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ALL THINGS 5G........

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Katie Durham

    Katie Durham New Member

  2. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    Like it or not, young people (perhaps under 35 yrs or so-- no exact age inflection point) are our future.

    Many (but not all) of these young adults have been assimilated into the current zeitgeist Borg (to use a Star Trek metaphor) which places overweening importance on tribes/ethnic identity, fluid gender/racial identity, PC and identity politics, globull warming, and other 'social justice' causes.

    And of course, getting back to this thread topic, they have been raised in total immersion in an electronic digital and social media world. They have never known anything different. An RF microwaved world is all they have experienced, so it is 'normal'.

    My generation remembers a time when only wealthy people had a mobile phone, when communicating with others meant face-to-face or analog phone (not through a blue screen). I also recall getting an education in schools that was political agenda-free, not the indoctrination centers that are the cesspools called schools/colleges today.

    You can't blame the kids entirely-- they are just products of their time and place in history.

    However, there will always be a few who will buck these trends and do the right things. We place our hopes in these exceptional individuals. It doesn't take a large number of them to help set society back on track-- just enough.
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  3. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Amazing how powerful the media are.

    On a scientific level akin to denying gravity or thermodynamics. I can't fathom the amount of wishful thinking and suspension of reality required to accept the lies they want you to believe.
  4. PaulG

    PaulG New Member

    From Dr. Devra Davis

    The autobiographical "Cell Phone Radiation — Russian Roulette” tells the story of senior telecom engineer, Robert C. Kane, who had willingly served as a guinea pig for Motorola and other companies developing new wireless technologies in the 1980s. Until he died from brain cancer in 2002, Kane sought to persuade others about the dangers, noting:

    “Never in human history has there been such a practice as we now encounter with the marketing and distributing of products hostile to the human biological system by an industry with foreknowledge of those effects.”
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  5. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

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  6. PaulG

    PaulG New Member

  7. PaulG

    PaulG New Member

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  8. PaulG

    PaulG New Member

  9. Denise0918

    Denise0918 Gold

    5G coverage experience:
    This is on my husbands android phone receiving 5 G ALL though out the city of Philadelphia and all the way down I95 through Chaddsford Pa also he receives the signal in Wilmington Delaware. Just for anyone in the area who wants to know, we are swimming in. I luckily live in farm land in Maryland but with satellites I’m sure we will eventually swim in it too. I’m writing this sitting in my Giza pyramid on the ground outside next to my pond surrounded by wetlands and a cold steam that I plan to sit in later after I eat some salty seafood Thanks Dr Kruse !
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  10. Solidsilverteeth

    Solidsilverteeth New Member

    Your Giza pyramid sounds interesting

    How big is it?
  11. Denise0918

    Denise0918 Gold

    This is it. If I have an ache or pain or foggy head I sit in there and it clears within 5 minutes. If I stay in too long I’ll get over charged especially after getting my wireless Energy from the sun. my German Shepherd dog loves to sit in there with me.
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  12. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    What's the metal and ball made of?
  13. Denise0918

    Denise0918 Gold

    Organite , it came with the pyramid. So I think it has some crystals in it and some metals like copper suspended in the ball.
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  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    People with newly diagnosed bipolar disorder are 3.5 times more likely to have metabolic syndrome! Is there a connection? There is.........Metabolic syndrome is most often seen in those who live an indoor existence while bathing themselves in blue light and nnEMF. The best way to avoid all mental illness is to remain in the sun and remain in the dark when the sun sets. It is not that hard. When you bathe in light at night mental illness will find you eventually. https://www.psychiatryadvisor.com/h...s-linked-to-newly-diagnosed-bipolar-disorder/
  15. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    I like your unconventional attitude to try approaches like pyramid power.

    There are still many that scoff skeptically at these things but it only shows their rigid, uncompromising beliefs (that is, only things that modern 'science' can measure and put its stamp of approval on is 'reality').

    Pyramid power is based on sacred geometry and by extension, biogeometry.

    Ancient Egyptian power forms and practices were not unique to them but they certainly knew how to apply this knowledge.

    I'm sure the instructions that came with your Pyramid kit explained where the power hot spots are inside the pyramid. Also, based on what we know about the practical workings of this type of pyramid you need to make sure you nullify the 'unhealthy' energy that this pyramid can generate (yes, these things are complicated and not for rank amateurs).

    Good luck.
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  16. Solidsilverteeth

    Solidsilverteeth New Member

    I read some sleep inside beehive pods have pyramid roofs.
    They talked about the cosmic power of the universe.
    In all honesty I thought it was new age mumbo jumbo, unlike sleeping inside the beehive itself which the benefits can be explained by science.

    So is pyramid power able to be explained scientifically or in a bio physics way?
  17. mrc

    mrc Silver

    At 1:31:00min, 1:52:50min. Biogeometry founder, Dr. Karim spoke of a specific 'L' shape that protects against 5G via German spagyrics.
    Hard to believe but anyone who's experienced/tested various applied mental tech can see it isn't too much of a stretch.
    The process of how it was 'discovered' (i.e. given by Gaia) reminds me of the Masaro Emoto viral tales of emotion shaping water.
    Has anyone found the German handbook that shows this shape?

    I asked in the Biogeometry fb group & the fb posted Canadian event where they'll premiere the design & awaiting responses otherwise the pendant of that shape will be sold next month in their eshop.
    Supposedly their current items partially protect against 5g as they offer many types of protection against emf radiation.
    The time stamped audio above has further details

    Bio-geometrical shapes: a new option for protection against neurodegenerative insult of Wi-Fi radiation
    Nevin E. Sharaf1, Mohammed S. El-Sawy2, Hanaa H. Ahmed3*, Fatehya M. Metwally1, Noha M. Hegazy1and Annan M. El-Mishad1
    1Department of Environmental and Occupational Medicine, National Research Centre, Dokki, Giza, Egypt.
    2Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Misr International University, Cairo, Egypt.
    3Department of Hormones, National Research Centre, Dokki, Giza, Egypt.
    https://www.isisn.org/BR15(3)2018/2481-2488-15(3)2018 BR18-291.pdf

    The age of information relies on electromagnetic radiation so you can say that the age of information carries within it a time bomb that will completely end life on earth." 30min.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2019
  18. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    I use Biogeometry devices and practices and am a firm believer in their effectiveness.

    However, here we are dealing with powers that confound our current understanding of physics. This really is uncharted territory and not too productive for low-dopamine or low-IQ dabblers.

    I have read of Dr Karim's Biogeometry project to address RF/MW pollution in a Swiss village. It makes for fascinating reading. His group attached the Egyptian power devices to cell tower antennas, as I recall. Results were overwhelming positive for most residents of that village.

    I don't think, however, that this type of intervention completely nullifies the health-destroying mechanism of this nnEMF, but it seems to really work for symptomatic relief, especially for those poor folks with EHS.
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  19. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    Science can't explain it. They can't even objectively measure it.
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  20. mrc

    mrc Silver

    Russian science explains some of it. Valery Uvarov is a good start.
    Biogeometry's biosignatures book is amazing & so easy to use.
    I'm skeptical on the 5G claim yet the biosig book covers a very wide ground too.
    I hope others here give it a try.
    Test everything. Believe nothing. Truly.
    Love his interviews.
    A freebie to try:

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