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All the Labs You'd Ever Want to Do

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by TheKid, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. TheKid

    TheKid Gold

    Hi All,

    Jack encouraged me to post my labs here and so that's what I'm doing. Because of my own N=1, I have gone the extra mile and done more testing than many might normally do. But I have a lot going on, so I thought the more the merrier.

    You can see them as a PDF here: http://sdrv.ms/14B2Jn9

    It's hard to format labs here on the forum, so I posted them to the cloud instead. I've highlighed in red the labs that are out of range, so hopefully that is clear. These may give you an idea of some of the corners in which you can shine your flashlights when trying to get ahold of your situations. In my labs you will see: multiple markers of inflammation, multiple infectious disease and parasite scans, hormone testing, full liver detox function testing, mitochondrial peformance, toxin exposures, neurotransmitter levels, comprehensive allergy scans, antibody production, immune system function, intracellular micronutrients, antioxidant levels, cancer scans, gut permeability, etc. etc. etc.

    They are listed by date with the most recent first. So the 2 most recent sets are probably most relevant.

    I'd be happy to field questions about the testing i've done and what I'm doing with all the results. I'd also love any feedback folks have, since I myself am a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of things going wrong all at once. Sometimes the more you know, the harder it becomes to take the first step.

    Some interesting findings you will see:
    1. My 23andMe profile showed that I have the SNP that makes me a slow metabolizer of caffeine. However, during the caffeine detox challenge on 6/28/2013, I was found to have increased NAT2 (N-Acetyltransferase) activity. This confounds me.
    2. I have salivary cortisol testing from both this summer and the summer of 2012. I went from making very little cortisol in 2012, to what seems to be an upside down pattern in 2013. Hmm.
    3. Jack talks about NFkB and IL-6 being labs that generally track together when they get worse. Not the case for me. My NFkB sucks for sure, but my IL-6 was normal. Although I don't know if normal equals optimal in this case.
    4. I showed no reactivity to wheat and gluten; and that was a HUGE surprise. However, I am reactive to diary apparently, which now explains how a small amount of liquid yogurt sent me into a GERD tailspin and nearly immediate inflammatory crisis with swollen lymph nodes and pain all over.
    5. Depsite poor liver detox function on 6/28/2013, prior testing on 4/12/2013 showed good glutathione levels. Would have expected glutathione to be worse.
    6. I have good CoQ10 levels, which I did not expect considering my problems.
    7. I was deficient in Vitamin C despite taking 1.5g daily prior to the test on 4/12/2013.
    8. Calcium and potassium were low.
    9. My ACTH stimulation test seems to prove Jack's point that adrenal fatigue is NOT a disease of the adrenals. My adrenals responded just fine, despite the fact that I was, at that very same time, making very little cortisol whatsoever.

    There's tons in there. Enjoy looking through them if you like. All the best.
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The clue was the Calcium and Potassium........calcium efflux out of cells is what happens due to EMF......I think the NF kappa beta and IL-6 incongruency makes some sense......you are doing a lot to help your self but your environment is not allowing for a flip........The ACTH test also supports a leaky BBB and stress response thru the brainstem. C is low cause iodine (thyroid is still not optimal) I think BCM 7 and DPPIV maybe your version of celiac........my next blog is made for you.
  3. TheKid

    TheKid Gold

    One thing that gets talked up a lot amongst alt med practitioners is toxins. My testing shows I've got a lot of Formaldehyde and this Phthalate: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dioctyl_phthalate.

    That Phthalate by itself can cause insulin resistance, heart arrhythmia, and endocrine disruption, all of which I have problems with.

    We don't talk as much about toxins here as other stuff. And I'm wondering if it might also be the Phthlates. Although I have no idea how to chelate a Phthalate. I suppose I might have to just get healthy and let my liver do the work.
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I am no fan of chelation........big fan of improving liver detox pathways.....but that is directly tied to your field and the PPP.......go back and read what the PPP three main functions are........you might re remember something tied to your issue.

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