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Advice please!

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by Sunny20152019, Apr 6, 2021.

  1. Sunny20152019

    Sunny20152019 New Member

    I live in Oklahoma with my husband and two young kiddos. My husband received a job offer in northwest Arkansas. He’s a corporate manager/sushi chef and it’s a great offer.. still the same latitude. But I’m concerned with future hyperinflation events. Both locations have been super busy even during shut downs and have a loyal customer base but I’m not sure how well either would do with what’s coming.. but in Oklahoma, we have family and our rental house allows us to have chickens, etc. and we love our neighbors. But in Arkansas, the restaurant owner has investors interested in my business plan to open a grocery store dedicated to local farmers..
    Thank you!!!!
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I'm not sure what advice you're looking for. It sounds like it is a financial issue and not a biological one. Arkansas is not a great place to be biological. With the economic changes coming many great jobs won't be so great soon. So he better be getting some upfront money to make it worth it.
  3. Sunny20152019

    Sunny20152019 New Member

    I guess it mainly was a financial question. It’s hard to make any major decisions right now with an uncertain future. He’s in a profession where it will be “not so great” wherever he is located. I just left the food and beverage industry and am focusing on farming and getting into the DeFi space.
    What other professions do you think will survive the upcoming future? He was thinking about attempting a pipe line controller position with a prominent oil and gas company as well.
    And how do you think it looks step by step going into 2023?
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The future is always unknown. What is likely to happen never happens.

    Finances are your domain and choice. The future is built for crypto. I'd try to get out of the food business and get into the crypto business. Restaurants are horrible businesses on the whole especially when fiat is in an active devaluation

    The biologic choice should be obvious.
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  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Inflation means the decline of your purchasing power over time. Never ask for a menial pay raise. Ask how your money can make you more money.
    Purchasing power leaves pay rises and bonuses for dead when you understand it. Instead of asking yourself “how can I make more money?” ask yourself “how can I protect my purchasing power?” When fiat is going down in value how good is a small pay raise?

    This is why you never want to own a depreciating asset. You want assets rising.

    Wise wealthy people who have their own private bankers have known this secret for years. I met many of them while working for rich people when I was young in NYC. They spent a lot of time understanding different asset classes. They varied their allocation of money to an asset based on whether the global economy was growing, had stalled, was in a recession, or had fallen into a deep depression.

    I was fascinated because they looked at money differently than poor people do. Money for them was programmable to buy assets that were likely to rise in certain economies or times. Until that point, my number one goal with my 9-5 job was to save money.

    Now I hunt for assets that are growing massively as the currency is devaluing. The answer is BTC. There is no better answer.

    The number one goal of the Black Swan is to improve their purchasing power relative to the time in history they were living through.

    How much you earn is not as important as your purchasing power.

    This idea was buried in this tweet when I was in Mexico in 2020. When you really understand this tweet you'll understand why I am calling for hyperinflation now. The value of future fiat is going down massively so that means eventually prices will have to go up to allow corporations to recover their purchasing power.

    When people say “my home went up by 10% last year” or “my Amazon stocks went up by 30% this year,” did either asset really go up? When you measure whether stocks or real estate went up in price, it depends on what you measure them in. I measure everything in satoshis and not in fiat. That includes a new job. If a new job appears great when you measure it against BTC as a store of value all of sudden what looked good at first glance sucks.

    This is the magic trick most are unaware of.

    The S&P 500 is actually down since 2008 when you compare the returns to BTC. That should stun any stock investor.
    Ask yourself this:

    Did the price of the assets you own go up, or did the value of the currency you’re using to measure those assets (your purchasing power) go down?
  6. Sunny20152019

    Sunny20152019 New Member

    I 100% agree with you regarding assets . We’ve been investing in bitcoin since 2017 and invest anything extra we have in it after each paycheck.
    There are other factors in switching employers as well, not just the “raise.” His current employer is horrendous..
    Is there anything other than 5g in Arkansas that is concerning? We found a house on a lake that is outside of any heavily populated area.

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