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A short lesson on jurisprudence.......

Discussion in 'Female Quantum Biology' started by Jack Kruse, Jun 25, 2022.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Yesterday SCOTUS decision revealed just how stupid Americans have become. It revealed they do not have a clue how the judicial system works. It revealed that they have fallen for the gaslighting and lies of politicians, media, and pop culture.
    It has revealed the inherent sense of lazy entitlement of multiple generations. It has shown that Americans have lost the ability to think for themselves. If you can't think your government will take your life over.

    Self-sovereignty and privacy are at the core of recent events.

    Let me explain. Both Roe and Casey were dependent upon the claim that abortion is part of a right to “privacy” within the substantive due process protections of the 14th Amendment. But neither case relied upon a recognizable or legitimate due process test. I was alive in 1972 and I remember asking about what judges wrote in this case......

    In 1972, Justice Blackmun posed the question and opportunity for the personhood of an unborn baby to be proven, and stated in his ruling, "“If the suggestion of personhood is established, the appellant’s case, of course, collapses.”

    In 1989, the ruling on Casey established personhood after 6 weeks, and removed the 14th amendment right to privacy as the ruling states that a woman is "no longer alone in her personhood." Roe has actually been dead for 33 years! No one realized it..........because their brains have been discharged by modern life.

    Yesterday, Biden and all of Washington keep referencing the loss of a constitutional right. Which is a bald-faced LIE! A Total lie... Planned Parenthood v. Casey replaced Roe’s standard of review with an undue burden standard. There never was, and never will be such a right.

    Brandon said, “The court took away a right that was already recognized.” Reality responds, "Yeah, slavery was once seen as a right, too in the USA. Then it wasn’t." That is how a constitutional republic operates chief.


    But because no one actually knows the constitution WELL, nor do they reach beyond a state of laziness to read the rulings, they believe the lies as fact and operate from chosen ignorance. Here's the other thing.... Roe stole your rights and the power of your vote! LITERALLY...
    People have been screaming their right was taken away today by a group of unelected judges. But under Roe, those judges actually did have your rights held captive. It was a group of unelected officials, in the judicial system, which set and enforced laws...
    something they are not allowed to do under our constitution! Today, they handed you back your rights and your power. They gave you a gift! But you've believed the propaganda and lies for so long, that you can't even distinguish the truth.

    Here's where today exposes the laziness and entitlement of those so upset... They want someone else to guarantee their rights. They do not want to accept the responsibility to go vote and support your state legislature.

    Abortion has not been outlawed: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution

    As our founders intended...

    Here is a link to the Supreme Court's decision, so you can withstand the gaslighting: https://lnkd.in/grarfftG

    Moving forward, if you want a legal abortion, or do not want abortion in your state... if you don't like the laws or outcome... Then going forward it is your fault. It is the voting that will make the difference. Voting is a self-sovereign behavior. If you value your privacy to choose.........then you'll get why these decisions are good for your right to privacy guaranteed under the constitution. The right to privacy is being taken from us right now with money by AML/KYC laws. I hate those laws and think they are a bigger infringement than any abortion law. I have a thread on that too in these forums.

    I am sad because I am watching a nation ready themselves to hand back their rights and freedoms to Washington again. They are willing to follow the politicians gaslighting them, saying they will restore their rights. Americans are idiots.

    But, if you let them do that, you're giving them exactly what they want. CONTROL... There is a socialist, fascist-driven machine that is seeking to control the way you think, feel and act... and so far, in my adult life... I see them getting exactly what they want.

    The liberal leaders in our country today are not mad because abortion laws changed, they are mad because power was returned to the people. But, you don't realize this, because you have used them as a crutch, and become complacent in your dependency.

    Americans have become lazy, they let the media inform them because they are unwilling to read, learn, and be taught. Abortion is just a symptom because again, it is the easy way out of a mistake or bad moment.

    I am deeply grieving, not over Roe.... but because I am sad that America has become a nation so lazy, so entitled, so unaware....they will follow the blond into the dark, they have no courage to ask questions, and there is no leadership at the forefront who is willing to stand on convictions that value life, honor others and demand the truth.
    I am deeply afraid of what will be left in this nation for my kids, grandkids, and beyond. We have become a nation of total idiots... complete idiots who cannot function unless another person, celebrity, politician, or influencer tells them what to think, feel, believe, or do. I believe this laziness is why most won't buy things like BTC to save their privacy and the things they value in life. Privacy is a big right to give back to any government.

    I have my own morals that guide me. IDGAF what any State says. Do you know why? When I was in third grade I read the Declaration of Independence. Inside of it, Thomas Jefferson wrote that if any law is unjust, it is the duty of a PATRIOT to not follow it. In fact, If I don’t want to comply with a law I think is unjust, I’ll do everything in my power to find an alternative or way around it. I realize it’s not easy for all people to do this, but if you can, you may want to try being self-sovereign for a change. That is what the 4th of July is about!

    People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.
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