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50 ppm DDW

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Tim Enright, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. Thank you for filling in the blanks and taking me a little closer to solving my puzzle. Would you mind sharing who you are buying from now?

    Here is what I found out in regards to their problems selling Qlarivia
  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I am buying from

    From your link I got this.

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  3. yes, that is from the eurogator.com (now extralightwater.com) web site as the reason they stopper selling Qlarivia. You know Jan I prefer it as a link. I am on a laptop and tablet so with the attachment opened in the message it takes the whole screen and then some. I prefer the option to open it in another tab...
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  4. Ed Pomicter

    Ed Pomicter New Member

    A little insight into pricing of shelf stable food products (which should be similar to DDW pricing).

    $10 price on the shelf
    $4 goes to the store
    $2 goes to the distributer
    $0.50 goes to the broker
    Leaving $4.50 at the level of the manufacturer
    $0.50/pound on shipping (1L = $1)
    30% margin
    Labor/facility 30% ($0.75)
    Packaging ($0.30)
    $1.40 Material/ingredients

    This is rough but based on my personal knowledge of the food business. The expense of the actual "product" is a very small portion of the final "shelf price". So if 50 ppm water was half as expensive to distil, we could work our way back up the ladder:
    $0.70 materials
    Packaging fixed independent of PPM
    add Labor and facility fixed independent of PPM
    Margin $30%
    etc..... (need to head to next case), BUT you can see that halving the input cost has very little effect on the end price at the consumer level.
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  5. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    BUT you can see that halving the input cost has very little effect on the end price at the consumer level.[/ QUOTE]

    Totally agree.
    The reason I do all these calculations is to figure out if by chance (fat chance) I could possibly find a better deal as far as deuterium content is concerned.
    So far it is always the other way around.
    Other way around to the extreme.
    Especially when you get waters in mid 140's ppm having the price of a bottle of Qlarivia.
    I can understand this higher price for Preventa but not for other waters.
    Preventa is medicine, produced and controlled as medicine.
    It also come with (some limited) medical advice (of the inventor of this whole idea).
    Note also that the inventor of DDW is actually (actively) promoting minimal use of his water.
    But people are actually exaggerating water use.

    What else is new?

    This poster actually is highly applicable to this topic (I think).

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  6. Ed Pomicter

    Ed Pomicter New Member

    Correct me if my understanding is incorrect.
    1) Imbibed water does not make it into the mitochondria...all matrix water in the mitochondria is produced through Kreb's Cycle
    2) Glucose has a multistep process to be broken into two pyruvates for entry into the Kreb's Cycle because each Hydrogen on the glucose molecule is being removed and replaced with a Proteum in order to prevent Deuterium from entering the Kreb's Cycle
    3) By imbibing DDW we are providing more "light water" to the cellular cytoplasm in order to reduce the concentration of Deuterium containing water and thus shifting the likelihood that a Proteum will be placed in the Hydrogen position on the Glucose compared to a Deuterium (increase amount of Proteum substrate).

    SO eating low Deuterium diet is of primary importance (in the deuterium food story) with DD water merely being a supplement to augment this primary mode of creating more deuterium depleted matrix water in the mitochondria.
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  7. This is what I imagine though I haven't spent much time in the retail industry. Though I believe the model to be changing as more direct sales through
    internet marketing. I would expect the margin on the source product to be reflected in the end product and seems to be part of the reason ExtraLightWater is adding to their product line. At the current suggested pricing your reasoning has value to me and until the difference between these two products increases I think I will continue to purchase the 25 DDW. Should the current $180 25 DDW "summer pricing" rise to say $200 then the 50 DDW becomes attractive and I will be watching for this...
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  8. So to tie up some of the loose ends that I have created...

    The water from ExtraLightWater is not currently being manufactured in the US but imported from a country of origin whom I trust (not sure that I am at liberty to say) and bottled in AZ. The 50 DDW water will be imported and not cut from 25 DDW. The pricing on the 50 DDW water has not been finalized but was a ballpark number provided to me for my calculations.

    The water being sold as a byproduct of the production of heavy water comes from Russia in the 5-10ppm concentrations (or so I am told). I have run the numbers on these products and they are no where close to being economically feasible to use as source water for producing the various blends that I am after. That's it I think...
  9. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Remember that I am ignorant (and only guessing).
    Q. Imbibed water does not make it into the mitochondria...all matrix water in the mitochondria is produced through Kreb's Cycle
    A. Imbibed water does not make it into the mitochondria---->Yes
    Q. all matrix water in the mitochondria is produced through Kreb's Cycle
    A. matrix water in the mitochondria is produced through Kreb's Cycle---Yes, but
    but there is also DDW produced by peroxisomes
    Ad3. drinking DDW is helpful but eating fat (and making DDW) is MUCH more helpfull (IF mitochondria is ABLE to make matrix water).

    People whos mitochondria are not able to make matrix water MUST drink water, and if they drink DDW they should be better off.

    There is another but here.
    In my communication with dr Boros, I got the idea that he was telling me (without actually spelling it clearly) that it is possible to train mitochondria so it would increase its DDW production.
    That would be called healing.
    He told me to test my ADH and drink (only) when thirsty, and then only a tiny bit.
    ADH test on LabCorp comes also with testing osmolality.
    I think that doing frequent testing one would see a trend.
    If that trend results in raising ADH that may indicate that the body is getting accustomed to living on less water (that comes through drinking).
    If ADH stays low, mitochondria may be beyond help.

    I asked dr Boros (through Facebook) that after 500+ days of drinking DDW, some of it DDW-25, I had 7 D-terminator tests.
    All tests indicated ever falling deuterium level, that's good.
    It also tells me that the DDW I used was working. I used Preventa only at the very beginning.
    But in all those tests the difference between breath and urine was very low, always near 2 but not fully.
    In other placedr Boros said that desirable difference between breath and saliva or urine is 7 to 10 ppm.
    His answer was that to increase that difference I must test ADH, eat fat and drink less.
    (I have posted somewhere a screen capture of my exchange with dr Boros).

    Dr Boros says that water other than matrix water is used for lubrication.
    That may make another sense.
    Water other than matrix water is liquid.

    Going by route of ADH --osmolality
    osmolality --->linear corelation between it and USG, Urine Specific Weight
    I am guessing that one may get pretty good idea of how his/her unerdrinking affects body.
    And one can do a 100 of those tests per day (if desired).
    So as long as USG stays within (1.015 and 1.035) all is well from pov of drinking water supply.

    The reference range of serum osmolality is 275–295 mosm/kg (mmol/kg).


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  10. Ed Pomicter

    Ed Pomicter New Member

    Lack of a bricks and mortar store front reduces some costs, but internet business model for physical products is not quite as "bargain" as is commonly thought. Lots of material handling, storage, packaging, fraud claims by people who receive product and then tell CC company that they never received (difficult to prove otherwise so merchant usually loses....etc
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  11. Very interesting journey, will you be posting a summary of your experiences some day?
  12. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  13. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I think that pictures are important.
    From this pictures one can infer that
    deuterium management
    is important for variety of people
    for those who are in ICU
    for otherwise sick
    for those who are not sick attempting to get additional edge.



    View attachment 12665

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  14. challdo

    challdo New Member

  15. Ed Pomicter

    Ed Pomicter New Member

    I believe that this method uses a platinum catalyst which is consumed in the process, so it ends up not necessarily being less expensive than a distillation process.
  16. Ed Pomicter

    Ed Pomicter New Member

    Noting in the Boros/Collins/Somlyai letter that Jan posted....I had not heard before that carbohydrate diet consumes matrix water. This makes it even more critical in my mind that fat play a larger role/carbohydrate a smaller role in a deuterium depleted diet that adequately hydrates the mitochondria>cells>tissue>organism (not to focus on macronutrients ;))
  17. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

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  18. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    i have been making quarts of ddw lately. I stop drinking water at 7:30 am, go sit in the water for 6-8 hours under uv13 and start peeing every hour . I swear i feel better right after peeing. no thirst at all. I'm saving $20 a day!! :) more than my rent!
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  19. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Insights from last nights Q & A: Fullerenes can be used in electrostatic membranes to make DDW from potable water. I would not expect a biochemist to know about new physical chemistry being used in biophysics labs. The structural and dynamic effects of lipophilic C60 derivatives in phospholipid bilayers is an area my water researchers are using to lower the costs of DDW. Using the topologic effects of graphene and light is also being employed now too. Our aim is to put science on lowering the costs of the water. I don't believe this is the focus of the group at UCLA at this time. There is a difference between the recommendations of a research biochemist and a clinician. One might align with marketers in their academic center to profit from the sale of DDW and testing of deuterium levels. The other might actually try to use the latest in biophysics research to partner with researchers who want to make DDW available for pennies on the dollar so mankind can benefit mankind It is a novel topologic insulator like graphene that can be used to create DDW because they can be made magnetic cheaply?
    • Did you know that carbon sixty and graphene have these biophysical abilities?
    • Graphene membranes also are magnetic and this helps make DDW because of the varying magnetic moment of deuterons vs H+ = also the domain of biophysics and not biochemistry. These are all effects not covered in standard enzymatic flux reactions in any medical biochemical book. Be careful who packs your parachute folks. Find a center who supports the survival of the wisest instead of supporting the survival of their P & L statement.
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