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Action Time

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by JBS, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. JBS

    JBS New Member

    G’day Team Kruse

    OK it’s time to bare all, seems naked truth is what this forum is built on. Don’t worry no photo’s :)

    Age: 49
    Divorced with one 15 y/o step-daughter
    Live: Manly, Sydney Australia – top (3rd) floor apartment overlooking Sydney Harbour through pine trees, surf beach close by.
    Work: Serial entrepreneur. Until very recently spent my working life in an 1st floor office in the CBD under fluro lights starring at a computer most of the day.
    Quals: Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in Env Science (8 years at uni studying environmental health with sun/blue light, magnetism and nnEMF barely mentioned).

    The problem – blue light disease, not enough DHA and connection to Big Mamma/Papa
    Have had weight issues for 30 years all diet nor exercise regimes had no lasting effects. Bloods taken in mid Feb and confirmed what would happen to someone with my lifestyle i.e. pre-diabetic, low testosterone and metabolic syndrome. I have been blessed with a highly resilient body and amazed it has lasted this long given the abuse.

    Remedial Action
    Stay away from main stream medicine and fix my environment.
    Started Leptin Rx late Feb 2016 (good results to date and will report after 12 weeks, 6-8 weeks won’t be enough for the damage I have done to my body).
    Daily morning sun and no sunglasses ever.
    Drink spring water or sparkling mineral water.
    There is no way can I do CT as recommended but instead go the beach every morning and snorkel or body surf for 30-60 mins (sea temp is currently 20-22C but decreasing now we are going into winter to around 15-16C) and plan to continue fun CT during winter.
    Reduced my nnEMF by working from home mostly with balcony doors open wide to natural light, purchased a Blushield device and cable connected my gadgets.
    Added f.lux to screens and wear blue blockers at night if watching any screen. Lights are off.
    Only grounding I am getting is time at the beach.

    Optimal health (lose 30+kg, no metabolic syndrome, etc.)
    Write a book on sun/light and nnEMF to help educate people
    Start a new biophysics tech company

  2. caroline

    caroline New Member

    Fantastic goals Jason! I am south of Sydney .....Wollongong.

    That is what we do for C/T .....the ocean and lots and lots of outdoor time! And we also only take cold showers.

    Have you heard of the elimination diet .....The Whole 30 ..... It is great for information about all the stuff we put in our body without knowing/thinking.
  3. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Welcome Jason :) Great stuff!
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    nice way to begin.
  5. JBS

    JBS New Member

    Thanks for the welcome and encouragement.

    Caroline, don't need any other diet Rx the Leptin Rx is phenomenal and suits me to a tee or n=1. The results I am getting in such a short time period are nothing short of astonishing. I will report more at the end of May when I repeat my bloods in success stories.
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  6. caroline

    caroline New Member

    That is great that you are doing so well Jason. I didn't mean to suggest that the whole 30 is another kind of diet.

    It is the same template .......eating a BAB soon after rising - it just gives a lot of info about all the crap in our food.
  7. JBS

    JBS New Member


    Fell off the Leptin Rx wagon over June/July (winter downunder), nothing too serious but rice with Asian food, chips with fish, sandwiches, a few boozy boys nights out and some deserts with my daughter. Little or no ocean swimming but ate loads of seafood. Stayed true to blue light mitigation and had around a 30% morning sun hit rate. Sunglasses remained in the draw. Interestingly I have not gained any weight (3 notches off my belt)! But i did not lose anymore either. Energy levels and libido improved, blood pressure dropped a bit but remains very high and have not checked my bloods. So back on the wagon this month. My suspicion is that blue light is a major culprit in my n=1 journey. Been trailing blushield (photonic micro crystal tech) using plants for my experiments re nnEMF with surprising success.

    My new book In The Dark - new ways to avoid the harmful effects of living in a technologically connected world is with the publisher they are dumbing it down against my wishes but better to get the message out in a format mothers can understand. The only way we are going to educate the masses about the profound "back to nature" knowledge is by building an army of angry mothers! Pissed off mothers are the only population group politicians and the establishment are afraid of.
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  8. Just Breathe

    Just Breathe New Member

    Hi Jason!

    I had to laugh, pissed off mothers are a powerful group!

    I wanted to second Caroline's vote for Whole 30. If you look at any books for the whole 30 and some of their recommended cooking books, I've found a number of recipes to help me avoid food boredom when transition to full on paleo-life. I've used the Leptin Rx as my diet and the Whole 30 books for recipes & inspiration.
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  9. JBS

    JBS New Member

    Been back on Leptin RX (with some CT) for 4 weeks again and the weight just falls off. A far way to go but down from 145kg to 129kg is pretty darn good! On top of that my knees have almost fully recovered from Grade IV cartilage damage - tennis court awaits!

    When I got hit by the quantum health wave, especially circadian biology and Wallace’s work on mitochondria, my life changed. It brought me back into the environmental health game which I left in revulsion 25 years ago. Invigorated and inspired I have decided to go on the front foot and share my take in the most effective way I know how. My new book In The Dark is being launched this week and I am doing interviews and podcasts to help spread the message. Written for non-science degree mums and dads who want the best health and well-being for themselves and their children while living in a technologically addicted world. If Pollacks book is for 3rd graders this for kindergarten kids. Those 'ignorant idiots' that Jack refers to include my family and colleagues and they need to be fed like babies if they are going to take quantum health seriously.
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  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    please add to your goals

    fasting insulin 2-3

  11. JBS

    JBS New Member

    Going in for basic bloods in 2 weeks (my GP is not on board with my approach 3rd one I've tried this year). Last test (Feb 2016) i was pretty much diabetic without clinical symptoms. Next year I will focus on understanding biological testing and metabolic systems and will seek your input if that's OK? This year was all about circadian biology and weight loss via leptin Rx etc.. and getting the nnEMF story out into the Aust public arena via my new book and ongoing podcast interviews etc..
  12. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Just do not eat high GI carbs.
    Eat lots of good fats, over 50% of daily caloric intake.
    Fast is good, our forefathers worked very hard and religiously fasted 2 days/week.
    There is no need for weight loss process done as separate effort.

    Lots of testing you can buy with credit card, no need for scripts.

    Possibly your can get your GP to achieve your goals
    if you save his time (of writing long script)
    just ask him to put his header on top and sign on the bottom.
    This one may work for you:

    Below that one is a rather useful DUTCH test.

    another one that I use is
    Micronutrient Test (MNT)

    When you get all three, copy all pages, save into PDF file attach here to the post.
    it will be time for review.

  13. JBS

    JBS New Member

  14. i am regrettably posting here to let forum members know that Jason has died.
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  15. Thank you for sharing :(
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  16. caroline

    caroline New Member

    Thanks Josh for posting ....so sorry to hear of Jason's passing.
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  17. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    RIP Jason

    I am missing you.
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  18. hey jansz, yeah its been a while old friend. perhaps il; chekc in here more
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  19. So sad to hear this, I really found Jason to be an incredible communicator of these ideas and he helped me big time when I first began to learn about Jack's work. RIP Jason man, what a soul.
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