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Aging is Not a Disease, Damn It!

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Dennis Clark, Sep 27, 2020.

  1. Richard Watson

    Richard Watson New Member

    Check out the hoops from the return email.
    Hi Richard,
    Greetings from HACH ANZ. Thank you for your inquiry!
    Please provide the following details:
    Instruments/ chemicals required:
    Type of instruments- Benchtop/ Portable/online:
    If online where do you want to mount? Open tank/Closed pipe?
    Parameters to be measured:
    Measuring range of parameters:
    Application/ Test sample:
    Plan of procurement/ Time frame:
    Approximate Budget range:
    End-User company name :
    Is it a tender: Yes/No:
    Name of Vendors participating:
    Is the requirement HACH specific?
    Method of Purchase - tender/Direct/GEM
    Complete company address details:
    Please note that all the above information is mandatory to provide the quotation

    I made a pledge years ago not to support 'big corp', Ive never bought anything from amazon, but I might just have buy the one you got Jan
  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    DO NOT BUY THE ONE I GOT. (But hopefully it is ok as a second choice).
    Buy the one that I have ordered and still am waiting for.
    That one is the one that Kalcker is using on the video.

    LaMotte Insta-Test 3002 Chlorine Dioxide Single Factor Test Strip, 0-500ppm Range (Vial of 50 Strips)
    Brand: LaMotte

    LaMotte Insta-Test 3002 Chlorine Dioxide Single Factor Test Strip, 0-500ppm Range (Vial of 50 Strips): Ph Test Strips: Amazon.com: Industrial & Scientific
    Today is 1/25/2022
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2022
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  3. if there is a pool store in your area, most will analyze water samples for free. The supplier you referenced is clearly not for cheapskates like us! Richard, good on you for avoiding Amazon. I do every thing i can to be local and non big tech, but also try not to martyr myself of plans. I always try to use the New Zealand Method to make life simpler. Have a great day
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  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  5. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

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  6. Richard Watson

    Richard Watson New Member

    That video from Andreas was fantastic, so interesting about the parasitic worms and how that effects human health if they are out of balance. He also had in one of this slides a Mexican herb called Epazote and how its useful it was. I last grew it about 8 years for seed (which has been one of my best sellers), The last few months heaps of self sown plants have germinated in the garden so I really should make some teas from it, have read that you can over do it as it can be quite toxic in large amounts, how ever much that is.
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  7. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Quotes from:
    Forbidden Health 9788461742721 - DOKUMEN.PUB

    If you plan on drinking seawater, you should dilute it 1:3.
    According to Dr. Angel Gracia: “In a way, we are no more than a seawater container, since blood, excretions, and secretions (all our fluids) in both humans and animals, are saline.” That means that you are made up of approximately 70% isotonic seawater. That should serve to make us realize that, for health matters, we shouldn’t search for the purity of one substance or another, but balance among them all. Isolating and separating to treat different parts of the body independently can’t yield a long-term solution because balance and harmony among all these elements are what improve health. If there is a lack of harmony or imbalance among elements, the normal functioning of the whole body is hindered or even stopped, and we enter the state known as disease. Nature doesn’t chemically isolate any substance, so this practice can’t comply with any biological compatibility pattern. Even though seawater can contain elements considered harmful, these are only present in minimal quantities. To be honest, we don’t know how harmful or useful these substances might be, because as the adage goes: “the dose makes the poison.” Another determining factor to consider is electric conductivity. The better the conductivity is, the better the communication and energy transmission among cells. For conductivity, water needs salt for the process of ion transportation since, as we already know, distilled water does not conduct electricity. Ions can save electric energy in the form of electrons—the chemical storage of electric energy in the body. Remember that disease is a lack of energy.
    Remember that seawater has an extreme capacity for self-regeneration. For millions of years, fish have defecated in the seas, and bacteria from the rivers has ended up in the sea. Marine plants keep growing, fish keep reproducing (if we don’t eat them first), and even the black oil spill that polluted Galicia’s coastal areas a few years ago, has been petrified over time.
    Observations in preclinical trials have not been able to confirm that seawater is detrimental to the kidneys or that it provokes hypertension, as sodium chloride does.
    Seawater is very compatible with chlorine dioxide. The two substances do not interact with each other and can be taken at the same time. Before you can drink seawater, it must be diluted with pure water to a concentration of 25% (1:4). At this concentration, it is called isotonic seawater and has a similar concentration of sodium chloride (salt) as blood. We can then add chlorine dioxide to the isotonic seawater. Administration: • Oral (from 250 ml per day) in 95 % cases. • External use (topical application on skin and nasal mucous, foot baths) • Nebulized (in asthma and chronic bronchitis patients) • Eye drops (in cases of conjunctivitis and glaucoma). • Ear drops (for external otitis and ear allergies). • Gargles (for tonsillitis and pharyngitis). • Mouthwash (oral hygiene, gingivitis, dental diseases). • Enemas (colonic irrigations). • Vaginal wash (infections and cellular atypia of the cervix). • Mesotherapy (subcutaneous injections in acupuncture points and interfering focus points) • Intravenous injection or filtrated intravenous neural serum (from Quinton Labs).
    written above is:
    you should dilute it 1:3.
    later he wrote
    concentration of 25% (1:4)
    concentration (1:4) is not 25% it is
    one volume plus 4 volumes=5volumes, one of them is a saltwater.
    concentration (1:4) is 20%
    concentration (1:3) is 25%
    which one he really wants? (I guess he really wants 25%)

    Currently, I am making 3 half liter bottles of (Chlorine Dioxide water) at the time.
    I am drinking 2.5 liters of water a day. Out of that I want 25% to be saltwater.
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  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Quotes from:
    Forbidden Health 9788461742721 - DOKUMEN.PUB


    The more he explains, the less I understand.
    I was about to drink 0.625 liters of seawater. See my post above, for an explanation of why that number.

    Now he is talking about daily dose, and it looks like
    my daily dose is 50mL=0.05 liter of seawater
    I am allowed to triple that amount to 150mL=0.15Liter
    Does anybody have a better understanding?

    The number in the table (50-150mL) how to use it?

    @John Schumacher

    daily dose=everything taken within 24hrs
    Or, possibly hi is saying that 75lb or more person, could drink up to 150ml three times within the day =450mL and that is "normal". And then he /she can take even more when missing on minerals.??????
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2022
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  9. Penny

    Penny New Member

    For what it is worth - I started drinking the CDS shots today and yesterday and they are a lot less strong than the 3 drops of each bottle that I had been doing - and THANKS SO MUCH for posting the link to his book - I could not figure out how to buy it to save my life on his website... there is also a blog he has - it is mentioned in the Celeste Solum interview I posted -
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  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    If you drink the whole thing including the drops,
    that would be the Humble's way,

    Kalcker figured out what the whole thing is all about
    it is gas.

    Now if you make it the simplified way that Kalcker shows, he lives large empty area in the jar.
    When I do what I do mine (in the 1.5 liter jar), there is hardly any room left. So, in my case, all gas gets into the water. I think that is why I am getting higher than expected ppm's.

    In any case,
    by now we know that ClO2 is toxic at 24000ppm
    We are newer even close to that value.

  11. ND Hauf

    ND Hauf Pleb

    Maybe I'm missing it but I can't find any "videos" under the video tab in your link above that are in English.
  12. Richard Watson

    Richard Watson New Member

    That makes good sense, I bought a jar today same as the one Kalcker had in his video. But then how much gas was left after 24 hours
  13. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    #1. It seems that: (unless someone is super-sensitive, makes little difference if he/she/it uses 30, 300, or 600ppm. (That also translates into 10ml, 100ml, 200ml (of certified 3000ppm CDS).
    The actual problem is a lethal dose (24000) which is far away and hard to come close to.
    In one of the videos, Kalcker even warns that it is practically impossible to commit suicide using CLO2.

    The doses that Kalcker quotes are likely the minimal doses that make difference.
    Also, he "inherited" the initial system from Humble.
    He likes to stay friends with Humble.
    I think Humble is the one who put 30ppm on his A bottles.
    Humble was using citric acid.
    Kacker said no to Citric acid because it is made from Black Mold.
    So, when Humble was changing his B bottles to HCl he overlooked the 30ppm on A and put 35ppm on B (HCl) bottles (just to keep me awake).

    That is my view, (for the next at least half an hour).

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  14. Penny

    Penny New Member

    I thought it was 4% for the HCL bottle? And 25% for the sodium chlorite or whatever it is called - there are many variables - how much UV light it is exposed to - how warm it is - and you are correct - he advocates as little air as possible in the jar - so a 17oz one would maybe be better than a 22oz one - it tastes like a very low dose to me anyway -
  15. Richard Watson

    Richard Watson New Member

    Did he say not? he had a bottle of 50% on the table in the video where he said 'you can use it also'. Surely Humble wouldn'tif have recommend it if black mold had been a problem.
  16. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    From mine and my refrigerator pov.
    Tall narrow glass jar, floater made from 1" tall floater cut from the bottom of 16oz/1/2 liter plastic bottle.
    The jar does not need to have any (but especially no metal cover).
    I cover it with a sheet of saran and put a rubber band on it.
    Fill up the jar with water (now I use seawater). Fill it up to leave only room for a floater height.

    Find out how many drops of A and B you need, by finding how many times 4oz of water you have.
    For each 4oz put three drops.
    I use 10cc syringe with 21Ga needle.
    Take the plunger off from the syringe.
    Put the needle of the syringe into the apple, so it is steady and won't leak.
    Put the required number of drops into the syringe. Memorize that.
    That much A and B you will be putting into the jar from now on.
    Do not measure ppms, unless you want to go crazy.
    I use two separate syringes with needles, one for each bottle.
    Bottles accept needles readily.
    After all, is done put the jar into the refrigerator.

    Get funnel.
    The next day or after a few hours later, all is ready.
    Put all back into 1/2 liter plastic bottles.
    Drink one half liter bottle over the 24 hr day.

    I do not understand why the ready stuff (in closed transparent plastic bottles), should not be exposed to light.
    I keep it outside, in the room temperature.
    When I sip a gulp of water, I try to do it quickly, to let out minimum amount of gas.
    On end of the day, last sip of water looks and taste about the same as the first one.

  17. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    There is a lot of Kalker's videos.
    It is a good idea to watch time when the video was made or posted.
    I heard him talking about how citric acid should not be consumed at all because is made by first making black mold.
    But also, that citric acid is in many foods.

    Within videos I saw guy, not Kalcker, using lemon juice.
    Kalcker makes a point that the active stuff that does the work is ClO2.
    All rest is fluff.
    If one uses citric acid, do not worry much about bad taste, worry more about upset stomach.

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  18. Penny

    Penny New Member

    So you're back to the original instructions on the part a and b which say add 3 drops together and drink with 4 oz of water... except you are whipping up an entire bottle of the stuff... it tastes stronger to me when I do that - frankly, I find it easy to just mix the drops on demand without all the B.S. except I thought you said that made it too strong...

    I also thought citric acid was code for *MSG*...
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  19. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Yes. That way I do the mixing once every three days.
    I also (consciously) am using the much stronger solution, stronger than the 30ppm he talks about.
    The three drops in 4oz of water, give a very strong mix. Not the 30ppm, but at least 600, really more than 1000.
    That suits me fine, instead of on one whole liter I drink smaller sips using only 1/2 liter a day, and am still drinking more than he recomends.
    There is a something new.
    Today is my first day that I use saltwater.
    It is end of the day, the bottle contains about an inch of water, THAT WATER IS TOTALLY WHITE, not yellow as it used to be previously.
    Even worst.
    The two bottles in refrigerator.
    One is yellow, the other is white. WTF is going on. I checked the top, it is screwed as it should be. ???????????
    If I do not figure this out, I will have to drink seawater separately and go back to my regular water (which is DDW-25) in making ClO2.

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  20. Richard Watson

    Richard Watson New Member

    Thinking - surely it doesn't matter if you use citric acid if you make it the Kalcker style because its about the gas given off and that you're not consuming the contents of whats left over in hit glass.
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