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6:3, AA, LA are high. DHA low

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Dave Key, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. Dave Key

    Dave Key E-sick

    Read brain-gut 11 and 12.
    Forget the powders... I know, I used to have quite the collection but the more I learned about them and the advantages of Keto/paleo, the less powders I used. Now I don't use any powders
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  2. Dave Key

    Dave Key E-sick

    Some powders are deuterium bombs, too
  3. Solidsilverteeth

    Solidsilverteeth New Member

    Thanks for that any idea about the hemp plant itself?

    The leaves of the cannabis plant would be low deuterium and make excellent salads.

    Here in the UK you are allowed to grow Upto 5 plants no more, for personal medicinal use.
  4. Dave Key

    Dave Key E-sick

    Just off the top of my head, in a hydroponic system the deuterium level of your water supply will dictate the levels in your plant. Same for levels of flouride, bromine... This is also true for plants grown in soil.
    It would be expensive but if you watered your plants with deuterium depleted water your yield would increase 30-40%
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  5. Solidsilverteeth

    Solidsilverteeth New Member

    Watering with machine made technical made water doesn’t appeal to my common sense

    Rain water does.

    I harvest rainwater for dry spells, it mostly just let nature take care of my plants.
  6. Sorry I'm going to pull a Jan!! :D

    I ordered these Labs through my chiropractor last month.
    I fasted overnight and blood was drawn about 10 a.m.

    Omega-6:3 ratio 5.1 High
    DHA 3.6 Low
    Arachidonic acid 11.9 High
    Linoleic acid 26.3 High

    The rest were in normal range:
    CRP 2.41 << not normal. You should be below 1.0 at least
    Pregnenolone 37 << how does this compare for your age?
    Leptin 2.5
    Cortisol, salivary .32 << AM cortisol should be higher- this is very low

    Arachidonic acid EPA 4.1
    Omega 3 total 7.9
    EPA 2.9
    DPA 1.4
    Omega-6 total 40.4

    At the time these Labs were taken I had recently stopped using opiates which I quit a month before these labs were taken. I've had several surgeries over the last few years and became dependent on them for pain relief.

    <<< what kind of surgeries?

    My sleep was completely trashed. I was sleeping about an hour before a dream would wake me up, over and over all night. I was prescribed prazosin to control nightmares and Temazepam to help sleep. I'm off of them now as well and can sleep 6 to 8 hours on good nights.

    <<< https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.p...-bad-solar-redox-and-blue-light-hazard.23519/

    It was also about the time I started sleeping on my magnetico
    << great, how do you sleep now?

    I don't understand why my Omega ratios are so high. I eat pastured beef, bacon and eggs. Twice a week I eat a dozen raw oysters and include fish in my diet as well. This also confuses me about having low DHA.

    <<< https://jackkruse.com/organization-structure-failure-9-dha-stress-scale/

    Is this all just Environmental?
    There's not much I think I would change about my diet.

    << yes and low redox ability
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  7. Dave Key

    Dave Key E-sick

    Thanks Christine L!
    About pregnenolone, it was in the normal range according to the results.

    Surgeries: over the last 3 years I've had 4 lower back surgeries and a hip replacement. The last back surgery was last December to remove a spinal stimulator implant.

    How do I sleep now?
    Last week was really bad but when I went back to Tulum I slept all night with one or two wakeups within a couple hours of sleep onset. I usually get drowsy around 8pm and wake before dawn.
    My magnetico was too strong for my condition at the time. I think it released a lot of Mercury. I slept better when it was only under my legs as opposed to my entire body.
    I didn't bring it to Mexico so I haven't used one for about 5 weeks now...
    I stopped opiates by the end of February and went into a really hard tailspin. I had used them for years, and upped my use during and between surgeries. A genetic test showed my opiate receptors have the G allele so I need way more than the average person for them to be effective. After
    3 weeks of hardly any sleep I asked for meds to just make me sleep.
    I still have some sort of circadian phase shift causing me to wake at 11:30 almost every night.

    A recent ultrasound exposed another serious issue; fatty liver.

    Now, I'm staying in a beach campground in Mexico with low RF/EMF, eating seafood with the sun on my eyes and gut, doing face dunks, applying ice locally on my liver, drinking DDW not booze.
  8. This is the best news ---- Now, I'm staying in a beach campground in Mexico with low RF/EMF, eating seafood with the sun on my eyes and gut, doing face dunks, applying ice locally on my liver, drinking DDW not booze.

    Youre where you have to be to get better, the longer the better I assume because it might take some time for you to improve your redox by adsorbing more light, start sleeping better and lower your inflammation. Keep going! You've got this.

    Also, is your hip replacement non-magnetic? Also I assume you didnt use it when you had your back implant? Might have interfered.
    From the Magnetico site:
    Can a person who has surgically implanted screws, hip replacements or other metal implants, use the Sleep Pad?
    Yes, it is a medical requirement that all metal implants are non-magnetic in nature.
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  9. Dave Key

    Dave Key E-sick

    As far as I know it's non-magnetic. I've had MRIs with no problem...
    I contacted Magnetico about having a spinal stimulator and they said I shouldn't use their pad. It's one of the many reasons I had the stimulator removed.
    Since the stimulator removal last December my chiropractor always mentions how much better my back feels when he examines it. He comments on how less rigid my back muscles feel.
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  10. Nrelax11

    Nrelax11 New Member

    I get my sardines from Vital choice through Mercola's site( cheaper) and they have 1600 mg DHA and 1000mg EPA. So there's is pretty high in DHA. I don't know how accurate that is for every can though. I would assume some variance per sardine.
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