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A "strong" example of food guru bias

Discussion in 'Educating Doctors' started by Jack Kruse, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    This is posted as a teaching lesson for those who don't know how to decipher papers, data, or opinions on data published. The irony of my critique is that I agree with him on the fact that we should not supplement sunlight with pills, but why I disagree has nothing to with his reasoning in the video. How you frame an idea in question and study the idea determines your beliefs about the topic. Listen carefully to how this researcher adds his own self selection biases in this talk. His premise is that 25 dihydroxy D is "the nutitional marker" for Vitamin D, but is it more accurate to say it is the marker for effective quantum yield of this person's or race's skin? Vitamin D is not a dietary neurohormone. It is made from UVB light quanta. This seems lost on this PhD. Why would you go talking about the nutritional marker aspect of a hormone that is made photosynthetically? He brings up the question of race and location but never realizes how the surface color, skin thickness both affect UVB light penetration or temperature in the skin. Location on the planet and culture also link to exposure of the skin as well. Remember the temperature of the skin is linked to the speed and efficiency of the isomerization step in the skin required from changing the cholesterol back bone to sulfated D3. You realize that color and pigmentation of the skin links to the effective quantum yield of a light reaction. Anyone who studies leafs and photosynthesis knows this but a nutrition researcher causually skips over it? He says his data on black and white adolescent girls "is not controversial". To who? Him or other people who disagree with the premise? Were the girls all in puberty or not? This affect pigmentation and skin thickness. Both would affect your results. Are they dehydrated or not? Menstruating or not? Is this happening at the same time? If not then don't assume the groups are similiar. These were just my observations from the first 1:50. You need to be discerning and do your due diligence on data you hear before you accept the premise of the researcher. Black females not in their native land and not having solar exposure that those environments bring to the skin surface will not have the same solar callus as Africans who do live in those environments. Therefore, even compare US blacks to Somali blacks is FAULTY logic when dealing with a fundamentally non linear apsect of how light effects biology. The physics of the environment dictates the physiology of the organism and this aspect of quantum biology extends to the local patches of the skin on the same person. This explains why his so called paradoxes exist, but he fails to account for them and tries to lead the viewer toward his perspective from the get go. He says at 3:18 the consensus says that white skin evolved as we left the equator. Not according to the data I have read. It is a function of folate protection to maintain fertility inside the tropics. Black skin outside the tropics would make you more fertile and create more growth. Blacks should have less 25(OH)D because they are more efficienct at the isomerization step in D3 formation from 7-D-cholesterol. Fertility can be maintained by sunlight in the anterior pituitary but the solar radiation in the UVA/B range actually curtail serum level sex steroids released by the pituitary by AM frequencies of sunlight. He wants you accept the consensus opinion because he has to make his points, not nature's points. Nature is simple and her ideas are fertile for the possibility life. Be aware of this hidden bias he portrays. His second point about aggregating points of D levels in plasma globally is faulty. It washes out the real quantum effects. He does not even mention mitochondrial haplotype! And WE should expect these differences, but it is clear he does not, because he is ignorant about light! Global data from about 25(OH)D is notoriously innacurate because it does not address how these white and black folks ancestral environments have changed or not changed as time changed during the collection period. Equatorial mtDNA is tightly coupled and European mtDNA is loosely coupled because of light differences. For example, we know that the photoelectric effect is lowered for UVB when a person is located in an environment that provides more signal to noise ratio for any reason. Why do we know this? Because cell membrane oscillation lose electrons and since only UVB light can be assimilated photoelectrically to make 25(OH)D we should expect the result because these two groups have RADICALLY different environmental exposures and radically different mtDNA. Photons can only interact with electrons. This researcher never mentions this lack of control for his points. He never considers the effect of grounding in these groups to see if this could be the CAUSE of what his fancy charts tell him. People inside the tropics rarely wear shoes and those above 50 latitude tend to wear rubber soled shoes. He never considers this, but an electrical and optical engineer would in their studies of a PURELY OPTICAL PHENOMENA. If you look carefully at his graph in problem two you'll notice the lines cross very close to the polar regions. This proves my point that there is a massive effect of grounding he ignores. Why? Magnetic flux is much stronger at a polar region to to the orientation of the magnetic field. It is almost up and down in these regions and the magnetic field is stronger. Grounding therefore might have a huge effect on the system because cells all use light in non linear fashion. Non linear fashion means small effects can lead to large unexpected physiology changes. He whiffs on this. Problem #3: The parathyroid glands are endocrine glands located in your neck near your thyroid glands. Their job is to secrete parathyroid hormone (PTH). PTH regulates serum calcium and phosphate, which in return regulate PTH. Note they react to chemical changes inside the body but its levels is directed by the surface light the eye and skin recieve. Mineral content is a function of the DC electric current in a cell and not their nutritional status. Robert Becker showed us this. People living in high quantum yield environments will have a higher DC electric current which in turn increases the electrostatic bonding of the two copper ions in the P N junction between collagen and bone. His premise for problem three also just blew up at 9:26. He never mentions Becker's work on bone because he doesn't know really how bone works. He is regurgitating what is in the bio-chemistry book. Everything in the biochemistry book never considers the photoelectric effect in the periosteum. In a 24/7 blue lit microwaved world we've created today, osteoporosis manifests in every doctors office who looks for it in the blood and in bone because mitochondria are screaming for calcium ions because they cannot fat burn due to efflux of calcium caused by your technology and communication gear. I guess he did not know blue light ruins the mitochondria in the parathyroid glands because it penetrates so deeply to slow ECT in these tissues? He does know that the neck is exposed to these lights huh? He never touches that variable but goes through a diagram anyone can read in a book. You get these ideas when you do not realize light cause non linear effects and you have no Earthly idea of anything Dr. Doug Wallace published in the last 30 years but you have a good memory for biochemistry books. Otherwise this video is fine. ;) When he goes to genes and leaves out ANY DISCUSSION on mitochondrial bio-energics I had to turn it off in disgust..........FYI.
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Then listen to his speculations.........from 25:00 on. Your head will explode in trying to make a case for dietary calcium and WAPF ideas. It is so obvious what he really wants to say and what he wants us to buy but you have to deconstruct what he says using data he ignores. Ask yourslef what is off the menu in his discussion? Everyone who knows that a stressed mitochondria needs huge amounts of calcium to maintain fat burning. Moreover, mtDNA haplotype determines these things. Did you hear anything about incident light in the video? Not one mention. Did you know Price viewed everyone in nature in sunlight when he made his studies on humans? Why does Chris or Sally Fallon realize this might be why Price found what he found? How you ask and frame a question determines what your results, perceptions, and speculations will be.

    Last edited: Feb 15, 2017
  3. Sean L.

    Sean L. New Member

    Can't help but notice the sudden shift from the food dogma to light and mitochondria by the likes of Asprey, Mercola and others. A nice validation of the thought leadership in this tribe. Keep blazing the trail, Jack...
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    We can all see it clearly when the world flips from 4 G to 5G.......5 G is another forum of light and much more powerful light that will destory mitochondrial biology. And that version of light alters charges in mitochondria to stop beta oxidation; so physiologic function in a 5G world wholly will depend upon your light mismatch and % heteroplasmy rate at present moment. So docs will need to be take detailed histories and become like an epidemiologist and look at the zip code for tower data, cell data, and popultion density and layer that all with the person's labs to get a clue about the trend of a loss of charge. The key is if you cannot fat burn you need most protein and fat intake to keep TCA cycling low. When mitochondria are damaged for any physiologic or environmental reason they cannot utilized beta oxidation to burn fat so they have to revert to the older evolutionary pathways in the TCA cycle. This older pathway is OK for simple organism like Bacteria and Archea but it is not good for chronic use in complex eukaryotic cells. If you rely on the TCA cycle for too long it will stimulate cell growth to try to offset the energy deficit. The reason for this is that simple life ability to make energy is limited by the geometry of their cell membranes. So they have to lean heavy on the TCA cycle to make up the energy deficit. When you have no ability to fat burn you become more bacteria like in energy generation because our mitochondria reverts to its ancient bacterial past. This is why the Warburg metabolism occurs. This amount of energy does not allow for FULL CELL function and this is why their disease phenotype manifest because the change in the mitochondria forces epigenetic changes in the nuclear genome to help offset the energy loss.

    It is not that hard to see when you understand Dr. Doug Wallace's work. This is why patients with high % heteroplasmy crave carbohydrates and love blue light devices. You need to not allow these things to happen in your local environment because it deepens the "energy deficit" for these people to crawl out of. These two environmental ACTIONS act in unison to keep their gut microbiome simplified and allow for chronic rapid TCA cycling to make energy from carbohydrates. The problem is the longer they stay in this cycle the deeper the mitochondrial defects get the worse their mitochondria get in many tissues. This is why obesity leads to so many other diseases as more mitochondria are mowed down. Fixing neolithic disease is a mitochondrial Rx to regain fat burning, nothing else and nothing more. Blood glutamate and glucose are always raised in these people because glutamate and glucose are part of the TCA being overused because they cannot access beta oxidation of fats. The proof: Studies have shown that increased oxygen consumption and N-acetylglutamate and urea synthesis are coupled to agmatine-induced stimulation of mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation. IMPLICATIONS: So if you cannot use beta oxidation it means glutamate and glucose will rise in the blood plasma. This explains many disease because it is the common pathways seen in altered mitochondrial as laid out by Dr. Doug Wallace's 40 years of work in mitochondrial medicine. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16452488
  5. Constant_Growth

    Constant_Growth New Member

    Yeah, but does Asprey really know what he's even talking about, or does he just rehash? I get the impression it's the latter
  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The modern day snake oil salesman sells you on the idea that nothing can be done. Many things can be done. Humans needs to look at the Galapogos iguana to learn a lesson and a bottle of glutathione. Living in a microwaved blue lit 5 G world is like being a marine iguana in the Galapagos islands.........there is a cornacopia of life possibilities in the cold sea but that cold water slows your ability to move and live optimally........To thrive you must risk the cold sea and barren landscape and you need to harvest the photosynthetic algae bounty off the rocks below the sea before the cold water slow your ability to wirelessly recharge on the rocks on shore after grazing on the sea. If you focus on this.......nature will take care of you.
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  7. Constant_Growth

    Constant_Growth New Member

    I'm lost with the metaphor here...
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Another fail. Carbs consume 3 waters per acetyl group that enters the citric acid cycle, versus 4 for fat. Why is that? Could it be related to the fact that photosynthesis consumes water and puts more hydrogen in carbohydrates and this is why their isotopic fraction of deuterium is higher than fats???? Yep.

    How does this water consumption marry to deuterium content of foods and water? Was this ever considered in the discussion on bio-chemical pathways mentioned in the video??? Focus on what matters and not on the pathways that only tell part of the bio-physics of cell. What food guru's never get is water is the medium of energy and information transfer in life. Water transfers electrons and protons for a reason. Water is capable of turning one arrangement or molecule into another which either requires energy release or consumes energy. Beta oxidation creates a massive sea of light hydrogen water in the cytosol and carbohydrates are water neutral for the cytosol. This affects the gravitational force in cells and their viscosity. This viscosity affects how light can operate inside a cell because of Fermat's law. Fat oxidation limits gravitational and viscosity effects (inertia) in cells and carbohydrates dehydrate the cytosol to allow gravity to affect things in the cytosol. Since light under goes graviational lensing this affects photonic signaling in cells. It also affects Fermat's law in cells. Food guru's forget there are 3 different types of pathways in the cell that transfer 3 different sorts of energy transfer. Food guru's alsways make the critical error of focusing in on only one.......the biochemical pathways and they completely ignore the other two.

    What are the 3?
    A. Mass transfer occurs in metabolic pathways which only transfer bits of molecules.
    B. Energy transfer pathways which transfer energy
    C. Signal transfer pathways which transfer information in a cell.

    Of the 3 the last one is the most important and quantized to light. Most signal transfer pathways remain unmapped, hence why these meme's on biochemical pathways are advanced as something big and important when they discussed out of nature's context. They are not that critical. They are myopic for understanding human diseases and performance. Understanding all three and how they work in unison quantum coherently will make sense of the chaotic activity in biochemical pathways to give scientists and humans a meaningful wisdom of nature on a larger scale. Focusing in on a cell's metabolic pathways and ignoring the other two modes of energy transfer is myopic. We are a metroplis of 100,000 biochemicals working in unison per second and not 35 biochemical highways on a geographic map of biology.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2017
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  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    This you tube video is "food propaganda" to create a group think mentality for those who plan to sell people ketogenic snacks loaded with deuterium and sell it as a health food for cancer patients. Let me point out things they whiff on. I want to be clear. I think ketosis and cancer is wise........but how a mitochondriac does it and explains it is radiacally different than a food guru. This video is a perfect example to show you the nuance. While I agree generally with the point of this video let me point out SPECIFIC things why the food guru perspective fails cancer patients: A: She used pictures to generate a false narrative of people. She is trying to set you up for her point of view so that you miss the most important things off the menu. B: the micro-environment of cancer cells is acidic not because of the food you eat......it is because you are not building an exclusion zone with sunlight and water which excludes light hydrogen protons to make proton conduction possible. She only focused on what she knows only and completely whiffs. She has no idea how the incident EMF controls the calcium release on the second messenger systems that controls the bio-physics in a cell. She is an MS in food after all. She has no idea about the bio-physics in a cell with respect to cancer which are FAR more important. This is why Popp found all cancers release massive amounts of bio-photons. Note, she never mentions that ONCE. This lack of exposure to solar light also explains why their is a chronic loss of light in cells is why most cancer patients Vitamin D levels and tissues sulfation levels are abysmal and why their redox measures are also poor. C. When she shows the pictures of the wolves she immediate jumps to the food conclusions..........but what did she fail to mention about the slide? The woves where in nature, in the cold walking on snow grounded and in the sunlight. She has no Earthly idea how this effects things. You better. D. She brings up the arctic explore and never once mentions how cold, the use of seafood, and the water all tied to proton recycling and control of the optical switches in cells that lower cancer risks. She says the effect was meat and fat but shows a picture of them hunting for seafood in an ice hole. She does not even get why seafood trumps other foods because of the deuterium effect. She never mentions how seafood in the eyes of skin contain trapped UV light that is found in massive sulfated Vitamin D3 quantities and how this might protect the immune system from oncogenesis. E: props up Seyfried but never mentions that all metabolic consequences are tied to bio-physical changes in the environment of the patient that controls the flow of electrons and protons from foods. She aptly points out the effect of cytoplasm........but never discusses how light is what affects the cytoplasm!!! F: why does ketosis cause hyothyroid states in how the cancer food guru's study it? They study it inside and not in the sun!!!! Thyroid stimulus needs AM sunlight to operate. Food has no effect here. And not having a period is a huge issue for oncogenesis. She flubs that one too!!! G: She says a lower IGF-1 is better for cancer patients? Low IGF-1 is associated with lower longevity because of a lack of sun. Way off base here. When I saw this slide I wondered how they asked her to speak. She never once mentions how sunlight lowers insulin levels and changes receptor sensitivity either. Again, every opportunity to mention sunlight, she shows two pictures of animals in nature but never makes the link ONCE. All this in the first 14:00 minutes. H: She talks PCOS and shows a pregnant lady on a dock in the sun? Did she mention the sun in the results? Did she mention any light controls? She says that an increased fertility in these 2 ladies was caused by the diet.........she has no cause to say that but her beliefs about food. I: her high fat/sucrose mouse is a nocturnal mammals so where any of the studies on him controlled for hsi scotopic retina? NOPE. J: She blames the Warburg shift on cancer in the beginning then at the 17:00 min part says cancer cells still make glucose on a ketogenic diet. This is evidence that glucose does not cause cancer. She fails to even see it. I could go on........I want to be clear I use ketosis in cancer patients but I cannot get behind anyone who spews half truths about ketosis. This video is a classic on the meme creation of half truths. So call me a diet/food saboteur, critic, and skeptic.
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  10. Sun Disciple

    Sun Disciple AKA Paul...That Call Drop'n Canadian

    "She never mentions how seafood in the eyes of skin contain trapped UV light that is found in massive sulfated Vitamin D3 quantities and how this might protect the immune system from oncogenesis"

    Ah Ive been waiting to hear you mention the signifigance of consuming fish eyes and skin beyond vit d and selenium. Its trappped UV light then which is the key? Ive been munching on mackerell eyes which are suprisingly not half bad once I got over the greusome sight of ocular extraction by the tip of my santoku knife.

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