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A 19 yr old is maturing to the realities of life................

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Jack Kruse, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    MATT MARUCA SAID on 2/6/19 on his FB page from Bali:

    "Sometimes we go halfway around the world to find we're still in the same place.

    They say "wherever you go, there you are".

    I often thought that moving around would bring me something I'm missing, but have learned that it doesn't.

    Bali is extremely beautiful, to be clear, but it's cool to be learning that the biggest battles are won internally. We can only be victorious on the outside when we are victorious on the inside.

    This is why the Ra Optics motto is "in order to elevate humanity, we must each elevate ourselves". The only person who can help us with this is our self, and we cannot help anyone else to do this properly. It must come from the individual's own will."


    MITOCHONDRIAC CREDO: Every single day you should wake up and commit yourself to become a better person right where you are now.
  2. YES
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  3. caroline

    caroline New Member

    it took me many years to learn what Matty has figured out at 19........

    Our credo for the last number of years ...." it is not about the destination - it is all about the journey"

    A destination can always be somewhat of a disappointment for a variety of reasons .....but this journey has been so exciting and invigorating and best of all surprising .....always, always wonderfully surprising.

    It continually takes our breathe away...... The truly amazing people we meet, and their incredible stories .......but we need to listen.
  4. CjHedberg

    CjHedberg New Member

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  5. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    Matt is wise beyond his years...

    What's that old soul quote- "It doesn't matter what world you live in; what really matters is what world lives in you.

    Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside,dreams, who looks inside, awakes.

    Last edited: Feb 11, 2019
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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Mitch and Matt Maruca just moved into a new Airbnb in Canggu Bali (pronounced Changu). Here is what they found in their own words:

    "We decided to get out our meters to test the area for harmful radio and microwave frequencies in our sleep spaces.
    Downstairs was all right for being in a fairly population dense area, but when we got upstairs, the readings were pretty terrible.
    I wasn't surprised because we are in an area with lots of people, but it is interesting that my suspicion came true. The upstairs bedrooms were in the direct line of sight of a cell mast, beaming us with radio frequencies that have been shown to cause cancer and all other sorts of mitochondrial diseases by disrupting mitochondrial function.
    People who claim that we should get our tinfoil hats out and that non-ionizing radiation could possibly harm health, and that it's a big conspiracy theory are sadly misinformed, and generally not worth wasting time trying to convince.
    Try asking them if they know about Dr. Andrew Marino, the first scientist to research the health effect of external low-level electromagnetic fields on biology, and what he found. Ask them if they can tell you about why their lab was shut down by the veterans administration for the public controversy as they were entering into, or the studies that he and Dr. Robert O. Becker were engaged in for the Navy, and why they were shut down and declassified when all the scientists found that there were strong negative effects of radio and microwave frequencies.
    Or maybe try asking them about Dr. George Carlo, former head researcher for the cellular telecommunications industry lobby association, hired by chairman Tom Wheeler to study the health effects of cell phones after being sued for causing brain cancer, who was then probably discredited for speaking out and even had his house burned down.
    Most importantly though, don't waste your time on anyone who isn't open-minded to considering a scientific discussion.
    They will get what they allow.
    Focus on yourself and do what you can to protect yourself."
    Meters used for this mitohack:
    Corner ED88T
    Mito Meter

  7. Annie Dru

    Annie Dru Silver

    Enjoying your podcast interview with Jenn this morning. Thank you for all you do to educate those eager to learn Matt.
  8. Where can I find more info on Cornet readings? My sleep space has a reading of between 0.0633 - 0.895 mW/m2, my macbook with wifi is anything up 102.1 mW/m2 and the portable land line phone handset reads at a staggering 1000 mW/m2 !!
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2020
  9. caroline

    caroline New Member

    There used to be a guy on the forum who knew a lot about this. His forum name is Scompy. He started another group [website] about all this. Jason Baden Powell is part of this also.
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  10. caroline

    caroline New Member

    I am pretty sure the group is called EMF warriors......
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  11. Anne V

    Anne V Silver

    Matt as i am renting now i had my flat done but the correction only on the bed so i can recover when i sleep and repair .would you be interested?
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  12. Matt,
    I can interpret this for you. Your laptop,phone and wifi router are your biggest threat. Unless you live next a tower, we expose ourselves to more nnemf with our tech devices thata are in close proximity to our bodies. Use your meters to find a signal and turn it off. For example, my printer needs to be unplugged when not in use even though it is hardwired.
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  13. Thanks again Caroline, Ill take a look. I think Ive read some of Scompy's posts before. Ive got a feeling my house is especially bad in terms of RFs etc. Ive got a lot of antennas nearby, and some electric train tracks probably only 100 meters away
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  14. Hi Anne, thanks for the reply. What do you mean you had your flat done? You had it EMF proofed? Currently I have a grounding sheet on my bed (connected to the water pipe) which lowers my body voltage quite a lot but does nothing for rf's obviously.
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  15. Thanks for your reply. yes, Im coming to realise I live in a really bad place - I have a weather radar and an airtraffic control radar less than 5 miles away. I also have multiple wifi antennas about 50 meters away, and another one around 25 meters away from my bedroom. Along with some electric railway tracks which are at the same distance.

    I also live near a large office block (tonnes of wifi), a telephone substation building 50 meters up the road, and a load of LED streetlights.

    My bedroom is on the second floor and the wiring of the house is really old and shoddy.

    Ive been around the house with my cornet and identified various problem devices, but even with the electricity is off in the house, Im still getting high readings. My Iphone had its funeral last year but I still need to deal with the wifi problem. I think Im going to hardwire my computer this week.
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  16. caroline

    caroline New Member

    Jack is definitely NOT a fan of train tracks nearby .....not good. I had the same issue before we moved.
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  17. caroline

    caroline New Member

    you probably couldn't live in a worse place Matt!

    Air traffick control radar is probably by far the worst possible scenario.
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  18. Oh really?? I didnt know this! Do you have any more info?
  19. the air traffic control radar is a small MOD one from the 30's but its still in use.
  20. Anne V

    Anne V Silver

    because i rent i had the flat checked, the bedroom done in such a way that there is 0 emf when i am in bed. so ok to repair while sleeping :). for a rented flat that will do.
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