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5G Shielded Clothing: Is Lead Stupid Or Smart?

Discussion in 'The EMF Rx' started by AdamF, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. AdamF

    AdamF New Member

  2. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member


    I don't know if we have to resort to lead garments for 5G shielding. That doesn't make sense to me, unless you know something I don't.

    I know that 5G wave forms will be in the millimeter size range, and if someone here knows if existing shielding materials and garment (made of net-like mesh of silver impregnated fabric) will have small enough mesh holes to block these-- please let us all know.

    There is some debate about the safety of reflective shielding fabrics in the first place. I can imagine that if any RF EMF gets past or through shielding this reflective material would keep EMF radiation bouncing around your body for a while until absorbed fully by body tissue.
  3. Skylife

    Skylife New Member

    ElectricUniverse, i ve been wondering about the same thing - will any shielding fabric in the market like swissshield or aaronia be able to shield against the new mm waves of 5G? I think aaronia is tested for higher frequencies but maybe up to 20 or max 30 Ghz. I also just heard Dr Klinghardt in interview with Mercola talk about him recommending t-shirt and underwear with silver thread for EMF protection for his patients and that it really helps. At the same time testing by Geovital confirmed that eEMF protective clothing doesn't do a thing currently (in our 4G world) for shielding because they test the body absorption of microwave radiation considering it the best measurement of how much a body is affected by RF. I really would love to have some shielding option for the night as i live in an apartment building with many wifi from neighbours and smart meters and have been searching for something that has a chance of working in 5G world? the worst part is that we can't even measure if any of these fabrics are making a difference any more... So i wonder will all those people who spent thousand of dollars on shielding canopies, sleeping bags, tents etc will have to throw them away in 5G world?
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  4. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member


    Shielding is currently a conundrum with 5G type RF radiation switching on all over.

    I understand that 5G millimeter waves will be lit first up in population dense areas like downtowns initially (so urban hipsters who love their urban high rise loft apartments beware-- they will be fried for sure). 5G mm waves will probably be activated later in suburban and rural areas as soon as they have infrastructure in place.

    So we don't know if current shielding products (such as Swiss shield fabrics) will provide any protection against the much higher frequencies and mm waves until testing is done with 5G-aware RF meters. My guess is they will be mostly ineffective and obsolete.

    Yes, I watched the Dr Klinghardt video where he mentioned recommending shielding clothing for his patients. Interestingly, expectant mothers in China have been wearing such garments for decades, ostensibly to protect the unborn children from microwaves. I am not convinced this is a good idea because if you place your body in a RF reflective covering you risk amplifying any RF signals that slip through somewhere.

    Dr Kruse hinted that the Farm is working on some breakthrough RF protective products for a 5G world, and I hope shielding fabrics is one of them.
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  5. Skylife

    Skylife New Member

    I know the worst thing is that for regular folks its kind of impossible to figure out what will work. its also impossible to even measure if they are affecting one currently as everywhere i inquire nobody seems to have a meter to test the 5G frequencies and exposure. Have you heard when such meter might be available to general public?
    He did mention Chinese pregnant women do use protection and there are different wraps and covers on the market that are supposed to protect but i wonder if anyone else apart from Geovital tried measuring what impact those garments have on the body?
    Geovital is interesting in their approach as they don't think testing the air (which most instruments do) is a true measure of body burden. They use a special meter - The HF Field Probe that goes up to 8Ghz only (will be obsolete now i guess with 5G) that measures the absorbtion of radiation by the body, which they consider a true measurement of RF burden. This testing actually showed that when one is wearing a shielding garment the body is still acting as an antenna absorbing radiation significantly, sometimes even a bit more than without the garment.
    I would imagine that if one was to wear something like a sleeping bag that zips all over and has no leakage of RF, then one would be protected kind of like in a bed canopy (but of course that was in the past up to 4G).But if it's only a part of the body thats shielded which is always the case when one is out in the world then it seems like it may not be a good idea to wear such garments? But then again many report they feel so much better just wearing a cap with silver thread inside (for instance the study by Dr Trevor Marshall who had their patients with autoimmune wear and sleep in a shielding cap for some hours every day and 90% of them had significant improvement). Is that placebo effect? Why was it helping them?

    To me all of this is very confusing and I also heard Dr Kruse mention the amplification and jump conduction that may be happening with shielding garments. I also wonder that now with mm waves coming the fabrics likely have to be very tightly woven and have to be all silver? so many questions and not many answers...
  6. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    Yes, the nnEMF environment is rapidly changing and for the worse, and it's a challenge for us Kruse Swans to adapt, adjust, and hopefully thrive and not just barely survive in this toxic man-made world.

    Dr Mercola has mentioned that when he travels he takes along a special shielding cocoon sleeping bag for protection, and he reports it really helps with RF exposure in hotels.

    Also, extremely sensitive EHS patients have been known to resort to full body shielding garments when they must leave the house (think a head to toe type full body covering like a burqa).

    My hope is that the Farm or another research and development center will develop a shielding fabric that is absorptive not reflective in shielding against RF. Something perhaps along the lines of a nano carbon material.
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