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Adrenal Fatigue and Cold Thermogenisis

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by Toby King, Dec 19, 2015.

  1. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    So what is your plan of action for the future?
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  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  3. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    Drop CT until mito is better. I know mitochondria are shit because I have the symptoms of pseudohypoxia. I will ground and sun gaze as much as possible throughout UK summer then experiment with quanlet october/november then depending on health move to australia on working visa
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    moving to OZ is a lateral move from the UK.
  5. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    hmmm, is this because less magnetism and hole in ozone? Thought the UV would more than compensate...
  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    OZ is the one continent where life is under direct attack. You'd be more wise to seek the Med.
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  7. Toby King

    Toby King Gold

    Being in OZ myself I would have to say that I would love for you to expand a little, all I seem to have found is bits and peices of reasons why OZ is not optimal......
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  8. shaneoco

    shaneoco New Member

    I just came across this thread. I definitely have high cortisol issues due to trying to shove my body into a HF/ LC diet. Felt satiated all the time, but my body was literally starving and couldn't make the switch to fat burning. My sleep paid the biggest price as at night I literally cannot get the body to switch off now due to elevated cortisol.
    I am curious as Jack says CT is great for cortisol regulation but I've seen people make claims that it's had detrimental effects on them so am a little confused. I have been doing quite a bit of CT over the past few weeks but am worried whether to continue or not now. Has anyone experienced positive effects on cortisol regulation with CT here? Thanks
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  9. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    1. what is your haplotype, you may be coupled.
    we have some members here, blond white skinned but L.
    2. have you actually did saliva cortisol test & DHEAs? if yes post it

  10. shaneoco

    shaneoco New Member

    Hi Jansz,
    I'm not sure of my haplotype. What do you mean by coupled? If it's any use, I am from Northern Europe, Ireland but tan very easily and go quite brown after sun exposure.

    Re the saliva test; I got a DUTCH profile done about 3 years ago. Probably not much use now but it did indicate raised cortisol throughout the night. Been battling very disturbed sleep cycles for about 3 years.

    Since starting working with ddcenters on my deuterium depletion protocol and going more or less extreme low carb, my cortisol is definitely very elevated. Feeling of stress all day. The switch from sugar to fat burning is obviously not happening for whatever reason and my body is essentially being starved, generating the elevated cortisol response. Please comment/ correct me though :)
  11. Summer Day

    Summer Day New Member

    I completely agree. I have thyroid and adrenal issues, so I started out really slowly. One 2-minute cold shower per week. Then after reading an article on Wim Hof's site about a man who had great sleep when he did it right before going to bed, I tried it, but had the opposite reaction. I shivered in a cold bed with 2 layers of down comforter. Finally after 3 1/2 hours of using my husband's body heat to warm me up, I finally stopped shivering and was warm enough to fall asleep. Really bad for the adrenals to lose all that sleep and be in a panicked survival mode.

    I am zealous, so I didn't let that discourage me for long, and tried again. Jack is right when he says to eat a full fat/ protein meal right before doing it. Now I am doing it almost every day, still only 2 minutes but will increase very gradually as I adapt. This 3.5 hours of shivering happened again, but now I know why- the meal right before is a MUST. Even a full fat meal at dinnertime but going to bed 2-3 hours later after a cold shower was a living nightmare for me.

    Go slowly and build up. I am the most cold-fearing person on the planet probably and even I am doing it. So be encouraged- you can do it too.
  12. JanSz

    JanSz Gold


    When eating the best conceived diet
    verify by testing that you actually got what you want.

  13. malc0088

    malc0088 4th dimension

    couple thoughts for you @Summer Day
    My wife is just like you when it comes to cold - i couldn't pay her to get into an ice bath. In fact, she is always covered up in a blanket, sleeping with alot of clothes on, craving hot showers, sitting under out IR-A and red light lamp, or outside in the sun enjoying the warm. After rereading alot of jacks work it dawned on me that her body is craving IR and red light, and is significantly lacking this spectrum in her life & she can't create a battery well. she does eat seasonally, with alot of seafood, but can't give up the carbs. I suspect that the lack of IR/Red light in her life is to blame for her constant feelings of cold and craving heat aka IR light. So, perhaps the reason you are shivering for 3.5 hours after 2 minutes of a cold shower is that you are lacking IR/Red light spectrum. When your mito's burn fat they release IR light, and create water/C02. The EZ water created along with the IR light released builds the battery in the cell. But, if the circadian mechanism isn't timed up to your local environment this might be throwing off your mito's ability to burn fat well to create IR light and EZ water to build the battery. Jack says that AM sunlight is the most critical thing because this sets the circadian clock but it also serves as the off switch to our hormones! thyroid, adrenal, etc. Now, my wife and I watch the sunrise every morning, in fact, we changed our work times so that we could maximize AM sunlight. We've been doing this ever since our mexico trip last winter when everything changed for us (we literally watched our health come back in a matter of 24 hours down in cancun mexico in UV 12 sunlight!). My wife now will take ice baths (mainly outside in direct sunlight) and her body temp is the best its been, but she still likes her warm showers but not because she can't warm up. also, no complaints of her raynaud's either. Just personal experience here but are you seeing the AM sun?

    My other thought - I have hashi's, i was dx 3 years ago and I am currently on meds. Over the past 3 painful years of experience this is what i've found to work. A - See the sunrise and get as much AM sunlight as possible. As i mentioned above, we changed our work schedules to spend 1-2 hours in the AM outside making like the sphinx (we are working on moving south...we are going to mexico 3x this winter). B - MAX and I truly mean MAX your Vitamin D via Sunlight. The higher i get my Vitamin D the better i feel and the better my thyroid labs are. My intuition with sunlight tells me that UV-B is really important for my health and my condition. C - We smash seafood and sea vegetables. 90% of our food is seafood now. oysters, salmon, sardines, roe, etc. D - CT. I have found that doing CT outside after a big meal is literally better than any drug i know of! I sat in my tub last night during sunset for 30 minutes and it was amazing and i slept so well. (I will mention that i've done CT for 5 years with varying intensities. before i broke my thyroid I used to melt ice with my body heat) I'd suggest starting at a warmer temp for longer versus a colder temp for shorter time. Water is a natural faraday cage and it gives your mito's a break! E- Defend your Eyes and skin from ALAN. I include my office and home for this one. When melatonin is lowered due to blue light exposure, it will royally mess up your circadian clock and impair your ability to recycle your cells. I actually supplement some IR-A and UV-A lights into my office and in the evening at home. Finally, CT shrinks the ETC, lowers inflammation, even stimulates peripheral thyroid hormone production but my opinion is that you can't handle the cold because you are missing the OFF switch to your hormones via AM sunlight. Cold should improve the fat burning, create more IR light and EZ water, building the battery but this may not be happening because your colony of mito's are not synched up with the master clock in the eye in the AM. Until my wife and I realized this and prioritized AM sunlight, CT didn't do for us what it does for others here on the forum. Now, my wife actually likes the cold! and for me it destroys inflammation and improves my mito's tremendously.
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  14. malc0088

    malc0088 4th dimension

    If you recall any podcast that Jack does the host always asks one final tip or take home and what does jack say? See the AM sunlight everyday for the rest of your life. Why does he say that? Without the proper signalling at the start of the day CT, HF/LC, or any other tool will not work right. it's that simple. See the AM sun and block ALAN. Then add HF/LC and CT. I say all this from experience and thousands of dollars wasted. Cortisol peaks in the AM and should be progressively falling throughout the day to be at its lowest at night. "my sleep paid the biggest price...." does this not sound like a circadian issue to you? it does to me. AM sunlight sets the circadian clock and it also acts as the control arm for our hormones. maybe your cortisol is raging all day because you never got the proper off switch signal via AM sunlight? I CT after dinner in the evening and it has never caused impaired sleep or feelings of elevated cortisol or any sleep disturbances...actually all of the opposites.
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  15. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    Really great posts here @malc0088! I believe you're spot on with regards to people who have poor cold tolerance and lacking IR light. They are likely losing too much of this frequency of light and it is causing issues with their EZ/human battery. Not only that, but IR light/heat is what shrinks the water surrounding mitochondria to bring the respiratory proteins closer together. CT does this, but it may be better to FIRST use the solar frequencies of IR light during the summer months when that heat makes us comfortable and helps shrink the respiratory proteins. If we can do that first, while using the UV light to help apoptosis to lower heteroplasmy, we should have excellent functioning mitochondria that can optimally fat burn so that we can take advantage of uncoupling and releasing heat from our mito to do the same for us (shrink the respiratory proteins) in winter when we lose the warmth of the sun.
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  16. malc0088

    malc0088 4th dimension

    right on @kris90. Using solar IR frequencies in the summer (UV 11) combined with 60 degree cold exposure is how i got my wife to start CT'ing! she absolutely loved it and she has a long history of cold intolerance.
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  17. Summer Day

    Summer Day New Member

    I really appreciate all of your advice. I wrote this mostly to encourage the guy who said that he didn't want to do CT due to adrenal issues. I am so glad to hear that your wife is doing well with CT even with such cold intolerance. I too crave the sun's warmth and 9 months of the year hover over our wood stoves (one of the joys of the cold season is cooking on a wood burning stove) for IR/heat.

    I think what is going on is I am looking for results too fast. We just discovered Jack's YouTube videos in June, at the beginning of summer, so yes, even though I was immediately obedient to the AM sunrise and putting my feet on the ground and have been maximizing my time outside in the sun, it is naturally less effective being winter. The very few carbs I have been eating are non-starchy vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, swiss chard, so no issues there. I also drink or eat homemade beef broth on a daily basis, and eat and drink fermented vegetables for the vitamin C and probiotics.

    The first CT I did was putting my feet on the cold or frosty ground while watching the sunrise. I remarked to my husband, "Jack Kruse better be right about this" because I do not even stick my toe in cold water if I can help it. Or touch stone or go anywhere without my down comforter, etc. Wind chills me to the bone and I have a really hard time recovering. But now I am CTing regularly, at first once a week for 2 minutes, now a few times a week.

    Last week I decided to go get into the creek (remember it's winter so this is totally uncharacteristic of me) but felt so good after 2 1/2 minutes, drying off in the sun, that I decided to set the timer on count-up instead and get out when I wanted to, and got in again. Over six minutes later, I finally decided that I should get out. By the time I walked back to the house, I was shivering violently, but I recovered in front of the fire. The next day I had symptoms of severe adrenal fatigue (lightheadedness, feeling faint when standing up, shortness of breath, heart beat rapid, bad sleep), so my guess is that my zealousness has hurt me again and I overdid it, too soon. I should be more patient and build up more gradually.

    I am looking forward to the summer when I can get plenty of sunshine, then my results will come faster. I have also made myself herbal tinctures too for improving brain function, adaptogens to stress, etc. I am hoping that by next winter, I will be much farther along after a whole year of change.

    The fat burning is another question, though, as I have zero fat to burn, only dietary fat. I don't even have all the subcutaneous fat that I should have. So that differs from typical thyroid problems, but fits with the yin constitution (thin, anemic, anxious) so it appears the adrenals are more to blame here, or the brain as Jack points out in his blogs, which I am copying out 200 pages at a time, printing and reading in the sun, carefully underlining and going slowly so I can understand it better.

    Thanks for the information and encouragement!
  18. kris90

    kris90 New Member

    Yes just keep being patient and go slow. But also beware of your EMF environment. If it's really bad, you're going to lose redox power in your cells, and no matter how hard you try, you may not be able to use CT. I think @malc0088 brought up some excellent points about needing red/IR light from the sun and building your redox with UV before you can be optimized for CT.

    The way I see it is that a strong solar environment with UV and IR light is simply the optimal environment for our species, however, there have been times throughout evolution where we have lost this (i.e. the KT event). When the environment is less than ideal, optimal mitochondrial function allows species to get by until conditions for existence improve. Try to use this concept in your own life when we go through seasons. The more UV and IR light you absorb when its their in the summer, the better the anatomy of your cells and the respiratory proteins will be in your mitochondria. When you use light to control this, you can easily make the switch to cold to allow uncoupling to make your own IR heat to shrink those respiratory proteins to allow you to thrive in the winter while you wait for the UV and IR light to return. The only other difference today is EMFs which will stretch out those respiratory proteins making CT a lot more difficult, and further increases your need for UV and IR light.
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  19. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Burning fat is actually burning hydrogen that fat contains using oxygen that you get from the lungs.
    That provides you with super major amounts of energy, especially if you would curb water that you consume to some reasonable amount but less than you ordinarily would drink.

    Here you are after foods that contain major amounts of oleic acid, palmitic acid.
    So, bacon, butter, olive oil, avocado oil, some other are good choices.

    cod liver oil contains (74.5 %) oleic acid (do not buy capsules or bottles, use actual liver from cod fish)(amazon.com)

    For different reasons, you may want to add coconut oil (regardless of seasons and latitude).


    oleic acid (C18H34O2)
    palmitic acid (C16H32O2)
    insulin resistance
    type 2 diabetes mellitus
    The pathogenesis of insulin resistance

    Last edited: Sep 6, 2019
  20. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Initial haplotypes are coupled.
    So if yours is some kind of L then you are coupled, othervise no.
    Mostly they are people with black skin, but we have white skinned blode here that is L.

    It should be easier to burn fat if you would curb the amount of water that you drink.
    Do not do that if you have any kidney's problems.
    It is not recomended specifically by ddcenters but for myself I got refractometer ($21.99) to measure my urine.

    Clinical Refractometer ATC Tri-Scale Serum Protein 0-12 g/100ml Urine Specific Gravity SG 1.000-1.050 Refractive Index

    If you would ever get into blue area, drink more water.
    It newer happened to me.

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