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4yo Eyesight question

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by enyaw, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. enyaw

    enyaw Gold

    My daughter just turned four. At her Wellness check the doctor determined that she might have some eyesight issues and referred us to a Children's hospital for a further test. This was just the standard shapes-on-a-wall-chart test so I'm thinking he's talking myopia. I'm no doctor, but to my untrained she doesn't have any visible signs of strabismus.

    Is myopia at this age a concern or is it part of growing? If it is just myopia is that still a sign of potential health issues to come? My plan of attack is more fish for DHA and carrots. It's interesting that she will crush both; she just goes to town eating those. More importantly, I will be stricter with blocking blue light. And I will be increasing her time outside in the sun. It's difficult in Michigan in the winter, but it should still be helpful, right? Am I missing anything?

    I was myopic as a child but I also had strabismus that lead to amblyopia and a lack of stereoscopic vision. PRK fixed the myopia and the strabismus is barely noticeable most of the time. I still suffer with lack of stereoscopic vision. I think this is why I'm hypersensitive to my daughter having potential eye issues. That and all the data you share stressing the importance of the eye in everything regarding our health.

    She gets hardly any television screen time. If it's in the evening it is with Ra Optics nighttime blue blockers. My children are allowed absolutely no other electronic devices (iPhone, iPad, laptop etc). They're 5 and 4, and they already know that those devices are bad for their eyes and brains. :)
  2. enyaw

    enyaw Gold

    My daughter just turned five this week. She still has to hold books pretty close to her face to read them. She does not use any screens. What could be causing this and what could fix it? It something to be majorly concerned about at a young age?

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