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Albert's Story and Journey to optimal!

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Albert83BCN, May 31, 2013.

  1. Albert83BCN

    Albert83BCN New Member

    Ok, I got my ZRT lab results!

    Here we go. Both DHEA-S and 4xCortisol are salivary tests.

    DHEA-S: 25.7 ng/ml (high) Ref range: 2 - 23 (for my age seems it would be 22)
    Cortisol Morning (7:30 AM, pre BAB): 2.1 (low) Ref range: 3.7 - 9.5)
    Cortisol Noon (1:00 PM, before lunch): 4.7 (high) Ref range: 1.2 - 3.0)
    Cortisol Evening: (6:45 PM, before dinner): 2 (border-line high) Ref range: 0.6 - 1.9
    Cortisol Night (11:50 PM, bedtime): 0.4 (OK) Ref range: 0.4 - 1.0

    Here you have the PDF report for more info... there's the checklist I was asked to fill in with my symptoms and an evaluation from the lab (that does not anything that I could not find in the Wikipedia IMHO... the report formatting is nice and well designed BTW hehe).

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/h59a90nv5... - Analisis ZRT Labs Cortisol 4x i DHEA-S.pdf

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on this... frankly from what I feel (see the attached PDF it's pretty comprehensive!) I expected to see low DHEA-S instead of high? Well been doing D3+K2 plus lots of sunshine plus ZMA plus more strenght training with less running, plus NAC/milk thistle and probiotics and taking a lot of care of my gut... maybe things are working? is it troublesome to have slightly high DHEA-S?

    If I line up this info with previous bloodwork two months ago I have:

    High DHEA-S, high Total Testosterone but low Free Testerosterone, TSH slightly above 3 (improving) and normal T3/T4 and free T4 but slightly low T3 (poor conversion), high total cholesterol but excelent HDL/trigs/blood sugar, bad liver indicators (AST/ALT and some others, see previous posts...)

    Tomorrow I'll get the results from a more recent blood work I did last week that it's not very comprehensive but I'll have updated transaminases and total cholesterol so I can guess how I'm progressing.

    Implementing most of the RX's for 6 months right now... but what it helped the most I think has been being gluten free and giving a break from endurance running as far as I can tell...

    Now... what I should do with my low morning cortisol? I think it raises with the BAB and one to two hours of waking since you see, by 1PM it's even higher than recommended.... but how I should achieve high value just at wake time? Seems weird as I'm getting up by myself like a clock around 7AM and eating most days at the same times and being mindful of light cycles and so on... might I follow supp presciptions found in Jacks older blogs about Adrenal Fatigue? have read them but will re-read, but regarding the standard epi-paleo RX's I've been compliant with most, my achiles heel would be EMF and blue light from technology (Ok I know this is a big one... althought cortisol levels at night seem fine and not much problem falling asleep, more maintaining uninterrumped sleep time).

    Last edited: Jul 29, 2013
  2. Albert83BCN

    Albert83BCN New Member

    I also have now the results of my latest bloodwork, see previous Cortisol and DHEA-S info on post above :)

    It's not very comprehensive, my doc just wanted to re-check liver markers a month and a half later as I got some weid numbers with AST/ALT. He also checked for hepatitis and a few different things. The results are a little bit weird. I've the same total cholesterol (that was expected because I have not followed his instructions about a low fat diet...) but better glucose levels and rockstarish trigs, transaminases got a little bit better but still high (should I order another bottle of NAC+Milk Thistle? finished it just the day before the labs) but... seems that hemolitic anaemia is back, I got a pretty low hematocrit and red cell count and also a little bit lowered white cell count...

    HEMATIES 4.18 10e6/uL [ 4.20 - 6.10 ] -> Got worse, latest was 4.32 borderline
    HEMOGLOBIN 13.1 gr/dL [ 12.00 - 16.00 ]
    HEMATOCRITE 39.1 % [ 38.00 - 52.00 ] -> Got worse, latest was 39.9
    MCV 93 fL [ 80.00 - 100.00 ]
    MCH 31.3 pg [ 27.00 - 33.00 ]
    MCHC 33.5 gr/dL [ 31.00 - 36.00 ]
    RDW 13.2 % [ 11.60 - 16.00 ]

    LEUCOCYTES 3.9 10e3/uL [ 4.00 - 10.00 ] -> Slightly better but still low, 1 1/2 month ago was 3.4
    Segmentation 46.9 % [ 40.00 - 75.00 ]
    Linfocytes 43.1 % [ 20.00 - 45.00 ]
    Monocytes 6.3 % [ 2.00 - 10.00 ]
    Eosinophiles 2.7 % [ 0.10 - 7.00 ]
    Basophiles 1.00 % [ 0.00 - 2.00 ]

    Platelets 221 10e3/uL [ 130.00 - 425.00 ]
    MVP 8.4 fL [ 6.00 - 17.00 ]
    PCT 0.19 % [ 0.15 - 0.50 ]
    PDW 14 % [ 12.00 - 22.00 ]

    GLYCEMIA 72 mg/dL [ 60.00 - 115.00 ] -> Almost same as last time (77), current 72 is my personal best I think
    CHOLESTEROL 305 mg/dL [ 100.00 - 250.00 ] -> Almost the same as last time, it was 308
    TRIGLYCERIDES 45 mg/dL [ 0.00 - 200.00 ] -> Down from 77, not bad!
    CREATININE in blood 1.18 mg/dL [ 0.10 - 1.30 ] -> Slightly down
    TRANSAMINASE GOT (ASAT) 33.41 U/L [ 0.00 - 40.00 ] -> Slightly down
    TRANSAMINASE GPT (ALT) 43.57 U/L [ 0.00 - 40.00 ] -> Down by 10 points (previous 53) but still high...
    G. GLUTAMILTRANSPEPTIDASE 14.73 U/L [ 4.00 - 49.00 ]
    BILIRRUBIN DIRECT 0.56 mg/dL [ 0.05 - 0.40 ] -> Previous was in normal ranges
    BILIRRUBIN TOTAL 1.63 mg/dL [ 0.20 - 1.20 ] -> Previous was in normal ranges
    ALKALINE PHOSPHATASES 154.00 U/L [ 80.00 - 306.00 ] -> Went up from 135

    ANTIGEN HBs (AUSTRALIA) <1.00 Index [ 0.00 - 1.00 ]
    Ac ANTI-HVC <1.00 Index [ 0.00 - 1.00 ]

    I'm a little bit confused... I attributed my previous anaemia to a combination of a vegetarian diet plus heavy endurance running. But now it has been 6 months into paleo and 1 month and a half not running and doing moderate strenght training plus a little bit of walking every day... so now I'm a little bit lost in this regard. I expected to see equal or higher values than last check but instead I went back a little bit... one thing I changed is that I stopped taking my oral iron... (but now I eat red meat and liver!) maybe it was helping?

    The high bilirubin thing plus low RBC and low WBC and bad liver markers... could it might have something to do with Wilson's disease? Never heard about it before but a quick search for 'high bilirubin low hematies' prompted me to that...

    Maybe I should really see a blood speciallist as JanSz suggested?

    My intuition (plus all the reading here and other sites) is telling me something is off with my liver and that's why I cannot clear LDL due to poor LDL receptor, also tied with low conversion to free T3, and maybe all the low T to free T conversion might have to do with this... but I do almost everything that is in my hand to address that (no PUFA nor sugars even no High GI carbs for months right now... and eating epi-paleo) so I seem to be loosing my last bullets... which step should I consider next? Also, everyday I'm considering more and more possible auto-immune problems :confused:
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2013
  3. Albert83BCN

    Albert83BCN New Member

    Seems like my prayers didn't get too far, hehe.

    Well, time to move on, since this is a journal I guess I have some things to report!

    First of all, last week I had a whim and ordered a Kindle eReader from Amazon. I always want to read Jack's stuff but the fact that I had to stay near the PC or the mobile pulled me back most of the times. I started printing some stuff and bringing it to the park or beach for a nice read but it was pretty messy... almost always opted to read some of the books I have near hear instead (right now reading WDISHTSWMLTAN (lol!) from Dr Kharrazian, PHD from the Jaminets and Gary Taubes why do we get fat) so I thought that If I got myself an eReader It would be a heck of an aid to stay plugged with the quilt. Spot on, I'm now devouring the stuff, but I'm still way ahead in time as I started from scratch (right now I'm in August 2011 lol).

    Second thing, and that might be a hardcore change in my life, I'm considering starting a BS in Nutrition! Seems a little bit crazy to enroll again in the university when I'm 30 and have been for 10 years studying Computer Science... as if I didn't have enough things to deal with already! But honestly... one day that idea hit my mind... and once it hit... It started forming very strongly... and I'm the kind of person that follows his insctincts :)

    The thing is that I have been long time right now interested in nutrition, sports performance and health, OK migh be just as a hobby and passion... but the real fact is that I've been long now spending more time in this subjects than rather my own profession, and that tells me a lot. Yet, most of my friends know me as the nutrition and gym freak more any than the computer guy... so in the end maybe that's where I was supposed to be headed to?

    To be honest, what I'd really like to enroll in might just be medicine. But that's a killer since it requires a lot of free time and it's no joke.. it would be impossible to work and attend classes and practice, but as for Nutrition, look how life brings on coincidence or fate, right now this year a brand new university inaugured one month ago is the first one that will allow to do it here in Spain totally online! As I've been investing a lot of hours at home doing my research until now, I'm pretty confident I can keep doing the same thing, but at least I'd obtain an acreditation somewhere in the future! Cool. More cool even, with one more year I could even get another BS in Sports Science.

    Well, still not 100% sure I'll take that route (money and doubt pull me back)... but at least 80% convinced already ;D

    One thing I didn't mention (I guess still too new here in this forum) is that it has been several years right now that I'm working with two mates on what could be our startup, an online social network with tracking tools. We will allow to track exercise activity (think Garmin, Runkeeper, and the likes), nutrition (think myfitnespal, calorie counter, etc) and other custom parameters (quantified self tool!)... ok I know there's already a lot of tools like these, but as an enthusiast, I wanted to bring to the world the tool that I'd have like to use for my self (very like what Jacks does here in order to change the medical profession) so that's how I get into this, our tool will have (hopefully) some cool features that most others don't have, and it's that you will be able to create custom items so that there's no single data that you could be limited to enter, ie: you could create the HS-CPR biomarker if there's no one in the tool already and then start using it!).

    Ok, that's one of the things I think that might justify why I'm planning to do. Seems my life has been long tied to nutrition, health and exercise concerns and that getting into the BS might be a great addition to my profile, not just for fun but maybe even to talk cool of me if I even have a CEO profile in my website hehe. If the project fails I can always enjoy giving epi-paleo advice to my beloved ones and have a little more credit than just the guy who reads stuff on the internet. You see a BS gives that kind of trust to people, ironically I don't look at these kind of rigid things that strong...

    Last but not least, these last days seems I'm feeling overall better than in the past. I've been mostly epi-paleo for 7 months now I think but I'm right now putting on more calories, I want to check two things on myself. One is about the debate on the paleosphere that low carb brings thyroid issues, some say it's spot on, some say its a calorie thing, I know Jack thinks is not either. But I've to find out what works best in my context. I also wanted to see if I can gain weight on the low carb paleo template going insane on calories, I want to get some insight about all the debate on CICO matters, not much, a little bit, not at all...

    Regarding my possible cortisol issues, as I'm a little bit out of options, and I've been one month and a half without running, and had to decide what to do in the near future, I started running again, right now very easy and short runs, and going to up a little bit as I build more base. I'm doing the runs first thing on the morning, fasted, then immediately the BAB after finishing. I know this is not adviced on the reset but honestly, if I have to run I think it will be better than at evening, when I used to, as I suspect that this got my cortisol patterns backwards. And it might aid in upping morning cortisol, which could be nice in my case. As I also do strengh training, I keep this at 4 to 7PM and the, right after, I have the last meal of the day.

    Well, I guess I'm done for today, it came out as a pretty long post! hehe.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2013
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  4. kovita

    kovita Silver

    Hola, i just wanted to pop by your journal and tell you you have been my gat inspiration during the last 2 weeks. You laid out some interesting topics to think about and I used it to think over my own case. So muchas gracias, me alegro de haber conocerte. Es fantastico tener amigos virtuales que inspiren tanto! Espero que sigues muy bien, aue en la foto se te ve fenomenal, balanceado y sano! Un abrazo!
  5. Albert83BCN

    Albert83BCN New Member

    Oh, gracias so much kovita for your nice words! (nice Spanish BTW ;)) I'm glad to know I have inspired you in some way ^__^. I'm just broadcasting the same inspiration I get from Jack's blogposts and podcasts as well as other things I encounter each day that mysteriously seem to fall in place with all this... quantum biology at work? Writing the stuff here on the forum and on my blog helps me get into a kind of brain state where I seem to connect the pieces better altogether.... really need that because I cannot handle complex physics and biochemistry the other way around... at least at this moment, I'm working on that :D
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I love reading your thought processes ....... you are a smart guy ......I say trust your instincts!

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