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ALL THINGS EYES..........redox power.

Discussion in 'Redox Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Feb 16, 2022.

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  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Amazon sells Echo Frames, transmitter eye glasses built to interface with an Android smart phone co-transmitting its confirmed human carcinogen within a pocket. These wireless glasses ensure that with a hand swipe to your forehead, you "never miss a moment with Alexa," the virtual personal assistant service operated by tech experts who manage your life from Amazon Lab 126. Beamforming speakers and microphones located on both sides of the chunky Echo frames siphon Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals into the brain, ears and eyes. The Amazon sales pitch raves: "Echo Frames give you hand-free access to Alexa. Now you can hear notifications and alerts, turn on compatible smart lights, or call a friend all without pulling out your phone. They're designed to keep you in the moment, so you never miss one." However, after perpetual exposure to powerful Wi-transmitters beaming directly over the optic nerves, you may eventually miss your eyesight.

    Marketing is legalized lying on the internet. Remember this.
    Internet radiation peddlers conduct no pre-market testing on long-term effects for brain/eyes
    and none of the equipment hyped here carries science-based health warnings.

    At Kruse Longevity Center we've found some key frequencies that help retinal regeneration and cataracts and have begun to use them on patients who are interested in non surgical light based options for ipRGCs repair.


    Echo Frames, sponsored by Amazon Digital Services LLC, are advertised at the Amazon site online. This quote is from the 2019 ad: "Introducing Echo Frames: Never Miss a Moment With Alexa."
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    You can opt for a 10K dollar stimulator that comes with a 50K dollar surgery or you can optimize your wide band semiconductors for free using nature. Your choice.

    The link below shows you the surgery way and my Vagus RX is nature's way. What is the VAGUS Rx? It teaches you to become a water muse.

    You will realize when you understand the construction of a cell and what water is doing inside of it you cannot find wellness in the same environment you got ill within. That is nature’s rules, not mine.

    We have to pay attention to this chronic disconnection from nature or illness will begin and manifest. Your mitochondrial create the water you need. This water has a different dielectric constant than any water you drink from a tap, a spring, a well, or a store. You have to embrace a water existence because water is a natural Faraday cage that allows for quantum coherence to take hold of in a cell. Inside this cage of water are two of the most critical wide-band semiconductors life uses to create a negative entropy state: hemoglobin, and melanin.

    You want that cage built inside your cells in an EZ format to protect you from nnEMFs of all types and restrict calcium flows; this will allow you to stimulate your vagus nerve while muting your PVN. Many people do not know most of the critical neurologic structures in their brain are targeted by light and adjacent to neuromelanin.

    In the light environment your eye, skin, and aero-digestive system pay attention to this atomic molecular design. It is the key to understanding how health remains. Just as a semiconductor fab plant requires atomic precision and has no room for dirt on its wafers, the fidelity of your design is more precise. The information comes from the penetration of sunlight via the pupils and it first targets the RPE of your retina. The mitochondria of your retina focus this light precisely to jettison across the central retinal pathways while creating POMC and then they target the hypothalamus, midbrain, and thalamus. Most of the human cortex is built around visual pathways. Via your skin, the largest neuroectodermal organ in humans light is collected by chromophores and sent inward to your blood, collagen, and meridians that allow deeply penetrating red light to enter to affect your mitochondrial ATPase at these levels. Light changes the way they operate inside of you.

    This is why the body is segmentally organized to distribute the light stimulus from the local environment even though it is below your sensory perception. We can now access these things using GDV cameras and photomultipliers. These photomultipliers have shown the world of science that every cell in every living thing on Earth releases ultraweak UV light. The light we create inside of our cells from our star is MORE POWERFUL than the sun. This is critical to building the negative entropy state. The only way to do this is by using wide-band semiconductors. Melanin is the key one to the mammalian clade.

    Realize it and change these aspects of your life at once. It will mean major moves will have to be made and this will not be comfortable. It will be hard to accomplish this because in most epi-oncogenic states dopamine levels are at the lowest levels making coming to the right choice an impossible task. Dopamine is created by the collision of UV light and melanin in the RPE.

    This is why you need to enlist a friend to help you. Often times your family will resist the choices you will have to make. The words “crazy and unreasonable” will be heard echoing in and around your home. You must reconnect with nature at once with your solar device in the sky.

    This means every morning you must see the sunrise and every night see the sunset. Your surfaces must also see the daily natural solar patterns. Do this before you do anything else.
    You must limit all artificial blue light and non-native EMF as soon as possible. From this light, you will create water in your mitochondria. This daily habit is a key part of this mitohack.

    Install a small in-home waterfall somewhere in your yard/solarium/home where you will dedicate your time to mindfulness. You must reconnect your vagus nerve (CN10) to your innate watery muse. Falling water brings the Lenard effect to your environment.

    You must begin meditation to improve your breath. Learn to use deep/slow belly breathing maximizing the Bohr and Haldane effect. Why? Oxygen is the key to transforming solar energy into the VUV light your aromatic amino acids need to create melatonin and dopamine which regenerate all the photoreceptors in your eye, skin, and gut.

    Exhale longer than you inhale. Ultra-weak UV light from your cells varies with oxygen tensions in cells. It also changes the free radical signal in you. That is the real purpose of breathwork.

    The vagus nerve innervates the lungs and thoracic cavity and this connects them to the braincase where CSF is via the floor of the fourth ventricle. This area has no blood-brain barrier. This is how your hydrogen bonds are changed to create a quantum coherence effect in a warm wet environment.

    Chanting the sound ‘OM’ deeply, as a monk would do also works to tone the vagus nerve. It allows us to feel deep base tones that we cannot hear with our cochlea and this also alters those hydrogen bonds to change the VUV frequencies we can tap to renovate our melanin semiconductors.

    I do this when I am in an isolation tank to sensitize my vagus nerve to a day in my operating room. I also chant a bit before I consider using carotid artery massage for my really stressful nights of trauma calls. This will also calm you down and have an amazing effect on your blood pressure. It is even better if you control the light environment you are in when performing this hack. I use special lighting to do this.

    I consider it my version of in-home chemotherapy for stressors I face in my job. Consider buying a quartz-sounding bowl and learning to use it to use sound to rebuild your coherent domains inside your cells.

    Cold water face immersion after exercise also stimulates the vagus and the mammalian dive reflex. Cold increases the ability to renovate melanin. Cold does this by improving the band gap in wide-band semiconductors. I spoke about this in the CT series and in my current blog on Patreon. Filling the mouth with cold ice and chewing it or drinking cold water, or cooling your saliva in your mouth and submerging your tongue to trigger a hyper-relaxing vagal response and it will change the oxidation of hemoglobin from +2 to +3 to deliver more oxygen and NO to your brainstem. This hack is perfect for those with melanin destruction in their brainstem and midbrain = sleep apnea and neurodegeneration.

    If you really want to push it putting crushed ice in your mouth with cold water really stimulates the ramus lingualis of the vagus nerve in the mouth. Stimulating the vagus nerve naturally with light and breath with these hacks above will far outperform any other maneuver because more oxygen is delivered to mitochondria to optimize ULF-UV light in cells.

    They are all easy to do and free to try. I’ve taught many members this during live events.

    When you really improve your condition, you might even consider learning free diving breathing. This is an advanced form of vagal and trigeminal stimulation. I’ve used this for mitohacks in cystic fibrosis and multiple sclerosis successfully.

    Artificial vagal stimulation is possible with a vagal nerve stimulator, but there are no indications for use with cancer at this time. I have a sense this might change with time. The most interesting link for cancer patients is depression link. Depression (low dopamine) and cancer (low melatonin levels) are tightly coupled by light.

    Depression is always associated with a stress response and a low DC electric current in tissues due to a lack of UV light. Low Vitamin D3 levels or a freed retinal are an ideal proxy for depression and cancer links. Depression and cancer diagnosis are often linked in life and in the literature. Your doctor may not make this link for you but you must.

    Vagal stimulation improves all of the following as shown in a pub med search: It turns on and amplifies neurogenesis, helping our brains sprout new brain cells. Rapidly turn off the stress, hyper-arousal, and fight/flight via the relaxation response.
    Sharpen our memories, and fight inflammatory disease by improving proton tunneling in enzymes. They help you resist high blood pressure. POMC is increased by UV light transformed inside our cells. POMC creates ACTH which forms cortisol. The amount of ACTH and cortisol must be quantized to your light environment. ALAN ruins this effect. It also lowers alpha MSH release and your neuroectoderm melanin semiconductors fail over time. This ruins how your cells operate at peak levels. Melanin turns on the immune system to block systemic (body-wide) inflammation which is a major factor in aging and poor health.

    This all helps us overcome depression and anxiety. It helps us sleep better to regenerate the immune system to fight cancer as nature has built within us. It raises levels of human growth hormone 12-3AM properly. You will often here growth hormone is a bad thing for cancers.

    Exogenous growth hormone is not the growth hormone from your own pituitary gland. It helps us overcome insulin resistance and natural sunlight gives this the best massive boost. Dealing with insulin resistance with food is a futile battle if you are not getting full spectrum sunlight via your retina/skin/gut daily. Vagal stimulation can turn down allergic responses and immune responses that overshoot because of poor signaling due to inflammation.

    Inflammation = too many protons to electrons and not enough light and pH is a measure of the integrity of the proton gradients around your cells. PH ruins enzyme kinetics. This is why deuterium can be a poison or a panacea. Context matters. The lower the pH the lower the thickness and power contained within your exclusion zone of cell water. This lowers the chances of getting stress, seizures, and tension/migraine headaches. Help spare and grow our mitochondria by stimulating autophagy and avoiding apoptosis; this is key to maintaining optimal energy levels and not causing massive overexpression of our DNA and RNA machinery that occurs in cancer states. It gives you more time to affect the environmental changes mentioned above. Affect our overall ability to live longer, healthier, and more energetic lives.

    The use of isolation tanks in heavy water with a combination of artificial UV and IR lights within the tub or its environment is a consideration for those with cash and time to burn.

    Humming and listening to running water in this state markedly stimulate several senses that the vagus nerve monitors. I have used some optical hacks with light via my eyes to augment these effects. I spoke about them in the June 2016 webinar. and you can get this replay on Patreon now.

    This might be hard to pull off in your home unless you build your own as I have.

    You can simulate it in a spa or hot tub.

    Exercise to stimulate deep breathing. Breathing stimulates cooling because of the effect of CO2 on our lung surface and this controls the oxidation state of Fe in your cells. This limits ferroptosis which destroys melanin semiconductors in you.

    This can vary depending on the person’s condition. The exercise must be done outside with as little clothing on as possible because of POMC.

    Avoid sunglasses at all times. They block melanin creation. If you wear contacts remove them and go back to glasses. A spectroscope will show you why. When outdoors take your glasses off. When indoors make sure you are blocking blue frequencies 400- 465 nm with blue tech lenses or some equivalent.

    Your vagus nerve rami come to the surface of your orbit around your eye muscles and blocking frequencies of light can and will alter the size and shape of your eye to alter the vagal tone. This is controlled by the radix oculomotoria nerve.

    Just stimulating your eyes by rubbing them can sensitize your vagus nerve.
    15 minutes of sounds of falling water or crashing waves, waterfalls, or splashing rivers will give you a 20-30% drop in stress hormones (cortisol and epinephrine) This can stimulate the vagal rami in the ear and ear canal where melanin resides.

    You don’t always need to meditate to take advantage of this because water alone can meditate you. The vagus nerve and water are intimately tied to all of our senses in ways that are quantized to the dissolved gases in water to make vibrations. Those vibrations can positively affect mitochondrial resonance. Dr. Doug Wallace has found a key frequency for optimized mitochondrial function and the geometry of the respiratory proteins on the cristae.

    Soundscape ecology helps soothe the PVN and stimulate the vagus nerve because our sound processing systems were built to be attuned to the smallest sounds. This phonon tuning began in the womb when we were surrounded by water. Today’s urbanized noise is not just annoying, it has been found to be lethal because it can generate solitons on cell membranes that alter the vagal tone to our detriment.

    Looking at pictures of the ocean daily can also have the same effect because it alters our mood according to cognitive neuroscientist Petr Janata from Univ. of California at Davis. https://www.businessinsider.com/vagus-nerve-stimulation-2015-6

    Please read QE # 27-30 to wake up on Patreon. It is all about melanin renovation Rx.
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