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Alex's journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Arborescence, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,

    I think that most of you know my story now but for those that don't I will try to make it short:

    My name is Alex, I am french (so sorry if you don't understand me, I am not fluent in english, don't hesitate to ask me to reformulate) and 25 years old, I have discovered Dr. Kruse almost 2 months ago now and started applying his principles as much as I can (eating lot of seafoods, epi-paleo diet, doing a leptin reset (not ended yet), going out a lot in the sun and grouding, taking mitochondria supplements, mitigating nnEMF and blue lights, meditation and cardiac coherence/coherent breathing).

    I've always had a bit of a weak constitution, with lot of deformities and thin bones (despite being tall, 6'5), constipation, GERD and bad ADHD (so it is hard to read Dr. Kruse blogs and understand the whole picture even if little by little it's starting to make more sense thanks to your kindness and patience guys), low libido and maybe a bit of a OCD, schizoid personality disorder and/or asperger syndrom.
    5 years ago I was working hard (8 hours/day and sometimes more without days of rest) to become a professional drum player and it was working very well, but unfortunately one night after my working session my world got upside down, my heart started to beat very fast and bp to rise very high over the roof and my body became cold as ice, it was really creepy and I ended up in the emergency room, they found nothing and it calmed after 2 hours so I went back to my home. I forgot to mention that at the time I was smoking weed often to soothe my muscles (but stopped since 4 years because it triggers the same symptoms) and help with a feeling of anhedonia I was feeling since I was 13 years old.
    I figured out later that I had a tetany seizure this night, and that I had a lot of signs that something was not going well before (tired, etc). My lymph nodes where very swollen and hard like rock and it has not changed since then.
    I stayed during 1 year with these seizures almost h24 and very tired, with very cold hands and red crust on my hands. After 1 year of saying that everything was okay, the doctors discovered that I had Lyme disease so I took 1 year of antibiotics as I was not improving at all. It helped just a bit and the tetany seizures, but destroyed my digestion (and I still have hard constipation issues, addicted to enemas everyday). Then I stayed one year like that without being able to do anything and quite spaced out and depressed.
    I started to do a lot of research seeing that the MDs where not taking my case seriously and that this science was in fact a lot less advanced that what I thought (and controlled by ego and money problems), and eventually I stopped gluten, tried eating low IG foods. It improved a bit some symptoms like my tetany/spasmophily and I took a lot of supplements that people on the health field are advising in France, it helped me feel a bit less tired but eventually my liver started to have a lot of spasms in reaction to fat (fish oils and oils) and to become unable to digest fats and I became more and more tired/apathic.
    Then after some time I discovered Raw vegan foods and tried it for 1 year and half, at first it improved some of my symptoms (maybe because I stopped glycation, grains, bad fats and had a lot of antioxydants and coherent water) but after some times my brain power dropped a lot (it was already not that high) and I was left in total apathy with no energy.
    And now I have discovered Dr. Kruse and stopped raw vegan foods and I am doing what I told you.
    You can read more here: http://forum.jackkruse.com/index.ph...s-following-dr-kruse-method-in-england.13802/
    By the way I am not in England anymore but back in France, will start and IT school next year, not the best choice I know but it was the only option I had.

    So let's recap my actual symptoms:

    - Deformities and craking and joints. Spasms in the solar plexus/stomach (and always bloated with constipation, despite my stools are quite normal on the bristol chart stool) and it is difficult to breathe (my VO2 max is very low and always was). I feel sometimes that I have some spasms near the heart area or that is not working very well.
    - Not able to do sport or play drums because I feel bad afterwards (my BP rises and I hear "motor sounds" when it happens, my dark circles under the eyes are getting darker) and I am not flexible enough for that.
    - I was emaciated on the raw food thing but now I am almost a bit chubby (storring fat in the belly and around the waist and the but) despite the fact that I am on a leptin rx and taking curcuma, carnitine and resveratrol.
    - Spider veins, it is quite a shame for me at my age and I really wish to get rid of these (and they are in embarrassing locations). Very dark/purple circles under the eyes mixed with some spider veins and purple veins.
    - Swollen and hard lymph nodes (since the beginning of my issues).
    - ADHD and anhedonia. Bad memory, difficulties to remember my dreams.

    Supplements I'm taking:

    - Resveratrol
    - Acetyl L-carnitine
    - Magnesium malate
    - PQQ
    - Ubiquinol
    - Align probiotic

    A typical day:

    - Getting up at 8am (sometimes a bit later, rarely earlier, I don't know wether that good and if I should get up with the sun), taking my supplements, eating 8 or 9 eggs and taking the sun from 9 to 11am
    - Eating at 12am
    - Eating at 4 or 5 pm
    - Going to bed at 10:30-11pm

    I'm eating a lot of proteins because I don't really love the fat (coconut oil, duck fat, ...), sometimes around 140g a day of proteins. It is hard to get some good quality wild seafood and meat but I am trying to do my best. I am bit concerned to not eat enough vegetables, I am eating an avocado almost everyday and a bit of cucumber and sometimes salad but that is all, some cucumber and sometimes juicing (celeri juice with cucumber, parsley and turmeric/ginger).

    On the Facebook some people told me that my deformities and some other issues (like the spasms and heart problems) might be a Marfan syndrome, a genetic disease so I will try to get tested for as soon as possible. I don't have a lot of money as I am not working so it is a bit hard to afford a lot of testing (but I am ready to do as much as possible) and I don't know the equivalents in France. I did a 23andme test and will get the results soon, will post it here.

    So, I have several questions and need advices and help for the things I will work on the following months:

    - I have a feeling that my ADHD, apathy and anhedonia are related to low calchecolamine, testosterone, endorphins (or bad endorphin sensitivity) and nitric oxyde (low libido) because when I eat a lot of onions and black pepper I feel slightly better. I believe that I have endorphin problems too because I don't feel orgasms at all.
    - I am a bit affraid of getting defficiencies (potassium, calcium, vitamin C) with all the meat (phosphorus) I am eating, it is hard to get whole fish with bones for the calcium so I don't know.
    - I need advices on blood test and devices to get (leds, ionizer, magnetic pad, ...), I am in an area with some nnEMF and will start an IT school next year, I don't have any other choice for now and want to organize myself to be in the better shape possible and continue to improve my condition...

    So far I have already started to have a bit of improvements:

    - Normal perspiration again.
    - Feeling hungry again (I was eating machinalement) and no more undigested food in my stools.
    - Sleeping patterns really improved and starting to dream a bit again (mostly very cloudy ones).
    - Attention is slightly better, especially when I am eating onions and black pepper.

    I am higly motivated to get myself out of that crap and even attain optimal health even if it takes ages, I am ready to build it step by step.
    Sorry for the big post and thanks for the reading!
    Thank you guys and see you on my journal for optimal :)!
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    DHA........and avoid bad light environments drink lots of water and read more and take less supplements.
    Examine the past, take from it, leave it there. The real work in life's currents is to break the rules we rigidly establish for ourselves and subtract the dogma from nature's rules.
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Modern science is not what people claim it to be. It is top down, and authoritarian. Go too far off the beaten path, and you get slapped.
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The first casualty in supplement marketing is usually the truth.
  5. b612

    b612 New Member

    Man... I feel your pain. My condition is very similar to yours.
    My GERD (after 13 years of torture) disappeared after I started squat pooping :p , sleeping on firm surface and lots of squatting in general during the day. Google squat heartburn and constipation ;) Plus, I eat a lot of gelatin and bone broth and I take HCI betaine to increase stomach acidity. I used to think I was allergic to gluten and milk but I wasn't... Correct spine and muscle alignment is even more important (at least in my case).
    Try to eat lots of nutritious foods like liver, brain and heart meats.
    Regarding your deformities, read Weston Price " Nutrition and physical degeneration". There is a free PDF version online. You may find the answer there...
    Did you wear braces?
    Where in France are you?
  6. Thank you Jack for taking the time to answer to everyone, you are so kind and I know it must be hard to cope with being a surgeon and doing so much work, read all the negative stuff about people loosing their health.
    I need to become stronger and independant with all the informations you give, find my n=1, I am really trying to learn a lot of things from your blog, forum and FB group and the books you advise, it's hard with the ADHD but I am giving at least 6 hours a day of my time learning these stuff and understanding it, I will keep you all updated in this journal with my journey to optimal :).

    @b612 Oh thank you for all these informations :). I sent a PM to you!
    b612 likes this.
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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