degrees. Only light blanket. I think Leptin must be communicating to my body to burn off fat excess calories as "free heat." During the day hands still cold still working on this. Eating raw fish and shrimp daily and lots of fat.
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  18. Bacon fat and Bubonic Plague

    I have always been fascinated with the plague of the 1300's. One story of a family whose sole survivor, a woman, near her death bed, in a fog of stupor, and desperately thirsty unwittingly drank a huge jar of bacon grease and woke up several days later and survived the plague. Sadly her spouse and children did not survive. So the fat from this "drink" allowed her mitochondria to make deuterium depleted water and that water allowed her to survive this illness. It is not about the illness it is about the water your cells can make.
  19. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    it is about the water your cells can make.
    and mostly about the additional last liter of it or even less.
    Making water is burning hydrogen with oxygen.
    Burning releases heat.
    It is that heat that heals.
    You can parse that heat into various nanometers and where they are most useful.
    But if you have a wallet full of cash it is easier to survive.

  20. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    Your grandma was not exceptional for her generation-- that robust but hard life was common. Much of your grandma's attributes you describe could describe my own grannie: daughter of German immigrants, grew up in Kansas/Missouri, and lived the same hardy and simple life that today's soft youth would be repelled by and call it primitive and torture.

    You must have inherited some of the favorable epigenetic DNA changes caused by your grandma's challenging but relatively health-promoting life experiences.

    Unfortunately that auspicious genetic endowment skipped over your mom's generation.

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