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Adrenal Fatigue and Cold Thermogenisis

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by Toby King, Dec 19, 2015.

  1. Toby King

    Toby King Gold

    Has anyone here had experience with Cold Thermogenisis having effect on cortisol levels and adrenal fatigue? Specifically hypoadrenia or low cortisol?
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    yep Read brain gut 16 PVN = paraventricular nucleus........what does ventricle stand for? CSF. CSF is 99.9% water. Water cools and does amazing things as detailed in Pollack's book.

    Ancestral health, alternative health, and Conventional Wisdom in healthcare knowledge is based firmly entrenched and operates in a Newtonian/observation world.....Life and nature however are quantized to light............life is built in a cell as a playground for light and cooling using the metastability of the second law of thermodynamics which is statistical and not absolute. Life works at this edge between thermodynamics and the subatomic world. This edge is literal and figurative. Below this edge is all the quantum mechanisms that hurt people's heads I speak about on my blog........Every last one of these processes are built into your mitochondria by evolutionary design, just as chlorophyll is built into the 39 steps of photosynthesis which are also quantized and well aceepted by science now. Trees are made from the thin air where carbon exists as a gas, carbon dioxide, and with the sun's ability to knock one atom of oxygen out of CO2. Water is the playing field this occurs because sunlight needs to use water's electrons in this magic trick. Hard to believe, but none the less it is reality. Photosynthesis is not controversial, but few in healthcare or ancestral health know the details as well as I do. The reality built into your mitochondria is more amazing.

    The more disconnected your mind is from the natural environmental light and magnetic effects that are formalized in circadian signaling, the more altered your perceptions of reality become. If you're well connected to nature (sun and ground), your need for food is small, inflammation levels are naturally low, electrons and protons are closer together because low inflammation cools things within a cell. Moreover, your body acts in coherent fashion because the sea within it handles the fire that a mitochondria gives a cell. That fire comes from rays of light through cytochrome 1 at NADH. Electrons enter with a 340 nm wavelength. All mitochondria spit out IR light as a signal. They also spit our ROS signals. these signals are vastly misrepresented by modern science. Why? We look at damage as a path of destruction.

    Growth is necessary in life, but it is always stimulated by damage (ROS) and limited by regeneration. This is the key...............

    Nature's disruption is dependable, because we cannot control her therefore ROS is not a bad thing. It must be controlled.

    Failure is the pivot foot of change in this dance for biology. In physics things always fall to equilibrium. Life is built far from equilibrium. When things fall to equilibrium the decay to chaos. Physics, therefore has no regeneration built in to its story. Biology is based upon coupled feedback loops to take a damaging stimulus and use that damage as its stimulus to regenerate.

    Adrenal fatigue is a loss of such a signal and failure to ever get to the regeneration via autophagy. You lose the ability.

    In the natural connected state, you are able to create thoughts and intuitions of what life looks like and feels like is acceptable for you. Why? The stimulus of light builds dopamine and dopamine builds the substates that create ROS in our eyes. Conversely in sickness, the opposite happens and dopamine and all pigmented proteins falls because we bury the sunlight. As a result our minds and thoughts become disconnected from the operations in your cells as dopamine and its cousin proteins fall. The feedback loops required to regenerate are lost. When this happens biology fails and physics begins to win.........the march to equilibrium begins in many systems. This is what adrenal fatigue is.

    The irony most are unaware of is, that the body doesn’t give a hoot what you think about this process; it goes on about the business of survival while paying deep attention to light and your connection to the sun and Earth. All of our goal's in life should be to learn what we need to know to coherently link our thoughts to how our mitochondria fundamentally work in quantum fashion. When we do, we begin to realize that our body conforms to what our mind thinks is optimal based upon the conditions we allow. Once we learn who the master of our body really is, then and only then will we come to know how the quantum world manifests in everyday life. This is why many illnesses shows up when we disconnect from nature in these states.
    Life organizes around the 3 legged stool, light, magnetism, and water chemistry both in your body and in your skull. Adrenal fatigue is an unraveling of that connection to nature.
  3. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    The idea of CT is that it should increase body's core temperature.
    Thyroid hormones kick in overdrive.
    I think,
    that one should CT only within that limit.

    If you are not warming up (relatively) easily after CT session,
    (and feeling hot all over),
    I would rethink the situation.

    CT is for surface only, deep down must be normal or hotter than usual.
    Possibly ending up with hot sauna or hot shower may help.

    My opinion.

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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Not true........CT brings electrons and protons closer together = Dec 2015 webinar = Jim Al Khalili's book..........the closer they come together the better hormone creation control and release becomes.

    The less you rely on testosterone guru's

    You are missing a ton.
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  5. omegajosh

    omegajosh www.mitolab.com

    But the web is replete with examples of people who have tried cold thermogenesis only to end up having an adrenal meltdown!

    Theories are great, but if they don't play out in the real world...
  6. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I think the issues appear when we leave stuff out.... our understanding is too narrow.. we push too hard in one area of life and do nothing in other areas.. and we forget to follow our intuition
    It is complex... and it is easy... a funny paradox ;)
    Many ignore the CT protocol... it goes very slow
    If you are sick you need to do things different than if you are healthier. It is all about the concept
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  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Funny I have not seen that................
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  8. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    I was being treated for AF before trying CT. I went a little slower than others here, but within a few weeks my inner furnace had turned on, and my temp would actually raise a bit while doing CT. Later it settled down so that my temp just stayed steady. I was amazed.
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  9. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Adrenal fatigue ---->it is not that adrenals are fatigued and can't produce, it is that they are not getting proper signaling. They are not being asked to produce.

    What you are describing is low cortisol and low DHEAs.
    Cortisol and DHEAs are two of many steroid hormones.
    In healthy person when one would measure major steroid hormones by weight, in the blood
    and take that as 100%
    DHEAs participation is 95%
    cortisol participation is 4.26%
    all other 0.73%


    So someone who is missing a lot on DHEAs and cortisol have a major problem.
    There are other problems.
    The very first steroid hormone is pregnenolone, and it is made from cholesterol.
    When it is made, it is made in relatively small amounts.
    Even if you would turn all the right switches and started producing pregnenolone in good amounts and all the rest of the system suddenly started working ok it would take a long time to fill up the deficiencies.
    Think of 95gallon water tower being filled with syringe 0.04" thick.
    Per my understanding, DHEAs reserves act similarly to water tower in town.

    Cortisol is the only hormone that we cannot live without.
    Body would steal any available upstream hormone to get material to make cortisol.
    Most commonly known is called pregnenolone steal.

    When desperate, with very low corisol levels, direct supplementation with hydrocortisone (natural) or Medrol (synthetic) may be need.

    If one can wait little bit, it is better to supplement with pregnenolone.
    Pregnenolone plus correct light at the right time, may allow for cortisol levels fluctuation according to right Circadian rhythm.

    Supplementation with DHEA untill levels suitable for 20yo person should take care of the (Water Tower).

    There is a reason why the system got miss-regulated.
    For myself I like to deal with this aspect on wholesale basis.
    I use Spectracell Micronutrient analysis.
    Using results of that test I either supplement deficiencies with pills or change my diet.

    There is more.

    From time to time one may want to check his/her reaction to CT, at some point it may begin to feel beneficial.

    Last edited: Jan 21, 2016
  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Furnace to work need coal and oxygen and their delivery systems.
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  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Jansz hits a homer!
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  12. Toby King

    Toby King Gold


    Thanks Jansz, that was great! It is definitely starting to come together more for me. I have been very disciplined with proper light exposure. And I will have a think about starting some oral Pregnenolone. Just wondering if your recommendations would differ, as I forgot to mention that I have a morning DHEA profile of 24.4nmol/L which I believe is relatively high. Would love to hear your thoughts...

    Attached Files:

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  13. Pebbles

    Pebbles Gold

  14. omegajosh

    omegajosh www.mitolab.com

    So for the furnace to work you need enough Ft3 and cortisol...? two things that people with adrenal fatigue/hpa dysregulation don't have
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  15. omegajosh

    omegajosh www.mitolab.com

    Also, there seems to be a large number of people who have high blood cortisol and low salivary cortisol, therefore presenting with low cortisol symptoms. If, in these cases, glucocorticoid resistance is the problem then engaging in an activity that raises cortisol (cold exposure - quick pubmed/scholar search) would be the opposite of beneficial, surely?

    These are genuine non-inflammatory questions (pun intended). Please don't get offended thinking that I insulted you/your hero
  16. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    @Toby King

    Check your DHEAs.serum (DHEA sulfate in blood).
    Check your cortisol in 24hr urine.
    Post here.
    You are planning to take pregnenolone hoping to increase you very low FreeCortisol.
    Saliva measures FreeCortisol
    Before you commit to pregnenolone I suggest that you check
    I have seen people with 100%cortisol available(urine) and very good TotalCortisol,serum
    having saliva cortisol like yours.

    While checking cortisol, check also SHBG
    also look at
    nice info on
    TBG (Thyroid Binding Globulin)

    There is two problems with taking oral pregnenolone.
    1. For me only this one actually works:
    Pregnenolone Micronized Lipid Matrix 150mg tabs, from Nutricology.
    While taking oral pregnenolone, most of it is not used and excreted in urine.
    That poses no problem unless
    your doctor want to do 24hr urine analysis of hormones.
    That analysis (otherwise highly useful) would be wasted.
    You may discuss your doc's plans for you.

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  17. JanSz

    JanSz Gold


    In post above (#16) look up transcortin.
    Blood cortisol test usually(not always) gives TotalCortisol
    Saliva cortisol is always=FreeCortisol
    Transcortin binds most of cortisol.

    HighTranscortin=low FreeCortisol

    Ask @Jack Kruse how to lower transcortin

    Also look up the PDF file in post above (#16)
    You have used word:

    That reminds me of DHA and AA (also EPA)
    Two or rather three fatty acids. Unfortunately only one got attention.

    AA promotes inflammation (therefore got bad press)
    DHA controls amount of inflammation (suppresses AA)(it is anti-inflammatory)(hero)

    Neither is excessively bad or excessively good.

    When they are
    1. at good levels
    2. in balance

    the part that they control works good

    life is controlled inflammation

    excess or deficiency of either one creates problem
    The word anti-inflammatory sound so good that caught attention, highly easy to sell.
    The word inflammatory had no chance in this context.
    However super important role it plays, we (adults) need minute amounts of DHA in our body (and diet).
    We need also minute amounts of EPA.
    Instead we are sold on fish or krill oils or seafood, that not only supply us with tremendous amounts of DHA and EPA,
    but it does that in highly reversed proportions of DHA/EPA.
    We need a teaspoon, instead we are sold 1/4 of truck load of the stuff we actually need (DHA) and 3/4 truckload of stuff that messes up the first 1/4 truck (EPA).
    Some people are able to tolerate that and are smiling, others are not smiling.
    Able to tolerate=they are not being helped heath vise, just eat good tasting food.
    The amounts of DHA that we actually need could be found in many other foods.
    But if not we have about 2 years time to find it.
    There is (I think still unfinished) discussion on this topic, here, do not want you to miss on that.

    Last edited: Jan 21, 2016
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  18. Aerose91

    Aerose91 New Member

    I did less cold than was recommended to start (warmer water and for less time and frequency) and it progressed my illness more than anything has in 5 years. If you are in late stage AF, stressing your system with cold may crush you. Just listen to your body and not someone who hasn't been where you are
  19. seanb4

    seanb4 New Member

    I remember Jack replying to a comment I made about CT possibly not being good for me due to constant dry mouth (SNS over activation) he replied that the problem was high mitochondrial heteroplasmy.

    I think this means CT is good if your mitochondria are working well however bad if they aren't...
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  20. Aerose91

    Aerose91 New Member

    I agree with you, after having done it unfortunately. I asked many times about it here before trying and Dr Kruse said to just do a lot of it. Thankfully i didn't just do it and certainly didn't do a lot of it but it still did its damage. I was still leary with all of the stories of damage from cold on other forums but proceeded anyway. Really regretting it

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