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ALL THINGS 5G........

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Tobias Fischer

    Tobias Fischer New Member

    All this talk about the dangers of 5g and long term effects on health. Im really interested in imediate affects. The second I go near a smartphone I get dizzyness and confusion. I supplement 4g of Fishoil, that helped at first now im back to square one. Iodine did not help, selenium did not help and neither did zinq. Sodium makes it worse. I basically life a zero to 200 mg salt diet. the secont I have one salty meal like salt potatoes my problem gets exponentially worse. Is anyone willing to discuss that topic? It could also help others
  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    nnEMF is everywhere in the whole world.
    It affects birds, whales, butterflies, and other animal migrations.

    Initially, relocation seemed to be the solution.
    A number of people moved to places that were advertised as a solution.
    For a short time may look like a positive change for some, for others not.
    Then you are looking for another place.
    Then you realize that you have to work for a living or that it may be hard to live with bandits or scorpions, tarantulas and snakes.

    Start with living in the lowest population density that you can afford.
    Live in a very small one-floor house on the largest property you can manage.
    Make sure to spent most of your daily time outdoors, mostly naked, with no eyeglasses.
    Monitor your vit D, it must be high and naturally made.
    Do not eat anything wheat.

    Read the advice of @DrEttinger first, (all pages).
    No Obligation, 15 Minute, Phone Consultation*

    Last edited: May 30, 2020
  3. @Tobias Fischer -> Adding to @JanSz list

    checkout - https://www.lessemf.com/
    Get yourself tested - https://dutchtest.com/info-dutch-plus/ <- without data about yourself, you will not know "where to start".
    Make sure you get your morning Sunrise Therapy with light into your eyes for a minimum of 20 minutes.
    As @JanSz stated, make sure you get your solar noon (where the sun is 50 degrees in the sky or better), exposing your naked body, 20 minutes per side (front, back and sides).
    Do all you homework outside fully exposed.
    Use blue-light blockers for all screen time including your phone.
    Eat seafood.

    Grandpa John
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  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  5. Tobias Fischer

    Tobias Fischer New Member

    Sure everyone has hormonal problems to an extent. But im 24 years of age, my body should be able to tank certain things and for the next couple of years I dont really have too much freedom of choice regarding structuring my day.

    The problem seems to have to do with electrolyte balance and nerve cell function. Taking DHA seems to help, taking salt makes it worse. Sunlight makes it worse. Heat radiation of the firepit makes it worse. Hot showers makes it better. Red light therapy makes it better in the morning, worse at night time.

    I stoped supplementing vit d3 some time back now and even though I thought the omega 3s helped it seems to have gotten worse again. The only thing that changed was vit d. supplementation. But not my blood levels.

    Cell phones emit radiation. Light is radiation. All these things alter our biology for better or worse. I know i improved my situation somehow but im not really sure what did it. Bottom line seems to be my nerves dont work properly and im sure its the same thing for many others.

    We understand now decently well what emfs do to our cells regarding calcium. Not eating grains, in particular eating oatmeal did not seem to help. eating seafood does not help. Been there, done that. Being outside all that makes me not being able to sleep. As crazy as that sounds. Generally I feel like my skin is somewhat on fire especially after Ive eaten salt or if I did some light excercise like walking up a hill.
    I know what it feels like when your body does not have issues. thats not too far back in time for me to know. I get cold REALLY easely and there is cero stress tolerance. Sauna sure makes most tired so I wont give that example but say a cold shower, even worse an ice bath kills me. Afterwards. Say 3 mins after Im just KO. Thats even afet a 1 min cold shower.
    So its maybe not the thermal loss that i cant not make up for(since i get cold so easely) but the cold shock in general. Hence the no stress tolerance.
    Working in the woods all day, hiking all day. Generally acing like a human should = can not sleep.
    Being outside is stress. Anyting is stress really. Again for better or worse. I understand that being outside is the sort of stress you need to then be able to rest.
    Something is really getting out of hand with my health and at the very least I would like to know what mechanism to trace it back to the cause.
    Ive gone through too many therapists and docters form all walks of live. Some really ignorant others way less.
  6. Thank you for reporting the "reality". The desire to sale communications over EMFrequencies seems economically a diminishing "investment of returns" not just the purchase, instillation, maintenance costs but the reduction in reimbursement fees per transmission device do the competition.
    Question: When did cell "tower" transmitter installations no longer required "registration?"
    Websites like https://www.cellmapper.net seem frozen with very old data.
    Last edited: May 30, 2020
  7. Good news - you're working at it. I hear a determination in your tone -> congrads.
    The mechanism for vivirant health was been sought after for all human history.
    Improvement along the way to a nirvana, is at least attainable.

    I've bulleted some ideas above.
    Are you trying any of the receipts from Dr. Jack Kruse's - https://jackkruse.com/its-back-optimized-cooking-ecookbook/

    Grandpa John
    Last edited: May 30, 2020
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  8. Tobias Fischer

    Tobias Fischer New Member

    The beautifull thing about the wold nowadays is that we, at ever greater speeds, will get to the point of good health being a normality at the press of a button. To the point that humans can live a life way beyone 200 years and without getting older than the biological age of 24 and other genetical and mechanical enhancements beyond that. To the point where science catches up to the point where we will have biological processes altering options to the point where healthproblems will no longer be a topic of discussion of normal everyday people.
    Will your generation be a part of that? Since you are a bit older than me, maybe not. Is it gonna be my generation that will be granted a longer life?
    Maybe, only the future will know. Personally I dont think a scenarion like the matrix is what awaits. More like scifi movie with a space faring civilization.

    I understand where Jack is coming from but his views wont make humans live 200 and beyond. He adds to the conversation of how to get there without maybe knowing it. Since I dont think that thats what hes out for.
    No supplement nor Diet or lifestyle or anything else under the sun(the things that are not BS) will get you to 200+.
    What it will do Is keep you healthy, full of vitality with respect of the ageing process. Certain things will not only keep you more happie but also slow the ageing process.

    Personally I will do anything to make that happen. The great news is that there is a supplement called Lipofullerenes or C60 in olive oil.
    Why is that important? It fixes the mitochondria without doing anything else major. You can have the best redox potential and still have big issues. For me Im pretty sure that Redox is not the part where I struggle. Could be wrong. There is a point tho where your mitochondria can work too well and they break. Also im 24 still so again I "should be able to tank something". Knowing that I dont eat any salt, iodine doesnt change anything other then that I get a soar throat. There has to be something different at play. I do sleep without any powerlines on in my bedroom. My rem sleep has improved by maybe less than half an hour or form a steady 15 percent to now mostly 20 percent of total sleep time. but problems kept getting worse. You have different systems at play to keep you healthy and well, any one of them fails or even worse buttom up you get unwell, im sure everyone can agree to that. Your mitochondria, general cell functioning, the nervous system, hormones, cardio vascular system, ph of blood, digestive tract to list a few.

    Red light therapy improves digestion, falls in line with what jack sais. Interesting suff but not beyond taking prebiotics. being in the sun all day without a shirt does not do that either. I never used sunlotion ever. Im pale tho but if you keep getting in and out of the sun you wont get burned either. also red light therapy is a natural sunblock too.

    So I know its not tied to general light input. somewhat tied to rhythm, but it is for most people. Next up would be omega 3s. I take up to 4 g of epa and DHA a day so thats not broken either and Ive never had an Issue digesting fats either.

    Basically what im trying to say is that 1. There is something really broken about my body and 2. It goes beyond jacks teachings but there is something about what he sais that has nothing to do with his general teachings that would tie into my problem.
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  9. @JanSz is a big believer in C60. Ask him how's it working for him.
    Have your tried -> https://heavenlynaturalproducts.com/products/c60-mct-oil
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  10. Christina Gagnon

    Christina Gagnon New Member

    I watched this video from a really interesting guy who has had a lot of radio experience and has built many antennae. He claims building these antennaie will attenuate 5G entering your home:
  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  12. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    upload_2021-6-25_8-46-34.jpeg upload_2021-6-25_8-46-12.jpeg

    40 years... 40 weeks... 40 days... flood... as in the days of Noah when the rain starts falling it’s to late.
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  13. Jacks

    Jacks Gold

    Should I be worried about metal screws in my knee with respect to 5G (from surgery 30 years ago)?
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2021
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