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Albert's Story and Journey to optimal!

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Albert83BCN, May 31, 2013.

  1. Albert83BCN

    Albert83BCN New Member

    Hi there people! My name is Albert, I'm 30, 172cm tall, I weight between 61-63kg, I'm usually between 10%-12% BF with pretty decent body composition... and I suspect I carry some form of adrenal fatigue :(

    Ok, I guess this is the kind of introduction that would be best to enroll a forum site like this, hehe.

    I've been reading Jack's blog and everything about the Leptin Rx and other topics since more or less February 2013, and I read ocasionally the forum but almost didn't write anything. I wanted to, but I have been facing some issus and I thought that in order to introduce myself it would be nice to wait until my lastest blood work results came so I could start with my current scenario. Jack always says that in order to help the patients context is needed so I wanted to provide full of it!

    Sorry I'm not sure if this is the correct place to start my thread, was doubting if it would be best to write in the Optimal Labs but I wanted also introduce myself and not just putting the lab data and done, so in the end I decided to write here. Please move it to other section if it is necessary. Also please excuse my poor english skills, I'm from spain and english is not my native language. Hope it gets to optimal also :)

    First of all I'd like to provide some extensive background about me. I'll try to make it the shortest possible to not bore you to death but I guess it will be difficult.

    Until I was 22 I only ate junk food, PLENTY of it, only sugars, sausages, McDonalds like, chocolate and candy and never liked fruit nor vegetables. I hit my worst body composition around 10 to 14 were I was more or less obese, it has been long and never went to the doc for this so I have not data but I can tell I had rounded face, belly fat with profuse love handles and man boobs. During puberty I didn't eat any better but I guess hormones helped a little bit and I got from fat to just... tender slightly overweight.

    Then, when I hit 22 I was tired to see myself that way, girls never looked at me, I was also very sensitive, I always felt like overwhelmed by girls, I used to cry for nothing and had a tendency to pessimism. Now, with perspective, I do think that I had probably an hormone imbalance back then. Ok, so I decided to enroll a gym and started weight training. Results came pretty fast and started to drop weight and feel a lot better, even my personality started to change for better! I felt a lot more confident. But as I suspect I was pretty messed until that time, after 2 years of weight training was in a normal BMI but I struggled to get the look I'd like. I was getting into the bodybuilding lifestyle and wanted to look as good or almost near to the guys that been in the magazines, hehe. A hard task I guess. So I realized that maybe traning had only a part to do and started looking at nutrition. I then discovered the supposedly 'clean diet' consisting of mostly chicken, turkey, white rice, pasta, tuna, protein shakes, eggs, skimmed milk... etc. I implemented it and I must say It was a huge step from my all-junk-food diet, now I know it was far from optimal but I managed to get near 13% BF or so with this scheme and calorie counting and a lot of hard training.

    I think I was more or less on a decent way to fitness but then two things happened that now I realize it might have hurt. When I was 25 I decided to go vegetarian for personal beliefs. I was very concerned about animal welfare and wanted to contribute a world of no animal pain... so I tried and managed to live this way for 5 years. I have been a veg. until January 2013, so you see it's not that long ago. Back then I was more or less introduced to nutrition and fitness and I tried to get a plan that would give me what back then I thought it would suffice: plenty of protein from eggs, dairy and whey shakes, decent amounts of carbs and very few fat... and to give a look at B12. Problem here is that my food choices were limited and where I once might had a tuna or turkey sandwitch for a snack now sometimes got to bad carb choices like donuts, etc you know. In fact, I still carried with me the great desire and cravings for sweet and fatty foods from my childhood and the vegetarian limited diet made for a good framework to cheat every now and then (maybe two days a week). Even like this, I always mantained a decent weight and %BF so I never worried too much about it.

    Once thing I suffered during good part of my life until back then is that I usually had a lot of abdominal cramps, bloating, join pain... I went to the doc many times and even got tested for celiac but got negative... and they could not help, just prescribe some medication for gas bloating. As I got more into fitness and wanted to get more shredded I started to cut back carbs (typical definition diet) and without noticing it I started to feel A LOT better and now I can relate that to grains but until a year ago this didn't came evident to me until I stumbled with the paleo diet while searching something on the net. Then I magically started putting all things altogether.

    In the meantime at 26 the other possible bad choice came: I started to switch from weight training to endurance running. At first everything was great, I managed to get in shape and improved my race times a lot so I got all the hype! I also met a great online community of endurance runners where I now participate very actively, In fact I'm one of the most active members since I help maintaining the site (I'm a software engineer) and also take decisions about the course of the association. So you can imagine how deep I got into this world...

    As I improved more and more my times, obviously, I came to a plateau, so every 6 months or so I was pushing my training times and volume until I got to consistently be running 5 to 7 days a week between 30 to 50 miles per week at pretty fast pace, with both aerobic runs, interval training, tempo runs... etc. I managed to get under 36' on the 10K, under 1h20 for the half marathon and under 2h48 for the Marathon, which I'm very proud of it and I enjoyed a lot. But during the process, I also started to feel pretty bad. I had more cravings that before, I started to feel pretty tired during the morning, but thrived at night, I guess from 8PM I could have done anything! So I went at bed at near 1AM and felt pretty tired when I woke up at 8AM or so. I also started to have some hypoglecemia-like symptoms and anxiety attacks and paranoia :/ I also started feeling like my feet and hands got numb at times, like neuropathy symptoms... I have lived with this symptoms until pretty recently.

    During all that time I went to the docs a few times because I always suspected that something was definitely wrong with me but could tell what. In fact, they did some blood work and could not tell either. Everything was more or less normal from the basic CBC and other parameters. I guess when you're under 30 you can handle bad life choices pretty well.

    But last year some things started to get very troublesome for me and wanted to dig deeper. One thing I noticed was that my libido dropped dramatically during the last year. I always had a HUGE, let me clarify HUGE libido until 26 or so, in fact I suspected I was a little bit of pervert, hehe. Just joking in part but I want to make clear that what I experienced was really a dramatical change, something I could have never expected coming from me. I started losing interest in sex, whereas several years ago It was the only thing I had in my mind, so to speak. I also became worried because one day noticed a strange thing that a search on the net revealed undoubtedly as a varicocele. It worried me so I went to the urologist to have his opinion. He told me that if it did not hurt there was no need to be treated, but we would do some blood work and a spermiogram just to be sure. Well, this was during the time I was training hardest and feeling pretty bad. And the blood work came back with anaemia signs, what seemed a little bit low total testosterone (my doc said it was ok since was in range with normal values but for me it was low...) and the spermiogram was the most stunning... It showed very few volume, few count (just 2 millions) and almost 90% no-motile... my fertility was screwed and that depressed me quite a bit. I had been eating religiously well (for the standards I knew until back then), exercising a lot, I was thin and performed best than ever at races, got abs, V shape and vascular arms... yet still I felt bad most part of the day, and had anaemia and other issues like this one...

    I thought I should do something. My first take was that maybe my vegetarian lifestyle was proving not worth it... in that time I got to the article about how grains are so bad and connected the dots as I already explained. I tried getting totally rid of grains and I started feel a lot better, very good digestions, less articulation aches, less muscle soreness... but they were problems, I also was reducing carbs with few fat and now I even had less food choices. A grain-free vegetarian... that like always eating greens, eggs, dairy and plenty of whey shakes... so In the end, after reading a lot about Paleo and if it's supposed health benefits and realizing that it's not just about getting animal protein and B12 but also the cholesterol for the sex hormone cascade, etc... I decided to make a compromise with my beliefs and at least reintroduce some seafood and fish. In just only a few days I felt really great! That was February 2013. As I progressed into the now lifestyle I started wondering why only fish and not meat... and after some internal battle in the end I gave up and decided to eat any kind of animal food again, until back then I could afford a compromise but now my health was top priority.

    (Ouch reached limit, continues on the next post... :rolleyes:)
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  2. Albert83BCN

    Albert83BCN New Member

    Ok, so that's how I found out about Paleo and then the Epi-Paleo RX. Every idea I read on the blog came clear to my mind, everything matched with what I had been plotting inside me, it explained perfectly why I was struggling: vegetarian diet, strenuous exercise, low libido, poor sleep now I was having also... so although I was at my leanest and fit, I decided it would be worth trying the Leptin Reset. And so far so good! It just have been near 4 months now but I feel incredible better! I also reduced my running training to 4-5 days a week at first, and maintained strength training. Just with these two changes, I repeated the spermiogram and good news, It came back PERFECT!! I went to 2 milion count to 164 and from 10% motility to 45%!! Just chance or an error? Don't know but that's dramatical change after a month or two to going grain free and reintroducing animal food... I think I'll keep like this for long... so I guess this is proof that the Cholesterol thing and saturated fat is necessary theory is spot on.

    Well, so now here I'm, with normal reproductive function, hurray! but my libido is still very poor... and although I feel pretty well overall this recently, since I have gone Epi-Paleo and moderate to low carb some other issues started appearing. My 'neuropathy' feelings pretty much dissipated (I'll show you later that my CBC improved so getting rid of anaemia might have been of help) but in turn now I feel them really cold. I'm also a little bit sensitive to cold, and I myself I'm pretty cold. I've been measuring my body temp at different times a day and it ranges from 35.6 to just 36.5 at its best... pretty low :( My sleep also seems to be getting worse and worse. Until some years ago I slept like a baby but recently I cannot manage to sleep more than 6h. If I try to get sleep earliar as recommended on the RX then I can even get up at 5AM or 6AM depending on the day. The thing is that I don't feel very hard to fall asleep, and I also wake up pretty refreshed, but the fact that I sleep 5 to 6h or 7 at it's best if I wake up but I force my way back to sleep... it troubles me.

    So that's my current state, I feel pretty OK, in fact I've lots of energy to do things, can workout pretty good with weights, my racing performance that got really poor last year sees to have come back, but to be safe I'm training only 2 to 3 days a week and very short milleage, I also started going for walks instead, trying to get sun light exposure, try to go to sleep with my last meal 4h before bed, doing CT for 3 weeks or so right now, turning off lights...

    You see, I could have struggled in the past because of being a grain fed vegetarian and overtraining and I could understand this is hurting so that's why I gave up on the idea of vegetarianism even if I was very fond to it and I also postponed my competitive running goals for now, at least until I figure something out that allows me to rip the benefits of training without running into so much mitochondrial terror, I know Jack thinks that it's not possible to endurance run and be optimal and deep inside me I have the feeling he is right and it pains me so much... so if I'm going to ditch two of the things that made my life and I was very proud of them... now I cannot afford to be just a 6 or a 7. Even a 9. I seek a 10 since I have and still doing everything I can to get it, I don't deserve less.

    And that's more or less me! I think you have at least some background of me, please excuse the long talk but I think this is critical to understand context. Of course, I'd also like to help others to get optimal, in fact, I've just started a nutrition blog in Catalan (my language) where I lay out many of Jack's ideas about the Epi-Paleo!

    Now I can go to the labs :)
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  3. Albert83BCN

    Albert83BCN New Member

    Ok, so feeling the way I feel, I suspected from adrenal fatigue, mostly because of the low parameters on my CBC last year, hematocrit and ferritin... in this regard something improved since I started paleo, the latest labs show I'm a lot better in regards to hematocrite and serum iron but ferritin is low and haptoglobin is alarmantly low indicating a possible haemolytic anaemia? Also the other issues like the low body temperature and low libido make me thought I should ask the doc to check my thyroid and full hormonal status. In fact, I asked for every single parameter I considered useful based on the 101 Hormone blog post and the Optimizing Labs... problem here is that in Spain you cannot go to your doc and ask 'hey I'd like this labs done'... I tried to explain to him why I suspected I could have adrenal fatigue and he said that for now we woule re-check the iron status and OK the thyroid and some other labs he considered necessary, but didn't want to order neither HS-CRP nor reverse T3, salivary Cortisol and DHEA-S, he said it was not necessary :/ I also have not Vitamin D. It's a pity because the labs have come more or less what I expected based on everything I read here! I have a little bit low free t3 and free testosterone, as well as high LDL but also very high HDL and low triglycerides. This makes me feel that I'm in the good track in the nutrition aspect and that taking life easier helped me overcome the anaemia, but it also seems to show that I still carry adrenal fatigue issues. As far as I have learned from Jack, high LDL and low t3 and testosterone... for me it seems like Adrenal Fatigue from pushing the body too far, I suspect if he agreed to check DHEA-S would be low and Cortisol would be high at night (heck doc could have listened!!). I think this is the reason why my LDL is high although good HDL and low trygs with correct paleo eating... it would explain poor sleep and low libido quite well I guess. Notice I've been sumplementing with iron during 3 months or so each day, now I started taking less since now I eat red meat again and I think it shoudl not be an issue, I don't want to overdose.

    But I'm no expert so that's why I'm here! This is the full data of the parameters my doc ordered.
    Format: param value unit [reference range]

    ESR (Erythrocyte sedimentation rate) (1h): 11 mm/H [ 0.00 - 15.00 ] -> This seems to be poor's man HS-CRP, it's in range but on the high side... any thoughts on this?

    HEMATIES 4.32 10e6/uL [ 4.20 - 6.10 ]
    HEMOGLOBIN 13.4 gr/dL [ 12.00 - 16.00 ]
    HEMATOCRITE 39.9 % [ 38.00 - 52.00 ] --> 6 months ago pre-paleo and overtraining was 35.2
    MCV 92 fL [ 80.00 - 100.00 ]
    MCH 31.1 pg [ 27.00 - 33.00 ]
    MCHC 33.6 gr/dL [ 31.00 - 36.00 ]
    RDW 14.1 % [ 11.60 - 16.00 ]

    LEUCOCYTES 3.4 10e3/uL [ 4.00 - 10.00 ] -> These have gone down in last 6 months from 4.5, possible infection?
    Segmentation 44.1 % [ 40.00 - 75.00 ]
    Linfocytes 43.4 % [ 20.00 - 45.00 ]
    Monocytes 8.8 % [ 2.00 - 10.00 ]
    Eosinophiles 3.2 % [ 0.10 - 7.00 ]
    Basophiles 0.50 % [ 0.00 - 2.00 ]

    Platelets 226 10e3/uL [ 130.00 - 425.00 ]
    MVP 8.7 fL [ 6.00 - 17.00 ]
    PCT 0.20 % [ 0.15 - 0.50 ]
    PDW 15.5 % [ 12.00 - 22.00 ]

    HEMOGLOBIN A2 2.20 % [ 1.50 - 3.50 ]
    HEMOGLOBIN FETAL 0.30 % Adults < 2.0

    RETICULOCYTES 12.0 /1000 eritro [ 2.00 - 15.00 ]

    GLYCEMIA 77 mg/dL [ 60.00 - 115.00 ]
    CHOLESTEROL 308 mg/dL [ 100.00 - 250.00 ] -> Last check was 1 year ago while vegetarian, total 175, no more detail :/
    CHOLESTEROL HDL 108 mg/dL >40
    CHOLESTEROL LDL 185 mg/dL [ 0.00 - 150.00 ]
    TRIGLYCERIDES 77 mg/dL [ 0.00 - 200.00 ]
    UREA in blood 47 mg/dL [ 10.00 - 50.00 ] -> Last check was 55, it lowered
    CREATININE in blood 1.28 mg/dL [ 0.10 - 1.30 ]
    URIC ACID in blood 3.9 mg/dL [ 2.40 - 7.00 ]
    TRANSAMINASE GOT (ASAT) 34.26 U/L [ 0.00 - 40.00 ] -> 6 months ago was 29, raised
    TRANSAMINASE GPT (ALT) 53.06 U/L [ 0.00 - 40.00 ] -> 6 months ago was 34, raised a lot
    G. GLUTAMILTRANSPEPTIDASE 15.55 U/L [ 4.00 - 49.00 ]

    BILIRRUBIN DIRECT 0.39 mg/dL [ 0.05 - 0.40 ]
    BILIRRUBIN TOTAL 1.13 mg/dL [ 0.20 - 1.20 ]
    ALKALINE PHOSPHATASES 135.69 U/L [ 80.00 - 306.00 ]

    Lactate dehydrogenase 282 U/L [ 225.00 - 450.00 ]
    SERUM IRON 54 μg/dL [ 35.00 - 168.00 ] -> This improved a lot since 6 months ago, was 29!
    TRANSFERRIN 303 mg/dL [ 200.00 - 400.00 ]
    TRANSFERRIN Saturation Index 17.82 % [ 20.00 - 50.00 ]
    FERRITIN 26.84 ng/mL [ 30.00 - 400.00 ]
    HAPTOGLOBIN 4.8 mg/dL [ 30.00 - 200.00 ] -> Never tested this before but seems dangerously low...
    SODIUM in blood 138 mEq/L [ 135.00 - 150.00 ]
    POTASSIUM in blood 4.6 mEq/L [ 3.50 - 5.10 ]

    Triiodothyronine ( T3 ) 1.14 ng/mL [ 0.80 - 2.00 ]
    Free Triiodothyronine ( FT3 ) 2.27 pg/mL [ 2.60 - 4.40 ]
    Thyroxine ( T4 ) 8.07 μg/dL [ 5.10 - 14.10 ]
    Thyroxine Free ( FT4 ) 1.31 ng/dL [ 0.70 - 1.70 ]

    TSH (thyrotropin) 3.28 μUI/ml [ 0.25 - 4.50 ] -> 10 months ago this was 3.91, maybe is getting better?

    LH Luteinizing hormone 2.74 U/L Men : 1.7 - 8.6
    FSH Follicle-stimulating hormone 4.86 U/L Men: 1.5- 12.4 -> A year ago was 2.72
    PROLACTIN 118.44 mUI/mL Men : 54 - 340 -> A year ago was 237.9
    TESTOSTERONE 9.45 ng/mL [ 2.80 - 10.50 ] -> A year ago was 3.01, seems to restore?
    TESTOSTERONE Free 4.10 pg/mL [ 4.25 - 42.50 ] -> I don't have previous data :(

    So thats it.

    My interpretation is that things are going better, most params are improved and the ones that are worst I don't have previous data so really don't know how they evolved, I feel overall better, just cholesterol has raised a lot.. but pattern seems good with high HDL and low trygs, my take is LDL is high due to poor conversion from Cholesterol (which I didn't have a lot until I went Paleo) to Testosterone caused by damn Cortisol due to over-training that instead goes to reverse T3 and causes thyroid and adrenal issues... as I don't have any previous t3 and free testosterone data it's difficult to guess if it has gone to better or worse... at least TSH and Total Test seem better than 10 months ago.

    Liver function seems also a little bit hurt, could it relate to adrenal fatigue? Do you think I'm spot on the adrenal thing or do you see something I do not? Might I be overdoing it on paleo coming from vegetarian? My diet is pretty balanced IMHO, between 1900 and 2500 kcal a day and it's usually 140 to 180 gr of protein (remember I weight train a lot), 40 to 100 gr of carbs (most fibrous) and 140 to 180 gr of fat (mostly meat, fatty fish, avocado, coconut oil and olive oil MCTs, some organic butter also, I do dairy but try not to abuse).

    Do you think low test could be caused partially for the varicocele? Could fatigue and this make for the perfect combo? Would you get rid of it although doc says it's not much of a concern and that would not affect testosterone levels? I searched for some evidence and some studies say it actually helps raise test levels...

    What would you do? Take some action? Wait until the end of summer and then retest when I've been more than half a year epi-paleo and with a full long rest of running?

    Any interpretation and advice would be really welcomed and appreciated :)

    EDITED: Just to clarify, since many of the numbers are related to the liver, I do not drink any sodas since looong ago, in fact never liked them a lot, I drink plain water (also 1 coffe during the morning and a tea at noon). In the past I had an occasional alcohol drink from time to time but it has been also long since I do have any, maybe a beer or wine once a month, even less in the actuality. I don't eat almost any sugars, I'm low carb and most of my carbs are from veggies and leafy greens... I have some ocasional fruit but not much, most in the form of berries and some orange, banana, plantain, dates or raisins in the salad (no more than 10gr) ...
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  4. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Albert, I have read your first couple posts, and I must say your English is excellent. Very nice writing.
    Welcome to the forum, I think you fit in very well here. Sorry you had to give up your vegetarian ways, but aren't there large numbers of vegetarians who also eat seafood? I don't know if they eat eggs, but vegetables, seafood, and no grains would be a good diet. And toss in a few seasonable fruits.
    I am impressed with your logic through the years, assessing your diet and your health. You didn't blindly, for long periods, just follow the crowd.
  5. Albert83BCN

    Albert83BCN New Member

    Thank you very much nonchalant for your words :eek:

    Yes, there are vegetarians that do eat fish. These usually are the ones that are vegetarian because of their concerns about the possible issues with red meat, the cancerigenous stuff, etc. I was not for this reason, but because I wanted to contribute to a more pacific world, I thought that nowadays we have so many food and knowledge that we would not probably need animal products that much and that we could leave them be. But as my social life was pretty much compromised when eating at restaurants, etc. I adopted the compromise to at least have eggs and dairy, this makes things a lot easier, and does not require to kill the animal although it carries some slavery but at least with good farming practices and these kind of things I could see it more like a 'cooperation' between men and animals. This was more or less my rationale, a little bit weird, I guess? hehe.

    But since things started to get wrong and after reading all the benefits of paleo and specially all the stuff from Jack, plus talking with my inner self a lot.. in the end I realized that maybe what I should do is the best for me, in the end this is evolution at work and we're meant to eat other creatures, the ones I did not eat do eat others... and frankly when I was not eating meat but still giving advice to some friends that if they did, they would benefit... it seemed really weird. So in the end I gave up, but honestly, I think this is what is best. At least I try to get eggs from free-range hens, grass-fed meat although here in Spain they dont say a thing about how animals are raised but I try...

    And yes, since I 'awakened' and decided to get my life to better from being a fat-ass I always started doing the best I could, althoght you know... some times you can try your best but if you stumble with bad information you're screwed... Here in spain the mediterranean diet has some good things but it succumbed to many others from the SAD, having sodas is pretty normal, sugars are not seen with very concern, saturated fat is demonized also and whole grains are advocated as very healthy, and more even on the endurance running community for the carb stuff to improve performance. Guess what people face looks like when I tell them that maybe grains are not that good... its like 'What the hell!?'... you're right, since back then I faced a lot of controversy and walked a path on my own, the hardest being a vegetarian for sure but not just that only.

    But well, that lead me to here now! And I think I'm getting closer to the optimal path, this lasts months that I'm devouring Jacks posts and so many others from other sites like Mark's Daily Apple, Mercola Site, read Gary Taubes, PHD, Balanced Bites, Dr Lustig, Paleo Hacks... I think I'm starting to get the real picture, looking at it from the leptin persective I really think that makes everything clear and I feel like I've learned more this 2013 than all the previous years altogether!

    But now I have to materialize this in an optimal body! From the outside it might seem I achieved it but I know internally I still carry issues, focusing on dealing with all this with all my artillery!! :D
    Last edited: May 31, 2013
  6. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Since your HDL and Trigs are very good, but your LDL is high, as you have read on the Hormone 101 blog, it sounds like your steroid hormones will be lowish. And vitamin D is at the end of the chain. And your body uses large amounts of vitamin d when under stress. Even though you have no access to that test, I think you should be taking 5-10,000 IU daily to be safe.

    Another possibility would be to start taking iodine, since you weren't a big seafood eater for a long time. Iodine is used by hormone receptors.
    Do you take magnesium?

    For adrenal fatigue, the only way I know to be certain is to have the ASI test, which measures salivary cortisol and dhea. There are others here that are quite knowledgeable about AF, perhaps they can help. And there is an AF thread.

    I am also impressed that you are willing to cut way back on the running, it is a difficult decision. Have you seen the threads here on this topic, and Jack's blogpost? http://www.jackkruse.com/emf-4-why-might-you-need-carbs-for-performance/
    It will probably be more than a 6 month investment.
  7. Albert83BCN

    Albert83BCN New Member

    Thank you very much again for your warm welcome and advice!

    Yes, I've read the EMF-4 as well as all the gold in the comments... and that's why I'm considering quitting running or at least take a brake for now and see how things go or just do maintenance training taking lot of care not to burn myself. Still haven't decided but at least I'm considering it. It's not just because Jack says, it's because what I experimented is real and correlates a lot... I also cut back carbs a lot which I suspect could not help dealing with cortisol. I became aware of the possible issues with glycation and I'm pretty sold in the idea that low carb is best for longevity and in fact I feel damn better now that when I was on more than 200 gr a day... that feeling I have I think proves something. But not being able to deal with extra stress with anabolic properties of insulin and lowering capabilities to lower cortisol I guess it took me down hard. I realized you most likely cannot have both perfect health and ultimate performance. A compromise might be feasible but having being pushing it so far in races I cannot just now run for the fun of it. I'm competitive :/

    Ok, as for the supps, I already ordered Vitamin D3 + K2 as I anticipated I'd need it, should arrive soon! Also Krill Oil. I've taken ZMA for the magnesium and zinc in the past with not much noticeable effect, I put a teaspoon of pure raw cocoa powder on my coffee every morning but even like this I ordered again ZMA with 5-HTP. I'm really concerned with the sleep thing so I want to get good rest to a priority.

    As for iodine, I have done also my homework and since two months ago or so I'm eating lots of seafood plus algae (irish moss, kombu, dulse and many different mixes) and I have two brazil nuts to balance iodine with selenium. I'm also trying to asses how much fluoride is in my bottled water but for now I thin on this I'm on the safe side but my thyroid feelings make me do my research on this also. I was not planning to add additional iodine, do you still think I'd benefit from adding a little bit? I read some good things about lugol's on the Iodine thread. Since T4 seems OK and I suspect a lot of deviation from T4 to reverse T3 seems like I'd benefit more to deal with cortisol than to up iodine?

    And yes, I'd have loved to have my cortisol and DHEA-S as well as Vitamin D checked. Don't worry, I've an insurance so if this doc does not order for me, I'll go to see others until I get it :D And if not, I guess I could pay for it at some lab. It will be a pain but I think this data is worth it...
    Last edited: May 31, 2013
  8. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    I was thinking that with your previous junk food diet, you probably ingested a lot of bromine (unless bakers in Spain don't use bromine) like I did. Sounds like you are currently eating a good amount of seaweed and fish. I have been taking iodine and tyrosine and I've been seeing my thyroid numbers improve. But I haven't seen Dr. Kruse advocating tyrosine. And the seafood I've been eating also helps.

    Certainly controlling cortisol is central for you, however. Since you are on the leptin reset, you probably look at the sun or sky in the morning, and avoid artificial light at night. I understand you have difficulty sleeping long, and your body temp stays low. But have you noticed improvements? Do you get sleepy after sunset, and can you feel more energy in the morning, especially after seeing sunlight? Are you cold in the evenings, but not so much in the morning? It is a long process, but it will improve. I hope you can start some Cold Thermogenesis. It really improves hormones, and after a month or two, helps sleep as well.
  9. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    You have read Jack's blogs.

    Words have a meaning.
    Since man invented agriculture, about 15000 years ago, there is less and less food meant for humans.
    It is getting exponentially worst as time passes. In last 150 -200 years situation got very very bad with invention of processed and chemically altered stuff that is now called (wrongly) food.

    What is called food is not a food that our bodies know what to do with.

    What passes for a food now, allows human race to proliferate, increase in numbers, but it is not a healthy progress.

    Last edited: May 31, 2013
  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  11. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I am not a doctor, so take it for what it is worth.

    Doctor who ordered this test was thinking that you may have a blood disorder, which you may have.
    You should keep investigating this possibility, but possibly you may want to stay on a good Epi-Paleo-RX little longer,
    switch to honest Epi-Paleo-RX
    I am not sure if you are truly following dr Kruse's advice, but if you do, that is for very short time.
    To what you have already described, add good water, grounding, minimized EMF and care for Circadian Rhythm.

    You may want get some supplemental iron either eating beef liver or liver tabs (UNILIVER).

    I am assuming that you are not donating blood.

    If your doctor is a General Practitioner (GP), consider visit to hematologist.
    Hematologists specialize in blood disorders.


    TESTOSTERONE 9.45 ng/mL [ 2.80 - 10.50 ] -> A year ago was 3.01, seems to restore?

    Are you eating Proscar, finasteride, Avodart, duosteride, Saw Palmetto, stuff that is supposed to help prostate or prevent hair loss.

    If you do, stop now.
    They are designed to stop testosterone--->5aDHT conversion, so you end up with higher TotalTest
    but overall it is harmful and may be a reason for
    erectile dysfunction
    prostate cancer
    breast cancer (yes men can get that too)
    high estrogens

    TESTOSTERONE Free 4.10 pg/mL [ 4.25 - 42.50 ] -> I don't have previous data

    High total Testosterone and low FreTestosterone means that you have too much SHBG-SexHormone-Binding-Globulin

    This may go back to you very low haptoglobin, liver problem.

    But more immediately
    low (free Testosterone + Testosterone (weakly) bonded with Albumin)
    inappropriate (high or low) Estradiol are frequent reason for erectile problems

    This is a good place to note your low FreeT3
    sometimes if you get FreeT3 into good range, that may have effect at improving SHBG levels (up or down).

    CHOLESTEROL 308 mg/dL [ 100.00 - 250.00 ] -> Last check was 1 year ago while vegetarian, total 175, no more detail

    Vegetarian diet is bad for humans, so lets not dwell on it.

    You have a high TotalCholesterol

    Cholesterol is your friend, do not kill it,
    make sure that you do not eat any statins that lower cholesterol, statins will kill you, first they will destroy your muscles.

    CHOLESTEROL LDL 185 mg/dL [ 0.00 - 150.00 ]

    You also have high LDL, and the top range should be 130
    it is even worst than you may have thought

    Steroid Hormones are made from LDL cholesterol.
    When you start making them, TotalChol and LDL will fall in place

    I am assuming that at present time you have low

    If you are able test them and post results.

    Some of the known reasons for lack of LDL---->pregnenolone
    is lack of
    vit A, D, K2 and T3

    CREATININE in blood 1.28 mg/dL [ 0.10 - 1.30 ]
    You have a high CREATININE
    this may be due to a volume of you exercises
    but also it may be due to
    Fatty Acids and phospholipids problems.

    If you are eating Fish or Krill Oils, stop that. They will hurt you more than help.

    But when you contemplate Epi-Paleo-RX diet
    I have not seen it written directly by dr Kruse, but my own interpretation would be:
    ---%carbohydrates that does not raise glucose or insulin

    I the protein part, most proteins should be from shellfish and fish, preferably raw. Lots of oysters there.

    When you look at the food think of it as a source of

    Currently available foods are heavily slanted toward omega6.
    If you will be eating food that have a lots of omega 3 in it, you will get plenty of omega6

    This is today's story,
    historically animals we are customarily eat had much higher content of omega3 than it is now.


    Look up this post:

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  12. Albert83BCN

    Albert83BCN New Member

    Wow JanSz, for not being a doctor you put up a great analysis, thank you very much!

    I guess I'm not 100% Epi-paleo compliant as it's not that easy (very strict rules! hehe) but since February 2013 I started incorporating many of it's core concepts and as days go on I find myself getting more into it. Let's review one day of mine!

    I wake up between 6AM and 7:00AM, the sun rises at 6:40AM or so so first thing I do is going to the bathroom, then weight myself and take the basic data I might need depending on the day (I can log resting heart rate, this recently been monitoring body temperature as I suspected the thyroid, etc). Then I go to the balcony and look at the sky and sun for a several minutes to try to yoke with the start of the day. Then between the first 30' of waking I cook and have my BAB.

    It's usually two pastured eggs and some meat of choice (turkey/chicken/pork/beef), I try to rotate sources, fried in a small amount of ghee (10gr or so) plus some side consinsiting of sauerkraut, squash or other veggie/green of choice. After this I have an organic coffee with a splash of Aroy-D coconut milk and a teaspoon of pure organic raw cocoa powder. With this I have an average of 50gr of protein, similar for fat and near 10-15gr of carbs. I think I hit the sweet spot as I feel very satiated afterwards and I do not think a lot about lunch until the next 5 to 6h when I have lunch with my parents. And if they weren't to ask for lunch time, I could skip it and go to train without feeling very hungry, in fact several days ago I had the chance to skip lunch as I ended work late and did great until post-workout time. But even like this, my typical setting is 3 meal a day. I think that if I've issues with cortisol/testosterone it will be better to have more food than less...

    Then, here comes the worst, at 9AM I have to start work, I work from home and sitting in front of the computer as I'm a software engineer, this is a killer, I know. So to compensate, before this I try to get out home for a walk. Depending on timing I walk from 20 to 40 minutes, I go downstairs-upstairs to put some more effort (I live in an 8th floor in the city) and while I'm walking I try to seek for some parks with grass area so I can do some grounding, I go out with sandals to make it easier. I might just get 10 minuts of grounding time I know it's not that much but I guess its better than nothing. I can also do some pushups or other body weight exercise depending on time and how I feel, but very light.

    I start work, at least I do have an 6h working time so it's better than being all day into the office I guess.. I try to get up every now and then to go to the kitchen to drink some water, the balcony to look at the daylight, I might do some leg stretches. We have lunch between 1PM and 2:30PM. Here I usually put my salad + seafood because I've found it suits me better if I'm going to the gym in the next 2 to 3h, I find it easy to digest and if I will have some dairy and starch that day I prefer to have it post workout for it's anabolic properties. So the lunch may look as a baby leaves salad plus an avocado, some beet, olive or flax oil and some spices as the base (curcumin, parsley, basil and or ginger root) and I can add some feta cheese, or two dates, 10gr of raisins or any occasional variation to give it more fun depending on the day. The seafood it's usually raw salmon, or a tuna steak, it might be cannet tuna inside the salad also, mackerel, trout... and I try to put some clams or shrimps, and some seaweed as a side or maybe I leave it for dinner. As for oysters, I haven't had already, give it a thought but they do not seem to be of much quality on the grocery we shop so my family is reluctant to buy them... but I'm in the process of trying :)

    Then at 3 to 4PM I end my work and start preparing things to leave home. I usually have two teaspoons of coconut oil plus a pu-erh or japanese green tea and go to the gym so I have my workout, this recently has been something like 30' of strength training plus 30' of running. In the recent past the running part could have been pretty more brutal but now I cut it in half and just 2 to 3 days a week but used to do between 5 to 7... as for the strengh training, which I put more focus now (like when 4 years ago It was my only goal before trying endurance running) I usually do a typical bodybuilder-like hypertrophy training consisting of some exercises between 8 to 10 reps and I rotate groups depending on days, chest, leg, arms... with typical exercises: bench press, leg squats, curls... Some other days I switch to more strength and explosive based training like 5 reps of heavy weights with more rest, I'm experimenting trying to spare some glycogen and work with the PCr-ATP system which seems less harming than being always with the glycolithic pathways (that I abuse a lot already when doing hard endurance training). I can also do some callisthenic exercises to give a little bit more of variety.

    Since last month I've taken benefit that there's an ice machine in the gym to try some CT. Cool! I start with a 5 min cold shower and then go to the ice and put some over the body. Problem here is that I have to take it with my hands to spread it so they get the most of the therapy and they can get veeery cold and a little bit numb, reverts with 10 to 15 min after. I also lay my face on the ice for 20-30 seconds and then applying ice again on the body. I'm focusing on chest, abs and love handles and there's where the most stubborn fat has always been, although nowadays I'm proud it's very little :D I've been getting this on/off and get again to the cold showed and increased total time to 15 to 20 min. As I progress I'll try to have some more exposure time but my schedule is tight also... From time to time I do the typical starting method of cold water and put my face in it as rx from Jack but I find this difficult to do at home as my parents are home almost 24/7 and I don't want them to find out... I'd seem weird and they could worry about me, they understand I do my best with sports and nutrition but I think they would get worried if they see I take it so far into this kind of experiments, hehe. When I demonstrated it works well then I might 'release' the knowledge :)

    And that's it, I usually end my workout between 6 to 7PM and immediately have my whey shake and or BCAA/Glutamine and when I got home I try to immediately have my dinner so I can have 4h of time to digest it before going to bed so I can benefit the insulin clearance, leptin release, prolactin -> melatonin -> HGH and autophagy as laid in many of the blog posts. To be honest, I don't feel like it's doing any noticeable difference but I suspect I'd need some time to adapt. Which I like the most is that this way I can have a natural 10-12h fasting window until next BAB, but as for better sleep, I must admit I did better when I had my dinner more near bedtime and also was a big one, carb based. But I know that sleepines due to carbs does not mean I'd have a more quality sleep thereafter. If the training is hard and I had salad plus seafood at lunch, the a dinner might have plantain, sweet potato, celery root, a load of parsnips or kholrabi or another tuber of choice and If I'm going to have quark/cottage cheese/aged cheese/kefir etc I try to have it right now to benefit the post-workout recovery window. If the workout has been easier, I might then have some leafy greens at lunch with other kind of meat, offal, bone broth so then I have the salad and seafood at night instead and stay very low carb on that day. Depending on this I can be between 40gr of fibrous carbs the easiest days or up to 100gr with some fruit and tuber on the hardest days. For the activity I have I think it's pretty low carb based.

    Once I got my dinner at 7:30 to 8:30PM (here the sun is setting down at 9:30PM these days, the daylight cycle is the longest right now) I try to turn off all lights and look at the sky to see the sunset and getting dark so I can yoke my brain to the night and start the melatonin release. But honestly I still have some trouble, I guess this is enterely cortisol related as I feel like superman at night. I could work endlessly past 9PM and not feel exhausted at all, specially when I got out the gym, I feel super recharged and my energy levels peak at this time. But at least, if I do the effort to go early at bed, I don't have very much of a trouble getting asleep, I think this is good thing, even if active, if I get to lay on bed and read some Jack stuff (hehe) I can more or less come to sleep in a few minutes. But I always wake up once or twice at 3-4AM with very dry mouth and needing to pee. I'm working on solving this currently. I try to not drink two hours before bedtime but it's not helping a lot as then I wake with more thirst. I'm doing my homework with the coherent water to see if things can improve here but still very new to the stuff.

    And well, that's more or less a day of mine, specially in between the week. In fact it's not that different on weekend, just that I can get to bed more late if I go out with friends and things like that.
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  13. Albert83BCN

    Albert83BCN New Member

    More things:

    I had been taking some iron until recently, but as I started eating meat and offal I lessened my intake. I might have a dose every three days or so, it's bebible ferrous lactate prescribed by my doc. I take note to add some more liver to my diet, tried it once or twice but as for now I haven't make it a staple, but it certainly seems a win-win, thanks for the suggestion!

    No, I don't have and never have been into any prostate aid nor anything similar than could hurt testosterone levels, AFAIK.

    I'm aware that cholesterol is not bad and that in fact it heals dealing with problems so I understand that if I have high LDL is because something is wrong and I must put all my effort in dealing with the root cause, I'm well informed about statins because my dad had a heart attack one year ago and he is on them and I did my research and warned him about the all nasty effects that have and that they are not useful but harmful instead. In fact he's not obese but the docs gave him just to be safe the same with anticoagulant drugs. He understands the concerns, I showed him data from Jack, Mercola and others and we're working in having their docs stop the prescription and try to pick a more natural approach like fish oil, vitamin D + K and maybe L-Carnitine and L-Arginine but it's difficult to go against docs... u_u

    I'm not eating fish/krill oil for now but I ordered it and was pretty into the hype of giving it a try, could you elaborate more on why might they hurt? Do you think I'm well set with the daily seafood intake? Since I have both high HDL and low trigs it really makees some sense that I might hit %RDV and not benefit the more omega 3 and just keep adding to my cholesterol numbers...

    As for omega 6, I try to have the less I can, but I understand it's so present in food nowadays that it's difficult to avoid. But I eat no more processed meat, no vegetable oils other than olive/flax, organic butter or ghee, I do pretty low on nuts (favouring macadamia, cashew and chestnuts) and overall I think I should have omega 6 under control. I'd have like to had a blood o6 to o3 ratio but I haven't till now. Will ask for it on the next bloodwork.

    Yep, I think I shall wait a little bit of time to see if things are working on the good direction! But in the meanwhile any good advice would be welcome hehe
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  14. Albert83BCN

    Albert83BCN New Member

    Oh, I forgot. I'd like to share and discuss more in-depth the supplement order I made and that shall arrive early this next week. It's more or less based on Jack's recommendations for the optimal leptin reset. I'm aware that at my current 11% BF and decent fasting glucose levels and few cravings due to some past IF and now BAB plus the hard exercise I could have already become partially leptin sensitive but as for the issues I carry I suspect I'm only half the way so that's why I assumed I could benefit the reset and some of the supps.

    The stack it's like this:

    - Jarrow Formula's GPLC (this is mainly for performance but I'm aware that carnitine has possible overall good benefits and honestly I ordered this more thinking on my father substituting statins for this not as much for me...)
    - Now Neptune Krill Oil (more or less the same, I think about dad but was excited to try it for myself, now with your advice I'm a little bit reluctant)
    - Jarrow Formula's Adrenal Optimizer (picked it up for the ashwaghandha, licorice, rhodiola and vitamin C as now I'm very focused in dealing this the possible, self-diagonisticated adrenal fatigue, read very good things about these adaptogens)
    - Source Natural's Vitamin K2 + D3 (I think this is a win-win)
    - Now D-Ribose
    - SNAC ZMA-5 (Zinc/Magnesium/B6 for the possible testosterone benefits with 5-HTP for some aid with sleep)
    - Now NAC (read very good things as a precursor of glutathione I guess it's worth a try, it also comes with milk thistle that I think could aid in the liver)

    ... and here comes the last one. Just before ordering I read about Jack's DHEA post. For everything he said and my feelings I suspected I'd came with low test and that I could benefit a help, and being DHEA that cheap at less than 4$ I decided to order some. The bad thing is that I realized I should have had a confirmation of high cortisol, low DHEA-S, Pregnenolone and Vitamin D to have the needed feedback to take a responsible decision about starting supplementing... but as I don't have but have great evidence due to symptoms and the other labs... I thought It might even be worth a try since it seems a low dosage it's pretty safe. What would you do? Should I seek for the salivar cortisol + DHEA test before starting with it? I'd also like to try if I can restore my hormone levels without aid by just cutting training and stress down. If I were to raise them by aids I could not have good data about how my resting is doing well so I will not be able to take a definitive decision on what shall I do with my endurance running...
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  15. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    8th floor in the city
    lots of EMF

    IIRC dr Kruse says no to birds except eggs and duck fat.
    Have seen no detailed explanation but I think that is about mega-omega6 deal.

    tuna, salmon = big salt water fish, (salt water is what we want, but we also want low on a food chain, less contaminants)
    trout=fresh water fish

    Flax oil may be doubtful.

    I see lots of canned wild caught clams in their own juice in my supermarket.
    Also wild scungili.

    Try helping your parents by example.
    Statins after heart attack is beneficial for doctor's income, kills patient.
    CoQ10--- 400-600mg/day

    You have a good, low fasting glucose.

    Indeed it looks like upside down cortisol. Not really sure if you have to prove it with saliva testing, but it would help.
    drink only spring water, mineral water or RO water
    Since I started Pelegrini mineral water I have minimized my nigthly bathroom trips to (almost) zero, from (4-5) then (3-4) and recently 2/night.
    I have heard wonders about Perrier. I have not used Perrier because it comes in plastic bottles in my store. But now, I will try anyhow.

    UNILIVER 10-15 tabs/day
    it is all natural and actually work
    Do blood test after you finish first tube (500 tabs)

    Then I wonder what you did that your testosterone went up.
    Or possibly why your LH & FSH got up.
    Just on a chance, have you been hit in the head, specially place where eyeglasses rest on the nose? Specially after your firsts low Total testosterone results.

    statins kill cholesterol, CoQ10 and muscles
    anticoagulants kill vit K2
    one does not take K2 and anticoagulants at the same time
    there is (expensive) workaround, described by dr Kruse, possibly someone can help locating it.

    In my previous post I have given you my understanding of how much and what kind seafood I think we should eat.
    When in doubt, eat dozen of raw oysters a day, then look for other shellfish.

    Very high HDL just shows some lack of balance.

    Do not take tests that look for o6/o3 ratio, those tests are tools of fish and krill oil salesmans.

    In my previous post I have given you link to my post that have list of tests.

    You do show:
    blood disorder
    high cholesterol
    upside down Circadian Rhythm
    major Steroid Hormone Panel unbalances
    thyroid insufficiency

    I am hoping that blood disorder is temporary and will go away fingers crossed
    the other problems I will have a hard time to deal with without blood testing.

    Loading up on stuff that you guess may work, will only cloud the problem, plus, you are stuck with those (likely useless) supplements, and afraid to stop them. In the mean time you are missing on the stuff that you actually need.

    some supplements have only correct labels, the pills in the bottle have something else.
    So when you take something without (testing before and after) may not be productive.

    Just recently I came across a guy with very low vit D, who was eating huge amounts of vit D and blood test was indicating low vit D, high calcium and parathyroid problems (likely cancer).

    When he took vid D that I have recommended this part of his problems went away.

    5/day Biotic Research Bio-D-Mulsion Forte, 1drop=2000iu Vit D

    I am not saying that this one is the only vit D
    but I am saying that without testing you will newer know.

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  16. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    For your father who uses statins and blood thinners (likely coumadin or warfarian)

    instead of cumadin, use newer medicine, Pradaxa

    coumadin prevents recycling of K2, plus something else goes wrong (do not remember what), so one cant use coumadin and supplement vit K2

    if coumadin is replaced with Pradaxa, then (I assume) he could use K2


    CoQ10 and vit K2 are similar in structure

    It would be a good idea to run this project thru dr Kruse (for a fee)(when he resumes consultations)

    but to the point, your Father should not use statins and coumadin/warfarin (long term)

    But be prepared that dr Kruse would ask him to comply with his beliefs and his school of thoughts, (CT, Epigenetic template, the whole bit).


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  17. JanSz

    JanSz Gold


    Dr Jack Kruse talks to Ben Greenfield.

    time 27:00 he mentions Barry, member of this board.
    Tour de France cyclist, training on empty (fasting).
    This guy is worth watching, read some of his posts.

    time 50:00
    If you are great athlete
    Live like Polar Bear
    Eat like Great White Shark

    Time 50:00 to 55:00
    he talks details of foods that he recommends.

    for better details look up his Epi-Paleo-RX


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  18. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  19. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Just got my labs back after my meltdown........everything has reversed. IGF 1 is now 312 and free T is 1217. D is 97. All is good. Time to get naked in the sun.
  20. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Excellent!! That was fast.

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