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A fat kid's tale

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by jeanie@truelongmont.com, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. ...........................
  2. bigknitwit

    bigknitwit Silver

    I am at a loss for words - but really wanted to thank you for sharing. It's really inspirational for me to listen to someone's story as they work hard to transform themselves. I will stay tuned..
  3. vlynnb

    vlynnb Gold

    I enjoyed this installment. Keep it up. I have my own battles but not that critical. I see you then like one of the many sad, very overweight young people I see on street corners and in school rooms in my area. I feel so sad when I see them and just wish I could help. I know their weight is impacting all parts of their lives. I can see it in their eyes and in the hopeless looking faces. I am sure your story will help others. Thanks.

  4. It kills me to see the fat kids now, and usually well meaning parents feeding them SAD or worse, some version of a diet. At least they all have company now!
  5. Thanks for taking the time and sharing!

    Transformation really means always transforming. It is positive transformation that keeps us at our best. Keep looking inside, change what we can (although maybe not quite to the extent of surgery, yet it worked for you!), do our best at making the desired transformation happen without excuses, and we will become someone even better than we originally set out to be....someone even we didn't think we could become!
  6. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    JUST AWESOME!!!! Wtg it's hard work fixing ourselves. Keep on icing!!
  7. Lyndra

    Lyndra Gold

    I've never had to walk down the path you've had to take but I feel like I can empathize better having read about your life. No point in living in a shell, seeking long life just to get old without having enjoyment. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Everyone wants to transform, but few embrace real change. How do we change? Transform your thoughts and embrace all change as your new and only way of living. The essence of being alive is to live like you truly mean it and transform every last limiting belief you have. You must completely erase your old self when still have no clue what your new self might be. You are a blank canvas and your tools are your brush and your paint. What appears on your canvas today becomes the future self. That self must become aware of its creation. If it fails to realize it, you will only fall back into the rut in which you are today. Your thoughts and beliefs are what formed that rut. Your choices dug that hole. Today's new thoughts will pull you from that rut and allow you to become the artist you want to be for the canvas that is blank in front of you.

    The journey between today's current picture of what you are in that rut and who you are painting and reengineering are where the beautiful music of life is and where the dancing of your life really takes place. You have total control of the brush, the paint, the sculpting tools, and the picture you have for you in your mind. The real key thought is stop looking for yourself and begin to create yourself as the artist would. Transforming change requires the thought and belief........and it is followed by a purposeful action. Ideation without proper execution leads to deletion of that masterpiece.

    Begin that masterpiece now.
  9. KiwiLauren

    KiwiLauren Gold

    I love this story you've shared, and the perspective you've shared with it. Optimal belongs in context and it's why each of our paths are different. No one emerges from life unscathed, but the bravery you're talking about here - the kind that transforms vulnerability into strength - is inspiring. Part of what I hear you doing is burning a history of shame... and you emerge from that ash a beautiful phoenix. With an awesome sense of humour (which I'm sure was hard-earned, but is an absolute jewel you've held on to!). Thanks.
  10. Destiny

    Destiny New Member

    You are a very brave and inspiring woman.
  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Thanks for sharing your story. I was a really fat kid too and it is so hard to erase the scars. It sounds to me tho - in spite of everything - you have had one hell of a ride!! I need to hear more about Italy!
  12. zoebarry@yahoo.com

    zoebarry@yahoo.com New Member

    It's 5am here, and I'm sitting here drinking my morning coffee and reading your story and keep saying "Wow" out loud.

    I am shocked at your pictures and how different they are! If I hadn't known it, I would have said they were two different people. I can see the pain on your face in your before photos, and how much you glow in your after photos. Wow.

    I started getting chubby around age 12. Was never obese, but felt different when my Mom used to buy my school clothes from the chubby section at Sears. My mother NEVER EVER harassed me about my weight, in fact she was the opposite. She was always telling me how pretty and smart I was, which I think made a HUGE difference for me. It wasn't until I was a teenager and started to get interested in boys that I stated to get self conscious about my chubbiness. I had a very good looking and popular brother, and he would tell me that I would be such a fox if I lost the weight.

    So yes, I can relate to the many attempts to lose weight, cause I tried them all too. You did what you thought was right at the time for you, and it gave you some relief from the agony of your tortured soul. Please don't regret it. because I think the biggest change came for you mentally, not physically. Can you reach optimal health? Yes, I think so. Keep up the work on yourself mentally and they physical will follow.

    I am going to have my kids read your story, especially my daughter. I get so angry when I hear her perpetuate the attitude that fat people are fat because they are lazy and eat too much. I know she gets that attitude from her father, who is now my ex. (Any wonder why?) I understand the emotional pain they people are experiencing on the inside, and so want to help them, but they are not always ready to hear.

    Thanks for sharing your story, you are very brave and inspiring.


  13. That one is in person over wine!
  14. janagram

    janagram New Member

    Have you thought of writing a memoir for publication? Your life is inspiring. Also interesting. Thank you!
  15. bigknitwit

    bigknitwit Silver

    Not to mention your witty sense of humor makes your writing absolutely hysterical ;D
  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Are you coming to OZ or am going to Boulder??? I'll bring the wine! A nice Malbec of course!!
  17. Lyndra

    Lyndra Gold

    I'll second that!
  18. I like you, Cavemam!
  19. KiwiLauren

    KiwiLauren Gold

    Please come to Oz. It's a much shorter flight for me!

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