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All Things T3

Discussion in 'The New Monster Thread' started by Patty Cakes, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. I've had good results with BiDMulsion as well. Also trying vitacost brand now and I hear it works well but haven't tested mine yet to see. Take K2 with my D also raised me up. I take around 15K to keep my labs at around 70-80. Fitness, it took years for me to get up there to my current range and I have a couple of VDR issues (+/-).

    Also my last thyroid labs I was at 5.3 w/ my FT3 and a TSH of .01 like yours. I'm trying to lower my dose from 50mg (25mg 2x/day) to 40mg (20mg 2x/day). I feel pretty much the same so going to test later to see where I'm at. Luckily, my doc just lets me do what I want because she knows I've done my research! ;)
  2. stacyj

    stacyj New Member

    Bouncing this back up.......after a tt in 1998, I had a horrible time getting my thyroid hormones in a place where I felt normal. Well, after cruising along for many years- probably not anywhere near optimal, but still feeling pretty well, I am now having to go down this rat hole again. The PA at my primary care docs office decided I must change my meds due to a low TSH right before a major surgery. Ugh.......despite my requesting them to not mess with this, and just now having the energy to argue I let her change it. Well, now due to the surgery, low T3. Slamming my head into a wall. Ran more labs day after Christmas, low free T3, T4 at upper limit of range, and TSh still low- so she wanted to lower again. Well.....she wanted to mess with it, now they can bear with me to get it back where it belongs. Why oh why do they insist on messing with things that arent broken (or broken enough for me to want to deal with it). One problem at a time, that was all I wanted.

    End of rant! I am sure you can all appreciate physicians (or physician assistants) that just make you want to punch a tree.
  3. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Stacy, I stopped seeing my endocrinologist altogether. He frustrated me so!

    But once in a while, something comes along and surprises you. I stopped by my chiropractors office for an adjustment late last week. Had been over 5-6 months since my last visit. Turns out he retired and sold his practice. Well, I really liked her (new chiro)! We talked about anti aging, alternative and functional medicine.

    Today she texted me the name and number of a local physician that just may be what I am looking for. Wont know until I do more research and maybe set up an initial consult (i.e. interview)...

    Good luck to you :)
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2014
  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Thyroid/cortisol lessons learned before my Green Laser Prostate surgery.
    I was then on 100mg-T3 and Medrol 6mg, TSH not detectable.
    They did not cared about my Medrol, they worried very much about me using T3, any T3 or T4.
    Before and during surgery they pump in me huge amounts of Solu-Medrol.
    That Solu-Medrol is able to stir the pot and push all T3 in site into cells, possibly causing thyroid storm.
    That was the reason why they told me to stop cold all thyroid hormone supplementation.
    That was very good reason and I obliged.
    They did not cared how many and what kind thyroid hormones I would eat couple days after surgery.
    Those hormones will be pushed by just 6mg Medrol.

    Looks to me like your doc did the right thing for you, send him thank you note.

    After surgery you may want to go back to your old dose and be where you were before.
    What you are describing looks like a place that can be improved.

  5. stacyj

    stacyj New Member

    Sounds like it worked for you. I was not given Medrol- or at least was not told that I was. The dosage change started prior to surgery, on a PA's orders. My MD looked at my labs- at my insistence after she recommended yet another dosage change based on the TSH alone- ignoring the below range T3, and he stated my labs had looked fine (umm first time I have had to disagree with him), but to keep the lower dose. Grrrr.....I think we have come to the understanding that only he will review my labs from here on out, lol. In hospital, the only mention of my meds were by one of the nurses who found it hard to believe that I would take my levothyroxine at night. Well, it does say to take on an empty stomach one hour prior to eating- I eat within 15 minutes or so of rising. That pretty much rules out taking it in the am. Frankly, I thought it was weird she was so concerned. Of course, I was pretty well gorked out on pain meds.....so everything was pretty weird in the hospital. Just want to add that pain meds- in particular oxycodone and tramadol- are mined in the fiery pits of hell, and I hope to never have to take them ever again!

    Yes, definitely in a place that needs to be improved. I had been doing well on a T4 only med, but now that my T3 has tanked I am wondering where to go from here. I know that surgery- among the numerous other things, pretty much all of which I have, lol- can cause T4 to T3 conversion to drop. I just have not seen anything to indicate if it will recover on it's own or not. I will see my MD next Tues, and the neurosurgeon on the 14th, so I am sure they will both disagree (if the surgeon even answers, lol) and cause me more stress over the issue. I am sure I will be posting future labs, or more rants about crappy docs in the future, lol.

    Fitness- my MD is an internist, I have never found an endocrinologist I cared for out here- last I looked was 13 years ago though. He is pretty good at listening to me, and letting me decide if I feel a change is needing to be made. His PA though, has very much overstepped and I am very unhappy with that. As of now, I have like three different scripts out and have zero idea what I am supposed to be on, lol. I think she got my frustration when I replied to her last email to have the doc get back to me. I am not sure if the MD will be open to a T3 med, I guess I will find out just how open he is.
    BTW- I absolutely adore my Chiro- I wont give him up for anything. He was the only person able to get my neck feeling even remotely normal (car accident in 11/2010, and another 07/13), and kept me off of narcotics until I finally gave in and had my surgery on my lower back. I would not have survived the last year and a half without him. He gave me the courage to fire my first neurosurgeon. Thank heaven I was referred to another wonderful surgeon, and have been extremely pleased with my progress since surgery. Very hard to find a great practitioner out here for anything. When I find them, I do anything to keep them.

    I have a lot to be thankful for to this place, and Jack as well. I have no doubt this surgery would have gone as well, and as easily for me if I had been in the shape I was in the day I had my accident. The thyroid issue, while annoying, would undoubtedly have been more severe as well, IMO.
  6. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Bumping this up to say thank you for the suggestions on D3 brand supplements. I have been taking the NOW brand at 10000IU daily and the Bio-D-Mulsion 3 x per week (one drop) and my most recent Vitamin D Hydroxy just came back as 103 ng/mL! Using these brands made a big difference for me.

    My T3 Free and T3 Total tanked. I had reduced my dose to 25 in morning / 12.5 in afternoon. Will be bumping it back up.

    T3 Free 2.7 Range 2.3-4.2 pg/mL (June 2013 was 6.7)
    T3 Total 95 Range 76-181 ng/dL (June 2013 was 359)
  7. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    AWesome on the D3. It took me a while to discover that quality items don't always mean costly. I've been having thyroid issues - I can tell in general due to the fact my body temp is lower, and I just feel colder - I think some of that is due to the weather I haven't been able to be outside as much as I need. Sun is huge, as is grounding for me, as well as CT. I'm always more sensitive cold the first 1/2 of my cycle vs the last -
  8. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Yes, I have been more sensitive to cold and have experienced an energy slump this fall.

    Like you, spending time in the sun and grounding is a factor in this. I am missing the daily morning sun gazing at the park (too dark before work) and haven't been grounding as much on my lunch hour. Can't wait for Spring!

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