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AC Electricity in Ground and Grounding Yourself

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by Jeremy Fox, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Jeremy Fox

    Jeremy Fox Gold

    I am convinced that certain urban, suburban and even rural areas have AC electric current flowing through the ground. Is there a way to test for this to make sure a particular spot of earth is safe for earthing/grounding? I am willing to spend some money on new meters but haven't seen much on this topic.

    Thanks, Jeremy
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  2. Sun Disciple

    Sun Disciple AKA Paul...That Call Drop'n Canadian

    As far as I can tell you need a fluke scope meter and a volt meter that is sensitive enough probly i n the 400$ range. Total EMF solutions has a bunch of vids on youtube doing this.
  3. Jeremy Fox

    Jeremy Fox Gold


    Total EMF Solutions, who I think posts here, sometimes hides and unhides the relevant videos on YouTube. But they are the most helpful. Some of those Fluke scope meters are around $5000 and they might be overkill for me. I am using a $500 Fluke multimeter; a $60 multimeter from another brand did not work even though it has a microamps setting. A recent academic article on body amperage testing by retired physician epidemiologist Sam Milham is at

    http://www.sammilham.com/gold standard paper taylor and francis.pdf

    I do encourage people to test for body amperage outside. My new house's back patio can get up to 30 microamps if I am barefoot. 18 microamps gets thrown around, with limited evidence, as a number causing childhood leukemia. I am more or less not spending time in the backyard anymore because RF increased from a nearby business ramping up WiFi, there is body voltage and higher magnetic fields on the grasss, and there is this high body amperage on the patio. I am also much more concerned about the chloride in my swimming pool, based on a rat study, than Jack has been in the past.

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