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adrenal, cfs, mercury, parasite, thyroid, novel

Discussion in 'Adrenal Rx and Leaky Gut Rx' started by laret, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. laret

    laret New Member

    I'm going to condense my history as compactly as possible and hope for a response from jack.

    male 51, 6' 190?

    cfs onset was something like mononucleosis (tested negative) that did not go away ca. 30 years ago. initially recovered about 50% naturally, but extremely run down. put on t4 3 years later and felt great for 3 months, sweated out a ton of water, fantastic energy and cognitive function until i night of beer-drinking and that was pretty much the end of life. symptoms returned 10-fold with joint pain, inability to sleep/concentrate, digestive problems, and the whole slew of typical cfs symptoms.

    this was about 30 years ago, well before much was written about paleo,emf,lyme, heavy metals, vaccines, etc. first success i had was pseudo paleo, body started to dump plaque from intestines every day. 6-7 years later giant worms were coming out. adrenals were getting worse and worse, cognitive problems worse and worse and sleeping problems worse.

    10 years later or so i deduced heavy metal poisoning from multiple sources. 1 practitioner (out of 100+) seemed to get the diagnosis correct: mercury in: adrenals, thyroid, lungs, colon, nervous system; almost gangrene-like plaque and fungus in intestines.

    sauna, high fat diet, parasite cleansing, iodine, minerals, some other supplements here and there brings me to present day. sleep is decent/not great, cognitive ability about 80% restored, energy not good but functional, osteoarthritis bad, intolerant to heat, constant feeling of suffocation (gravitate to cold rainy environments). my thyroid is just broken at a level that i have not been able to address. the ultimate would be to repeat what i felt when i took t4 and got this nice cool feeling internally and had tons of energy, but it's not happening. sunlight has not helped much. low emf environment helps a bit. i have oxygen problems on multiple levels, parasites sucking up oxygen, chronic cough could be something like walking pneumonia, and of course mitochondrial nightmare from mercury damage. the best i can breathe is after passing large parasites, but it only lasts a few hours before suffocation starts up.
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    you need a human avatar or you will be banned shortly Change it at once.

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