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abbykadi's labs

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by lazydog, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. lazydog

    lazydog New Member

    This is a VAP cholesterol profile that Caroline asked me to post:

    I used to be on Armour thyroid 90mg/day but worked with my physician to get off these meds and am now taking 12.5 mg of iodorall/daily.

    LDL chol = 142
    HDL chol = 104
    VLDL chol = 13
    Total chol = 259
    Triglycerides = 47
    non HDL chol = 155
    apoB100-calc - 96
    ldl -r (real)-c = 117
    Lp(a) chol = 17.0
    Idl chol = 8
    remnant lip = 16
    Probable metabolic syndrome - no
    hdl -2 =44
    hdl-3 = 59
    vldl-3 (sml remnant) - 8
    ldl1 pattern a = 19.3
    ldl2 pattern a = 58.4
    ldl3 pattern b = 30.3
    ldl4 pattern b = 9.1
    ldl density pattern = A
    glucose, serum = 88
    BUN = 12
    creatinine, serum = .96
    BUN/creatinine ratio = 13
    Vit D = 43.7
    TSH - 3.76 - (Dr. told me that below 2.5 is optimal - I had been off Armour thyroid for 1 month when this lab was drawn)
    HS CRP 1.04 (this was last taken in June 2013) - Dr. told me below .7 is best.
    I also have one copy of the MTHFR mutation C6777T and A1298C.

    There is a CBC too - but not sure if it's applicable.

    Thank you for any comments and insights!

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