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5g and what to do

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Julian, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    A minimum immediate fix for you is to get that router or you as far separated as possible. Move to another room if you can.

    Shielding router with a metal mesh (like window screening) will block microwave beams (but jury is out on new 5G millimeter waves). But if you cover router up completely then not enough wifi signals won't send and receive to establish wireless communication. Experiment.

    So sorry to say, but I'm afraid the only option that affords most folks some hope of getting out of wi-fry and 5G beast kill zones is prudent avoidance (i.e. get out of Dodge, as we American say). Shielding may help somewhat but you can't realistically carry your shield cocoon with you everywhere, like Linus' security blanket.

    Prudent avoidance is increasingly more difficult and costly, and moreover entails sacrifices like curtailing urban amenities and social life. So be it.
  2. CatherineHFD

    CatherineHFD New Member

    I distill water myself (I have a ppm metre to check it's .001 or .002), then run it through a vortexing funnel (for example Natural Action Technologies, or other device) .. that's enough, but I'm in the habit of letting that water sit with Shungite for a few days, funnel it again, add Crystal Energy, and alternate my glasses of drinking water with drops of Fulvic Minerals, Iodine .. that type of thing. I don't do supplements really, but have recently added RESTORE and ASEA (Redox signalling molecules) .. I am new and have never heard Dr Kruse mention ASEA before, and have been curious, as it's what the mitochondria produce .. although RESTORE and ASEA are not taken with the water. I wouldn't drink sparkling mineral water, mainly because of what I read Dr Patrick Flannagan say .. not good apparently, but won't go off on that tangent here because personally I'm not sure. There's also a website and book called Dancing with Water that is all about water tech, etc .. so many things you can do .. I forgot to say .. I also transfer the water from the Shungite stones to miron glass bottles and leave in the sun one or two days. If they weren't in miron to allow only certain frequencies into the water, it is stored in a dark cupboard ....

    I am on this thread because of a 5G box in the house that is making me feel so agitated. I thought by not choosing the 5G option (there are two to choose from) that we wouldn't be using 5G, but my brother whose name the account is in, told me that it's pumping 5G regardless. This is crazy horrible, and he's in the process of cabling in all computers .. we only have this 5G-capable box because a storm literally explosed the connection box to the previous one. We did not ask for it. I would like to put an axe through it right now ..
  3. CatherineHFD

    CatherineHFD New Member

    Dr Kruse said RO and distilled is dead .. I think he used that word .. but you can "enliven" it .. ie structure, remineralise if you want .. Shungite for example ..
  4. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member

    So, what water source does Dr Kruse use and recommend?

    I use a reverse osmosis unit drawing in public utility water (so I have to use a special filter that is rated to remove flouride).

    You are right, distilled and RO water (also any water that has traveled through a house's plumbing pipes) are essentially dead and inimical to living systems.

    Your post-processing steps (e.g. vortexing, Dr Flannagan's Crystal Energy drops, sea trace minerals, pure Himalayan pink salt, etc) are mostly what I do as well. I also treat water with red light and magnets to help formation of EZ water structure and add energy to it.

    I also use Biogeometry shapes to impart life-friendly BG3 energies to water.

    It has been said that chilling water (in fridge) helps maintain structured water.
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  5. CatherineHFD

    CatherineHFD New Member

    I stopped with the salt because I wasn't sure about rock vs sea salt, and then discovered bamboo salt (Insan) .. and if I don't get enough water down a certain day, I noticed I felt actually dehydrated, so skipped the salt in favour of fulvic minerals/shungite covering that base. I'm interested in some of the other things you mentioned .. can you recommend actual products that you use, rather than a concept? .. for example "Biogeometry shapes to impart life-friendly BG3 energies to water", red light implement? .. (I already own a LLLT device, SL50 .. which is used for healing that I could pulse or flash at the water?), and I also have been thinking of putting a gallon container in the fridge for a couple of hours to separate the deteurium that ends up on the surface to be removed) .. there are tensor rings .. I just don't want to buy things that are taking my time and not end up working .. and the magnets .. I have a few that I used to expedite healing a fracture once, to draw blood flow the area .. I just have a few small ones .. do you just place them under the water container .. in with the water? .. thanks, anyone a comment? ..
  6. CatherineHFD

    CatherineHFD New Member

    He recommends spring water from a clean source, that's running over rocks naturally .. as an alternative .. you clean the water fully (distilled or RO) and then restructure and energise as I said .. in every way you can think to do or have time for ..
  7. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member


    Freely flowing, uncontaminated (as from fracking, other pollution) water from springs or streams looks to be most natural water source for human beings, agreed. Now then, how many of us have unfettered access to such an elixir of life? For many of us, finding this holy grail may mean uprooting our lives and moving to remote mountain regions or Hunza land.

    • Himalayan pink salt is considered purest salt on earth (it is mined from ancient buried sea deposits from eons ago). It is full of trace minerals.
    I add only a pinch of it to a gallon of water-- not nearly enough to create sole (although some people like health benefits of sole). I then supplement that salt with a generous squirt of Concentrace trace minerals. Since starting this regimen some months ago I have noticed more head hair appearing in my natural hair color instead of turning pale or gray. What a surprise.​
    • Magnetic water treatment is just a few humble Neodymium permanent magnets (readily available on Amazon) placed underneath water container
    • Biogeometry principles employ 'power of shape'-- sacred geometry (basis of creation and maintenance of Universe-- I know that sounds woo woo but there are many things unaccounted for in ignorant state of our 'Science'). Look it up, it is too complex to explain here.
    • I also place water containers over pyramids (traditional pyramid shape as in Great Pyramid) and other configurations. Woo woo again, but this is sacred geometry in practice-- search on 'Pyramid Power' fad that was popular in 1970's (Dr Flannagan, among others, is a proponent of this).
    • Red light exposure is just LED red lights shining on water for hours. You might also want to experiment with placing your water over colored flat surfaces of different colors, too.

    Of course all these ideas we are playing with is N=1 experimentation-- without rigorous, controlled ways to test efficaciousness. If we had access to lab equipment to detect and measure EZ water, for example, we could have some metrics.

    Some day I will get a whole house water imploder (aka vortexing unit) so all water used, including in shower, is alive. They are available now, including units to attach to a garden hose to promote healthier, abundant crops.

    Good luck with your adventures. Write us if you get a dramatic break thru with your water experiments!
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  8. CatherineHFD

    CatherineHFD New Member

  9. CatherineHFD

    CatherineHFD New Member

    thanks very much for all of that .. funnily enough I had earlier today pulled out my copy of "Beyond Pyramid Power" - Flannagan. Also I have found 3 little Neodymiums, which I'll put under miron glass bottles in the sun. I have gone through a few bottles of Concentrace, but have reverted to noble elite shungite and Ancient Purity Fulvic Minerals .. I'll add some pink himalayan :) Have you seen www.dancingwithwater.com .. lady called MJ Pangman videos on YouTube too .. so many things to experiment with ..

    by the way I've been using the Natural Action Technology funnels for years .. I shower with them, travel hand-held ones, one on the hose, and if I wasn't renting I would have one on the whole house .. see Clayton Utz speak about how it makes toxicity inert .. eliminates the memory of it, etc
  10. Brent Patrick

    Brent Patrick Silver

    FYI regarding Himalayan salt

    "Pink Himalayan salt has no enzymes it is essentially a rock. What you are doing when applying pink salt is applying beach sand to your food. It's the same thing, no different.
    Salt should come present with Lithophilic organism to assist in its breakdown of inorganic minerals. The enzymes also assist this process, alongside natural acids.
    It is not amphoteric therefore it creates issues with the sodium-potassium process. An amphoteric substance is an oxide of an element that can act as both an acid or a base.

    Furthermore, it is not below it's 9 atomic clusters. This means it can not either pass through or enter the body without causing tissue damage on the atomic level. High in deuterium and does not fit as a sodium source since it has a drastic effect on ionized blood levels.
    Celtic Sea salt is great. A phenomenal wide variety of salts are in existence. I Like the exotic sea salts from Fiji I also love the Fleur De Sal from France.

    The way Himalayan salt is procured through its intensive mining process is atrocious and the salt usually contains heavy metals from the grinding process and trace amounts of Potassium Nitrate from gunpowder explosions.
    Rich in fluoride, this results in overall electron transport and mitochondria inefficiency.
    Know your salt!" JK


    Last edited: Sep 4, 2018
  11. Michael CULLEN

    Michael CULLEN New Member

    Health Ranger site has only products THOROUGHLY tested for contaminants and heavy metal. They sell pink salt, which shows this statement is not quite true. https://www.healthrangerstore.com/products/pink-himalayan-salt-fine-16-oz
  12. ElectricUniverse

    ElectricUniverse New Member


    Thanks for your FYI about Himalyan pink salt (shortened to HPS). You raise some serious alleged issues with HPS. However, I am not convinced.

    Your narrative appears to be copied from some source. I assume it was from link you cited at: http://www.biologicalresearchinstitute.com/

    When I click on that link it goes to: http://biologicalresearchinstitute.com/defaultsite, which is just a blank page with no error messages given. Perhaps you made a typo there? Or it might be blocked by my security software.

    At any rate, this salt controversy is an interesting topic (and I am fairly sure that I can find sources that refute every point made in your narrative: for example, hardly from being just 'beach sand' as you claim it is actually among other things in a colloidal form which means its constituents are small enough to be absorbed easily by our body).

    Now I am sure there are substances considered toxic in HPS like lead and plutonium. But they are present in very minute amounts and as long as consumer uses it in moderation you are probably okay. There is very little in our food or water supply that is pristine and free of 'contaminants' natural or man-made. As a mundane example-- Brazil nuts are well-known for a naturally occurring relatively high content of radium and selenium (from soil). These pose a potentially toxic risk if these nuts are consumed a lot or frequently.

    Now, you mentioned sea salt as a safe alternative. But you failed to mention that Celtic and many other sea salt brands contain impurites and can be contaminated with not only heavy metals but also micro plastics (from ocean pollution).

    As for the scary narrative that HPS is blasted violently out of mountains resulting in contamination with gunpowder and heavy metals from extraction process: use only HPS that has been mined and processed by hand.

    Moral of the story here is that as health-conscious consumers we need to do our due diligence and investigate sources of things we put in or on our bodies. As Michael said above, there are sites like Health Ranger that can make our job easier.
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  13. Jenelle

    Jenelle Evolving

    Brent's entire quote was a post from Dr. Kruse.

    He linked the thread where it came from.

    What exactly is the argument here? "Health Ranger" knows something Dr. Kruse does not?
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  14. Brent Patrick

    Brent Patrick Silver

    Last edited: Sep 5, 2018
  15. Brent Patrick

    Brent Patrick Silver

    The first casualty in supplement marketing is usually the truth.


    'Over the last couple of decades the theory as originally stated has been comprehensively disproved; it’s not true. The idea that we can prolong our lives or protect ourselves against age-related diseases, which include cancer and dementias, by taking large antioxidant supplements, is not true either. There have been a lot of studies and large meta-analyses done. And the data show quite convincingly that if anything you’re more likely to die sooner if you take large antioxidant supplements.'

    Nick Lane
    Power, Sex ,Suicide : Mitochondria and the meaning of life
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  16. CatherineHFD

    CatherineHFD New Member

  17. CatherineHFD

    CatherineHFD New Member

    oh no .. I've been using it on food for years .. not in water though at all. I must not have been intuitively fully comfortable with it though, because I just ordered Celtic Sea Salt, as I've just about run out of Himalayan .. thanks Brent .. so many differing opinions on everything, but I'll take this one on board
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  18. CatherineHFD

    CatherineHFD New Member

    So you should avoid the canned pink salmon, and only buy the reddest version? .. I couldn't find the canned Sockeye either. Actual salmon filets were all farmed, everywhere I went .. so I just bought some sardines in springwater and a dozen oysters. I haven't exhausted all avenues though. So, no pink salmon Brent? .. is that what you mean? .. no pink Himalayan as we've established .. I almost also bought a red cabbage sauerkraut that looked very pink, until I noticed they put sugar in it .. I'm still not folding like that cheap suitcase. I have bought the UV light, and now am continuing my search for the amber globes for after dark and if someone can't tell me somewhere I can just walk in and buy them, I'll have to order from an online supplier .. I've only seen screw ins online thus far and all of my lamps take bayonets ..

    I apologise that I haven't got to reading Dr Kruse's book yet, nor am familiar enough with what you are all talking about, but am picking up a lot of brilliant knowledge regardless, so thanks so much for the lengthy answers

    by the way .. the oysters were amazingly good .. Pacific .. the vendor opened one for me to have at the counter, and I knew I was craving them, despite what they looked like. I bought a shucking knife and did the rest at home, half of them with fair difficulty, but really I am so surprised that I felt my body wanted them so much .. missing DHA
  19. Brent Patrick

    Brent Patrick Silver

    Last edited: Sep 6, 2018
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  20. Michael CULLEN

    Michael CULLEN New Member


    You posted a quote that said pink salt is full of heavy metals. The one sold on health ranger site is not. Every product and FOOD on there is thoroughly tested.

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