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Alexis' Optimal Journey- MS like issues

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by ALEXIS TUDOR, Nov 16, 2018.


    ALEXIS TUDOR Gold Member

    Some background. After 3+ decades of moderate illness at times debilitating I looking forward to seeing what a quantum approach can do that chemicals can't. I have done some quantum-ish methods via spiritual yogic practices that have helped somewhat, but can only be maintained while I focus on it which at a certain point feels like a robotic experience just surviving. It occupies too much of my psyche to maintain it in a practical way. Currently I drive a schoolbus which allows me to work part time and gives me windows to relax because if I do full time work my nerves get overloaded. The only thing that sucks is that being able to work part time limits income stream, but sadly for me being able to support myself without relying on anybody is a relatively high standard for now. Hopefully that will change with increased vitality.

    Historically I was 175lbs at 5'7" with little fat at age 22 and one summer I tried to ride across the USA on a bicycle. I ended up grinding my knees down to the bone. They did not heal and the pain migrated to lower back, shoulders, carpal tunnel, neck, foot bone spurs. I realized I was body armouring then I decided I had to stop or would continue to implode my joints. I stopped through awareness of that and my weight dropped 35lbs in 3 months. I then became muscularly inflamed all over my body and the weight dropped down to 118. During that time I feel the mass inflammation burned out my nervous system which has never fully recovered as of yet 28 years later. As a teen I did have a weak liver and eyes were frequently jaundiced. It is better now but I can't pour crap oils into it. I do not put on weight no matter how much I eat, but I am going to try and eat a deuterium appropriate diet, plus CT to see it that changes.

    SInce hearing about Mitochodriacs about a month ago I have been reading several hours a day about it. I started with the face dunking for about 2+ weeks ago and tried to move onto cold showers. It seem to over stimulate my kidneys and my mid back started to cease up. So I retreated a bit and started cold plunges 48deg(15min) with just my calves and part of my thighs for about the last week. In the next day I will shift all the way to slightly over the pelvis. I will slowly raise the water up to my neck over the next few weeks is my plan. The first day hurt like hell but more and more the pain subsides so that is encouraging. I also added epsom salts to the mix to neutralize the chlorine/fluoride. Now I got a tupperware container out on the deck. I keep torso well covered for now(but not the arms). It is 32deg today- I guess I don't need to buy ice :).

    As far as light mitigation I got my blue blockers and Iris installed on my comp. I go out to the park and sit on the ground for about 20 min every morning with my bare legs and hand touching the earth. At night I see my computer screen to almost no blue light setting too. I try and stop all computer and lights by 9:30. Turn off the lights and listed to a podcast. I am sleeping much better since doing this aspect of the mito work and sleep about 8.5 hours a night. I used to need melatonin here and there but now I don't ever use it. My nerves seem a little bit more stable too but hard to say for now.

    Food- I was a vegan until about a year ago for about 5 years. It did not serve me well, but in general food does not serve me well, though. I often wish I can take a hunger pill and not bother with eating again. I know, no such luck. Anyway I have transitioned to eating a lot of sardines. Cut further back on my carbs. I did a bunch of oysters but after a while it seems to create some cramping in my colon so I will still eat them when I can, but til I get used to it, it will have to be in moderation. I use a lot of hemp oil which was manufactured at my latitude. I bought fish oil in a container but read that Jack said it does not serve the second cytochrome so it is useless in that form. I am at a quandary with the fat intake needing to from fish because it seems like you would have to eat a lot of fish to get 20 -30 grams of fat. For now I get some from sardines and most from hemp oil. If anybody reads this, how to they get their fat intake?

    I ordered a 23andme test so will follow up on that. I have been blood tested for the basic stuff about once a decade but never any signs of disease in the blood. I also got an MRI last year and the brain looks normal.
  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Post tests that you have.
    Preferably scan and attach file
    take a clean picture with camera and attach.

    Sun is very important
    but think of it also as a
    Circadian Rhythm


    ALEXIS TUDOR Gold Member

    THanks for responding JanSz. Unfortunately my tests are only available via a digital portal so I cut and pasted them best I could. THese are from 15 months ago and prolly the first blood test I did in about 2 decades. I think I can do another one soon via Obama care. I have been reading a bit about hormones on the site here and there and thinking of investigating those because I have never done that. Not sure which ones to check yet.

    You have any ideas?

    Patient Name:
    Alexis Tudor |
    Report Result Ref. Range
    VIT B12 565 239-931 pg/mL Final

    Report Result Ref. Range Units Status Lab
    RF-RHUEMATIOD FACTOR <12.0 <12.0 IU/ML Final

    SED RATE 07/06/2017 (#24907706, Final, 07/05/2017 3:00pm)
    Note to Patient The results of your recent lab tests are within normal limits. We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment.
    Report Result Ref. Range Units Status Lab
    SED RATE 8 0-10 MM/HR

    Lyme test neg
    Hep A neg
    Hep B neg
    Hep C neg

    ANA W/REFLEX IF POSITIVE 07/07/2017 (#24915909, Final, 07/05/2017 3:00pm)
    Report Result Ref. Range Units Status Lab
    ANA DIRECT Negative NEGATIVE Final

    HB A1C 07/06/2017 (#24910082, Final, 07/05/2017 3:00pm)
    Report Result Ref. Range Units Status Lab
    HB A1C 5.1 4.2-5.8 % Final

    PSA 02/23/2017 (#22779277, Final, 02/23/2017 11:00am)
    Report Result Ref. Range Units Status Lab
    PSA 0.77 0.00-4.00 NG/ML Final

    GFR 02/23/2017 (#22779209, Final, 02/23/2017 11:00am)
    Report Result Ref. Range Units Status Lab
    EGFR 103.2 >60.0

    LIPID 02/23/2017 (#22779208, Final, 02/23/2017 11:00am)

    Report Result Ref. Range Units Status Lab
    CHOLESTEROL 156 112-200 MG/DL Final
    TRIGLYCERIDE 100 <150 MG/DL Final
    HDL 54 40-50 MG/DL High Final
    VLDL 20 6-40 MG/DL Final
    LDL CALC 82 0-100 CALC Final
    CHOL/HDL RATIO 2.9 0.0-4.0 CALC Final

    here is the last bit of the test above.
    TBIL 2.1 0.3-1.2 MG/DL High Final

    CBC W/ DIFF & PLATELETS 02/23/2017 (#22777807, Final, 02/23/2017 11:00am)

    Note to Patient The results of your recent lab tests are within normal limits. We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment.
    Report Result Ref. Range Units Status Lab
    WBC 4.8 4.8-10.8 K/UL Final
    RBC 5.27 4.70-6.10 M/UL Final
    HGB 16.1 14.0-18.0 G/DL Final
    HCT 49.8 42.0-52.0 % Final
    MCV 95 80-94 FL High Final
    MCH 30.6 27.0-31.0 PG Final
    MCHC 32.4 32.0-36.0 G/DL Final
    PLT 179 130-400 K/UL Final
    RDW 13.2 11.5-16.0 % Final
    _MPV 10.2 Final
    NEUT % 61.9 43.0-75.0 % Final
    LYM % 26.4 20.5-51.1 % Final
    MONO % 9.3 1.7-10.0 % Final
    EOS % 1.6 0.0-7.0 % Final
    BASO % 0.8 0.0-2.0 % Final

    Attached Files:


    ALEXIS TUDOR Gold Member

    Uhgg. I took time to space everything out and it condensed it back when I posted it.
  5. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    CHOLESTEROL 156 112-200 MG/DL Final

    That is rather low.
    Cholesterol is a building material for steroid hormones.


    ALEXIS TUDOR Gold Member

    I see. What to do about it? What are good cholestrol foods?

    ALEXIS TUDOR Gold Member

    I was able to do CT up to my navel in 45 deg water for 15 min. It was very doable while I was doing it so next time I will go up to my upper chest. My dilemma is that I feel fine after for about an hour but then beyond that it takes hours to fully warm up. I am also getting a bit of mid back pain as I am guessing is CT overstimulating my adrenals(which alt therapist say are a bit weak) For a while the cold makes me slightly incontinent while I remain cold for about 3 hours. I am wondering about what is the protocol to warm the body back up for skinny people like me with prolly only 6% fat. It seems like my body lacks the resources to warm myself up unassisted without a lot of heat. I decided to go for a brisk bike ride after about an hour which helped generate some internal heat. Any ideas anyone.?
  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

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    ALEXIS TUDOR Gold Member

    I think it has been a week.

    For a while I seemed to be losing weight on the epi paleo diet eating a lot of canned oysters, sardines, occasional pork ribs, chicken, carrots, brussel sprouts, onions, some fish oil, and lots of hemp seed oil, with very few carbs. Once my weight drops below 130 I tend to get light MS/CFS like symptoms with tingling thighs and weird feverish fatigue. I am guess there is just not fat flying around in the body to proper myelinate then. Anyway for about 2 weeks I was having such symptoms that I don't get that often. Out of desperation I decided to try some locally grown chicken livers from a local free range farm. Almost immediately that tingling/funky weak feeling in my thighs disappeared. I have been eating about 2-3 chicken livers a day. Tastes nasty but I don't give a shit if it serves the function. My desire for carbs has mostly diminished though it was never that high.

    My sleep continues to get deeper. I can say my overall stamina has increased much yet but it is not bad either. Trying to cram a massive amount of knowledge in the brains right now with this site and I seem to have the energy for it so that is good. I know I need some tests done. I am guessing my condition is weak adrenals with a liver that can't process massive amounts of liver.

    MY CT goes up and down. I dipped in 48 deg water up to my chest of 13 min and it took a long time to warm up. I usually feel good when I get out initially but then feel a bit sickly when it feels like cold menthol like blood is being pumped through my body. Trying to find a balance with that yet. It is a fine line as my kidney area on my back tenses up and I become prone to back pain then. I am following it up with some exercise and hot shower to rewarm up the core. Today I just did my feet calves and arms in 36 deg water because I had to be physically active later and did not want my back seizing on me.

    I set up a grounding wire to my room and not sure if I sleep better with it. I need to check if it is passing some EMF hotspots. Can only experiment on so many things at a time.
  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Liver tastes bad?
    I love liver, any liver.
    Lightly cooked, onions, salt.
  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Danish media are telling the story that Multiple sclerosis has doubled in their country in 20 years and medical researchers don't have a clue why? Are they telling the truth? Or do they know why?
    This Danish cohort study from 2012 says they do know. Do you?
    The study, which is based on a small population, found little evidence among longtime subscribers.
    "No evidence" might be evidence, in fact!
    The paper is interesting because it is based on the same subscribing data used in the Danish cohort study on cell phones and cancer some years earlier. That study has been criticized heavily in the EU for putting business users in a category of non-exposed EMF groups. Considering the recent NTP data this is data that should be re-assessed.
    The Danish cohort study on cell phones and cancer was partially financed by the country's two biggest telecom companies.
    When you pay, you generally get results you want in science.
    Denmark cell phone use is some of the highest in the world and now MS is exploding there. This is older cooked data from a different epoch of the tech age tells a different biologic story of the risk of "cellphoning" . Using food and diet to fix a quantum problem is not a wise maneuver. https://journals.plos.org/plosone/a...qJmKK501szd6ojsm3EfqB8tHwCjHa9VOGk-I1HRz5xUMs

    ALEXIS TUDOR Gold Member

    Money will almost always dilute truth to its direction, unless they coincidently happen to be going in the same direction which is not often. An Indian saying says, the goddess of wealth and the goddess of knowledge can't live under the same roof. On a fundamental level, the goals are often different. Part of the reason why I have used so little western medicine to try and sus out my situation after 30 years of marginal health is that I always got a sense that the protocols were first serving money than partial health at a great cost. Also, it seldom went for source of the problem like you do Dr. Kruse. You are prolly the first western Doc I have seen who can nail out so many problems back to its source backing it with pure science. Henceforth, I usually utilized eastern approaches which were relatively more thorough towards the individual nature. But all of them were created in a time before man lived out of harmony with natural law. They have great insight but the latest shift with emf, wifi, 5g, led etc is beyond that science. I always felt bummed about western medicines direction because I am fascinated by technology/insights of the body. Thanks for opening my eyes on how impactful these things are because I have been trying to dumb myself down to it over the years trying to manage.

    I recently had to move out of my girlfriend's house due to EMF issues and a recent install of smart meters. I landed in a friend's house which is a 100 years old which I guess has simpler wiring even though it is more densely populated with smart meters everywhere, and sleep way better for now without my heart feeling like a jackhammer. In a few months, I will move out to a dilapidated tax sale house I bought for 13K that has all of its wiring cut out by meth heads so needs rewiring. I am playing with the idea of not rewiring much and just getting solar panels and a fireplace if the city leaves me alone with the idea for a while. That will work til 5g comes into town which will be hopefully a few years at least in my section of town. Then time to move again prolly...... :-(.
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  13. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Sorta. If they wore clothing and had candles or torches they were starting down the path.

    Lol. See even meth-heads serve a higher purpose!

    FWIW, if I went solar I'd be tempted to split my battery bank in half so that I was always running off of one bank while the other charged. That way it matters way less what's hitting your panel outside. It wouldn't be electrically connected to your house's wiring anyway.
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    ALEXIS TUDOR Gold Member

    LOL. HMMM I thought the discharge wire and the charging wire are separate and direction specific.

    THey may have used candles and clothing but there were no lights, most were barefoot or shoes with holes in the soles in them, ate local food, and there was minimal climate control. Actually the system of ayurveda was largely created by naked acetic monks using their bodies as laboratories and compiling into an understanding system. Chinese medicine prolly by taoist monks who often lived in high altitude places that seldom got above freezing(CT) so people would leave them the hell alone.
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  15. drezy

    drezy New Member

    I think you could use a transfer switch.

    ALEXIS TUDOR Gold Member

    So it has been about 2 weeks since I posted in my journal... Relatively good progress. I am now able to do CT relatively comfortable with about 45 deg water. I could go colder but have been told there is no reason especially if you are super skinny. I am starting to like it more and more now that my kidneys are not feeling like they are clinching up and causing mid back pain. I am not a hundred percent sure but I have in the last few weeks had almost zero back pain which would come about after the nights when I play pickleball at the gym and would like to attribute that improvement to CT.

    One thing that is quite important is that I am starting to use Wim Hoff's breathing techniques and that has helped keep my body calmer in the cold. I plan to get deeper into using Wims techniques along with Jacks approaches to mitigating nnEMF and lights while avoiding mismatch foods. I look forward to future results.

    I have modified CT a bit to make it more doable too for now where I wear a sleeveless sweat shirt hoodie on and go in the water with it. I go about up to my mid chest so the upper part of my core body stays relatively warm. The rest is under water. It is quite comfy once I settle in and stay there for about 20 min. Warming up is still a bit of a endeavour for me where I do get drop down(can't remember official term) after about 10 min and for about half an hour feel a bit queasy when my blood feels a bit "poisoned" from the cold. However somehow it seems like the warming up period is far shorter and less drop down when I go in after playing pickleball for 2 hours. For me working out afterwards just seems to stir up the cold blood too fast. Also with doing it at night after pickleball, I can get into a warm bed where my body is going to drop my body temperature down anyway. The only catch is, it is at night so it is a lot colder outside where just the other night it was 25, and also there is a lot of nnlights out. If all goes right I should move into my own house in a few months where that can be mitigated better.

    The epi paleo diet is quite doable and I overall like it. I eat lots of sardines and some oysters. I've added more and more pork into my diet. I still have to eat like a locust to keep my weight at 132 but feeling more solid.
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    ALEXIS TUDOR Gold Member

    So after about 6 weeks of CT I noticed I was getting more and more neurotis in my legs. Kinds of like a sciatica of L4 down the sides and front of thighs. For about 4 days I stopped CT completely and the neuritis stopped but some old body pain came back. So I decided to do just what Ben Franklin used to do for now and just dip feet and calves in ice water. That seemed just about right for now. Still searching around the home where i can drop a good grounding wire that does not have dirty electricity around it. Overall health has been better. Still too skinny though and have to decern information on this site designed for hog transformation. Will order a couple of these to try. https://www.amazon.com/NODONU-RU-Mask-Sleep-Fragrance-Free-3pieces/dp/B0012I955A to see if I can maintain better hydration.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2019
  18. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    Your story is like a lot of life narratives these days-- stories of courage to face unequal odds that life has thrust at us, mainly due to an increasingly toxic environment we have to cope with.

    Changing our environment, as Dr Kruse admonishes us to do, will only do so much because environmental threats are everywhere on planet now. RF-EMF appears to be the biggest game changer where ever you might go.

    I still have hope that through the work of Dr Kruse and others we will somehow spark individual epigenetic miracles whereby we can foster genetic advantages to cope much better with all this life-sucking crap around us. Instead of doing it through many generations however we have to figure how to do it in a lifetime.
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    ALEXIS TUDOR Gold Member

    Yeah very true. I think the rf is shittier than the electrical stuff because that diminishes its force quite fast. rF like smart meters and wifi are basically death beams that are far harder to hide from. What gets me, is I understand that tech moves forward and we will use it, and often need too. That there is a cost and benefit for everything. I mean if it were not for EMF and Rf we would not have this forum to interact as well as life before electricity was in reality pretty pathetic if you look at world history for the most part. But what gets me is the denial that things do impact us negatively at times, and the greed of myopic idiot who only see $. My favorite saying is "a Capitalist will sell you the rope to hang him with." 5g is a perfect example. Using Uranium instead of thorium for nuclear energy because fucks like Nixon wanted to make Nukes via Uranium is just one of the many examples. Sadly Goons have ruled the earth since time immemorial making life harder for ones that have some brains and heart.
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    ALEXIS TUDOR Gold Member

    Things are overall good. COntinuing to do mini CT's up to my knees and about 10 cold face plunges a day. Also got my Haplo type report. Not sure what to make of it. Anybody know? My Haplotype is a N1b1

    Years Ago
    Origin and Migrations of Haplogroup N1b
    Your maternal line stems from a branch of N called N1b. All the members of N1b trace their maternal lines back to a woman who lived approximately 20,000 years ago in southwestern Asia, where her descendants remain concentrated today. N1b reaches its highest levels among the Mazandarani of northern Iran and the Georgians of the Caucasus Mountains between the Caspian and Black Seas. It is also detected at lower levels among the Egyptians, Saudi Arabians, Bedouin, and other Middle Eastern populations. It is quite rare in Europe, where it may have spread at the end of the Ice Age when the climate became more hospitable, or later during the introduction and expansion of agriculture to Europe about 7,000 years ago.

    Years Ago
    Your maternal haplogroup, N1b1, traces back to a woman who lived approximately 14,000 years ago.
    That's nearly 560 generations ago! What happened between then and now? As researchers and citizen scientists discover more about your haplogroup, new details may be added to the story of your maternal line.
    N1b1 is relatively common among 23andMe customers.
    Today, you share your haplogroup with all the maternal-line descendants of the common ancestor of N1b1, including other 23andMe customers.
    1 in 680
    23andMe customers share your haplogroup assignment.
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