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ALL THINGS 5G........

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    More on RF risks that are coherent with the NTP study of 11/1/2018:

    I have had a lot of inquiries about moves to Puerto Rico after the storm (Maria)........I would be careful about it for two reasons. The destruction will fast-track 5G and the largest radar dish in the world is already been there for close to 60 years. The amount of RF there is astronomical and they have several cancer clusters as a result.

    When it comes to telescopes, there are few as awe-inspiring as the one at Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. At 1,000 feet (305 meters) across and 167 feet deep, the Arecibo telescope is the largest and most sensitive radio telescope in the world. It is used to scan the sky for near-Earth objects capable of hitting Earth mimicking what happened to us 65 million years ago. It is also the LARGEST pulsed RADAR machine in the world. The amount of antenna's in this area is astounding. Blood cancers seem to be on the rise in this region even though it sits at 18N latitude. http://www.rcpr.org:81
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  2. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    Hippocrates had no clue what humanity and the health of all living things would be up against with nnEMF proliferation, so I revised this one for a 21st century update.

  3. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

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  4. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    That study was tested with 1800 MHz frequencies.

    Now, let's introduce 5G millimeter waves at much higher frequencies (coming to the town where you live).

    Since these mm wave forms are known to be most active at skin level (includes eyeball). I suspect time will prove my hypothesis correct that in a 5G world incidence of eye diseases will increase one or two orders of magnitude (especially cataracts).
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  5. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    Yep, and 5G will include all of the past 4G frequencies in their infrastructure... Yep, mmWaves are going to add additional chaos and biological effects into the mix. I think about how the past 4G frequencies could increase higher in power density and therefor exposure potential, like on steroids.
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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    My prediction comes true quickly from the Nov 2018 webinar: So it did not take long for my November 2018 webinar to get some serious data behind its sails, did it? The medical examiner says the guy had acute septic shock.
    Who thinks injecting the flu virus in someone in a 5G city is linked to the etiology of this? November 2018 was a prophet post in this regard. https://prepforthat.com/jose-r-peralta-passes-away-after-complaining-of-flu-shot/
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  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    5G alert and vaccines do not mix. A Las Vegas man loses his sight and the ability to walk days after receiving the flu shot. He believes the vaccination triggered a rare condition called GBS, CDC confirms there is a connection between the two.
    Story: http://bit.ly/2rbLEk8
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  9. recoen

    recoen Gold

    GBS is not rare nowadays :rolleyes:.
  10. shiran

    shiran Curious

  11. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    BREAKING VIDEO More Senators joining the bandwagon, questioning how 5G is safe.

  12. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    Perhaps Mr. Blumenthal did not get campaign donations from wireless industry.
  13. Scompy

    Scompy Gold

    I'm thinking it goes even deeper than that....
  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  15. Phil

    Phil New Member

    From this article: "What is the most connected area utilizing 5G in America. Can you guess? The most advanced 5G system is in Minneapolis. U.S. Bank Stadium, where Super Bowl LII was held in February 2018, advanced the city’s connectivity beyond any other. Many more cities across the country are now trying to catch up." or this article. I don't know how true this is now, but I think Minneapolis has become one of the worst cities to live in up there with Houston, Austin, L.A., Boston, Chicago, and New York. I thought I would post pictures of what early 5G looks like in Minneapolis, it is really starting to creep me out. You started to see the lamp post micro cell towers around U.S. Bank stadium back December 2017. Now they can be found all over the city. The buildout for Super Bowl laid down the early infrastructure, now you can tell they are running with it to make Minneapolis a major test area for smart cities/5G. I quit my downtown job 3 weeks after these started to show up last December. I've never had anxiety, I don't know if you would call it anxiety, but I had shortness of breath/tight throat which gave me an anxious feel after these started to show up. I moved 20 miles away from downtown 2 years ago when me and my wife started to get Tinnitus. We are surrounded by trees in a small valley where no cell phone carrier has good service for now. I would guess the build out will reach us in a year. I'm now prepping our house to move another 10-15 miles to farmland. I plan on buying a fixer up house and adding shipping container style house on top of it. I do fear I'm just kicking the can down the road. TO go with Jack's latest awesome blog post QT#24, I have noticed it's been really cloudy this year. This entire month the weather report will say it's going to be sunny, but it is cloudy as hell. The sun has only shined 2-3 days since October. There is a good chance this latitude becomes unlivable pretty quickly.

    A friend wrote this article before killing herself a few months back. Her apartment was in the U.S. Bank Stadium area. You can tell she knew her spontaneous depression had something to do with technology. I grew up on the front range of Colorado. I feel really off whenever I visit home. I thought it was altitude, but I always feel great when I make it up to the mountains to snowboard. I can tell whatever is going on in Colorado is still worse than here. I've known three people from home that have committed suicide this year. Everyone I know from home seems to be struggling with mental health and addiction. You get a pretty good sense that something is off when observing Facebook posts from everyone I grew up with. I have a feeling 5G is really going to crush my generation (Millennials) before even the older generations. It's crazy how many people my age I see posting about battling recently diagnosed cancer. I guess it's sort of a good thing I have a similar personality as Jack in that I can come off sort of heartless/emotionless to others, not much really upsets or rattles me. So not posting this to be like poor me, more posting it to interate we have a problem and a lot of work ahead of us all. The California Fires were more disturbing to me than 9/11, it gave me that same feeling that the world will never be the same, the feeling of prepping for war, accept this war is invisible to most people. 2019 is going to be a strange and difficult year for a lot of people who thought 2018 was rough.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    These domes are starting to show up on all the traffic lights. I'm pretty sure they are part of the 5G, they show up at the same time the lamp towers show up.[​IMG]
    Almost every other light pole has the micro cell towers on them. Inbetween the light post micro cell towers these things are showing up. They sort of look like wifi routers, but they show up at the same time as the other things which makes me think they are part of the 5G build out.

    Obviously an incredible amount of factors go into this but I'll post it anyways: I've done a lot of traveling this year, with the thought in mind that I want to travel as little as possible once 5G really gets going unless it's to a beach in Mexico. I was in New York two weeks ago (stayed in Manhattan) and surprisingly felt really good. I've also recently been to Indianapolis, Paris, Rome, Austin, L.A. and Denver. I surprisingly felt really good in Paris/Rome (and the several other European cities I visited on the same trip) even with the assault on my circadian rhythm. Austin, Indianapolis, L.A. and Denver are a nightmare. I wanted to get the hell out of those areas the second I landed. I'm not sure why, but I felt the worst traveling to Indianapolis last weekend. I have a feeling they are very far ahead on 5G.
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  16. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    Thanks for a 'boots on ground report' on conditions where you have been.

    You are right-- we have our work cut out for us in dodging the 4G/5G bullet coming our way.

    It will take hard work and out of the box thinking, but most us I believe will make it through these challenging times okay. Thankfully, Dr Kruse is throwing out bread crumbs everywhere to teach us how to beat the odds.

    Interesting you mentioned California wild fires. Dr Martin Pall mentioned in a recent speech that he felt one reason they were so catastrophically bad is because microwave RF radiation had accelerated dehydration of vegetation there.
  17. Quantum1

    Quantum1 New Member


    Sleeping with your 5G smartphone can KILL you - this should be a warning of what's to come

    It is estimated that 95% of American teens today have access to a smartphone, a clear reflection of our technology-dependent society. However, we must ask ourselves, are we fully aware of the risks associated with the technology in our own homes?

    This is one of many questions raised after news stations around the globe picked up the story of 16-year-old Mohammad Aidil Azzahar Zaharin. Like many teens around the globe, Zaharin owned a smartphone, the device that teens have come to use for anything and everything. More than just a cell phone, they are agendas, miniature computers, calculators, and mp3 players. Listening to music, the boy fell asleep still wearing his headphones & Died !!!!!!



    @Jack Kruse
  18. Ozzie_Kendall

    Ozzie_Kendall New Member

    Snap shot on my phone of networks available shopping on Xmas Eve in Brisbane Australia.

    I’m seeing 5G on there....

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  19. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out and make the world take notice of what you are doing. If it helps them, they may even pitch in and try to help you down the road. It is like planting a tree when you're young. The future tree won't help you right now.........but it may help the flocks you hope to help in the future. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/my-2018-regrets-christmas-eve-jack-kruse/?published=t
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