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Discussion in 'The Kruse Longevity Center' started by Jack Kruse, Sep 4, 2021.

  1. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    Hahahahaha you need to set them a challenge, whoever can survive 3 months in the wildnerness of Finland will be the winner of your heart.

    I've started doing intense CT in the last 2 weeks in Mexico... clocked in 36 hours in the last 12 days. Pushing HARD and getting fantastic results.

    Ah yes u can deny the test, but you have to present one to Fly into a country and they won't let you board the plane. If you don't have one, you have to do it on the spot.

    99 problems but a b*tch (or dude) ain't one
  2. Inger

    Inger Silver

    wow thats so cool with your CT! Wow!

    Yeah you are right with the flights. They dont let you in the plane. They did that once with me too. But thats why I take the Ferry instead - double expensive price and takes two nights and one day instead of 2 hours..lol but I love it. It is worth it :):):)

    One guy I dated only once yet says he is already in love with me :eek: and he said if i fall in love with him he would follow me to Finland?? :eek: He already have shut off all his wifi, tech, goes barefoot in the woods.. etc etc.. he does all what I do, already, and we have only met once :eek: IDK what to say to that.... :ninja:
  3. Inger

    Inger Silver

    its kind of spooky almost. How can I ever fight with a guy like that? :D
    he also never takes the c vaccine either. I only date guys that dont.. its my critera
    problem is there are kinda 3 or 4 guys in love with me here already. this is difficult I kinda regret this dating thing
  4. Your redox and brain must be very good!! :) People are attracted to this. I think oysters, light and less technology have the same effect on me. Love this.
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  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    In the US, you need to buy bitcoin before your dollars are useless. El Salvador has solved this. We’re roughly halfway between “buy bitcoin to get rich,” and “buy bitcoin to survive hyperinflation/deflation.”
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  7. ND Hauf

    ND Hauf Pleb

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  8. ND Hauf

    ND Hauf Pleb

    Last edited: Oct 8, 2021
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  9. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    El Salvador President: No capital taxes on Bitcoin, PR for crypto entrepreneurs
    The tiny country wants to recognize Bitcoin as ‘legal tender.’ And there’s some more perks for those looking to move.

    Shaurya Malwa · June 7, 2021 at 12:00 pm UTC · 2 min read

    El Salvador president Nayib Bukele said in a tweet last night that investors will pay no capital taxes on Bitcoin gains, a day after announcing the asset could soon be ‘legal tender’ in the country.

    “No capital gains tax for Bitcoin, since it will be a legal currency,” Bukele said, responding to a tweet by Tron founder Justin Sun about crypto investors moving to the country en masse.

    El Salvador is a small nation in South America, known mainly for its coffee, tourism, and manufacturing industry. The past weekend, however, saw president Bukele publicly announce his intention to float a Bitcoin-friendly bill to Congress, one that sees the world’s largest cryptocurrency (by market cap) become ‘legal tender’ in the country.

    But that’s not all. As per Bukele’s tweet, those interested in moving to the country can expect a bunch of other benefits. “Great weather, world-class surfing beaches, beachfront properties for sale. One of the few countries in the world with no property tax. No capital gains tax for Bitcoin, since it will be a legal currency. Immediate permanent residence for crypto entrepreneurs,” the president revealed in his tweet.
  10. ND Hauf

    ND Hauf Pleb

    I would assume a large part of the opposition is the opposing party spreading FUD and capitalizing on any hiccups incurred in the rollout. This happened pretty damn fast on a sizable scale. Should be awesome to watch play out. One more country jumps in the ring and……

  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    El Salvador is moving at light speed. People down there are benefiting.
  12. Ronald Waters

    Ronald Waters New Member

    Imitation is the ultimate form of flattery. If a man truly loves a women, he will lead and not follow. Following you to Finland proves nothing other than he enjoys being in your energy field.. Just my opinion Inger.:)

    How do we handle discomfort, disappointment, and rejection. These are the characteristics that must be tested to know the real character of a person.
    Do I become someone else to fit the presented narrative? Or do I remain a singular and consistent "I" am .... ?

    Most people are looking for their other half. In quantum relationships 2 halves do not make a whole. Most of us can experience the energy field when someone is all in. Everyone who comes in contact with you Inger, experiences this.
  13. Ronald Waters

    Ronald Waters New Member

    you are exactly right about the size and diversity of mexico. I make many comparisons to colombia with one exception, I can easily drive to mexico.

    What do you believe are currently some of the best areas in Mexico to get out of "Plato's cave"??
  14. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Hi Ron :love:
    guess what I just stopped dating them all I just did not want it. Uh. As you said, I dont like followers!! :eek: :rolleyes: I just want to run away...

    Now in one week I am leaving... 100% alone and free. Feels good. I am going to the wilderness.

  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    good thinking Inger!

    You are a complete whole person .....and you may want another complete person....
    someday when you grow up and want to settle down.

    Maybe you can accomplish so much more on your own - in the wild......and have lots and lots of lovers :)

    Variety is the spice of life after all......
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  16. Sean Waters

    Sean Waters New Member

    As Jack says about El Salvador I think you have to visit and gauge it for yourself... I can imagine a lot of people wouldn't like the Riviera Maya, or Tulum, but for me it's my favourite. I spent a long time thinking it wasn't, it was only when I left to go elsewhere did I realise what I had.

    Colombia I've not been to - but heard amazing things. Seems to be everyone's favourite in South America.

  17. Interesting comment about Colombia @Sean Waters . My brother came back to Aus 4 months ago when covid got really bad in Colombia. He lived there for 8 years and only got out becasue he could no longer stay given his circumstances. He is here and hates being back in Aus, he plans to spend the rest of his days in Colombia as soon as he can get back there after finalising things here.

    He lived originally in Bogota and for the last 3-4 years in Medellin and absolutely adores the country and the people and said he can live like a king on very little.
  18. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

  19. Lisa Norton

    Lisa Norton Silver

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  20. Ronald Waters

    Ronald Waters New Member

    He's absolutely right that the Colombian people are amazing. Everyone will talk to you, accept you, and look out for you. Colombia has changed a lot in the last 6-8 years. Medellin has grown a lot and is now a tourist destination, yet taxi drivers are so honest and helpful that Uber gave up. It's the cleanest big city in Latin America and building out lots of infrastructure... There's even a stand downtown where you can get fresh oysters
    I'm not a city dweller and even I don't rule it out... BUT their lockdown was harsh. I know people that were paying mordidas (buying favors) to go outside and walk around the block.
    Is it just misinformation? Or what is every county getting out of locking up the people??

    Here in the Iowa countryside we are free but now winter is coming and the sun is growing weak. I put on a mask yesterday for the first time in 6 months to give blood for a vitamin D test. Even in playa del carmen they are still requiring a mask on the bus or in a store. Can someone start a new thread entitled Where CAN I go, and be free??
    And yes the horizontal government model is great. I love how he knows that conflict among the people creates the space for government to thrive.

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