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Allison’s OJ to “Fabulous 40” & beyond...

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by *~Allison~*, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. *~Allison~*

    *~Allison~* New Member

    I turn 40 next summer. Yippee! Woo Hoo! It is going to be fabulous. As an old soul I’ve always liked getting older. Really. Even as a child I was often confused WHY people seemed to resist aging. Baffles me still, although I do get the rationale of wanting to hold on to what’s familiar. I’ve often joked that getting older is better than the alternative. People laugh and ask, what’s the alternative? I say ... dying lol. Most balk, of course. I’m ornery - teehee. Anyhow, I feel like my age is finally catching up with my inside perspective. Sometimes I look down at my hands and it feels like Quantum Leep - I’m like, whoa my hands look really young! Lol So I truly believe I’m in for a long & prosperous life, but man it’s been hard. And it seems it’s going to get harder. When I look around at folks, what Dr Kruse is saying makes complete sense ... not everyone is going to be able to “make it” through this extinction event. I’m going to keep proceeding as if I’m going to be one of them. Every day builds my resume. There’s ALWAYS hope.

    So ... I’ll start my journal with my mom - God’love’r. I’m so hopeful that Dr Kruse says to look at your mother. (Yay! Good job mom!) I despised her in my youth, but in hindsight she’s the greatest inspiration I have in accomplishing my health goals. As a God-fearing woman for much of her life, she has depended on God & Nature out of pure instinct; it’s her way of life. That’s why I’m SO AT HOME in the Kruse message. I’m like - YES! - finally a doctor that’s preaching like my mother has preached my entire life lol And my mom has been right soooo many times in my life. Good thing I finally started listening.

    She’s 78 & lives in the large family home she (nearly) raised 5 children in. She married shortly after high school, had 4 children, then divorced & married my dad, had me, then divorced again. Since the early 80’s she’s been a single mom & taken care of the house with only the occasional help. (Some jobs just require the strength of a brute ) She’s not obese, but she’s just slightly chubby in her waist. Her arms and legs are well proportioned and she’s always had the curves Dr Kruse speaks about as beneficial for genetic lineage. So do me and my two (half) sisters.

    My mom has never “doctored.” One of her retirement requirements was to get a Physician & get a physical. She passed everything perfectly. She figured out a way to retire early (55) because she can live on very little money. After my dad died in 2016 she thought it would be wise to see if she still had a doctor because it had been over a decade since her first physical. Good thing she checked because the doctor was gone lol She had to get a new PCP; and again passed all her tests perfectly. God’love’r. I don’t think she’s ever taken an antibiotic? Definitely never gets a flu shot and has never taken a long-term RX. She’ll take a Valium before going to the dentist and pain reliever post dental work, but never the whole bottle. The only thing she takes regularly? ... is an aspirin about 3X a week. She almost made it with a near clean slate. You can see why she’s such an inspiration to me. ✨☺️✨She doesn’t even take a multivitamin or ever stepped foot in a health food shop.

    All of my moms children have never been obese. We’ve all had our - overweight stage - but never chronically, nor excessive. To this day, all 5 of us are decent weight for our height & age. My (half) brothers are in generally good health, or I never hear of any issues. My one sister left my mom for my Aunts house in high school; she didn’t take the divorce very well, so I understand. But she missed out on a lot of my moms preaching and ended up with osteoporosis in her mid-20’s. Dr Kruse chapter on osteoporosis was VERY interesting to me. My sister has been bound to the nursing home for last 5 years+ (?) and prays for the day she’ll pass and be reunited with her son. It’s very sad. My other sister has been in good health until recently when she got Hashimoto’s & then removed her thyroid. (She listened to my mom’s preaching but was likely influenced by her career as an RN). Her daughter, my niece like a sister, also removed part of her thyroid due to a nodule.

    My dad was a hippie. A REAL hippie lol He used to lecture me on what it REALLY meant. Not the typical associations people think of, but the social-economic-religious-type movement that swept the young people of the nation. He made a consorted effort to make sure hippies got a good name. I think for the most part, they did. But he was really hard on his body, playing in bands, hitch hiking across the country, drinking, smoking, partying ... and many night shift jobs. He almost ALWAYS stayed up late and slept through the day. He ate SAD or worse, but never overweight. Well, once he had a fat stage, but lost it all. He hated going barefoot & didn’t use sunscreen because he just avoided the sun all together. I was so mad at him when I was a child, because when he took me to the pool we had to sit in the shade lol He believed that nature was “the answer” though. He was an artist in touch with the beauty of the world. While he fell victim to a low income lifestyle, and the medical system with all the Rx, radiating tests, creams, shots, devices, and lord knows what else ... they seemed to exacerbate the underlying issues. He actually was in excellent health most of his life. It was after the awful car accident in 1999 that things went downhill fast. He didn’t have the financial means to pursue a natural health plan - although he most certainly would have. It’s disappointing as a loving daughter to see your dad slave to a system that contributed to his demise. In my opinion. I paid to take him to some natural doctors, but was too little too late. He lived a full life though. God’love’em ; )

    So back another generation...

    My dad’s dad lived until 88 and basically died from a brain aneurysm & had heart issues; my dad’s mom died at age 94 from Alzheimer’s & had heart issues. My mom’s dad died at 62 (before I was born) due to a hemorrhage caused by Alcoholism; and my mom’s mom died at age 97 due to breast cancer & had heart issues.

    As I study doctor Kruse’s work it’s like adding hindsight filters to my life. The environmental factors are quite obvious in turning disease on in my family lineage. I have great examples of what to do, and what not to do. I wholly admire that my mom has withstood peer pressure and more mocking than any person should have in order to be in touch with her true self. She’s unwavering in her own path. Truly amazing.

    Can you believe she can STILL see far away? I was shocked when I found this out the other day when telling her about Dr Kruse. I was like - Whoa. My myopia started my senior year of high school.

    So I’m sick ... but I’m determined to reverse my disease. I love studying miracles and the people who don’t get sick. I KNOW like I KNOW like I KNOW, that my condition can be reversed.

    What do I have? ... Lord only knows lol Actually, I can - NOW - confidently conclude that I have a mitochondrial disease. (TY Dr Kruse! TY for giving it a name lol) I’ve spent thousands of dollars over the years trying to figure out “what’s wrong” with me until finally I said - I don’t care what it is, I just need to heal myself. I knew something was wrong!

    I have lots of symptoms and no diagnosis. Well, the only true diagnosis I have is MTHFR and hardly anyone even knows what that is lol. I’ve worked at a mega-corporation for 10 years behind dual monitors and many of those years were under an extreme amount of OT. Last summer I took a 13 week (paid) leave of absence from work to heal. (Btw I’m back on leave right now) After my dad died in 2016 my TSH had started to climb. My previous PCP wanted me to go on RX for THE REST OF MY LIFE. When I didn’t take the first one, she said because I was into natural stuff she’d then prescribe the medication that was derived from pigs. (LMAO; she tried) So I got a new doctor. This time I went Integrated.

    I’ve only seen my new Integrated PCP twice last year and once this year. I do most of my doctoring with naturopaths and chiropractors. My new PCP is soooooo awesome though, I absolutely love her. She looked at my thermograms, my bio-meridian scan, and my blue blockers and knew all about all of them. And she suggested a GI MAP Stool Test. I’m so excited to see what’s in my shit! Lol No one could explain WHY my TSH was high until ... DR Kruse. My mouth literally dropped when I read that 20% of the inactive T3 is converted to the active T4 in the gut. In my work, 20% is the threshold we use for a significant amount. So my brain thinks we need to stimulate more hormones but really it’s probably not being converted due to my long term gut issues. This explains why my thyroid looks great on my thermogram and bio-meridian scan, but my gut is troubled. What. A. Relief. Finally! Some clarity! I’m just beside myself in appreciation for this knowledge.

    Before I get too far ... last year when I was on LOA I got my TSH from nearly 6.0 down to 1.96. IDK which of the million things I was doing healed me, I just know my labs reversed. I went back to work 09/2018 and by 06/2019 it’s back up to 4.47. So yes, I’m allergic to work - my teammates said. Funny, but true. Sigh.

    So here I am. On leave until probably October. This time I’ll know exactly how and why I healed myself ... and will maintain it this time. = P I’ve seen the sunrise everyday except two, and most sunsets. I’ve always been a great sleeper & dreamer. I’m eating Paleo. Going to the farmers market. I have blue blockers I wear pridefully. We have blueblocker screen protectors on our phones. Orange & red lights. Using candles. Being outside; barefoot. I stopped wearing sunglasses. I have two Knicki swimsuits ... and the best for last ... woo wee I’m going hard on the CT! Yeah baby! Many of my symptoms are pain & inflammation related to musculoskeletal issues. I’m currently in the 2nd round of an intensive corrective chiropractor program. Results are promising.

    I have a handful of questions I’m gathering, but one is VERY pressing. I was a bad mom yesterday = ( I didn’t put enough sunblock on my 6 and 11 year old red heads and one got burnt to a crisp. I feel horrible. I got burnt too! I just totally under estimated it all. Long story but I’m already onto my serenity prayer. My son couldn’t sleep much last night it hurt so bad & has had real tears. (I’d like to interject here: that kids these days are just a little too fluffy, in my opinion. I was so much tougher than him lol) He started out with his T-shirt on and so I didn’t get sunblock on his body at all. What’s the best long term game plan to get off of sunblock anyhow? What SPF? Should I go down in SPF or keep the higher SPF & change frequency? Is there a thread on this somewhere? I don’t want to use it anymore, but I also need to do this in (better) stages. I’ve bought many natural sunblocks but they don’t seem to work well, ugh.

    Also, both the kids have been going to the sunrise with me on occasion. I’m curious if the biological process that’s turned on at sunrise that later protects us in the more intense sun, is on a day-to-day basis? Or do you have to see the sunrise cumulatively in order to have that biological sun protection? Does that make sense? I mean, the two days I missed the sunrise, I completely avoided the sun those days. Especially the mid-day sun. I felt like I’d be more vulnerable. But since I’m going to see the sunrise cumulatively, could I still feel safe out in the mid-day sun on a day I missed the sunrise?

    Thanks for having me here! I appreciate in advance any advice you want to share. I’d love to hear how you came off sunblock. I’ve learned a lot, but I still have so much more to learn.

    P.S. FYI I’m not on my phone very much so I may be delayed in my responses. I avoid technology as much as possible. Btw I’m so grateful for this forum because I avoid Facebook as much as possible too. = )
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2019
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