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All things 6th extinction: FACTOR "Y"

Discussion in 'Factor X' started by Jack Kruse, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Still get chills when Semiletov told Shakova "it" can happen any time:

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  2. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Last Sumatran male rhino dies in Malaysia:


    The number of population, functional, and species extinctions we're witnessing is spectacular.
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  3. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

  4. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Massive whale die-off in the Pacific, too depressing to post article:

  5. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    I've known the theoretical reality for most of my adulthood but to see the non-linearity entering criticality is profound. May be Gaia's mercy for our artificial condition.

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  6. Alex97232

    Alex97232 Gold

    moved to tears
  7. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    For example humans and plants give off carbon dioxide through respiration,
    making them a source of carbon dioxide,
    while plants absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis,
    making them a sink.
    Termite and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Facts: Scientists have calculated that termites alone produce ten times as much carbon dioxide as all the fossil fuels burned in the whole world in a year. ... Scientists estimate that, worldwide, termites may release over 150 million tons of methane gas into the atmosphere annually.Dec 20, 2014
    According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the world's volcanoes, both on land and undersea, generate about 200 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually, while our automotive and industrial activities cause some 24 billion tons of CO2 emissions every year worldwide.
    Volcanoes emit around 0.3 billion tonnes of CO2 per year. This is about 1% of human CO2 emissions which is around 29 billion tonnes per year.
    What does it mean when your co2 is low?
    A low CO2 level can be a sign of several conditions, including: Kidney disease. Diabetic ketoacidosis, which happens when your body's blood acid level goes up because it doesn't have enough insulin to digest sugars. Metabolic acidosis, which means your body makes too much acid.Jan 28, 2018
    The Ocean Has Released an Insane Amount of CO2, And No One Even Noticed
    24 MAR 2018
    huge release of CO2 from Amphibolis antarctica seagrass off north-western Australia.
  9. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    You really believe this?
  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Any other questions?
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  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I think medical clinics and attorneys are going to be very interested that this actually has a NEW code in medical billing because RF makes cognitive behavior worse and is being accepted into mainstream medicine now. Who is laughing last now? This is a direct result of the 11/12018 NTP study.
    It is a big step made here in ICD 10.
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  12. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  13. Ed Pomicter

    Ed Pomicter New Member

    published in Nature July 13, 2019

    Synopsis: IPCC Model of Climate Change ignores Low Level Clouds. When they are taken into account, there is no longer room for greenhouse gasses to have significant impact. Of any CO2 impact, at most 10% is human caused CO2....equates to potential human CO2 impact of 0.01C in the last 100 years.


    Nothing to see here, Folks....move along.
  14. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Termites, clouds, no thermodynamics, which stage of grief are we in?

  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Not only will 1G to 5G provide insults on health but also it will be built to stealthily invade our privacy and break the 4th amendment of the US Constitution with the use of routers and the like these........in a 5G world using RFID chips.
    Here is just another reason to go wired in the 5G world. WiFi router could be used to monitor heartbeats, movement, and even emotions. This is current technology. Imagine what will happen when you surround yourself with more and more "smart" devices. But it seems a lot of people do not care about their privacy anymore anyway since we get trained to display our lives online as much as possible. You still don't believe me..............LOL. Y'all have a lot to learn. Stop engaging the food gurus and pay attention to the people who understand how your light environment is killing your colony of mitochondria.
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  16. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Anyone interested in coping with NTHE Peter Miller a professional therapist is doing dialogues online which I find worth watching since most of my friends are either ignorant of the timing, incapable of discussing yet, or both.

  17. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

  18. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

  19. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Interview of a quantum physics professor:


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