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a voice on reddit

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Swen, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. Swen

    Swen New Member

    I have been on reddit a bit lately and been pretty willing to drop some advice about sunlight and unlight. As part of an introduction of where I am at in this moment of time, I give you this screen cap from a few minutes ago:


    It has been an eye-opening time this past summer as I improved myself in sunlight and even was finally able to show that even minimal sunlight at the wrong times of day helped my stepfather improve his cognition and behavior in the midst of alzheimers. It has also been an incredible struggle to get my mom to step out of the way with her habits and behavior that has mostly been the reason why he has devolved into what he is today.

    She recently dropped her veto of me taking him to the TX beach this winter to improve alongside me; but I am exceedingly wary of the blowback from her, and his daughter, in any action that I might take; especially when money is nearly non-existent to make it happen according to their context of "proper care".

    I have no desire to do this to help him because I feel I owe him anything. On the other hand, I am extremely interested in the results of applying a full mitochondriac protocol to his condition as a particularly first-hand eyewitness account of the power of sunlight, water, magnetism vs modern medical dogma and even euthanistic dogma. To be able to document that as an N=2 would be pretty cool. That is the only reason why I would even consider this headache-in-waiting.
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  2. drezy

    drezy New Member

    This is incredibly useful for me to read. Thanks!

    I understand your interest in watching and accumulating N=2 information. Please make sure to get your own oxygen mason firmly before helping others.

    PM me if you end up heading to that particular coast.
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  3. Swen

    Swen New Member

    My oxygen mask won't be in place until I get out of this place. As the sun has gone away, I have felt certain symptoms re-appear to one extent or another. My dad won't have even a sliver of a chance to improve if he does not get out of this place. If I am gone, he goes into a nursing home which will make things even worse for him. I even am almost 100% certain that lots of our issues (or the added magnitude of our symptoms) are due to mold toxicity. If I am doing it for myself, it is much easier to do it for another right beside me. Sadly, even his improvement is a bittersweet conclusion. Getting him back to anywhere near what he was and they were is a recipe for disaster, really.

    With his behaviors out of the way of my mom, she can also get the hip replacement and rest/solace she needs to recuperate; but even then she doesnt embrace the real healing of what the sunlight can do and the evil of what the unlight does. She still continues to drink fluoridated and chlorinated tap water (and whatever else is in there) even tho I offer her the spring water I buy. If he comes back in the spring vastly improved and she has her new hip, who knows how she/they will shape their (now unlikely) future.
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  4. drezy

    drezy New Member

    I can relate to much of this at least as applies in my own situation with parents the truest statement you wrote is the one you almost made a question of

  5. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    No such thing as a wrong time of day for sunlight ime, although I prioritize peak UV hours for naked SG.
  6. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Just remember to keep an eye on this ball

  7. Swen

    Swen New Member

    I think you know that I totally agree with you.
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  8. Swen

    Swen New Member

    I should have said that I am almost 100% sure that mold toxicity is a contributing factor to our issues; not saying our mitochondria and heteroplasmy are fine and dandy.
  9. drezy

    drezy New Member

    I think the two are likely entangled (in the causal not quantum sense).

    I think many mold issues show up at some point down the heteroplasmy spectrum. For what it's worth my response to the same moldy environment, an old shed, went away after CT and sun baking. Also my first 18 years of life were plagued with nearly constant allergies. They are gone now too. I distinctly remember laying in bed as a kid wondering if I'd ever breathe through my nostrils ever again.
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  10. Swen

    Swen New Member

    I notice lots of the likely mold symptoms returning, mildly for now. As I recollect the past and deconstruct what got me to the place I am; i can identify 2 other distinct living situations where mold was abundant. Then, a 3rd living situation, my longest childhood home was certainly prone to mold because of construction issues, mainly an uninsulated dirt crawlspace that was pretty open to the living quarters' with only a flimsy plywood cover over the hole in the plywood floor (not even sub floor or any finishing). We frequently insulated the block foundation with hay bales and it did not take long for mold to get into them. My life is strewn with things done half-assed by my parents and myself; usually out of poverty and pride. I believe now that lots of my choices were made in the brain fog and induced by these conditions I had no clue about. It is amazing what one can stick to; like a frog in gradually boiling water, thinking everything is all ok.

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