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A letter to auntie about the Kruse prescription 1:)

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Maa, Apr 23, 2021.

  1. Maa

    Maa Walkin on sunshine

    Aunt Abbey wrote the following reply to my last entry (which was supposed to be numbered, 170, not 169 again):
    “Michael, dearheart,
    This last entry was absolutely fascinating! Your writing is so clear -
    and the emf info you share is so right on!
    When I see houses clustered under the
    heavy electric wires overhead, I wonder how many people living there have cancer.
    A friend, a lady architect, died from cancer a few years ago. Her house was under the massive electric wires.
    I’ve totally avoided blue light since I started reading you. The way you describe suiting up before entering “civilization”
    is truly bookworthy. The info you share
    is wonderful - what do you eat to keep your skin so plump? I need that!
    I look forward to each of your entries
    I totally love what you are doing - I could see this published...if that’s what you want. Your life is a gift to share.
    Loving you,”
    I love the feeling I get when reading, “since I started reading you”:-D Her words had such a bolstering effect. I can’t even describe it:-D …I certainly don’t want to publish this tho, at least not in my lifetime, unless of course I get a divine arm twisting:) Right now it’s only to whom God gives me to give it to; and maybe to whom they give it to(?:).
    Such heavy thoughts, that there are multitudes of people who can’t afford to take the prescription I was given; to move to a place that has UV sunlight 365 days a year; can’t afford anti-radiation clothing; can’t afford to paint their ceiling, walls and floors with charcoal laden paint to keep the radiation out if they can’t move to a place that doesn’t have it penetrating their homes; can’t afford to wire their houses with ethernet and get adaptors for their phones/devices, and turn their wifi off, and get an internet number so you can be connected when wired, the same way as you do when on cell service; can’t afford to buy organic food without Round Up and can’t afford to change their house lights to red (for night time) and full spectrum (UV and the right balance of red and blue) for daytime when all windows are closed and real sunlight can’t get in.
    Windows, even regular pane glass, slows down the red in sunlight, which turns it to blue light toxic light. And then there’s “dirty electricity,” which is electro-magnetic fields in the house, power lines in the ground and over head wires. Our electrician’s son is studying that and I’ll soon elaborate. I think you need to buy and install filters for the house…
    So heavy a thought, that most people can’t take this prescription of sleeping with the sun, sunlight, drink plenty of ice water, grounding, high fat and protein, low carbs, and staying away or blocking the bad stuff. But at least some can reduce it, if they only knew about it.
    Must be the heaviest thought that there are those who have orchestrated this, and kept this knowledge and so much more from us. All this didn’t just come about by chance. The ruler of this world is Satan.
    There’s a famine going on today, practically world wide. A famine for the words of truth. And one part of it is, all sickness is a result of this famine. We don’t know what’s bad for us. We don’t know that “inventions" like the AC power grid, blue light and microwaves are the cause of these sicknesses. DC electric current wouldn’t be killing our mitochondria, but we all have AC.
    We have blue light and microwaves. But there is alternative lighting, and there has got to be a safe way to wirelessly communicate. Photonic?? They just haven’t given it to us.. We are in the modern day Noah’s flood. The poor can’t do a thing about it. Those that can don’t have the understanding to do anything either. They don’t see that we are one hundred and twenty years into the sixth extinction level event. When we powered up the AC grid, we started the killing off of ourselves. Our lower atmosphere is pulsing with it, which is chaos for the sensors in our skin, and eyes which connect directly with the brain. It’s chaos to our mitochondria. If only we had eyes to see it.

    Yet we are chastised with plagues; children born with weak, ill mitochondria; born with disease; infertility; and all the epigenetic diseases. Maybe God will cause a few or many to be adaptable to the toxins blue light creates within us; to radiation, and to electro-magnetic fields. Kruse believes that some will. Maybe the quantum biophysics of the human cell is gonna change. …God is working his purpose out, I reckon.
    But I don’t have that kinda faith, to hope that I will not get sick but adapt. I see and know, I feel what I am doing, when hurting and when helping myself; my body, down to the atomic level. Quantum biophysics. It is how we get our energy (which is our health) from light and food.
    “What do you eat to keep your skin so plump?”
    Plumpness comes from the cells’ mitochondria making good EZ (exclusion zone) water. It’s all in this journal already, but this is how to get your cells’ mitochondria to make lots of EZ water: what I eat is the prescription I was given by Jack Kruse:
    Sleeping when the sun goes down (within an hour or two) and rising before it rises. No blue light in the eyes or touching the skin after sundown. This is of paramount importance. Blue light destroys DHA, which is essential to our health… Sleep in total darkness. Seven and a half hours is optimal. No radiation touching you, especially while sleeping.
    This is the foundation of healing your mitochondria. If you don’t do this you can never heal. Again, mitochondrial sickness is the source of all epigenetic diseases (that means cancers, Alzheimer’s, auto-immune, autisms, heart, everything). All the ones cropping up in the last hundred years, the ones that are spreading like a plague lately.
    So after sleeping with sun, you need to watch the sun rise, with all your skin exposed if possible, or wear tan through clothing. Watch the ball, and when it gets to be too much sunlight in your brain, close one eye, watch for a while, and then watch with the other. Build up till you can watch the ball until UV light starts with both eyes open. UV starts shining usually ninety minutes after the sun is risen. Depending on where you are, UV might come up within an hour, so to be safe, let’s just say sixty minutes. You can get a D-minder App and know for sure.
    If you can’t do the whole hour, do as much as you can. It is vital for the repair of the mito that we get this light in our eyes and skin during that part of the solar spectrum with no UV. You gotta do this until you heal the mito, which could take years.
    During the day, get sun in the eyes, not looking at it directly anymore. UV is absolutely necessary for life, and the more morning light you get, the more UV you are able to take in during the day light. Build up a solar callus in your skin by doing this daily. If I turn red, it’s absorbed by next morning, no sunburn:) It is energy and true life to the mito, which is life to everything in us. Dopamine and seratonin just to name a couple:)
    In the evening, again, get the last sixty to ninety minutes of the ball in your eyes and skin. UV has stopped by this time. The morning light is the most important, but evening will strengthen and heal your mito faster than with only morning light.
    I don’t know if I’m healed, healing still, or will need to do this for the rest of my life just to keep from degrading to diseases of the mito. My stem cells might be depleted and telomeres shortened. I could take some tests to determine this, but I would hate to hear I was in that kinda shape. They can be replenished and lengthened though, by living right:) I could test my mitochondrial shape too, but what’s the point? I don’t know if I could handle feeling any better than I do already:-D
    Two thirds of the energy (the health and strength) you need, when you’re living right(!), is from sunlight, one third from food. The food I eat is high fat and protein, low carbs, cuz high carbs is like putting maple syrup in your gas tank. Mito don’t run like the Ferrari engines they’re supposed to be when burning carbs. I certainly feel mine running on the right fuel (my own fat), flat out screaming from before sunrise till rest just after sunset.
    My skin isn’t as plump as it was last summer and fall. I’ve been missing plenty of the morning light, daylight and evening light this winter. And the sun isn’t as strong in winter, so below the calves and forearms especially, the skin isn’t as plump.
    Also, you need to keep five hours of fasting between meals, and the last meal should be five hours before bedtime. This allows the digestive system, down to the electron transport chain of the mito, where we get our energy from, allows it to fully finish it’s process and not over work. If you sleep before this finishes, it mucks up the digestion, which is inflammation.
    When you’re burning your own fat instead of carbs, fasting will be effortless. No cravings for snacks or nuttin! No appetite until you start eating. Then it’s like a great white shark feeding:-D
    I usually have chocolate tea with cream and honey/pollen/propolis/royal jelly early in the mornings, and then a meal at around ten in the morning of tapioca flour bread with lots of butter and more honey mixture. Maybe some protein too.
    Then, about three or four in the afternoon I have my protein meal and maybe drink some cream to wash it down:) Proteins are seafood (very high in DHA, the most important thing for the mito), beef with organs, lamb, eggs. The fat in fish, meats, butter, cream, cheese and milk, they are high in DHA, which again is the most important thing for the mito, the cell, and so much more... You need to consume it. And taking it from supplimental sources is not gonna work. Has something to do with the form it’s in. It can’t be used in the electron transport chain, our energy factories.
    One caveat about this sunlight prescription is your haplotype. You can find this out from a test like 23 And Me or Ancestry. If your type is from the equator, you won’t do well in cold. You need strong sun and DHA. Some people are mixed, and others need only DHA and to be cold (cold-thermogenesis-7).
  2. Maa

    Maa Walkin on sunshine

    Part 2:)
    Grounding is something that adds electrons to your mito, free ATP, just like sunlight does. Sunlight and grounding together are pure power. It’s free energy. It’s food to the Mito:) When your not in sunlight or grounding, you are losing electrons. Losing energy to your environment. I ground usually during sunrise, with my feet in the lake. Then in the sunset with feet on wet earth or in the lake sometimes.
    The ocean is the best for grounding. Swimming is great. Diving underwater is incredible. ...Today I was in the lake often and pure sun all day with my feet on wet earth. Later, when I went out on the skatepark, I’ve never boarded with such power and discipline. It was the best day I’ve ever had. I’m getting pretty good Mom:-D*** I can do everything now, but get air (wheels leaving the ground), which I don’t have any desire to do:)

    My ole friend John wrote the following in reply to the last entry:
    "It strikes me that possibly a lot of your health improvements are also due to the beneficial changes you've made to your diet, cold thermogenesis, and exercise, all pushing your body back to natural together in concert, and you sound more rounded when you include that as well. You're not an extremist: you are just uniquely positioned to actually prove to yourself with your own body that these are not mere theories, this is fact of life stuff.”
    It’s true I didn’t include the diet, cold thermogenesis and exercise in the last entry as being part of the credit for my bodlily transformation. But without living in the sun, CT would help you somewhat, but nothing like what the sunlight does for us. And if you’re living in the sun, “you could eat shit on a shingle,” with no exercise, and still be healthy as a horse. As far as exercise goes, you have to become leptin sensitive before doing any exercise. If not, you’ll only make the mitochondria worse. It’s like trying to get an engine that needs a tune up to haul heavy weight uphill. Doing the leptin prescription (my-leptin-prescription) before, you can then add some exercise. I didn't do the big breakfasts early, but didi the tests (T3 and cortisol) after a while and found that I was leptin sensitive, so it must be alright. He does say that you can go to two meals a day, and even one meal a day once you’re leptin sensitive, and to miss breakfast and be out in nature is ok, so I’m guessing the big breakfast is for when you’re becoming sensitive to leptin.
    It’s best to eat and exercise in the sun too. The UV, the red, blue, all the light makes everything run optimally. If you exercise in blue light, like in all the gyms and yoga places, etc, you will get strong muscles, yes, but your mitos will be “Swiss cheese,” No longevity, and you’ll get disease. All your work should be outside. I use a Think Tank outside to shade my laptop and do all my journal entry work outside:)
    I was eating some hamburgers one day last week, and decided to put some spicy organic mustard and ketchup on them. It’s the first time I’ve done that in the three years I’ve been doing this diet. They’re not local/seasonal and have sugar, so that’s why I've never used them. I remembered how I loved them in high school when I’d go to Maria’s and have turkey, roast beef or meatball sandwiches with these. They stimulate my appetite big time :)
    I really don’t eat much fruits and vegetables. I will eat locally seasonal ones a little sometimes. If the fruits and veggies are shipped to you from a different climate, the solar information within them is chaos for your mito. You have to eat the same seasonal stuff that you are living in. And this is only(!) if you're living in sunlight. The reason for this is deuterium. They are loaded with it, and if you’re not living in strong sunlight, it is like throwing a monkey wrench into the gears of the electron transport chain of your mito. They make way less energy and there’s lots more terrible things a lot of deuterium does.
    When you eat lots of carbs, the water in your cell becomes heavy with deuterium. It can’t fit through the electron transport chain easily. Your energy production drops. You end up burning the carbs for energy and get a boost, but when the carbs run out, so does your energy.
    You get a charge up of your batteries, your cells, when they are exposed to sunlight. When you’re grounding as well. But with cell water that’s heavy with deuterium they don’t charge half as good, and make less EZ. Everyone believes that you need fruits and veggies to be healthy. When living right, the body makes just about everything it needs. When first starting to live in the light, if you have any conditions, you might need some supplements until the body starts to work right. I didn’t:)
    People don’t know that high intake of deuterium (fruits and veggies, sugars, carbs) makes it where it doesn’t matter what you eat. You can’t assimilate the vitamins and minerals in these foods that are high in deuterium if not living in strong sunlight; the light that they are grown and picked in. If you break these laws, it brings on inflammation, diminishes your energy production, causes weakness/sickness of the mito, then disease.
    Also, unless you pick a fruit or veggie and eat it straight away, something called mycotoxin grows as an unseen fungus on them. This includes chocolate (which is so extremely beneficial to your health) and coffee. This toxin causes mitochondrial weakness, and inflammation too. I’ve found a chocolate that’s free of this (I’d love to find out the process:). This is what I use to make chocolate tea in the mornings. It’s from a site called, Addictive Wellness. There’s a coffee from Four Signatures that is also free of it, but I only drink chocolate cuz it is off the chart good for you:)
    I went straight down to less than 100g of carbs a day, almost three years ago when I first read Kruse’s book, The Epi-Paleo Rx. Most of my carbs come from the honey mixture and the tapioca bread, yucca and malanga (Taro root). Basically no fruits nor veggies, and I am not lacking in anything. Because your fat has just about everything you need, and the sunlight makes the body produce the rest.
    But if you are living in or getting a lot of nnEMF and blue light, you need higher carbs. I remember hearing that a low carb diet in a non native environment can make it worse for you.
    If you live in the light, you don’t need anything but high fat and protein, low carbs (virtually none in winter), (avocados are so good for you that only these can be eaten unseasonably, freely, and mushrooms too:) and the only thing additional you need after you’re 40 yrs old is DHEA and Ubiquital (CoQ10). The body doesn’t make this after that age, even if living in the right environment.
    Playing around with the body voltage meter a few nights ago, I stumbled upon something. The meter measures electrical fields, if they are running through your body or not. I had tested myself while I was laying down in bed. The voltage was almost zero. You need to sleep in less than ten millivolts. I then touched my wired external keyboard, wondering, cuz I figured it shouldn’t show anything. I saw the meter jump up to thirty to forty millivolts. I touched the laptop itself, and it went up into the hundreds when I touched the metal laptop housing, but not when I touched the plastic keys on the keyboard. Then I noticed the laptop was plugged into the wall, so I unplugged it. Now running on DC battery power it dropped back down to nearly zero.
    I then tested the laptop, unplugged from the electrical outlet, but the ethernet cable plugged in and transmitting something. It too shows twenty to thirty millivolts. So from now on, I only type on the laptop when it’s unplugged and running on the DC battery power, without ethernet cable plugged in. I tested the cell phone with ethernet cable connected, and it shows nothing when I’m holding the phone by it’s case. But when I touch the screen, the millivolts jump up twenty to forty.
    My last, stubborn skin cancer just fell off two days ago:)) I had been cooking it, directly facing sunlight for almost the last month (since I wrote about it in the last entry). I know this prescription works!:-D
    I just finished a book called, Health and Light, by John Ott. He was given an honorary doctorate from a university for his work with time elapsed photography on the living cell. He invented time elapsed photography, and the full spectrum bulb. This bulb, when put into a classroom of children, showed the most remarkable change in the students. Hyperactivity disappeared… This book talks of how living in the sunlight cures cancers. He says that cancer is the malnutrition of the cell, the lack of true light. He saw this fact on living cells and human beings too. But they don’t know where cancer comes from. …Truths that were hidden…
    The next book I’m gonna read (no electronic version, dang:-\) is The Body Electric. It’s about how the cell works, electro-magnetically, and how it works when electromagnetic waves and radiation touch it… After that is Electromagnatism and Life.
    Pls listen to this: Nourish Vermont '16 (watch) (There’s a '17 and '18 on youtube as well. 16 is about light. 17 is about the eye. 18 is about the skin:)
    Notice Kruse isn’t reading from a prompter nor script. He knows this stuff like the back of his hand. He ties all the virtually unknown researchers and their work together, and so very much more. As incredibly simple as his prescription for healing and health may seem, it’s the truth about us and our energy producers, all the rest of our wondrously made bodies, and how they work; in a good environment, and in bad ones.
    Researchers like:
    Gilbert Ling, http://www.gilbertling.org
    Douglas Wallace, (just listen to one of his talks on youtube:-O)
    John Ott, Health and Light (Listened:)
    Gerald Pollack, The Fourth Phase of Water (Listened:)
    Robert O. Becker, The Body Electric
    Andrew Marino, Electromagnatism and Life
    Fritz Hollwich, The Influence of Ocular Light Perception on Metabolism (Read:)
    Roland Van Wijk, Light sculpting Life!!!
    Jim Al-Khalili, Life At The Edge
    Plus, there’s Kruse's own creations like, the leptin Rx (leptin-reset-easy-start-guide), CT Protocol (cold-thermogenesis-6-the-ancient-pathway), and his prescription for all ailments. He knows how we as mitochondrial beings work. What’s good and bad for our functioning. And his argument is as plain an argument as the bump on my nose, which might actually be getting softer and smaller, shedding layers:)

    If you don’t know the fact that our skin cells, eyes, and every system within us is governed by sunlight, just like the plant, that doesn’t make it untrue.” That just came to me today:)

    “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored and lies should not be held as gospel because most of the public believes them. Today in medicine, telling the truth has become a revolutionary act because of these two conditions.”
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